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Ripple XRP "Future Prediction", Lisk Mainnet Launch & $60,000 Bitcoin Incoming

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Text Comments (252)
Emil Kim (6 months ago)
Then ripple will issue billions more coins for their bank buddies 😂 ripple and crypto do not belong in the same sentence.
The Modern Investor (6 months ago)
the issue is, thats not possible. XRP was gifted to the Ripple team, the XRP protocol states that only 100 billion coins can ever be minted, no more no less. Even more so, XRP is burned during every transaction meaning there will always be less XRP everyday, theres no plausible way for *anyone* on earth to "issue" or "print" more coins, not even for their bank buddies
Rudi Heydenrych (6 months ago)
If it only costs like 12drops to send 1 Billion XRP, how will the demand for XRP ever go up? It just seems like banks would need very little XRP to do all of their transactions?
arhern7 (6 months ago)
In regards to mining.. do you guys think quantum computing will make it extremely efficient and profitable to mine?
arhern7 (6 months ago)
The Modern Investor yikes! 😬 There’s always a downside to consider, thanks for replying and keep up the awesome job!
The Modern Investor (6 months ago)
theres also an opposite argument to this, a large number of people believe that quantum computers will actually have the capacity at some point to tear blockchains apart, and otherwise completely dismantle them, something that , at least up to now isnt easy to do
Alex K. (6 months ago)
Bitcoin Cash might not die but if people start throwing in the towel and selling their BCH for BTC or other more promising cryptos, the price will crater quickly. There was news about Bitmain looking to offload their BCH without cratering the market and switch over their equipment to mine bitcoin but cant do it while they have so much exposure to BCH holdings. Smaller miners have no such problems and thats why as you mentioned they just switched over back to 100% BTC mining. If you are a BCH hodler, please be careful and keep an eye on the trends so you aren't left holding the bag once whales start bailing.
Holly Hendricks (6 months ago)
I really love your analogy of people needing to take control over their own assets. That's something people are afraid of at the moment because of one simple mistake could mean the loss of their entire investments. Such as those who have lost their personal keys. I agree that Bitcoin won't die. Nor some of their forks. I lost my opportunity to invest about 7 years ago. Now it's way too much for me personally to make any significant profits. The person you speak of about Mt Gox and Bitcoin, Jed McCaleb, I have to say that it makes me happy on a moral aspect that I didn't invest into that. He's one shady character. Just look at how he dumped his bitcoin when he was the owner and transferring ownership of Mt Gox. Plus, his emails on how to recover the lost Bitcoin is purely a reason he should be locked up in my opinion. I believe he absolutely knew that te he bitcoin was disappearing and probably had a hand in that indirectly. He tried to dump XRP until he was stopped by a court injunction. And he holds 85% of XLM which nobody seems to talk about when trying to point out the same about XRP, yet his is not in escrow and when he's ready to make his billions, he will do just that. Dump it all at once. There is proof he did that with Bitcoin. I just say let's call him out by name for those who don't know so they can do their own research and really be educated. I don't mean to sound like I don't like your videos. I do. You have great information to pass along. And you're professional. I'm just one little voice that doesn't want others to fall victim of the likes of that dude. Maybe he should come clean to the crypto verse and admit his wrong doings. That would be a negative impact at first, but then maybe he would gain some trust and respect back and be able to really contribute in a positive way. But then one has to care about others and not be solely for themselves when contributing to revolutionary stuff like this. These types of things are world changing and there is a lot of responsibility that's placed upon someone who seeks to create something that affect so many. On the bitcoin price of $60,000. I read something that stated exactly that back in January. So that may not be so far fetched. Anyone in Bitcoin may have great reason to celebrate. And I'm really excited for them. We actually need bitcoin. And we need the shady hands out of bitcoin so it can actually be trusted. Just my opinion.
prince kais mix news (6 months ago)
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prince kais mix news (6 months ago)
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Dominik Sosnowski (6 months ago)
Buy and hold. Thank you Modern Investor for those vids. This is your way out of this economic prison of 9-5! To Modern Investor, would it be possible for you to research and give your opinion, Idk maybe on the weekend editions, on how to manage bigger amounts of crypto. Let's say hypothetically that we have around 200.000$ from XRP at the end of 2019 :), and you want to cash out, how would you do it? Would you send it to another country, would you secure it in a offline Ledger and then change the money in some other place? Ofc, the proper answer would be, hodl it until you are a millionaire, but just to hypothesize as you sometimes do during weekends, how would you cash out?
Audrius Simonis (6 months ago)
Dont forget NEO !!!!!!!! Take this deep and keep dont forget what ever u can do China can do better those NEO people will show u the boots!!!!! They will never allow eth into system and local NEO will be big that is a fact slow as always with them but it will happen!!!!
Ashfaqur Rahman (6 months ago)
EOY XRP price will be still less than a dollar. All the uneducated & ignorant greedy people r living in fools paradise.
Duane McMahon (6 months ago)
...takes one to know one...
Marty Almberg (6 months ago)
the banks can all ready take part of your deposits in the usa its called the dodd frank act
Christopher Abbott (6 months ago)
Xrp is faster than light on meth
XRPotato (6 months ago)
XRP BABY!!!!! And the Modern Investor and I are gunna buy DDS Blye eyes! ;)
Joseph M (6 months ago)
I predict bitcoin `$102,389.28 before 2018 ends. I may be off 2 cents either way.
Alex Hall (6 months ago)
sent xrp to a walle todayt, took less than 2 mins. may have been faster. had to refresh the page
Walid Bukheit (6 months ago)
I think I missed it, but what was the prediction?
T Dub (6 months ago)
BITCOIN CA$H: The BCH "Node attack" will slowly be happening over the next couple months. The people behnd it are building BCH nodes witch need to develope over time to gain network trust. After they have a set amount of nodes, they will all attck at the same time to fork the network multiple times till it crashes down hard. May not die, but will lose ton$ of value.
T Dub (6 months ago)
BCH market cap will most likely flow into other popular or "cheaper" coins during this attack.
Derrick Thomas (6 months ago)
Wow I found this episode by accident a bunch of fringe speculators that think they'll get rich on Xrp. Very laughable! Someone will get rich and it's the founders not you.
Derrick Thomas (6 months ago)
I dont think you understood my comment. I accused the audience of being a fringe speculators. If you have an issue with that statement then we can have a discussion.Founder or creator is just mincing words. Also, since you know what XRP is no need for me to state the very bad qualities it has built in. I think this audience knows them also but just doesn't care.
dariusz wachnicki (6 months ago)
Lisk = solid project.
Cardano Green (6 months ago)
"Not your keys, not your Bitcoin" - Andreas Antonopoulos Buy a Ledger Nano S!
Torchy Burns (6 months ago)
The article "I read" clearly states that this patent is for a "Cold Storage Wallet" and nothing was said about an in house custody solution...
Tip Top (6 months ago)
You guys seriously don't understand that your average joe person will not and does not care about having their own keys. This shit is only valued by people who are hardcore Crypto fanatics
The Sisko (6 months ago)
Crypto hits the new york stock exchange in sept. Billionare investors come, investment companys come... get them coins now and hold hard.
GREG L (6 months ago)
WIREX is a great wallet in which you can buy and hold XRP
Wayne Giampoala (6 months ago)
They called it "Bail In" because the country is broke. It could happen here. We are on the cusp of a currency crisis because of all the printing. Wayne from Boise , Idaho
J Thrillz (6 months ago)
Xrp is not the coin loved by banks, its Bitcoin
Chris T. (6 months ago)
What is the difference between CMT and XRP? They seem to be similar, but might serve a slightly different purpose and demographic.
Samuel Arbizo (6 months ago)
Technically the banks don't have "your" money. Technically if you deposit money in a bank, your then considered as loaning to the bank. As such different rules apply. Including bail ins and priority as to which debts are paid back first. Though they can take Al your money and then hand you some stocks in their now worthless company. Meanwhile the printing presses will continue to work as well. The while economic system such an evil multi generational Ponzi. Looks like the USD is getting close to losing global status though. Will be interested in seeing what happens with crypto at that moment.
Retsamssa (6 months ago)
They did hide it under their bed. My family found $100,000 under my grandmother's bed when she died.
Ken S (6 months ago)
Don't trust banks. They will fractional reserve your crypto on your back.
Ajamant 371 (6 months ago)
Ledger nano peeps. Get one. I have the trezor as well but ledger takes the cake.
Nome-G (6 months ago)
What I’m taking from all current news is this, “If your in the market stay in the market” “if your not in the market get into the market” because lift off is on the way!!!!!!
Juan Calderon (6 months ago)
I'm afraid of the global economy collapsing under the dollar which has no real backing. Most of the dollars we have are I.O.U.'s explain to me what we do then ? When inflation hits the fan and the dollar without any backing gets devalued
Leone Leone (6 months ago)
Juan . You can sure . In the coming months Dollar will go up , Euro will be short , and Ripple up . I am professional trader . Best thing buy and be patient it will take time to go up ..... I hope I was clear for you
Juan Calderon (6 months ago)
@The Modern Investor
cyberprompt (6 months ago)
If you like fiat, you'll love Ripple.
Juan Calderon (6 months ago)
Minute 6:20 my grandpa who was born in 1920 and died April 2018, he use to hide money around the house under the ground. Even when he came to America he use to hide it in the walls, roof under ground. His daughters scavenged the property when he died, some got in a fight, some even got in fist fights because one daughter would find $2000 in the roof.
FuFill Your ViBes (6 months ago)
I rather have my own money stored in btc, two Doberman, and a shotgun securing it.
jamesog101 (6 months ago)
100k subscribers coming soon
Prevot Lucas (6 months ago)
fordskool (6 months ago)
cryptos not dead, but it is going down before back up
fordskool (6 months ago)
you want to know where to do atomic swaps? search EXRNchain! also xbi for a undervalued coin.
Scott Baltimore (6 months ago)
Utility, liquidity, partnerships. XRP is going to be number one.
Luke Green (6 months ago)
I don't think people realise how big ripple and therefore XRP could be, If ripple's systems become globally accepted by banks trillions and trillions of currency will be sent through ripples network, Going along that line we could be looking at the next visa
JusT Razz (6 months ago)
Xrp and BTC are the big boys of crypto!! Need to load up as much BTc i can this year...
jermaine dyson (6 months ago)
I use to be mad cause I got in btc at .75 cent lmao. And now I’m mad at my ex wife lost my computer when I was in Afghanistan
Topher Kety (6 months ago)
Good info bro! Thanks!
mit p (6 months ago)
I will not be giving my crypto to any bank what so ever, rather hold it on my wallets if i lose it thats on me than them going under and they will make any excuse to take part of your crypto or just losing it all..
K May (6 months ago)
LTC should be 25% of BTC value.!
Christopher Daniel (6 months ago)
fordskool do you believe it holds intrinsic value
fordskool (6 months ago)
crypto doesn't give AF what your opinion is! its worth whats its worth
Christopher Daniel (6 months ago)
K May absoluely correct
btc coins (6 months ago)
who the hell trust corrupt banks now days. It was either Bank of America or Well Fargo who got fined $2 Billion for fraud. Close your account with any major banks and go to credit union bank
Jepb 100 (6 months ago)
Another idea your discussion on bank custody got me thinking about is this: right now this asset class is not reported in the financial system. FICO scoring is totally wrong for those in crypto as crypto is a black hole of financial ownership. The saying fiat broke crypto rich comes to mind. It's going to be interesting to see if the younger generation chooses custody. It will also be interesting to see when/how governments start identifying a new FICO system that accounts for crypto especially if people never move their crypto through the banking system.
Peter (6 months ago)
With the cost of electricity and BTC, people see BTC as kind of a commodity, but in reality the blockchain is a service and BTC is worthless without it. Just because the cost of providing a service goes up, it doesn't necessarily make the service more valuable. It can simply make it less profitable or maybe unprofitable to provide the service.
BlockChain C (6 months ago)
I remember u had 16k subs
Jepb 100 (6 months ago)
Andreas Antonopoulos' comment about people who leave their digital money in custody will not have the same financial advantages as those who manage it themself struck a cord with me. Your discussion regarding banks vying for custody also struck a cord. I feel like the digital divide is pushing itself into a new type of financial divide. For the future if you cant keep ahead of the tech you will be poor because of it. Here's another futurist theory: when the time comes and there is a mass exodus to mars/another planet, either you are rich enough to buy your spot or you know tech/robotics/are a machinist in which you can tag along.
Altcoin Rider (6 months ago)
Thx u for ur time.
Melbnolan (6 months ago)
Always enjoy your commentary and pov, thanks
Mark Joshua (6 months ago)
XRP is going to be huge - the only coin with more potential is HPB. Please cover that.
Cody Corey (6 months ago)
I'm also in Boise ID haha
Mark Joshua (6 months ago)
Give it time easy 100 - 200 - 300 or even 400 x . Your patience is going to be ridiculously rewarded.
Kirk (6 months ago)
Boise is the shit bro
Wayne Giampoala (6 months ago)
I agree hpb will be big also. Hodl ing my stack. Not covered much but will be in the near future. Wayne from Boise , Idaho.
inner dinosaur (6 months ago)
Sounds all good boy do we need some good news thanks for posting peace
Thinking Crypto (6 months ago)
HODL XRP!!!!!!
Ashfaqur Rahman (6 months ago)
Hold and lose 80% of investment. Greedy fool
Eric Morgan (6 months ago)
There will always be more “mental” barriers, for entry. The less risk adverse people are, the more “stability” people need. The normal people this was meant for will be left behind, due to lack of education. That is not an accident.
Crypto BirdDog (6 months ago)
Love Ya Maaaahhhhnn💰👍
Francesco Platania (6 months ago)
Finally, Lisk is getting the attention it deserves!
Annaliz George (6 months ago)
Great stuff 👏👏👏 thank you
Dane Battaglia (6 months ago)
That was your first time saying Charlotte?
Dean Gatenby (6 months ago)
or accreditation, versatile is on them though, adding an unnecessary hyphen -
Money Mark (6 months ago)
Possibilities in this world are staggering...
The Modern Investor (6 months ago)
My brain froze and couldnt figure out whether to spit out Char-litt or Char-lot
YoIts LemonBoy! (6 months ago)
i dont think bitcoin will go that high this year. by the end of the year will most likely be 7670.
smashbob4 (6 months ago)
Hey, where is the honeyminer Video gone? Can't seem to find it.
Bearbleguy123 (6 months ago)
Banks will probably offer interests coupled to the cryptomarket to attract clients to the custody service. Unfortunately seems that nothing will change.
Ceri Lines (6 months ago)
Thanks! Seeeee you :)
Dan (6 months ago)
Hey MI! This is probably a noob question but can you do a video on options of cashing out in Canada? Im just trying to put an exit strategy in place. Thanks!
Denzel Satterfield (6 months ago)
Not being funny but if world adoption does come.. Everyone isn’t smart enough to manage their own funds
Michael Branch (6 months ago)
50,000 tps is with the Cobalt Algorithm! Not sure it's in production yet though!
Daniel Pellgaard (6 months ago)
Not LIVE yet, I think they are aiming for 2019 for Cobalt and 2018 for xRapid. Not only will Cobalt increase TPS, it will also lower the transaction time using XRP with ~2 sec according to CTO David.
Michael Branch (6 months ago)
Ripple's website
Jackson Whitfield (6 months ago)
Michael Branch yeah where’s the source?
The TechGeek (6 months ago)
It's kinda sad that the money that's going into bitcoin cash could be going into the REAL Bitcoin. 😐 I do hope it dies 😁
SincerelyWilliam (6 months ago)
The TechG33k not to be weird, but you have amazing skin!
william whitmore (6 months ago)
People who are less technical can't afford transaction errors and need custody holders who can ensure their holdings. Banks on a blockchain system are not the same as Banks on traditional systems. Banks could still use a reasonable amount of Deposits knowing they are totally transparent. Finacial networking will be necessary and Banks have connections.
Fred White (6 months ago)
Thank you again for the volume adjustment Mr Modern Investor and for your MOST informative posts!
ISO xxx (6 months ago)
There was some information in holland that the ing bank will change some thing. In 2019 there will be some changes that make money transfers whitin seconds?
Duane McMahon (6 months ago)
SEPA. Nothing to do with Ripple however.
ISO xxx (6 months ago)
Ing bank maybe
Eli (6 months ago)
I have a question for all you long term holders of xrp. What will you guys do when the bull run comes. I am curious on what your guys long term plan will be once it takes off. Not if but when. Will you guys hold until a certain price and sell or once you see profit will sell high and buy lower like a short term trader? Thoughts? What are your guys price prediction once it goes live?
Marcin Debowski (6 months ago)
Xrp to the moooooooon 🌚🌝!
xrp_hunter (6 months ago)
1500 TPS on ledger, 50000 TPS off ledger, through payment channels (can be increased though) eventually all these off ledger need to pass through the XRP Ledger to settle.
Mario Lopez (6 months ago)
no bad bro
Mario Lopez (6 months ago)
ty man
Kim Jun (6 months ago)
Assuming that XRP takes over, at what price would you guys think about liquidating your Xrapid positions?
Kim Jun (6 months ago)
Adds Bohemian yes, that’s what I’m sure most people intend to do... I am curious about at what PRICE you would consider cashing out the percentage of your holdings? Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough in my question
Adds Bohemian (6 months ago)
Only a fool would cash it all out at once. Set targets and cash out at a certain percentage at each level. Also, have a percentage that you'll keep until you're old and grey.
MrSolvaring (6 months ago)
Is the fork called eBitcoinCash?
simonhhh100 (6 months ago)
gloombastic (6 months ago)
What the fork?
Crypto Man (6 months ago)
Too lazy to watch the video, what does 'The' modern investor predict xrp is price ?
Christopher Daniel (6 months ago)
SincerelyWilliam nah man, apply these to your life and you will see the good of this
SincerelyWilliam (6 months ago)
KingJamesBible haha, my mans just gave him a whole sermon
jay pal (6 months ago)
.10 cent
Crypto Man (6 months ago)
Tide Bleach nick off will ya !
Nunya Bizness (6 months ago)
What was the future prediction for xrp?
Wayne Giampoala (6 months ago)
No one really knows for sure but it will be huge. Hard to calculate the impact of the banks and other institutions. Wayne from Boise , Idaho.
Robert Sartain (6 months ago)
Sorry should've been @Nunya
Jackson Whitfield (6 months ago)
Robert Sartain who you talking to?
Nunya Bizness (6 months ago)
Jackson Whitfield I believe u started the stupidness with calling me a jackass...may be applicable but you don't know me like that bro..
Robert Sartain (6 months ago)
Wow you really took that one to heart.. Settle down there chief
borg386 (6 months ago)
$28,500 is my guess for this years end on Bitcoin Hope it’s more!
borg386 (6 months ago)
Jaber Martini yeah your right, but all the fundamentals are in place for it to rise this year. Personally I hope it doesn’t because I want to buy more at these lower prices.
You are schilling like a car salesman. 60k btc huh? Hahahahahaha. Begging is next...
"when" that happens I will be there my rejoicing will not be in being right but being effective
Daniel Pellgaard (6 months ago)
I remember these comments when people were saying BTC 20k. Someone should take screenshots and do a cry me a river compilation when it hits 60k or more.
RUwatching (6 months ago)
Thats what you will be doing when BTC hits 60K lol
klaas (6 months ago)
I am a simple man. I see Ripple and XRP. I like.👍
Philip Blakeley (6 months ago)
If banks act as custodian for bitcoins then they can sell the coins and effectively short bitcoin. This is what they do with gold.
100% Smartest man in the room you are!
ᴅᴏᴄᴛᴏʀ ᴛ (6 months ago)
When will be the next bull run?
BlockChain C (6 months ago)
I say my next summer we will be in a good place....i been around since 14' I have been a miner for 1 year and i can tell u that we are about "windows 95" "AOL" You got mail stages We at Dail up internet stage compare to crypto
ᴅᴏᴄᴛᴏʀ ᴛ (6 months ago)
i just wanna be rich ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. thats it doenst hurt anyone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :D
Q u (6 months ago)
Today at 3
halfmanhalfamazing (6 months ago)
Harry Potter (6 months ago)
I feel a change is coming, data dash reports conversations with over the counter traders who are finding it difficult to find sellers
Rabie Alkamouchi (6 months ago)
Xrp bank coin scam
Audrius Simonis (6 months ago)
People dont trust NEO cause chinese goverment but retarded people believing banks :D omg wake u fools banks will fuck u up simple is that hold that shit and die with XRP :D china will show once again whatever u can do they can do better simple is that !!!!!!!!
Crypto Tishbite (6 months ago)
+Alex Carpenter That's where your flaw comes in. You just answered your own problem with xrp but you admit that the government forces us to the usd as a means of buying and selling. You wake up every day working for the usd which can keep being printed and printed. There is no difference with xrp in this aspect it's an upgrade. Being Decentralized is the stupidest argument ever. When dealing with society you have to have the government running the rules of money it's always going to be centralized what rock have you been living under. Even Jesus told the high class of his time give ceasar his coin that he made ( Centrailzied ) I suggest next time your born hope you have the Rothschilds bloodline otherwise your going to play by their rules get over it. Mondays coming nascar fast get ready to work for that centralized USD that the government has shoved down all of our throats and theres nothing we can do about it nothing. If you don't want the Usd send it over to my bank account I'll gladly accept it.
Y Sim (6 months ago)
Rabie Alkamouchi zcash? Good luck with that lol
Mario Lopez (6 months ago)
cool man
Bob H (6 months ago)
My bank holds all my crypto and keys . . . on my Nano S in a safety deposit box.
Fredrick Pence (6 months ago)
You want to earn real profit in Bitcoin?... Then here is your opportunity to invest rightly.. Contact me on Whatsapp or Viber or Telegram: +12675265699 and I will teach you "HOW"
Mehdii (6 months ago)
Lol desperate
David James (6 months ago)
we gonna be great, buy our bags!
Flopperplop Kabouter Yop (6 months ago)
Bread Garlic House is the best!
erikisbaum (6 months ago)
So is Vitamin Butane.
Mr. B XRP (6 months ago)
MI can you give us more info on stable coins? Are any really safe? Thank You
M G (6 months ago)
Blockchain For What Is Best sounds like you bought at all time highs and have a lot of Verge in your portfolio 😂
Eli (6 months ago)
Xrp too, I mean are you keeping up with news
Shawaeb (6 months ago)
bitcoin is the "safest" investment. it will never go away
All coins are shit coins. Find the shinnyest and go broke while you pray to shit.
XPAT RAN (6 months ago)
(AST) AirSwap provides free atomic swaps.
area Gulf (6 months ago)
bloody sunday ahead of XRP
Christopher Daniel (6 months ago)
Ripple XRP buy more then!
Block Chain (6 months ago)
What do you mean?
Kall & Gorr (6 months ago)
I tweeted about 3 months ago that Ethereum will be out of the top 3 since it will face a lot of developmental turmoil. This is turning out to be true. I also predicted that within 6 months, Ethereum Classic and Cardano will enter top 5. I truly believe it will happen. I may sound crazy but I have some facts and research to prove it.
Roy M (6 months ago)
CEO of bitmex says what he wants for personal gain. he said Bitcoin to 50k end of this year which will never happen, and since bitmex does not trade ETH is benefits him to say bad things about ETH. its so obvious..
T Brown (6 months ago)
Major Eth upgrade might bring it back
Luke Green (6 months ago)
I somewhat disagree with that statement due to the amount of promising alt coins run on a Ethereum ledger, ZRX, soon to be added to coinbase, is even featured in your ethereum address, the end product being a decentralised exchange worldwide. Also GNT or golem, allowing customers to purchase there product which increases there internet speed when they need it, these coins have real world uses and thats where I think the future of crypto lies
Shay Plaster (6 months ago)
Kall & Gorr then prove it
I've heard all sorts me
Karl Ridley are you Karl? Are you getting sick? We wouldn't want that now would we
CharleyB 1975 (6 months ago)
Getting sick of you writing the same comment on crypto vids! Find something else to say!
erikisbaum (6 months ago)
I'm optimistic that ear is only gonna get bigger and along with that your wax problem. 👂
dazhibernian thank you. I too am optimistic for Q4
dazhibernian (6 months ago)
+Brad Garlinghouse's Protruding Right Ear you can do it i believe in you.
INVESTINCOIN (6 months ago)
XRP will take over
Crypto Tishbite (6 months ago)
bitcoin is only valuable by virtue of being first. It's a trash coin imo. It's slow, fee"s are too high. Ever go to a new video and some troll jumps in and says FIRST? Yeah that's bitcoin.
CAMBO W (6 months ago)
Alex de Demko, Yes without a doubt BITCOIN was the first and is number one(in a speculative market)and has inspired better blockchain technology to grow from it. At best all nostalgia and sentiment aside bitcoin is and will continue to become more centralised and is manipulated by Chinese government backed mega miner BITMAIN, not to mention the insane amount of energy it costs for POW and POS, sort of go's against what the world is trying to achieve, don't you think and don't get me started on COST, SPEED,AND UTILITY. The funniest part of all is the fact that all these early BITCOIN investors like the Winklevoss boys despite the glaring evidence and the fact that these greedy establishment arseholes couldn't give a rats arse about anything other than themselves as usual will only insure that in the end BITCOIN will be relegated to also ran status. and before you start up about store of value and all that crap DGB with its triple layer security feature and utility would be a thousand times better to name just one of many that are shit loads better than SHITCOIN (bitcoin) XRPWILLBETHESTANDARD.
Alex de Demko (6 months ago)
again, FMA +CAMBO W, btc is a household name. no other coin is
Eli (6 months ago)
+CAMBO W lmao! one of you are here you dont know shit go troll somewhere else
CAMBO W (6 months ago)
suggesting a broken blockchain model that can only move towards centralisation doesn't make sense either. Bitcoin has no future use case and in a very short time you will see this.

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