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3 Scam Method Glitches You Won't Believe EXIST!!! Fortnite Save The World PVE

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If you think I stole it from PoisonShady then please read below: I made this video to try and show everyone these scams to the whole community of Save The World. Some of you guys are probably saying "You copied it from PoisonShady", That's not the point, I'm trying to show people the "Most Powerful" scam glitches there is, and to Get It Out There! There are so many people getting scammed by these glitches, I know that I used the same ones as "PoisonShady" But you gotta be honest, is there any scam glitches stronger than those? Although I think I did the right thing, I still apologies. Thanks and have a nice day! Please do Subscribe to the Channel and Like this Video if you have enjoyed and I will catch you guys Next Time! my Dream is to hit 100,000 Subscribers before 2019, If you could help that would be Amazing! Giveaway: https://gleam.io/EVsxs/10x-power-level-130-legendary-weapons-in-fortnite-save-the-world Scammed a scammer with Jimmy's leg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu0KCfbHev4 Become a Patron if you wan't to help me out and improve my channel then that would be amazing! Thank you so much. Link: https://www.patreon.com/EndoYT Music: 1. 300 Violin Orchestra - Jorge Quintero 2. Dutty - Vibe Tracks (No Copyright Music) 3. Arc North - Meant To Be feat Krista Marina Lyric Video Twitter: https://twitter.com/EndoRail Subscribe to Streetsoldier: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCKGCRRdXmtzu5fWE_hb1zg Subscribe to EazyDrop: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOURMEWLDVoBS5pZokcU4wQ
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Text Comments (432)
Elijah Karlovetz (6 days ago)
Is he high
Kermit the frog , (1 month ago)
Is it ad I used these to scam stfu idc it's just a game
Luka Egede (1 month ago)
Er du dansker
Telex (2 months ago)
Actual video starts at 2:48
Anthony Gonzalez (3 months ago)
User bell7878 ps4
JellyFish (4 months ago)
skip to 2:42
ImaDarkSkye (5 months ago)
Jimmy is hella thicc
Jose Jasso Jr (5 months ago)
I got sammed for grave digger from tropic killer15
Jose Jasso Jr (5 months ago)
I g
Phantom Fox (5 months ago)
Why does endo sound like EazyDrop?
Legend Gamer (5 months ago)
I'm proud of u
Legend Gamer (5 months ago)
Lukas Ebert (5 months ago)
Pls scam imp_haptik34 he scamed my super shredder
Lukas Ebert (5 months ago)
Pks scam imp_haptik34 he scamed my super shredder 106
Nancy Pacheco (5 months ago)
AJB092005 (5 months ago)
Guys i am so confused i was trading with this guy then i dropped my noc at the opposite side of the trade box then it dissapeared and he left idk how he got it it didnt even show the animation of him picking it up any explinations?
Fortnitegamer 1 (5 months ago)
SUB TO Fortnitegamer 1
I'm Sosa (5 months ago)
You're Vida calm me down when I'm mad
Eric Heinzelman (5 months ago)
oh my u can make this a device to see if "scammers" r droppin the right amount of ore
Dalareview (5 months ago)
Endo help this kid scammed me hendo is his name 😩😭he took me 10 106 guns
Tuki Falemaka (5 months ago)
Bob is better den jimmy lol jimmy the frog is jimmy the fat scammer
Nemesis PS4 (5 months ago)
I scammed a scammer back for 3 Nocturnos. Then I said him he gets his weapons if he drops his whole inventory and don't pick up his stuff for 10 seconds. At second 5 I kicked him. Idiot
D4nk_m3m35 ,. (3 months ago)
l e g e n d S A V A G E
Veronica Corness (5 months ago)
Can you scam adammiz122 for my guns back plz name is Ryldog1710
Roscoe Naidoo (5 months ago)
I have benn sub for a long time pls
dark (5 months ago)
Video starts at 2:10
Julius Jr. Labastida (5 months ago)
R u family related with eazy?
Lil FallOut Shelt. Er (5 months ago)
This morning I got scammed can some help pls his name is MasterChef77
EvolvedKill z (5 months ago)
Alright guys this probably doesn't sound legit but if u could drop a like on my commet never been done before oh wait 1 like equals 1 Lillie no lies so like the comment
EvolvedKill z (5 months ago)
Heyy endo I dunno if u reply to comments but it's not letting me enter the giveaway can u help me please
Xerohh Playz (5 months ago)
Comment number 360
Baller56383 (5 months ago)
i love your videos dude i subbed i have ps4 as well
Armando Adame (5 months ago)
What Reaction (5 months ago)
Fun boy Gaming (5 months ago)
Love your vids ❤️
Beast YT (5 months ago)
Thx for the advice
Sage Matunda (5 months ago)
can i win the giveaway if i have xbox
Linix250 (5 months ago)
Scamming is the cause of world war
Shoqes (5 months ago)
Why you gotta do that
Shoqes (5 months ago)
spencer sobczak (5 months ago)
Only reason you know about it because you're a scammer
T. Hinkle (5 months ago)
Can someone please give me guns my name is imrealugly7
Punks1010 (5 months ago)
So I subbed to both but I’m on ps4 will I still be able to win the give away
Fortnite 4 You (5 months ago)
Hey endo I love your videos man keep it up man I love you bro no homo
Jamie Florencemylne (5 months ago)
U copied everything from poison shady wow get some original content
Night Fury (5 months ago)
I'm not a scamer but dose that work with guns or no
REKracers (5 months ago)
Gavin Melikidse (5 months ago)
You can also drop it from a wall and it will fall down and not stack
Jaybreadfoshizzle (5 months ago)
There was only 2 methods
Loopyrobotboy (5 months ago)
Do this giveawau count for xbox one
Kakemann7 Norsk Gaming! (5 months ago)
endo help me plz D,: I lost almost all my guns, i was trading my friend, and i dropped pretty much all of my legendary guns and he didnt knew and he say Im going to be a ninjas and he left so i have almost noen guns please help i olst 2 siegebreakers
Connor Neal (5 months ago)
Lmao u don’t like scammers but u show people how to scam
DerpyLlama0917 (5 months ago)
Endo I just got scammed if u could try and ban these kids I’d be very happy
Naau (5 months ago)
*TIP* : Don't trade for materials if u see white point on map (it means item is here)
swift gamer (5 months ago)
I subscribe hit the Bell notification thumbs up the video but if I play on Xbox could I still get the guns
Iolenm (5 months ago)
Get a pop filter
Maine (5 months ago)
Also, watch out for people that have stairs in the box behind them if they go to the top and then drop and say it's 2 stacks it's actually 1 and 1 so watch out for that
BATHTUUB 2 (5 months ago)
This really helps thanks
Gravityplays (5 months ago)
Who has 4\5 star items Im a power LV, 55 ps4 ADD me me name is Renegade_1018 of u have a lot shadow shard charblack And sleek i can gave grave diggers and otter resources
Janina Friend (5 months ago)
Endo can we plz trade
Fredman (5 months ago)
Jesus christ I cannot believe that a month ago I was thinking this channel was actually cool.
Rockayee 14 (5 months ago)
Are u sick ?
Joseph Randle (5 months ago)
Why do you always cough
Raphael Ciccone (5 months ago)
Endo can we trade my psn is Cicconegimp_Raph
Michael 12345678 (5 months ago)
Stop making excuses, just help us scam
Nathan Olterman (5 months ago)
bossman101436 scammed me using ur trading room idea! When I was dropping he ran around and took my items. Please try and get him back I trusted him because he has a Jimmy.
PoisonShady (5 months ago)
Endo you are right about how we need to get this out there but you should have atleast credited me in the begging of the video and link me and i also credited jack coupe in the video for telling me this glitch. am not here to start an argument am just here to say my point of view of this as i was the first youtuber to upload these scam methods even if i was the owner or not and i still credited the person who told me anyway.
EndoRail (5 months ago)
Ok thanks
PoisonShady (5 months ago)
Should do i guess like i said am not mad at all am just showing my point of view but ask me next time and if we did a collab we both would have had credit for this but ye i guess featuring my channel should do for now.
EndoRail (5 months ago)
PoisonShady Ok, I admit I got the stack scam method from you, but the other 2 I already know them. But yea I'm sorry man but I can put you in my "featured channels" if that pays enough?
Firas Markus (5 months ago)
A other youtuber already made a vid of these scams
Ultimate craft78 (5 months ago)
He used the safest way of not getting scammed method and took all of my malachite
ChrisDoesEveryThing (5 months ago)
Friend me PS4 name Savage_like_MJ
Ultimate craft78 (5 months ago)
Endo strikehunter123 is a scammer can u scam him back
ArTic ArTic (5 months ago)
You got this from poison
JustNickXD (5 months ago)
Can someone email me a save the world code send it to [email protected] plz I rly want to play this games and I don’t have enough to buy it
Wapo -FORTNITE (5 months ago)
Just don’t trade with people
BROKE MEXICAN (5 months ago)
Cjholladay is a scammer he scammed me please get him back😢😢😢. My psn is PRTOTYPEinferno
BABY DRIVER (5 months ago)
I don’t see how dropping malachite through the floor helps jackass
Kallo Owen (5 months ago)
Can som1 scam Windowsxp x6499 on Xbox plzzz
Brayden Gomes (5 months ago)
I got scammed by a guy named jackiechan on PS4 he scammed my pumpkin launcher please scan him my name is bradylgomes-bdog on PS4
Account (5 months ago)
You literally copied someone else's video
If anybody has an Xbox can y'all please scam clxvxland he stole my inventory and my friends. FYI my Xbox user is convoy6
zaiarc (5 months ago)
Can you scamm some one name zaiarc he scammed my whole inventory
Fn Email (5 months ago)
Yo sub to my endo he gotta got 100 k now🙏🏾💯💥
devin prim (5 months ago)
Another youtuber made this same video like two weeks ago. Nice originality.
The Swag Gamer (5 months ago)
Please expose the one where if you drop one, then another on a stair it doesn’t stack
Hella Toxic (5 months ago)
I have nothing good anymore because of him pls pls
Hella Toxic (5 months ago)
Pls I would do anything for it back
Hella Toxic (5 months ago)
Enzo or easy plz help me I got scammed by someone I trusted they took some of my best wepons my 82 noc 82 jakolauncher 82 grave 106 drum and 106 dam buster plz plz plz scam them for my stuff back I worked so hard my user on epic is PynexPelican the scammers is zaccarififa
that hair line (5 months ago)
He's coping videos I'm not joking I seen video exactly like this
Sub to Incredilag (5 months ago)
I was the 1k like
Toxic Panda73 (5 months ago)
Pls endo can you make me some weapons
Infineable Memes (5 months ago)
Ur scammer gets scammed doesn't do anything half of ur viewers are scammers because there influenced by you not inspired not to. These kinds of yt only make more scammers.
TheMythicalMeme (5 months ago)
Infineable Memes I agree with you
TheMythicalMeme (5 months ago)
That's true that's why I'll NEVER sub to anyone who does scammer get scammed people just get influenced by those channels to scam I don't think those people deserved any subs nither
Infineable Memes (5 months ago)
I just want to bring awerness to the issue
Dylan DaBeast2006 (5 months ago)
Infineable Memes stfu
My Booty Stank (5 months ago)
I'm gonna use that material scam for when I trade (without scamming) so I see if they actually drop they amount I wanted and drop what they wanted.
Smh love how youtubers promote scams
Alex Walsh (5 months ago)
A guy just scammed me for my pumpkin launcher and gravedigger 😭😭
Squidy_ Rocks (5 months ago)
Anybody want to give me a free copy of save the world
Precalled (5 months ago)
1st one I always knew
BRY GAMING (5 months ago)
How to help scammers
txgh vbj (5 months ago)
Your so coool
Cameron Hanson (5 months ago)
Sadly I'm on Xbox my friend copied your storm and I copied eazydrops storm shield I love your vids sorry but I like eazydrops vids more sorry but s there a way I can win on xbox
Fischer McGehee (5 months ago)
Fischer McGehee (5 months ago)
Can I have a grave digger and a noc
Ben Mitchell (5 months ago)
Why are you copying videos??

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