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Welcome to Fallout 76 Base Building. The Base Building in Fallout 76 is one of the core gameplay components. This mechanic allows you to build amazing custom bases and custom builds, whether you want to build a simple house when you are getting started or dip your toes on advanced base raiding defenses . Keep in mind you will need to collect resources to craft the materials needed. ► Other gameplay playlists you might like ◄ ► No Man's Sky Next: http://bit.ly/No_Mans_NEXT ► Watch Ostriv Gameplay http://bit.ly/Ostriv ► Watch Home Wars http://bit.ly/Home_Wars ► Indie Spot http://bit.ly/indie_Spot_Lite ► Watch stardew valley http://bit.ly/stardewvalleygameplay ► Beast Battle Sim http://bit.ly/Beast_Battle_Simulator ----------------------------------------­­------------------------------------ SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/Paragon_Hex to keep up to date with more Fallout 76 builds and content such as Let's Plays, gameplays, walkthrough, tutorials, tips and tricks, first impressions and much more! Fallout 76 Download: https://fallout.bethesda.net/ ----------------------------------------­­------------------------------------ About Fallout 76: Bethesda Game Studios, the award-winning creators of Skyrim and Fallout 4, welcome you to Fallout 76, the online prequel where every surviving human is a real person. Work together, or not, to survive. Under the threat of nuclear annihilation, you’ll experience the largest, most dynamic world ever created in the legendary Fallout universe. The game will expand on Fallout 4's settlements by allowing the player the ability to build bases at any location of the map. These creations will be assigned to the player's profile and will be removed from the game world when the player is offline to prevent progress from being lost. While other players will be able to attack player settlements while they are online, the game will preserve player creations in some form to prevent players from having to start over if their creations and progress are destroyed. The ability to create custom builds in fallout 76 has been expanded with the addition of a new base-claiming mechanic that allows you to set up camp anywhere in the map and claim a small portion of it to start your base building. the game provides you with a wide array of building options, materials tools and more. whether you want to build a castle or a regular house, maybe a military base or a fallout shelter your imagination is the limit when creating the most amazing and epic builds ever seen in fallout 76 building and crafting are essential. ----------------------------------------­­------------------------------------ Follow Paragonhex on twitter: https://twitter.com/Paragon_Hex
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Text Comments (113)
5-Star Podsplash (11 hours ago)
"Look at that we have enough lockpicking skill to open the safe" you mean the one that was already unlocked? Lol have you every played Fallout before?
Mack Thomas (17 hours ago)
One good way to fight off raids is to ignore them since you can just sit there and opt out of their attack. It's especially fun to ignore pvp after harassing people all day, really pisses them off. 10/10 good game
Chaz TheWeasel (1 day ago)
Im sorry my Friend but you have never played a Fallout game before have you. At 13:46 I saw you use a full radaway rather then a diluted radaway for the small amount of rads you had and yelled NOOOOOOO!!!
galiyam1 (1 day ago)
Cringy, but entertaining.
Gook Raider (1 day ago)
Stop supporting this crappy game
Emory Hickman (1 day ago)
@paragonhex you can tag items for search, when you come across an item that has what you need a magnifying glass shows up beside the item
·.· ·.· (1 day ago)
up high open your turret up to being sniped from long rang places it low so they actually have to get close
Javawocky (1 day ago)
You...didn't take...the beer hat...WHY?
Marcus W (2 days ago)
Wipe them out...... all of them
Tanner Prescott (2 days ago)
You and I are definitely playing a different game... radaway with 3% rads is a little overkill. Also, your lock picking isn’t “super awesome” and it doesn’t auto open things for you. Someone else opened it first. When the game releases and if you have it for PC as well as PS4, I can help you out and it’s always better to have people in your party. I can share perks.
Corey Bell (2 days ago)
Be vewy quiet, I'm hunting cirqwutry...
Tim Teter (3 days ago)
I love the way you say circuitry lol
Master Prediction (3 days ago)
There is a point of bad aim that it is hard to watch but this guy is so bad at aiming that you WANT to watch to see if he dies
Abigor 46 (3 days ago)
their is a mutation that gives you higher jumping
Brian Forrest (4 days ago)
Giving a reward for killing a WANTED player would be terribly abused and taking advantage of!
Brian Forrest (4 days ago)
You make this look hard. But its not! I love your enthusiasm and your videos. Just as frustrated watching as you were playing I guess. Keep it up!
Unknown Rasa (4 days ago)
the stair system kinda sucks, they should have had it place left or right instead of just middle.
ParagonHex (4 days ago)
Paradenks (4 days ago)
Go to a military base
Cinnbounce (4 days ago)
fps/performance is fine, your pc just must suck. also you cant get raided. they cant get into your stash, and can only take junk thats on you
Exiled Bear (5 days ago)
I need sirquits
Exiled Bear (5 days ago)
Seth Taylor (5 days ago)
"They're so fricking fast duood"😂😂
Seth Taylor (5 days ago)
I just want some cirqwits" 😂🤣😂
Seth Taylor (5 days ago)
"I need 1 cercitwy" ahahah
Brandon Mclain (6 days ago)
26:30 Yes there was a reason to attack your base. It is a PVP game. Like it or not. That is the formula.
Sam G (6 days ago)
Wtf is wrong with you
Cavery1994 (6 days ago)
vids are too long I think
CWAK GAMING (6 days ago)
Noob, you do get a reward for killing wanted people. It's paid out of their caps. Also he can take anything you've put in your Stash.
CWAK GAMING (5 days ago)
+C-Storm aka Cyberstorm it's not rude, it's banter.
"Noob", you dont have to be rude. You dont get caps for being rude. Also he can't take something from your Stash. Its unique for each player.
diventa zaryaa (6 days ago)
....you get caps for killing them. The number on their head is what they are worth. 10 caps per kill. Iv seen someone worth 140 caps
BATTLE TOAD (7 days ago)
7:59 Bioshock reference lol
tbird90sc (7 days ago)
Word of advice, use melee weapon against ghouls when they are close. They swarm and move around too much and you end up missing too much with guns. But hacking away with a machete works well. Strafing in a circle while you're attacking is also recommended as they are also trying to circle and get behind you, so this will prevent them from getting behind you as well as keeping them in view. Lastly, don't put windows in the first level.
narutosensei77 (7 days ago)
u nneed a shotgun
narutosensei77 (7 days ago)
You should get a Melee weapon.
narutosensei77 (7 days ago)
YOu gotta go after anything that is a Machine like Turrets or Robots, military bunkers. I heard there is one at Mama Dolce's Food processing center.
skruface (7 days ago)
Dude. Use VATS (Q button) to lock on to targets. Also, crouch for 2X damage. With a short .308 rifle, you can kill most of the starter monsters (radghouls, scorched) in 1 shot when crouched....Also, farm hot plates (restaurants) and telephones for circuits.
Hernan Coronel (7 days ago)
for circuitry search in arcjet or robco facilities, or just kill robots i've never played this game yet but there is where i'd look for that
Dyl Cornett (7 days ago)
Seth Taylor (5 days ago)
Chase Mathes (7 days ago)
I'm going to build a base where people can go to and buy black power pistols and rifles from me I'll be a vendor for flintlock pistols and muskets
Cryptic Ranger (5 days ago)
Lol yeah I have a trade post built in my camp and I sell weapons as well as armor
ZacTDP (8 days ago)
“Seems to be peaceful” *Kills it anyway*
Spøøky - (8 days ago)
Awesome video, keep up the good work!❤️
b david greenwell (8 days ago)
So, everyone is looking for power armor, it's rare to find, but you don't get it? Was it glitched? That, and you are going so fast that you overlook Bobby pins! Lol!
Cinnbounce (4 days ago)
power armor isnt rare, i have 3 suits and two dif sets of limbs
Chali tillakaratne (6 days ago)
I think it's cos it belongs to the player who made it the one who owns the workshop
b david greenwell (8 days ago)
Did you add stairs to make it easier for mobs to get to it?
Wray02 (8 days ago)
This is whats goong to be great about this game. All you wanted to do was build 1 turret and you went on this epic adventure and found some cool things.
Onlygeo (1 day ago)
MINI ANIMATIONS (8 days ago)
You need more wuld
Chase Mathes (7 days ago)
Xoth (8 days ago)
If i dont remember incorectly you used to get circuitry from phones and hot plates in Fallout 4
Michael Munoz (8 days ago)
Mate if you ever see an enemy player, just run. Watching you attempt PvP was cringe worthy. I could even tell you were key turning lol
Gabe Files (8 days ago)
This game is ok, been playing the beta... It seems like the same thing over and over again. No story, No NPCS, No slow motion kills, sorry to be negative hoping to see something cool from someone else's experience but still haven't. Def missing the old fallout.
Bobalmighty 707 (2 days ago)
There is a story
Evan Zeller (8 days ago)
@ParagonHex The number on top of their head literally tells you how many cap you would get. 10 caps to 60 caps. Also if you can't aim, maybe try a melee build.
Paul Baker (9 days ago)
kill robots for circwitry or loot an electronics store
Donavon Gaines (9 days ago)
Unique accent,pewdiepie
Johnny Trash (9 days ago)
Gipsin Gomez (9 days ago)
Help me out bro how is your budget so low mine is Max out and I have way less stuff build up then you?
Bobalmighty 707 (2 days ago)
It matters with your level
Captain Smirk (9 days ago)
Circuitry - Vault Tech Museum - item is military grade circuit and MH-421 boards - sensor modules - Hot plates / Bring upgraded shotgun with long barrel and plenty of rounds.
Nick Flame (9 days ago)
no loot can be stolen only the junk u carry will drop if u die and there is no base raiding in 76
triplesix (9 days ago)
You have a unique accent
Ignition (12 minutes ago)
Fobster (6 days ago)
sounds kinda like pewds
Stan Donit (9 days ago)
walla polla (9 days ago)
It's like you've never touched a Fallout in your life.
A Jay (17 hours ago)
Warrick I agree fully with you
lstcloud (1 day ago)
... or a vagina.
FuZy PlaYs (2 days ago)
Edmundas Vaskelis like you.
Warrick (7 days ago)
well it may be a bad ''fallout'' game to start with but if he is enjoying himself in 76 then let him have his fun and learn a bit instead of Being super critical since he most likely never played other fallout game's, how about give him tips and help the guy.
Edmundas Vaskelis (7 days ago)
agree with you. and wtf why he is kept tell dude all the time dude dude dude it's not coll not funny and lame
Dylan Brown (9 days ago)
Idk if there is going to be "base raiding" what would other players have to gain from raiding another players base. Its not like you can steal there stuff?
Wray02 (8 days ago)
Man, I put down a base quick on a main road to upgrade and repair gear and I turbed around and had 2 different teams using my base as well. I put down a couple turrets and left the camp for eveyone. Camps are going to be god sends of we all share.
Mick Hyde (9 days ago)
Didn't see any base raid 😕
Arien Villalobos (9 days ago)
yea the "10" above his head literally is a bottle cap, ever notice how it goes up by "10" the more people he kills like points for a bounty in this case CAPS.
smoke shade (9 days ago)
sadly in games with PvP this will always be a thing that's why I developed a group to hunt these people down and deal with them
Liberal Ideas (9 days ago)
Hey boss :) As you did in the video, you can tag specific components (while in a crafting bench I think) so that any junk items in the world will flag with a magnifying glass. Additionally, circuit boards can be found in just about any electronic junk and sometimes off of robots. I also notice you pass up on several ranged weapons while looting. Specifically with ranged weapons vs melee/armor, you learn new modifications whenever breaking those down in a bench, as well as getting useful scrap. When you are swarmed with dudes, you have a couple of options while back peddling. Swapping to a melee weapon can be very effective even without extra points in strength because of how strong melee weapons are. However, you can also use VATs at point blank to build up your crit meter and do so without an accuracy penalty since VATs is always 95% at point blank range. Finally, you can weapon bash to finish off very low health enemies, saving a few rounds in the chamber when being swarmed. EDIT: Forgot to mention, the only thing another player can get from killing you is the junk you currently have on you and satisfaction from killing you. He can not steal anything from your base or any non junk items that were on you. If he does become wanted, he is flagged to the entire map with a wanted icon and has a bounty on him that anyone can go collect on. Fallout 76 is unique from other similar games in that PVP is more or less consensual only. It instead has a focus on exploration and story while also having PVP elements in it for end game and people who enjoy it. So base raiding on a person's camp is mostly just done for the satisfaction of PVP as long as the person in the camp has already dumped their junk off at their personally instanced stash box. Raiding a workshop which is auto generating tons of raw resources is another thing all together. You had found one in this video I believe and that is where a lot of this games PVP/Base raiding is going to take place ;) EDIT 2: lol my bad for the silly long message, but thought of something else. You may want to customize a couple of weapons to better suit your needs to prevent that whole swarming situation again. For example, customizing the hunting rifle to have increased range as the ones you normally pick up are not that great at range while also being terrible up close. You can do this with the shotgun as well, such as adding a recoil dampening stock to allow for more accuracy. There is even a pistol grip you can put on a revolver (and maybe other pistols) to improve its bashing damage for the moments where you just need to pistol whip a fool. To get started, all you need to do is break down all the extra guns you see dropped off of the scorched and super mutants. Its what I do that works well for me anyway :)
Kyle Nicklin (9 days ago)
you get caps from killing wanted players
Cookie (9 days ago)
I find circuits in protectatrons and robots. Also, if your in melee with an enemy when you have a ranged weapon equipped, use the melee attack! Its much faster = more dps and saves ammo too. Stay safe out there!
Mustangs 2012 (9 days ago)
You gotta scrap tampons to get circuitry
b david greenwell (8 days ago)
I haven't found tampons yet! Toilet paper, but no tampons!
Mustangs 2012 (9 days ago)
+Aaron Sultan is gay
Aaron Sultan (9 days ago)
Ur mum
wg wg (9 days ago)
Dude you literally make me cringe. If they are wanted you get a bounty
Anthony Aguila (2 days ago)
Tim Teter (3 days ago)
Your the only o e who makes us cringe soo stfu
Anthony Aguila (7 days ago)
+ParagonHex did you land the finishing blow? and are you sure?
Spøøky - (8 days ago)
Same with me I killed a guy with caps above his head also another guy was shooting at him might be because there’s 2 ppl shooting at him and the game doesn’t know who to give the caps to.
+ParagonHex The number on top of their head literally tells you how many cap you would get. 10 caps to 60 caps.
Nataniell (9 days ago)
Use VATS íf you have bad AIM...
Label07 (1 day ago)
VATS in FO76 is trash, should do something else than give free auto-aimed hits.
exaggerated mongoose (7 days ago)
A man who lets his VATS do his shooting for him.. well isn't that a fine how do you do?
Night Porter (9 days ago)
No airlock
Darkestasylum 32 (1 day ago)
Not rust
Pick N Roll (9 days ago)
You will find circuitry on Turret enemies.. There is a quest early in the game I forgot where and what it was but there are turret robots guarding the the entrance to the building.. The building looks like a tower/lighthouse.
SinsOfGaming (9 days ago)
military grade circuit board
William Waldo (9 days ago)
Desk Fans and Telephones as well.
lukeski706 (10 days ago)
:( I can't play fallout
Neko Nep Nep (10 days ago)
Sorry for being gone for so long, how has the channel been and how are you?
Neko Nep Nep (10 days ago)
ParagonHex No problem bro!
ParagonHex (10 days ago)
Thank you for watching!
Neko Nep Nep (10 days ago)
ParagonHex I love this game, thanks for uploading this game!
Neko Nep Nep (10 days ago)
ParagonHex nice man that’s good
ParagonHex (10 days ago)
it's all good! just playing some games!
Zack vlogs (10 days ago)
Sadly I can't play fallout 76 XD
333 (6 days ago)
alienv5 (9 days ago)
Your not missing much. It ain't Fallout 4!

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