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Best $100 Midi Keyboards - Best Midi Controllers 2.0

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Best $100 Midi Keyboards - Best Midi Controllers 2.0 These are my favorite Midi Keyboards for right around $100. At the time of this upload, all of the MIDI keyboards mentioned in this video are just under the $100 price point. Prices do tend to fluctuate so be aware of that. However, I have been watching the prices of these keyboards for a few months now, and the prices have not changed. Each of these keyboards provides something slightly different and I hope that one of them turns out to be exactly what you've been looking for! Akai MPK Mini- https://amzn.to/2OY8zZT Arturia Mini Lab MKII- https://amzn.to/2Bo447i Nektar LX25+- https://amzn.to/2FxsW0k Nektar 49- https://amzn.to/2PFWpKh M-Audio Keystation 49- https://amzn.to/2S5Y3Br Check out MY GEAR here: kit.com/patrickbreen DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support!
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Text Comments (230)
Chiara Cami (2 hours ago)
I loved the way you explained the pros and cons of every single one of them. This was really informative but not boring at all. Awesome job :)
Patrick Breen (1 hour ago)
Thanks so much! Glad it was helpful!
Abimael Martell (3 hours ago)
Thanks! I had a MPK Mini and one key broke after almost a year of use, so i think i might get Arturia next.
JuJu58 Music! (8 hours ago)
You look like the YouTuber Felckin you know ?
Daniel Tetrault (10 hours ago)
Great video. Thanks! I have one question about the minilab... How smooth do the knobs control parameters in your DAW? I just returned an Arturia Beatstep because the information from the knobs came out terribly jumpy when controlling anything in the DAW. Are the minilab's knobs smooth (as apposed to "steppy") from 0-127?
Daniel Tetrault (9 hours ago)
+Patrick Breen Cool. I am using Logic too. I like to use the knobs for recording parameters in real time through the DAW. This is a must, and you totally answered that question. Now I am looking a possible larger (all in one controller) and I love Arturia. It's just hard to tell which knobs they have on which controllers. I don't like the 360 ones, and I can't make sense out of why some are one way or the other. Would be cool if they provided both options to cover all grounds...
Patrick Breen (10 hours ago)
Daniel Tetrault they’re smooth in my experience. I do however, only really use them to control parameters of my software instruments, just FYI. I use Logic and these knobs work perfectly for me with the software instruments I use.
Just Facts (12 hours ago)
i don't get why some midi controllers have to be powered from mains
yash gupta (22 hours ago)
No novation launchkey mini? Is it that bad???
this is nonsens to buy midi controler with only two octaves
drpaulo (1 day ago)
i want a mini keyboard!
Joey SosaBeats (1 day ago)
I like the Akai mini the best. Amazon has the best prices https://amzn.to/2QtOEaH
Rafael Perez (1 day ago)
This is GREAT I've been looking at the akai and really you sold me on it, Awesome informative video thank you.
Ivan Espineda (1 day ago)
Ricky Carbonaro (1 day ago)
hey did anyone win this give-away? ive had my fingers crossed :)
ZeugmaPowa (2 days ago)
Hey I'm relatively new to making music and I've been using only my mouse and keyboard to create stuff in my DAW, so I would like to buy a midi controller. My only concern is that I have a laptop that is not very fast and powerful, and I wonder if I will have some latency problems.
Ray Anthony (2 days ago)
Thanks for the info!
Rashik Riasat (2 days ago)
commenting on the unrealistic hope that I'll get one of these ;-;
troiis Omà (2 days ago)
Very informative thanks
P1NK (3 days ago)
I want the midi controller
Cosmo Gullickson (3 days ago)
That's pretty good recommendations! But, what about the korg products?
Ti Bro (3 days ago)
Your amazing
Matt Felix (3 days ago)
I don't own any midi keyboard but I'd like to own one because they make music production easier ☺
Simon Nguyen (3 days ago)
this was great! was definitely having uncertainty between the akai and nektar, but the practicality of akai has made me certain!
damnnnn i need to get that minilab
siddharth siva (3 days ago)
The Arturia seems to hit perfect the middle ground between the other two; size-wise especially
Willie lacy (3 days ago)
Thanks for the video awesome I will be picking up a keyboard soon.
Shadowboxe (3 days ago)
Another great breakdown.
Arya Siwakoti (4 days ago)
This video came just in time, been trying to save up for a midi controller so I can have more fun with music
Arya Siwakoti (2 days ago)
learning to be an artist by having fun first :) How about you?
UNO (2 days ago)
Same got the mpk it's definitely worth it are you an artist or just for fun ?
Mono G (4 days ago)
So what's the (minimal) requirements computer to use this without any lag freezing or problems?
Mono G (20 hours ago)
+Efrain Peralez cool man thanks bro
Efrain Peralez (20 hours ago)
Mono G 4 gb of ram, window 7 or newer at least an i3 processor , for mac i think any macbook pro from 2010 and forward will do
Real_ Mi_Rae (4 days ago)
Thank you for this I've learned a lot. I'm just a beginner for music so I hope it goes well.
TeenRandom (4 days ago)
Make a best affordable studio speakers 🔊
Zandér Stewart (4 days ago)
Great vid, very helpful, thank you
nice man. keep it up. more reviews and demos. hope to get my first midi keyboard soon by the help of your videos. thanks man. peace
Thanks for your video, I'm about to buy a midi controller, this will help me a lot!
lil Neo (4 days ago)
AKAI for life 🎛🎚
Dayjobbob (4 days ago)
Dope video man... really helped me narrow down my choices
Dimitri Young (5 days ago)
Your opinion on the best portable midi controller regardless of price? Have you ever tried the Korg Nanokey?
BrokeHeadz (5 days ago)
Nice Video Keep Spreading the music knowledge 🌊✌
Diego (5 days ago)
i have a novation lounchkey mk2, its good
James Orrell (5 days ago)
Do any of these controllers have aftertouch?
Sensis (5 days ago)
man, I looked for a video like this fot a long time. Thanks!! finally someone talking about the nextar, a bit overlooked midi controller. However, I decided for the arturia, super hyped for the touch strips ;)
Chvstaki (5 days ago)
Akai mini play !!!
Fritz Masiglat (5 days ago)
Hello Patrick, thanks for this comprehensive comparison! 👍
Zane Parkinson (5 days ago)
I have an Arturia MiniLab MKII Black Edition and it's been an awesome MIDI keyboard! I have also gotten a lot of use out of the Analog Lab Lite software that come with it (it also has a VST plugin). It seems it has the largest amount of included software for the price. I like how the keys feel compared to the Akai MPK Mini as well as they are slightly larger in comparison. Also, speaking as a person that owns two Novation Launchpad MIDI controllers, when I saw 16 knobs, I was sold... These are just a few of my thoughts on the Mini Lab MKII
I own an MPK Mini MK2 (that my friends recommended me), I wish that I have watched this video before. The Minilab would fit my use much better. I always run out of knobs. Also, I think you should make a video about cheap knob controllers :) (for example: Behringer X-touch mini and CMD series, Akai MIDIMIX, etc. ) These videos are great. Wish the best for the channel!
Roy (5 days ago)
I already on own both controllers and agree with everything you said keep up the good work .i just subscribed .
Jesus Ramirez (5 days ago)
Thanks man. Amazing video, I'm going to watch a couple more videos from you...
Richard Adamson-Kucia (5 days ago)
Great job on this video.
Bobby Nostal (5 days ago)
I was on the hunt a few months back for a midi controller and I was really struggling between the Nektar, the MPK and the Arturia MK2. At the end I chose the Arturia MK2 and honestly couldn't agree more with what you had to say about the MK2! Definitely my personal fave for the on the go midi controller. Thank you for the dope info keep it up with the funk fam! 💯🔥🌊✌
Gabriel Alejandro (6 days ago)
I hate the thumbstick on the Akai MPK Mini I'd rather have an X/Y pad
dannyeliot (6 days ago)
I use an iRig Pro, but I wish I had the drum pads.
Rade Martinović (6 days ago)
I have to say, it's very strange that this video is not having more views... Very good job!
Sunset Tim (6 days ago)
Love how ya made it simple n detailed🙌🏾
Filipe Barba (6 days ago)
Patrick, thank you for this video !!! I live in a country where buying music equipment can be very expensive, especially if they are of quality. So I always try to import the equipment, but I have the limit of buying 100 dollars per buy (to be free of excessive import taxes of my country). Your video was very important to me to find an alternative to create and produce my band's songs. Thank you so much! P.S - About the giveaway, I do not know to choose which is the best, but I need a midi keyboard especially for creating drum lines. I am in doubt between the Akai and Arturia.
Alaukik (6 days ago)
Nice video ! I need that one 😍
Doubleu (7 days ago)
Thanks for the tips bro! What about novation launchkey? Is it any good?
beldon gonsalves (7 days ago)
Great Suggestions ! The arturia is cool
Daivon Reed (8 days ago)
Daivon Reed (8 days ago)
Daivon Reed (8 days ago)
Daivon Reed (8 days ago)
The mini lab mk 2
Daivon Reed (8 days ago)
Patrick choose me mannn
PlayhardGames (8 days ago)
Huge thanks for the video! However, I still have one problem. Will there be any problems with arturia in FL Studio and the software included? It isn't officially compatible with this DAW, and I don't want to end up with a keyboard which won't let me use all of its features
Sorandy Sint Jacobs (8 days ago)
i can only dream of getting one of those. thanks for this video.
Camera Tiburtina (8 days ago)
great tnk u man
cresshead (9 days ago)
so, by 'midi' you mean "small" ? As none (not one) actually has midi connectors on them, they are all USB so can only connect to a computer not a midi synth or drum machine.
Trekeyus (7 days ago)
True the lack of midi ports is annoying but there are adapters out there that convert USB midi to real midi ports but you with need a power source.
Wvdj Gvelle (9 days ago)
Arturia has been my main plug for a lil while. Love the features and everything that comes with it.
tronlady1 (9 days ago)
iRig IO KEYS 25 is easily the best value with the built in interface and the software
Tom Evans (9 days ago)
Arturia looks solid!
dwight calloway (9 days ago)
Patrickk I like your channel and Ireally hope you reach a million views ! it sure would if I could get That keyboard for learning on cause right now I'm working with an A,lesis Q49 midi keyboard it sure would be a help to me.I`m using a friend s keyboard right now !
Kevin Foushee (10 days ago)
i was looking for a video like this because i travel alot and i am looking to buy a mini controller
GeesLouise (10 days ago)
Thanks for the info!!
Kevin Foushee (10 days ago)
i was looking for a video like this because i travel alot and i am looking to buy a mini controller
Pedro MF (10 days ago)
hey, nice video! how would you rate the launchkey mini? or perhaps the launchkey 25?
Pedro MF (10 days ago)
+Patrick Breen thanks for the answer! very kind! it's just that actually I'm a reeeeal beginner so I don't even know how to put up with a DAW. a friend lended me a korg controller and I couldn't make it work in my notebook with avid pro tools :/ according to him, my pc is not fast enough, but idk if I'm doing something wrong... anyway, I'm planning to buy my own anyway, so what set daw-controller would you tell to check out? Im not really sure what exactly I want to do with it, but I find it so awesome that these things seem like a great tool to explore one's creativity (hehe sorry if that's too broad) =) thanks in advance!
Patrick Breen (10 days ago)
They're solid keyboard controllers but geared more towards Abelton users. If you use Abelton, the Novation lineup is definitely worth looking into.
Charlie manbo (10 days ago)
Thanks brodah great tips! 💯💪🏾
bbm morgan (10 days ago)
what's your leather jacket
:(:(:( I wish I had found this godsend sooner!! Thank you for the review!!!! Super helpful!!!!!!!
Nick lool (10 days ago)
stay sicc brotato
Julian Achille (11 days ago)
This is dope thanks
ONTHEBASS (11 days ago)
really helpful!! Big up from Spain ;)
Shawn Kelley (11 days ago)
Very informative – thanks!
Jean de Jesus (12 days ago)
Hoping to be worldwide! And in advance i'd like to say 'Arturia' man!
Edgardo Liceaga (12 days ago)
Thanks for the review, it has been very helpful since I am thinking about acquiring my first Controller and there are many options in the market. Thanks again
Shane Quarrie (12 days ago)
https://yt2fb.com/vi deo/jam-2/
John Paul Meden Tongo (12 days ago)
hoping to win! great video! I'm just starting to produce music. I don't have any midi keyboard yet :D
Mariano Garcia (12 days ago)
Hey man! I’ve just discovered your chanel and it looks pretty helpful. Thank u! What do u think about that new mpk mini play? There are people talking so bad about it (despite the standalone advantage)
Patrick Breen (10 days ago)
I haven't used one, so I really can't offer an opinion. It doesn't look like something I'd personally use. The reviews are not so favorable, as you've said. If you're looking for something with standalone capability, I would personally look elsewhere.
smashSpikeMC (12 days ago)
in music brands is trash I got there akai mpk249 I just returned it the keys had some adhesive leaking down from them and the drum pads where broken I put stuff on there support forum and got a din do muffin response I'm boycotting them also {disablton live} has a clunky interface
Jason Turner (12 days ago)
Great guide, my old Akai just went out on me so this video is really helpful in finding a replacement!
Vincent Guilbaud (13 days ago)
Super cool super detailled, I really need to make it buying a midi controller, just discovered your channel, now gonna check what's your music is about :D
Jonathan Stewart (13 days ago)
Thanks for sharing! This is super helpful. I was just looking for a 25 key midi keyboard and wish this was published before I bought one. Luckily, I did some research and picked up the Akai MPK Mini in black because I wanted something super portable. I am very happy with it so far! I will say though, you have me interested in the Minilab MKII now too for Ableton Live Lite and Analogue Lab Lite!
Patrick Breen (10 days ago)
Thanks for sharing! I feel you man, The MPK mini is definitely a portable champ! Since you've got that base covered and are seemingly interested in Arturia, you should look into the Keylab controllers. They have 2 different models, Keylab mkII and the Keylab Essential. Definitely worth checking out. The software bundles are even better. Arturia has some great stuff, so definitely check them out. I reviewed and demoed my Keylab mkII, just in case you're interested! ✌🏻😊
Tuvieja (13 days ago)
i need the arturia!!
Shotophop (13 days ago)
Aren't two octaves too less?
alexshdvideo (13 days ago)
Thank you for posting! I was thinking of jumping into GarageBand to start learning midi and music creation to go with my own video production, if only to help my editing and have musicians lay in the final track at a later point. These $100 midi control pads look great to start with. Then later move into Logic Pro X or Ableton Live if I feel my skills and interest warrant that. I was thinking of picking up the on sale now Roland TR-8 drum machine emulating the old 808 and 909 series of synths from back in the day. What sort of midi control or synth would you gravitate towards if you where using something like the Roland TR-8 with a laptop recording studio environment?
alexshdvideo (10 days ago)
Patrick Breen Thank you! I was already looking at Arturia KeyStep since on a blind search at Sweetwater it was one of the least expensive ones with Aftertouch. Oh and ordered the Roland TR-8 from one of the next shipments. I believe they are out of production now, leaving only the much more expensive TR-8s.. I’ll check out your other videos. Thank you.
Patrick Breen (10 days ago)
If you have a TR-8, you're going to have some great drum sounds to work with. If you're interested in a keyboard controller that comes bundled with some great synth sounds, I would check out Arturia. They have a great lineup of keyboard controllers (Mini Lab mkII, Keylab Essential, Keylab mkII) that all come with some plugin synth presets through Analog Lab. If you're looking for something small, get the mini lab. If you want something full size, you should check out the Keylab mkII, it's awesome. I have a demo & review of the Keylab on my channel, if that helps you.
Woolfe 18 (13 days ago)
Also loving the content
Woolfe 18 (13 days ago)
Please can I have a keyboard I liked and subbed
G. N. Stacey (13 days ago)
I have the ARTURIA MINILAB MKII and I love it
Bryan Dieu (14 days ago)
got the nektar LX thanks to you!
Stanislav Šubert (14 days ago)
100% reason i bought Minilab over the MPK was ableton live lite (gives you $100 off upgrade to Ableton Standard or Suite) and Analoglab Lite is amazing (only $29 to upgrade to the full version or $199 upgrade to V6 Collection) thats value
Stanislav Šubert (1 day ago)
+Mathijs Burgh there a few products that come with ableton live lite including the Arturia keyboard. When you register your ableton lite online it shows you upgrade prices to standard or suite editions. for me these were $100 cheaper than the regular versions...(ableton shows 539 CAN on their site, i sign in and it showed 439)
Mathijs Burgh (1 day ago)
+Stanislav Šubert So if you buy the keyboard, you get the software with it. And after that you can somehow upgrade it to the full version of Ableton with the 100 dollar sale?
Stanislav Šubert (9 days ago)
​+Patrick Breen Wish the pads were set up more like the Akai controller and were a tad more responsive but you cant have everything i guess. But I haven't seen a better quality product in this price range, extremely happy with the overall keyboard.
Patrick Breen (10 days ago)
I was not aware that you get $100 off the upgrade!! That's HUGE. Thank you for sharing. How have you liked the Keyboard itself?
Charlie Chaplindeh (14 days ago)
Really helpful. Keep up the great content man!
Antonio Junior (14 days ago)
i have been working on my own home studio, kinda learned a lot from you. Thanks
Patrick Breen (10 days ago)
Thanks awesome man! Glad to help! Hope you're having a blast with it!
djvj3000 (14 days ago)
great review man, very well spoken and well thought out. thanks!
POTUS YUUUGE COCK (15 days ago)
I want to get the Mini Mkii. I LOVE Arturias stuff. The software can be a little buggy but the sounds are 👌👌👌

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