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Data Structures and Algorithms Complete Tutorial Computer Education for All

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Computer Education for all provides complete lectures series on Data Structure and Applications which covers Introduction to Data Structure and its Types including all Steps involves in Data Structures:- Data Structure and algorithm Linear Data Structures and Non-Linear Data Structure on Stack Data Structure on Arrays Data Structure on Queue Data Structure on Linked List Data Structure on Tree Data Structure on Graphs Abstract Data Types Introduction to Algorithms Classifications of Algorithms Algorithm Analysis Algorithm Growth Function Array Operations Two dimensional Arrays Three Dimensional Arrays Multidimensional arrays Matrix operations Operations on linked lists Applications of linked lists Doubly linked lists Introductions to stacks Operations on stack Array based implementation of stack Queue Data Structures Operations on Queues Linked list based implementation of queues Application of Trees Binary Trees Types of Binary Trees Implementation of Binary Trees Binary Tree Traversal Preorder Post order In order Binary Search Tree Introduction to Sorting Analysis of Sorting Algorithms Bubble Sort Selection Sort Insertion Sort Shell Sort Heap Sort Merge Sort Quick Sort Applications of Graphs Matrix representation of Graphs Implementations of Graphs Breadth First Search Topological Sorting Subscribe for More https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiV37YIYars6msmIQXopIeQ Find us on Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Computer-Education-for-All-1484033978567298 Java Programming Complete Tutorial for Beginners to Advance | Complete Java Training for all https://youtu.be/gg2PG3TwLx4
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Text Comments (234)
android smart (4 days ago)
Thank you sir
Fiends Gaming (10 days ago)
They're actually made hard
Maw (14 days ago)
Maw (14 days ago)
I start Data structures and algorithms 3 months so I am watching this video so when I reach my class I can understand the material easily and be ahead of other fellow students.
abolgameetandgree t (24 days ago)
Thank you for this wonderful course, I wish there are reading materials to supplement it
Parikshit Raghav (1 month ago)
Great effort and Knowledge
Pranjal Sinha (1 month ago)
where are all the codes ?? which were supposed to be in a demonstration..where is it??
Shem Mitchel (1 month ago)
should have seen this sooner ....WTH.....got everything i been searching...smh
Muhannad Shehadeh (1 month ago)
Is there pdf for this
Cosmonaut Billy (1 month ago)
6 and half hours of data structures... couldn't we make it a bit shorter and to the point? Not sure i can handle this boring ass, interview only, subject for 6+ hours.
Sobhan Haggı (1 month ago)
Who would have thunk that a Pakistani video would be this educational?
Yannick Nixon (1 month ago)
Play at 1.25x or 1.5x and pause if you want to let it sink in😌you’re finish the video in half the time. Oh, you’re welcome
SAMUEL ADEYEMI (2 months ago)
Thanks very much for the video. I really appreciate your efforts sir. Really got a good understanding of algorithms and data structures from you better than what am having here
Munawar Sayyed (2 months ago)
Thank you for the tutorial. I appreciate your hardwork. :)
Xiao Fang (2 months ago)
found a mistake: at 45:44, matrix multiplication is naively O(N^3). the most efficient one having been found is still worse than O(N^2).
Ritik (2 months ago)
if anyone saw this video does it include everything?
Sunny shah (2 months ago)
Thank You @Computer Education For all This video has helped me tremendously.
Munya Masuka (2 months ago)
this is really good staff thanks a lot guys
Vara Lakshmi (2 months ago)
Sir thanks for your effort it has cleared all doubts. Thank you very much sir. Sir you slides will help a lot so please give the slides to me
waji ms (1 month ago)
simply take screenshots
Cine Wibes (2 months ago)
thanks malla
Agyemang Isaac Osei (3 months ago)
this is the best tutorial on Data Structures and Algorithm, been wasting time reading abstract books.
Derek Lambert (3 months ago)
SO LONG😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Vigneshwaran Tamilselvan (4 months ago)
I want to prepare for gate cse for this ds and algorithm,so this video is enough for me...reply will be highly appreciated......immediate reply
sinister geek (4 months ago)
3:06:00 Cant complete at one go so Just to remember when did i stop i will continue later !!
sinister geek (4 months ago)
Finally donE!!
Hailay Hintsa (5 months ago)
Excellent video! Thank you very much
ZERO ONE (5 months ago)
Now watch this
Sudhir Kumar Jayaswal (5 months ago)
Which book you have referred while making this.?
khushbu kushwah (5 months ago)
Thank you
John Mahoney (5 months ago)
Excellent thank you
Great educational video providing a detail explanations about the different computer languages and how they are used for data structure and applications. Where I can get in writing the presentation. Computer Education for All have a great use of YouTube and Facebook. I was looking for the information provided in this video.
shanzah aslam (5 months ago)
doess it also give the codes of all the topics mentioned aswell??
Ahmad Hasan (6 months ago)
After showing the implementation of array and string operations(and maybe more, I haven't got there yet) you told that the detailed coding for all methods are given in the demonstration. I couldn't catch it, where is the demonstration actually? And how can I get it? Shall be very grateful to know that.
Waqar Ahmad (6 months ago)
The logo in the background is of Allama Iqbal Open University Pakistan. Credits should be given
Mark (6 months ago)
Honestly without examples some content is difficult to understand. Like ADT advantages. I guess I need learn an oop language to better understand the content of this video. I know C I know structures but I don't know about encapsulation. The reason I decided to learn about data structures was understanding OOP a bit because I don't understand the oop. What are constructors for instance. Why is creating an object isn't enough and there is a need for a constructor. Don't know. I would really like to read about all these concepts in a chronological order. I am convinced the only way I can truly understand the oop concepts is learning the story behind their invention.
Sriharsha Angadi (6 months ago)
Wonderful video. Please let me know where can i download the slides?
RAJIV NAYAN (6 months ago)
Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī born in 780AD
borzak101 Me (7 months ago)
Video is better if you turn sound off and just read it.
الاسلام نور (7 months ago)
May God reward you with good
bushra afridi (7 months ago)
Really really helpfull...great efforts.
Luciano Rezende (7 months ago)
Hi professor, do you have some github source code repository? Excellent video! Thank you very much.
Sharad Kashyap (8 months ago)
can you please provide the link of write up. It would be very beneficial
Obaid aljabry (8 months ago)
develop and algorithm program and flow chart to perform the following task, read type of the vehicle, model of the vehicle, price of the vehicle
Kajal Jha (8 months ago)
montecarlo811 (8 months ago)
EngineeredMechanized (9 months ago)
This seems like a very well made collection of lectures. I am of electrical background but took up AI this semester without having much knowledge of computer programming except for some basic C programming. Are these videos enough to know what I need to know before starting AI. Replies would be highly appreciated.
Video YouTube (14 days ago)
Manohar Kondi (9 months ago)
I have gone through the whole video, it was awesome. could you pls provide document and detailed programs for me.
Ganesh Kakkireni (9 months ago)
at 1:53:20 *q was not initialized but used... it should be q = p->next | q= head, isn't it?
Kehinde Kareem (9 months ago)
This is Fantastic and Excellent Tutorial. Thanks for this video.
yash chaturvedi (9 months ago)
great content but in shell sort example the final list is not in sorted form as 72<75.
charles klaus (9 months ago)
Amazing lecture!
Paris qian sen (9 months ago)
6 hours and 49 mins of treasure! A bit too hard core
rishav bagchi (9 months ago)
make video speed 1.25x you're good to go!
ankesh kumar (9 months ago)
only introduction with basic explanation of all DS topics.
Ankita Gupta (10 months ago)
is this tutorial for data structure using c language ?
sahruna khan (10 months ago)
Thank you so much
puspa Raj Joshi (10 months ago)
It's really nice explanation.
swamy pediredla (10 months ago)
It is useful for gate and net exams
Sneha Sruthi (10 months ago)
Thank you sir!!
AAZinvicto (10 months ago)
Awesome video, can watch it at 1.5 speed if you are just brushing up your DS
Gregory Jones (10 months ago)
can we have slides for this great job.
Pramod Kumarage (10 months ago)
where can i get the example codes related to above tutorial
Sai Prajwal Kotamraju (1 year ago)
1:53:40 while(p!=NULL){ q = p->next;
Lokesh Sagar (1 year ago)
Where can i find the codes for it??
ihsan khan (1 year ago)
Great job! Helped me a lot.... carry on plz
Please can u send me the soft or hard copy to my mail ?? [email protected]
anony mous (1 year ago)
anony mous (1 year ago)
Cristian Game4Yu (1 year ago)
Ty :) <3
Henry Mideko (1 year ago)
the don is atticulate and v. proffesional. thanks sir, bring us more.
Cheyno Mdingi (1 year ago)
Fiiinally, a computer science video by a pajeet with an easy to understand accent!
Carl Taylor (9 months ago)
He sounds like Donald Duck.
Live Mr. Blind (1 year ago)
It's absolutely awesome 👌 perfect 👏
Arun Shah (1 year ago)
Excellent Contents! Ignore all the negative comments, people are just greedy. This video is long, detailed and so much effort went into it, I am actually honoured to receive such a good education from this video. -> I have spent 3 months at University doing algorithms and data structures, and I learned almost nothing, it was completely abstract, this video perfectly blends concepts, maths, arguments explanations code examples and is just really really good. Anyone who has spent tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds for education and can compare the quality of this video and its contents vs university teaching will tell you that this video is more valuable than gold or diamonds. thank you very much for your hard work, if I can make a donation to show my appreciation please let me know, very happy to help. excellent teaching & material.
Video YouTube (14 days ago)
Agreed, negative comments are from capitalist universities staff who lose money. Now I won't take this unit in university.
Parikshit Raghav (1 month ago)
@rAvI kIrUn I don't think so. Just see the video and analyse how much effort is required to make it.
rAvI kIrUn (2 months ago)
Clearly a paid comment
John Ripper (3 months ago)
It is also a great refresher for those who havent taken a datastructures course in a few years. its good to review things even after you graduate.
Mario Christopher (4 months ago)
Such a nice review ... Thanks for this ...
hfontanez98 (1 year ago)
@43:48 Algorithm Growth Function table. Very useful. (although they did not include O(1) or constant).
hfontanez98 (1 year ago)
This tutorial could've been broken down to separate data type tutorial as a "Part I", leaving Data Structures and Algorithms as "Part II."
Dear Its Complete Tutorial on Data Structure and Algorithm and also watch Algorithms and Data Structures in units on this playlist https://youtu.be/8KcUR2iJJ3c
Viral Patel (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot for Sharing this!! This is an amazing tutorial...:)
appreciations are highly welcome!
Yogesh Sanchihar (1 year ago)
good videos
A New Era (1 year ago)
nice video
joy (1 year ago)
thnx sir
Henry Tirla (1 year ago)
where can i get the power point? Please Help
i suggest to bookmark the Data structures and algorithms tutorial video to easy access
muhammad alias (1 year ago)
i feel difficulty in my assignment
muhammad alias (1 year ago)
please help me
Fazal Muhammad (1 year ago)
really good contents to learn thanks for providing such materials to us
Amna Zara (1 year ago)
video is totaly blur :(
Zeeshan Jamal (9 months ago)
you need to set the quality to 720p. May be your internet is slow therefore optimizing
Health is Wealth (1 year ago)
Nice Demonstration and Full Tutorial on Data Structures Very Easy
are ppts available
still not please book mark this video for futuristic approach
Ahmad Sayeb (1 year ago)
hi, thanks for such a detailed explanation. i wanted to know where i can get the Detailed Codes. i watched the array section and there was no detailed implementation of the Array.
Anks k (1 year ago)
your c and s pronounce is very bad hear that is very irritating.....plz change pronounce
really Anks!
Sandaruwan Senadheera (1 year ago)
can some one help me with this code pls..... #include <iostream> using namespace std; enum sportType { cricket, tennis, waterSport, karate}; union sportChoice{ struct cricketInfo; char tennisInfo[20]; char waterSportInfo[20]; char karateInfo[20]; }; struct cricketInfo{ char nameTeam[20]; char typePlay[20]; }; struct participantType{ char firstName[15]; char secondName[15]; char dob[15]; char sex[10]; char address[30]; char phoneNumber[10]; int activityScore[5]; sportChoice choice; }; void readInfo(participantType self[]); void print (participantType self[]); int main() { participantType self(); readInfo(myself); print(myself); return 0; } void readInfo(participantType self[]){ char s,ch; for(int i=0; i<5; i++){ cout<< " First Name: "; cin.getline(self[i].firstName, 15); cout<< " Second Name: "; cin.getline(self[i].secondName, 15); cout<<" Date of Birth: "; cin.getline(self[i].dob, 15); cout<<" Sex: "; cin.getline(self[i].sex, 15); cout<<" Address: "; cin.getline(self[i].address, 15); cout<<" Phone No: "; cin.getline(self[i].phoneNumber, 15); cout<<" Score of the fitness test: "; cin>>self[i].activityScore; cout<< "Choice of Sport(cricket-c,tennis-t,water sport-w,karate-k): "; cin>>s; cin.get (ch); switch(s){ case 'c': case'C': self[i].choice = cricket; break; case 't': case 'T': self[i].choice = tennis; break; case 'w': case 'w': self[i].choice = waterSport; break; case 'k': case 'K': self[i].choice = karate; break; default cout<< "Incorrect"; } switch ( self[i].choice){ case cricket: cout<< " Name of the team: "; cin.getline(self[i].cricketInfo.nameTeam, 20); cout<< " Type of play: "; cin.getline(self[i].cricketInfo.typePlay, 20); break; case tennis: cout<< " Single or Double: "; cin.getline(self[i].tennisInfo,20); break; case waterSport: cout<< " Swimming, Diving or windsurfing: "; cin.getline(self[i].waterSportInfo,20); break; case karate: cout<< " Color of the Belt: "; cin.getline(self[i].karateInfo,20); break; } } } void print ( participantType self[]){ for (i=0; i<5; i++){ cout<< "Name : "<< self[i].participantType.firstName<<" "<< self[i].participantType.secondName; cout<< "Date of Birth: "<<self[i].participantType.dob; cout<< "Sex: "<<self[i].participantType.sex; cout<< "Address: "<<self[i].participantType.address; cout<< "Phone No."<<self[i].participantType.phoneNumber; cout<< "Fitness text score: "<<self[i].participantType.activityScore; cout<< "Choice of Sport: "; switch (self[i].choice){ case cricket: cout<< " plays cricket for team: " << self[i].cricketInfo.nameTeam; cout<< "Type of play: " << self[i].cricketInfo.typePlay; case tennis: cout<< " plays tennis as "<<self[i].tennisInfo<< "play"; case waterSport: cout<< " plays water Sports as "<<self[i].waterSportInfo; case karate: cout<< "plays karate & holds " << self[i].karateInfo << " belt"; } } }
problem not mentioned and need more hear files
Kiran Parhad (1 year ago)
I think, there is typo error in insertion sort algorithm @4:47:19 , last line should be x[k] = temp.
Prasanna (1 year ago)
Sincere thanks. Very educative. You had put in lots of effort wit great attention to details. Thank you!
Nandha kumar (1 year ago)
This video can be suitable 4 beginners?
nice comments on Data Structures and Algorithm
waldo lok (1 year ago)
Your accent throws me off a bit but thanks for the vid
17:31 - The access to structure member through pointers in C. The sign "<-" is should be turned around, so that: employee[0]->name, employee[0]->title, employee[0]->salary
1:53:17 - The sorting of linked list. The variable "q" is not initialised properly, so "q->next" is accessing any trash located somewhere in the memory. In other words, the code of sorting doesn't work.
lorenzo garcia (1 year ago)
much better if source code is provided
Asghar Nazir (1 year ago)
5:09:28, heap written statement contradicts the picture example shown
if you have some correction please make changes for Heap written statement in data structures and algorithm
EwokPanda (1 year ago)
Thank god for 1.5x speed!
Thanks for appreciated to Data Structures and Algorithms
rachit chhabra (1 year ago)
A complaint though "When we consider the programming details of these methods!!!!!!!!!??????????????"
when writing any Programming Algorithms and techniques to solve any particular problem etc
rachit chhabra (1 year ago)
This is a gold mine!! Sincere thanks from my side
Nice compliments on Data Structures and Algorithms
Asghar Nazir (1 year ago)
at 1:14:40 I think there is a mistake n should be the number of columns, not the number of rows
may be some think missed thanks for your corrections! in Data Structures and Algorithms

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