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20 Small Business Ideas To Earn 50,000 Rupees Per Month (Legally)

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Introducing 20 Best Small Business Ideas to Earn 50,000 Rupees Per Month in India. Earn Money Legally by doing any one of these 20 small businesses. If you've any questions related to these business ideas then, feel free to share your questions in comment box. Checkout top 50 small business ideas in India - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGAkQX7OmSs Thanks for watching these 20 small business ideas for earning 50,000 rupees per month legally.
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Techoz news (8 days ago)
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Chip Chapley (16 days ago)
50,000 rupees... or 685.35 united states dollars, why'd I click on this.
Onetos (18 days ago)
what does book keeping business mean? Second one.
Cyline Magel (1 month ago)
I need money any society
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jaswinder singh (1 month ago)
dmcy.biz ke bare me ek video bnao
swathi sri (2 months ago)
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AngRy Eagle (2 months ago)
Directly or indirectly it's helping someone I hope ,don't care about the negative comments
Easy Earnings (2 months ago)
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Akash M (2 months ago)
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Hemant singh Lamba (2 months ago)
I love u bhai Thank u very much bhai
sesha raju (3 months ago)
nice idea it all works i need some more
Shahzeb Gani (3 months ago)
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Yeazul Ali (3 months ago)
Gym centre small business nahi hai kyun ki gym kholne main komse kom 7lakh sahiye
RISHI KUMAR (3 months ago)
Aap kud kammaye
NAMO NAMO (2 months ago)
Bu den Buden (3 months ago)
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Shivam Negi (3 months ago)
Rasool Mohd (3 months ago)
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M Junaid (3 months ago)
Elena Working (3 months ago)
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Mohit Sharma (4 months ago)
What is book keeping business?
MyView (4 months ago)
Please change video title to "Names of 20 small businesses".
Pradeep Salian (4 months ago)
In 50 thousand we can't make one business in this. Utterly waste
Gollapally Veena (4 months ago)
Darling I need to choose very carefully, regarding this
Gollapally Veena (4 months ago)
Money earning bcoz someone told only degree can earn out money darling so I wanna prove myself
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rohit raghwa (4 months ago)
What would you suggest for a student ???🤔🤔
Mixcam vlogger (5 months ago)
can u share video editing software name please??
battu mk (5 months ago)
What is Data analysis business
mohamed hassan (5 months ago)
i lives in somalia l was coraguted in becholar degree of banking and finance steal i dont have any job pls you advised me to start my own business
Harsh Pataskar (5 months ago)
We need something different... Something innovative
hanumant b (5 months ago)
People are posting some videos but is very fake
shan thimmaiah (5 months ago)
Will ur father give money to start business.
Kim Deyro Medina (5 months ago)
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ManDeep RajPut Uplana (5 months ago)
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Kishore Dabhade (5 months ago)
Friend my 10yrs old daughter makes lots of creative items. Pl advice how to convert it into business...Regards
Director Vijay Krishnan (5 months ago)
Can send ur number
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ErrorPwG45 TM (6 months ago)
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Vibhor Singh (6 months ago)
The most chutiya video of all time 💩💩💩
Thanks a lot for your kind words and kind thoughts about this video. Have a great time ahead. Keep learning and achieve your big dreams.
subhashini bhemmisetty (6 months ago)
There is no logic to do this type of videos . How many u know business names simply u kept . Worst ideas . It will takes lakhs for each business. Don't do wrong videos.
Sameer Khan (6 months ago)
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Shark-E Nation (6 months ago)
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Kiran Kumar (1 month ago)
Bro iam a student and i want to learn such type of things so please tell me how to earn atleast 50000
AngRy Eagle (2 months ago)
Doctor X (6 months ago)
not for india definitely
shri sai channel (6 months ago)
Higher bussiness ides tell me sir 9741665573
Rajdeep Kaur (6 months ago)
This is shit ideas for most of them u need to be very skilled like web seo etc idiot
Sagar mishra (6 months ago)
will futsal job be worthy in nepal?
kajal bakshi (6 months ago)
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Ron M (6 months ago)
at 2:45 it's collEge not CollAge
Ron M some people's are born to correct other peoples Grammer
Sorry for that mistake. Well, thanks for correcting it. have a great day ahead. Love you friend.
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Behram Khan (7 months ago)
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Debbarma Productions (7 months ago)
Collage students🤣🤣🤣😂
Mico PK (7 months ago)
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Aparna Kulkarni (7 months ago)
tell me some businesses which can work without me
uday lakshman (7 months ago)
don't waste people time like this
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Madhu Sudan (8 months ago)
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Fitness Madness (8 months ago)
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Hemanga Das (10 months ago)
College not collage
Sowmya Vgs (11 months ago)
Every person who acts to draw cannot give good ideas
Sowmya Vgs (11 months ago)
Stupid person software and real estate are huge business You can earn lakhs in it
country boy (11 months ago)
collage😊 or college students
shabeer4800 (1 year ago)
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Paras Suvagiya (1 year ago)
sandeep sandy (1 year ago)
иємσ 123 (1 year ago)
upload business ideas for mechanical engineer
mobi love (1 year ago)
many ideas to make money I like that video.I am working also a small part time business in mlm company.First time I invest 150 rs. And I gain profit 600 rs. If anyone want part time job so what'sapp me on 8881234143
Ahad Pathan (1 year ago)
what is esty seller business..? no 6- esty seller business
prakash kshirsagar (1 year ago)
what is the process to write a page and have money
Chandan G (1 year ago)
bro most of these business get 50k per month RARELY not legally
DOOR TO LIFE DTL (1 year ago)
hit like if you also get ideas to develop yourself after watching videos of this channel,,,
Manoj Kashyap (1 year ago)
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Anilkumar kalla (1 year ago)
kanishk singh (1 year ago)
Hi this is kanishk here i want to know How can I start a business in photography ? please suggest me an idea & websites through which I can sell my photos & earn money too?
venki netha (1 year ago)
Faiz Husain (1 year ago)
what is esty seller business
Amreen Mulla (1 year ago)
Er.Sandeep Maurya (1 year ago)
good video it is . may I know what video editing software you used for this video ?
Visit that link. It's a official website link.
Er.Sandeep Maurya (1 year ago)
Young Entrepreneurs Forum what is software name ??
It's a paid software. You can get it here - https://goo.gl/pSpptn
srini vas (1 year ago)
can anyone tell how you guys create these hand sketching videos ..? #please do reply
Kamal Tej (1 year ago)
keep on this type of ideas
Faisal Saeed Patel (1 year ago)
Absolutely unlike this vdo
Harish 12 (1 year ago)
Collage or college?
Afroz Khan (1 year ago)
give me details about 7,10,15,19

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