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How to level up FAST! In The Walking Dead: Our World

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All credits go to: /u/MadameTeapot https://www.reddit.com/r/OurWorldTWD/comments/8yvqkv/updated_list_of_exp_per_card_level_and_rarity/ SOCIAL: https://twitter.com/RonfoxTV This content is not affiliated with, endorsed by, sponsored by or specifically approved by Next Games or its partners, and Next Games, nor their partners are responsible for it. For information of Next Games’ Fan Content Policy visit: https://www.nextgames.com/fan-content-policy
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Text Comments (104)
Tranba Huutam (1 month ago)
Good video
Ron Fox (1 month ago)
Thanks dude!
Pablo Blue (1 month ago)
What is the benefit in leveling up?
Pablo Blue (1 month ago)
+Ron Fox ok, thought so. Cheers
Ron Fox (1 month ago)
You unlock new cards, nothing else...
Wen Varilla (2 months ago)
Need players http://www.thewalkingdeadourworld.com/guildinvite/?g=e33e338c-5ac2-4405-934a-2185fb6eca27&p=3ff93b92-3d51-47bb-bd04-d483e849fe76&l=es-ES
Henry Mendes (3 months ago)
Super helpful tip, thank you!
Andrew L (4 months ago)
please do not level fast, you will regret, get your weapons level up first, then heroes.
Brandon Smith (7 months ago)
INKY warriors Is now recruiting very active players to compete tiers, each player has a minimum requirement to meet each week. Look up the group for more info
TheAnjizz (7 months ago)
why would you want to level up fast?
Ron Fox (7 months ago)
Yeah everything on the map resets when you level up
TheAnjizz (7 months ago)
+Ron Fox Wait do infestations spawn when you level up?
Ron Fox (7 months ago)
Unlocking cards. Resetting epic spawns.. not much else
Javve (7 months ago)
Wow I knew commons were the cheapest xp but the fact that higher level common is better xp/coin is just mindblowing. Tyvm!
Ron Fox (7 months ago)
Glad I was able to help!
Donavon Bain (8 months ago)
What's the advantage of being a higher lvl than 13 atm (unlocking level restricted cards?)
Ron Fox (8 months ago)
Nothing really... :(
Kevin Lefort (8 months ago)
Literally pay to play
captainbigballz (3 months ago)
Jonas Jerner (8 months ago)
What is the max level? Cant find it on hompage
Ron Fox (8 months ago)
Lvl 15
shitty mood (8 months ago)
Thanks! :D
Ron Fox (8 months ago)
Marcin11322 no problem!
Wim Behaeghe (8 months ago)
Great video, however your excel sheet is not complete. you can get to lvl 4 legendary for instance (it costs 29000 coins)
Ron Fox (8 months ago)
Wim Behaeghe added to the list. Thanks!
Wim Behaeghe (8 months ago)
I can add the cost of lvl 3->4 Legendary for you: 29000 coins - 400xp - 72.5 Coins / XP
Ron Fox (8 months ago)
Yeah the community is still working on completing the list!
SaskRaised Chad (8 months ago)
save your coins andc use on higher rarity.... the lvls will come eithier way
Ron Fox (8 months ago)
True! But some people might want to level up to unlockca certain legendary.
Tiago Bizzo (8 months ago)
A jogabilidade poderia ser igual ao estilo PUBG
Wesley Dutch (8 months ago)
Wat doet eigenlijk een increase van een survivor cap?
Wim Behaeghe (8 months ago)
Kan je meer survivors meepakken naar een safehouse
Ron Fox (8 months ago)
Dan kan je 1 extra survivor mee nemen
der_wahre justin (8 months ago)
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kris6682 (8 months ago)
New team looking for active daily players all lvl players welcome just search the x force
Sky Barton (9 months ago)
Rock on thanks brother
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
Wesley Dutch (9 months ago)
Je bent Nederlands ofniet
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
Ja zeker :)
3cky JB (9 months ago)
Dont level up fast cuz events levels up too. So if you only level up common youll end up less power.
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
Yeah, dont forget to power up the rest of your cards so you can keep up with the game :)
Trevor Willis (9 months ago)
Join my crew, Skeleton crew
ong Bearly (9 months ago)
How to get rare card more faster
Wim Behaeghe (8 months ago)
your best bet is to invest in one safehouse, once lvl4-5 ish, the rewards for bringing in survivors generates a lot more Rare cards. I'm at a lvl 7 safehouse and I even get Epic cards almost dayly now.
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
Find a good group to complete the boards.
Marino Ramirez (9 months ago)
Do you guys know how to change hero’s and guns ??
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
Before you click on the green fight button you can click on the weapon or gun cards to pick a new one.
dominic chavez (9 months ago)
How do I find a lvl 2 infestation?
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
Just luck I think, keep looking!
james hutchinson (9 months ago)
Hey Ron, do u know when we pick up a survivor and we drop off the survivor, does the lvl of that survivor change the chance of better card from the building, or do u think it’s just the building lvl that decides the cards chances. Thanks
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
I was thinking to same too, but if you press the i icons for a lvl 1 or lvl 9 they both state the same % of drop chance for each rarity. There is also nothing in the gaming guide that says it will increase the chance of getting a legendary. You do get more cards if a building is higher level, so that is something :)
james hutchinson (9 months ago)
Ron Fox Well I feel stupid. I would have thought that every time u lvl up a building it would increase ur % for epic or legendary cards when u drop off ur survivors. Ron u are saying a lvl 1 warehouse is the same as a lvl 9 warehouse. Thanks
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
Good question, atm I dont see the point of high level survivors. But maybe they give better rewards, never thougt of that. Ill test that out! You dont get better cards from high level buildings, you only get more cards.
Fireplaya (9 months ago)
Thanks dude!! Subscribed
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
Welcome to the channel! :D
cheesesteakphilly (9 months ago)
Thanks for all the videos! It’s nice to have this type of channel for the game!
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
Im glad you like it! :)
Ondřej Lachman (9 months ago)
Thanks for this helpful information.
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
No problem! :)
Terry Lynn (9 months ago)
Clan: Rainbow Six / Name: Klonoa / Origins: Colorado
der_wahre justin (9 months ago)
Ich suche Member aktive und freundliche Member für mein Clan Wer beitreten möchte kann beitreten Name: Atlanta Mein Spieler Name: Rick Grimes
Primeszy (9 months ago)
I downloaded this game and I managed to get to the part where it asks for location access, I press accept but then it says location failure. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple time and checks location permission, but still no luck.... Cam anyone help????
Primeszy (9 months ago)
Ron Fox thanks :)
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
Try this: https://nextgames.helpshift.com/a/the-walking-dead-our-world/?s=contact-us-community&f=contact-us&l=en Or even better is to go in game, click your portrait and press the green FAQ amd Contact button.
Primeszy (9 months ago)
Ron Fox I tried to look on the website for the our world game and couldn't find a contact us section.... As well as this, I tried to ping them on Facebook messenger but they don't seem to have an option for that on their Facebook. Which way do you recommend I should try next?
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
Try to contact next games..
ThaEsotericTherapist (9 months ago)
What a god damn waste of time!!!!
SamTheOilMan (9 months ago)
Wow very useful information, since in playing catch up
BMX Starter (9 months ago)
I like theses videos can you make more plzz and good job
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
Thanks BMX!
MaxiOlaKAse (9 months ago)
Never noticed that, thanks bro
jone ndiaw (9 months ago)
Thanks man
Lin Y (9 months ago)
This really is the worst advice ever, the game is all about epics and legendarily, the higher level missions you have to have rare or higher. Commons are basically worthless. This idiot will waste your coins. BTW the only to gather coins besides cheating or buying coins. You have to drive around and just gather crates around your town
Lin Y (9 months ago)
That's really bad tip please don't listen to this because when you starting fighting other survivor camps you need a whole team of epic team mates to take them down. The commons don't do you nothing. Please don't follow this dumb advice trust me. The game is about rare cards. Go look up other videos
Mark Fuston (9 months ago)
This could be useful to do early on though, like when you’re trying to get up to certain levels to unlock stuff
GHOST DOG (9 months ago)
Hi i dislike
JoseManuel Lugo G (9 months ago)
You’re the best Ron.
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
You are the best Jose!
Hack :v
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
Tybur0019 (9 months ago)
*Ok thanks you! :D*
Tybur0019 (9 months ago)
hellyeah! 🧟🔫
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
Lets get to Tier 4 Tybur!
thenamesjavi (9 months ago)
I have a Samsung galaxy j7 prime 2017 and it won't let me download the game
TV Fans (9 months ago)
Mr.Raptor I use the same phone and I could download it just from play store. Try again! Maybe it was just the networking.
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
Mr.Raptor Again, its at your own risk. But I have downloaded multiple apps for that website.
Ron Fox (9 months ago)
Yeah it is at tour own risk..
thenamesjavi (9 months ago)
Ron Fox is the apkpure a trustfull thing
thenamesjavi (9 months ago)
Ron Fox I'm afraid I might get a virus that's y
thenamesjavi (9 months ago)
Can u make a video on how to get coins fast the cause I can't alot coins
Robert Caldwell (3 months ago)
Level up a trading post. I have a level 7 and get over $1000 in coins for each 5 rescues I drop there.
Wim Behaeghe (8 months ago)
best bet is to do higher lvl Infestations, on a lvl 10+ infestation, I get something between 500 and 1000 coins. Also join a group and complete the objectives. Each completion gives a little bit of coin. Lastly you can also build a trade station that lets you turn in survivors for coins.
Brando 302 (9 months ago)
Ron Fox fact is unless you buy gold to buy coins those are your ONLY options
Brando 302 (9 months ago)
Mr.Raptor I average 20 but I've gotten 50 more then a few times, also when you level up enough to build the trading post you get cash for survivors instead of cards.
thenamesjavi (9 months ago)
Ron Fox I get about 20 each time

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