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Fallout 4 Let's Build #7 - The Castle Gatehouse

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Second video on The Castle - this time it's the gatehouse. I'm pleased to note that this version actually looks better and more secure that my original build. Link to my original castle build - https://youtu.be/d1vwkd0NYtg Follow me on twitter - https://twitter.com/norespawns Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Melissa Sowell (1 day ago)
This is brilliant. I could never figure out how to fix the sanctuary houses but now their all fixed thanks to these videos and I was stuck on how to fix the castle but now I have ideas for that to. Keep up the good work :)
Murtagh653 (2 months ago)
I fixed the walls damn near perfectly without mods, it only took me 3 hours.. I love your builds because they look so fitting for the landscape and they are interesting, but I can never build like you. I like to build my stuff ordered, neat, clean and symmetrical if possible, symmetrical is never usually an option though.
Aidan Waterson (2 months ago)
Y the fuck is the rug glitch working for everyone else and not me
Metalizer HeadBanger (2 months ago)
Wow you Great Buliding Player Good
Dingo Wendingo (3 months ago)
Hey norespanws can u help me plz or anybody, i play on ps4 and my fallout 4 game doesnt load, im at the games main menu, i click on continue game and it puts in the loading screen shit, then boom , it says error, it has done that for 3 hours straight
Chris Rossignoll (5 months ago)
Have you thought about using the no build limit mod
Chasicles O (6 months ago)
if your on ps4 or pc get a mod that is called no build limit so you can build unlimited things
NutnOff (9 months ago)
he could've just done the pillar glitch
Just Call Me Koko (9 months ago)
So I recreated your build here. I am curious if there was something I messed up with the stairs or the placement of the gate. I assigned two settlers to the Castle and when they went to go into the castle, they walked all the way around the castle and went in the the default castle gate instead of walking up the set of stairs and going through the newly built gate that was right in front of them. When my companion is following me, she is able to follow me up the stairs and through the gate but if I tell her to go away and go to the castle, she will go around like the settlers did and will not use the new gate. Is it possible the way I put the stairs and/or gate in is preventing NPCs from using it properly? If so, what are some general rules I need to follow to ensure they use it without issue?
Lloyd Edens (10 months ago)
Once you line up your first row of concrete wall, you can use the interior stairs under 'floors' to auto line up the next row.
Caelan V. 1995 (11 months ago)
Question here how do you activate the rug and pillar glitch? Just so you know am on the Xbox one
OblivionKing12 (1 year ago)
I am now inspired to cut out a chunk of my castle walls to put rooms similar to what you had at the start. It looks brilliant, mate.
Kawaii Squishes (1 year ago)
How do u do the rug glitch
JJ Wulf (1 year ago)
Love your videos brother! I definitely took some of your advice, added my own tweaks and went to town. Keep up the awesome work. Definitely a thumbs up from me!
kArasu (1 year ago)
Can't put the fondations inside the walls like you do at the beginning :/
Anton Nery (1 year ago)
can i do this in vanilla
Anton Nery (1 year ago)
norespawns thanks!
norespawns (1 year ago)
this video is pre-dlc and pre mods.
Prodigy (1 year ago)
u do to many mistakes
Sibren Schoenmakers (1 year ago)
Charles Tavarez U do to many gramar mistaekes
Chase (2 years ago)
Using the concrete tile set, I made perfect walls using pillar glitch
Chicken Potato (2 years ago)
It's a fort
Dev Beeb (2 years ago)
I am trying to add in the stairs into the main gate and when you figure out how to do it for the final time and u finally snap it in. i am at that part and i believe i have done everything right. it doesn't let me snap it. it doesn't even show an option to. it is like when you are filling in the corners and you say you have to accept that not everything will be perfect. i need help please
The_DwarvenSquirrel (2 years ago)
should have got the settlement build limit mod unless of course you cant get mods
Almighty Rell (2 years ago)
How the hell did u line the first 2 blocks up. I cant do it
Daytwnsillest619 PS4 (2 years ago)
You have given me so many ideas about how to build this damn castle. I have made a little city in the middle and plan to raise the height of it in the future.
Koichi Ahegao (2 years ago)
VietNam Gamer555 (2 years ago)
the vault tec workshop are here
Bobert91 (2 years ago)
Honestly Bethesda should just make settlement building better, so all these glitches and no collision mods aren't necessary.
xExplicit- V (2 years ago)
I can't really make the front stairs entrance but I use the medium short stairs instead of steps,drop the like for the video and my entrance looks better than my old ones,thanks.
MWO 2001 (2 years ago)
Could you please do a Castle 3.0 build
MWO 2001 (2 years ago)
Just walls and Gatehouse
Alyssa Measday (2 years ago)
just shove it in there that's what she said
Andrew M (2 years ago)
What outfit is he wearing? 6:43
Bernard De Coster (2 years ago)
Ya welcome
Andrew M (2 years ago)
+B da Costa thanks
Bernard De Coster (2 years ago)
Submarine Captain Outfit
Bernard De Coster (2 years ago)
Submarine Captain Outfit
Tiernan Wilde (2 years ago)
7:00 is so hard to do
Netherwing (2 years ago)
How does this guy actually build so much? Seems like he's going above the limit?
andrew killian (2 years ago)
REALLY THANK YOU (not sarcastic)
Jaska Penttilä (2 years ago)
+SoulGuardian Mods arent here yet... on PS4... But Netherwing you can empty your inventory from weapons and the bar is gonna go down... You can repeat that as much as you want
Netherwing (2 years ago)
+SoulGuardian ah cheers
Ser Valwyn (2 years ago)
Use the mod m8 ''Higher Settlement Budget''
Hahn (2 years ago)
when i try and store the rugs on the gate, the gate sinks automatically and cant be lifted, how do i fix this?
norespawns (2 years ago)
+HahnGFX just don't remove the rug for a while; I don't what you exactly need to do - but if you go questing, sleep, fast travel etc and then remove the rugs later, the don't sink
James Bell (2 years ago)
I just did all of this on the first try. Thank you so much man! (Even though this is 4 months later)
ChaosSandwhich (2 years ago)
I havent tried a castle build with it yet, but based on my sanctuary build while using the spring cleaning mod, I have a suspicion that it would make it extremely easy since most if not all the rubble can be scrapped
SgtDreTecKeGamer (2 years ago)
I just finished watching you video and it must have taken ya a few hours to that, nice work fer sure, but I did want to ask, is that the main entrance to the castle? I just repaired the wall's and it's completely closed off. leaving only the small door.
SgtDreTecKeGamer (2 years ago)
Thank you very much I do appreciate your reply, I have been watching your videos and ya have given me ideas and helped me out a lot, Kudos and thanks taking the time to share ya videos with us all.
norespawns (2 years ago)
+SgtDreTecKeGamer that's my main entrance - I believe the small door is technically the main entrance though
Caped Killer (2 years ago)
i built the gatehouse, yes i copied and the settlers act like its cancer walking up the stairs front and back of the gate and guards won't go near the posts and when i command em move by move til they are inches from the post and assign em they can't get up, so does this happen to you or? if so how did u fix it?
Just Call Me Koko (9 months ago)
same thing happens for me (havent tried to fix it yet). When I assign settlers to the castle, they all walk all the way around and go through the small gate on the opposite side to get into the castle. They wont go up the stairs and go through the new homemade gate.
William Wallace (2 years ago)
Strange, when I first started to build on this settlement I noticed that the bar which indicates how much space you have left was already almost half full, and this was before I'd even built/put one single item on the site. Is this normal or a glitch ?
William Wallace (2 years ago)
Yes I know that. As I said previously the size-bar didn't go down but started half-full.
Terrance moHamed (2 years ago)
+William Wallace i read it wrong all the scrap-able items on the settlement that can be removed before you build anything count towards the settlement size so it goes down when you remove them so yes it is normal
William Wallace (2 years ago)
You have basically repeated a previous answer and so I guess I'll have to repeat my reply which was: I already do all that but it made no difference in this case.
Terrance moHamed (2 years ago)
+William Wallace its a console glitch to reset your size limit you basically transfer 10 to 12 weapons from your inventory to your workbench take them out and go back to your inventory once you have done that you drop the weapons you put into workbench orriginally on the floor you then enter workshop mode and press store item in workbench once you have done that the size goes down gradually and you can repeat as many times as you want enjoy
C MACK (2 years ago)
How did you reset the settlement bar back to zero percent?????
Archer Russell (2 years ago)
Thx respawns this was amazing so I copied it if that's ok👍🏻
DLiciousCrabMeat (2 years ago)
the outside looks fuckin sexy. but the inside part of the gatehouse does look like it needs something more.
Samantha Wolden (2 years ago)
Just discovering your vids and these are so nice! I've never fully understood the rug glitch until seeing you use it. Thank you!
ZinTyPhoon (2 years ago)
Big boned?! Look at that spare tire! XD
Nathan Stone (2 years ago)
What armour are you wearing?
Take no SH*T (2 years ago)
The gate house area in the wall, is like the hardest part of the damn castle, I swear. I'm doing mine, only not completely like yours, mines different, but not too much different. I took your steps, but I set up towers on each side. I got to tell you, it's not as easy you would think, people. 😂😢
Take no SH*T (2 years ago)
especially trying to align the steps with the damn boards at the top of the hill near the gate. Worst time ever.
Jordan Vincent (2 years ago)
Haha! that pointless placing and lining up of those shack foundations got me to! Love using your creations as inspiration (Stealing them)
herbert lives (2 years ago)
dave, you forgot to fix one major defensive flaw. i will let you figure it out yourself :)
MaeglinTaralom (2 years ago)
Thanks for making such inspiring vids......you are an excellent macguyver in Terms of fallout building......i learnt a lot and my settlements stopped looking crappy :-) thanks again
Nutritious Funyun's (2 years ago)
mind blown... ( clicks subscribe button ) why haven't I been using the carpet method???
Kyle Vanderwolf (2 years ago)
I've been thinking about turning my castle into a huge tower.
Dan Church (2 years ago)
I just found your channel and I fucking love you keep up the dope work also I woke up to see Preston Garvey standing next to my bed telling me about a settlement what should I do?
kevin callaert (2 years ago)
After dicking around with the concrete walls i can say: you can put 2 next to each other without sticking out.. Note: it will take ages.
Chris Bailz (2 years ago)
great work on the vids and explanations. just discovered your work tonight. well done
flubby nubby (2 years ago)
If you do the mat glitch you can then put 2 guard posts in as well instead of having them of to the side
l BeatySlayZ l (2 years ago)
Plugging holes cause there thick
Jjopdy Gaming (2 years ago)
13:45 that's what she said
Kyle Roesner (2 years ago)
Now i know how to make a casle door
jaxmagicman (2 years ago)
When you did the sanctuary rebuild you were using a single rug, but starting with your barracks you started using two with one on top and a big rug. Is that a new technique or is that something that works for certain things?
Insanitykills 187 (2 years ago)
Nice work man I've seen a lot of people struggle with those walls I have some pretty crazy builds on my channel give em a look sometime here's a link to make it easier enjoy and keep building man http://youtu.be/hs76Ob8aafk
HOPELESS Hardcore (2 years ago)
Mike Bu (2 years ago)
I uses a few building mods on the pc to make a clean look for the front of the castle, and yours still looks better. And I can't get my guards to walk across the top of my gate area. Might have to model the setup like yours.
Nathan Jolly (2 years ago)
Awesome all around. Great work, man. This video got me thinking, "This isn't the Fallout I wanted... but it was the one I found myself in." I mean, who ever asked for this Minecraft crap? But then when Todd Howard said we could break down tires, cars, and even whole houses and make settlements, we were all like, "Ooh... want..." And so here we are, I'm on my second guy, all my first guy's work, wasted. And that's fine. I don't do nearly this much work. So, when you spend hours on your gatehouse, and then you're gonna spend many more on the interior (or, by now, already have), where does this go in your game? Did you just run past Codsworth, kill the bugs yourself, and set up all your settlements, and then you're gonna make a base save... or have you already beaten the game?
Nathan Jolly (2 years ago)
Honestly I wish they shipped Fallout 4 without any of the crafting stuff at all, and focused more on the main story and side quests. The crafting/settlement stuff clearly wasn't done and was rushed. It's brilliant that you and others have come up with hacks to make it work right, but it should have been done right. And I'm sure it will be in TES 6. The snapping/rug trick thing is one, but another piece of evidence it was last-minute is the followers' comments on you picking up junk. They almost all give you a hard time for it.
norespawns (2 years ago)
+Nathan Jolly I've beaten the game once and this is playthrough number two. I actually play the game a lot. These settlements just break up the gameplay for me. Plus I like to heavily RP in my games and having all these unique locations built up just adds to the whole experience. Also I do Bethesda capitalise on the potential here - they could really take this crafting function places (once they iron out all the bugs of course).
Victor Ramos (2 years ago)
this is nice build, but my only question is, why don't you use two layers of concrete foundation instead of just one?
signoguns (2 years ago)
It's a shame you cant sell these builds for other people to use. I've attempted to copy yours but failed miserably. Excellent work, mate. Easily the best I've come across on YT
norespawns (2 years ago)
+signoguns It would be nice to be able to upload my builds - maybe that's going to be an option for the future.
SmellsLikeTheRain (2 years ago)
You are a living tutorial.
efim60 (2 years ago)
будто ок стенки ставит на ковры позже таскает ?
efim60 (2 years ago)
круто стены ставишь у меня бы нервишек не хватило
Mauricio José Osuna (2 years ago)
And then modders already made a Castle Walls mod. Not discrediting your work, of course, your buildings are superb and I learn a lot from watching your videos :v Wait, why am I mentioning mods? They don't even work in my game!
pthompson108 (2 years ago)
I'm going to erect a statue in Sanctuary in you honor...... just as soon as I rebuild my entire everything. lmao Thanks mate, you're an inspiration.
Gorbashgrot (2 years ago)
Best fallout creations ever
MudRap (2 years ago)
**builds what he shows** **clicks on unpause** **destroys what he built** fml.
Aesir (2 years ago)
where do you get all your materials i keep running out?
CursedMonkey (2 years ago)
I've watched a few of your videos, and I was wondering if you have a background in this kind of thing, such as other games where you build things or are you into modelling? Also, can the turrets actually fire over the railing when placed in the turret emplacements, if they're raised about the ground like that? Cheers David.
norespawns (2 years ago)
+CursedMonkey oh and yeah they have a decent field of fire.
norespawns (2 years ago)
+CursedMonkey I love any game with some kind of building function - were my PC not shite, I'd likely be making more videos on PC games like Rust (unfortunately my PC's framerate plummets when I try and record those games). I'm also artsy unique snowflake too - obv :)
M K (2 years ago)
I just have to say. I am utterly happy to have found you on youtube. Your a settlement building genius. Me and a buddy are constantly watching all of your content. I now cannot repeat the same old walls and railings because of you. They truly do like quite daft when done in repeating fashion. So my new settlements all thank you very much. I have recently accomplished two builds that I am very thrilled with. Tenpines Bluff and Greygardern. I hated Tenpines bluff a lot. Well until now. Thanks for the inspiration to build better. Keep up the good work. You truly are the poor mans Daniel Radcliffe. Lol
norespawns (2 years ago)
+Michael King Late reply I know - but thanks, glad you guys are finding them helpful :)
Sean S (2 years ago)
To do the rug glitch on uneven ground you can just put the first rug at the highest point of the ground facing towards the decline, and place the other two rugs further out towards the decline and they should be floating by quite a bit, it makes placing objects on the larger rug alot easier and isn't as annoying as finding flat ground every time.
Josh Brooks (2 years ago)
You really gotta get a PC man. I could see you going wih with all the mods available
Crabtitties (2 years ago)
Hey , I have an idea what you could do next ! You could show us how you did the Water Pump thingy you did in Sanctuary ... Would be awseome .
norespawns (2 years ago)
+Luc Marguerat That's definitely be a future video - after we've done the Castle ofc/
Crabtitties (2 years ago)
Sorry I was rude : Please?
Tanner Hacker (2 years ago)
hey, ive got a question. ive noticed that when your getting rid of a wall of roof or anything else you store it in the workshop instead of scrapping it. does this give you the full amount of resources back unlike scrapping.
THESK1TZ (2 years ago)
Can you and I share play? I would love to pass over the controller to you and just allow you to design for me. Could I hire you to this? I would be happy to pay you for your time You would have total freedom with my building supplies. And perhaps it will even make a nice video for your channel. I would pay you with a Playstation store card, or if you'd prefer with a subscription to ps plus. Or any digital content card you'd like. 20 in your currency and region worth, for an hour of your time. Although I'd have to get it via a source based on your region. One concen I have is perhaps a code sold in the U.S., may not work in your region. As buying one in America is in the dollar. Might not convert to your currency. But there are options to figure this out. It should not be to complicated to compensate you for this. I would love to have an awesome house in Sanctuary Hills built by norespawns. Let know if you're interested in this offer. Please get back to me about this. If you could contact me on psn that'd be great. My psn id is THE_SKITZ . I'd appreciate that mode of contact. We could discuss more details on there. plus I'd pay you half before we start and the rest after. We could discuss more later. And I'll be able to answer any questions about this offer on psn later. Please get back to me and let me know of your interest. Thanks for reading.
norespawns (2 years ago)
+THESK1TZ I'm going to have to decline, though thank you for the offer. If you follow my guides you should easily be able re-create anything I make :)
THESK1TZ (2 years ago)
Sorry about that long post. but I figured out already, that I can get any region specific codes for any console. So that isn't an issue there. I'm be able to message you the code after the job is done. I was thinking an hour of your time. So 20 dollars worth of your locations currency seems pretty good for an hour of your time. and perhaps the views from a new type of video could pay you well, if it gets enough views. You are the best I've seen at building on youtube.
THESK1TZ (2 years ago)
+Can you and I share play? I would love to pass over the controller to you and just allow you to design for me. Could I hire you to this? I would be happy to pay you for your time You would have total freedom with my building supplies. And perhaps it will even make a nice video for your channel. I would pay you with a Playstation store card, or if you'd prefer with a subscription to ps plus. Or any digital content card you'd like. About to 20 dollars worth for an hour of your time. Although I'd have to get it via a source based on your region. One concen I have is perhaps a code sold in the U.S., may not work in your region. As buying one in America is in u.s. dollars, It may not convert to your currency. But t there are plenty of options to figure this out. It should not be too complicated to compensate you for this. I would love to have an awesome house in Sanctuary Hills built by norespawns. Let me know if you're interested in this offer. Please get back to me about this. If you could contact me on psn that'd be great. My psn id is THE_SKITZ . I'd appreciate that mode of contact. We could certainly discuss more details on there. We could discuss more later. And I'll be able to answer any questions you may have about this offer on PSN later. Again please do try and get back to me, to let me know of your interest in this offer Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I appreciate it.
+norespawns You're genious really nice vid. realistic but still defenceble, tour videos are taking Me to almost 500 hours of gamelpays lol. feeling like back in Skyrim time (lost a GF back there but it's fine, I found other girls and drinks as well.) i'm moving to England maybe, would be nice to met You man LOL.
Chase McNeil (1 year ago)
Am I not doing it right or is the rug glitch patched?
Ben Adams (2 years ago)
I've been fiddling around with the terminals, and I've been able to clip them into desks using the rug glitch.
Laser Logo26 (1 year ago)
Chase McNeil Think it's patched dude, I can't get it to work either
Chase McNeil (1 year ago)
Am I not doing it right or is the rug glitch patched?
Dwight Frickle (2 years ago)
if you use the rug glich but place several rugs in a line for a long reach you can get the gate to sit a bit lower. that will get rid of the big gap you have on it
freddy irizarry (2 years ago)
Took me about an hour to completely recreate this and your rebuilt walls. Very please with the result! You are great at what you do. Thank you sir keep it up
PunkieMonkeyPoo (2 years ago)
I wish I could show you my settlements and you could see how much your videos inspired my builds, thank you for the struggles you go through to show us all how to make pieces work.
Oliver Watts (2 years ago)
Nice South Park reference... VERY sneaky...
Garrett G (2 years ago)
I'v been trying to stick with windmills to power my settlements so its not so loud some places it works great but I wonder would there be a way to use the windmills to power the Castle and its turrets/resources and still make sense?
Garrett G (2 years ago)
+norespawns Yeah thats the problem I found some places and ideas on how to incorporate them into buildings and such but its the fact I need so many but looking forward to your power supply and thanks for the response
norespawns (2 years ago)
+Garrett G You'd have to use a lot of them; as they only provide 3 power. I'm going to be making a defended and out of the way power supply at some point soon; so hopefully that will give you some ideas.
Lorum Ipsum (2 years ago)
Nona Yurbusiness (2 years ago)
In the game, set down a concrete foundation, then use one of the premade stairs with landings, and connect another concrete or wooden foundation on the top part, it will line them both up perfectly.
Madmommy 101 (2 years ago)
I absolutely love your videos. Great Job!
Zettabyte (2 years ago)
holy shit he actually got a dislike from someone
Jognt (2 years ago)
"I could edit that stuff out, but I didn't" - lol xD Seriously though, watching that stuff helps me/us learn too :p
dwyabam (2 years ago)
Have you noticed any lags when building on ps4? My sanctuary is pretty big now and it's starting to lag, I've done the settlement size glitch a few times. How many people is it possible to have at each place? I have 17 so far?
TheIronTenth (2 years ago)
Apparently if you fill the size bar three times your game might start to crash. I have 21 people in my Sanctuary but you could get more from charisma boosting attire and chems.
Peter Austad (2 years ago)
Another great vid of fallout cream!^^ Could you possibly be interested in doing some vids on the forest?
Peter Austad (2 years ago)
+norespawns too bad, but it's coming to ps4 this year if we're lucky^^ cheers mate
norespawns (2 years ago)
+Peter Austad That game always bugs out for me - plus though cool, the building function doesn't really give me much creativity. Maybe in the future when they've added more to the game and I get a decent PC.
Draco Invictus (2 years ago)
Been sub'd with my other account "TheDarmeen". You are doing incredible work, and have inspired me to start doing my own videos. When I first started getting into the settlements, I wanted them to look more like a Bethesda built shack, and I was searching for ideas, which brought me to your channel, so I wanted to thank you for all the great work you are doing. I don't have my first vid posted yet, (with short record times on the Xbone, I have to piecemeal segments, and it uploads so slow) but it will be something different for sure.
norespawns (2 years ago)
+Draco Invictus Thank you for the support - glad I've inspired you to make your own videos. Good luck with the channel :)
worsiedog (2 years ago)
Hi Davey, thanks for the update. You make it look so effortless. But my build skill is improving thanks to your tutorials. Had to delete my old post as I realised I was logged into my non public account. LOL Looking forward to next update.
norespawns (2 years ago)
+worsiedog thank you! - My aim is to play on console and PC equally; I'm quite an all-inclusive gamer and do enjoy both platforms. I am pleased I did this on console however, as it allows everyone to benefit from the guides - rather than just those on PC.
worsiedog (2 years ago)
On a side note, I saw a comment about rather getting a pc. I like your channel specifically because you use a console, and you have shown us that awesome, believable builds are possible without mods. :)
HrardDragonheart (2 years ago)
Looking grand.
jj578297 (2 years ago)
alright no more castle
Macks (2 years ago)
Just amazing how fast your channel is growing, it feels like it was only a few days ago you were at 5k subs, then all of a sudden you're at 15k! It won't be long until you get to 50k I'm sure of it, and good to see that you have a schedule going, now i know when i get my mind blown from insane builds.
tlopes (2 years ago)
THANK YOU for that trick with moving the rug to one side for uneven ground! That was really pissing me off!

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