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Google Pixel Slate Hands On: An iPad Pro Competitor?

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Read the full article: http://andauth.co/PixelSlateHandsOn | The Google Pixel Slate was announced today at Google's Pixel event and looks to be a Microsoft Surface and iPad Pro competitor. We go hands-on with it to see what it's all about. #PixelSlate #Google #GooglePixelSlate Download the Android Authority App: https://andauth.co/aa-app Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://andauth.co/subscribe ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - https://www.androidauthority.com - https://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - https://twitter.com/androidauth/ - https://instagram.com/androidauthority/ - https://snapchat.com/add/androidauth - https://google.com/+androidauthority Follow the Team: Joe Hindy: https://twitter.com/ThatJoeHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://twitter.com/LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://twitter.com/jaycebroda Gary Sims: https://twitter.com/garysims Kris Carlon: https://twitter.com/kriscarlon Adam Sinicki: https://twitter.com/thebioneer David Imel: https://twitter.com/durvidimel Bailey Stein: https://twitter.com/baileystein1
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Text Comments (391)
Travis Welton (15 days ago)
Anyone else completely distracted by the bum on that read head? I had such a hard time focusing on what you were saying. Looks like a nice piece of kit. Typical google quality, amazing screen, great speakers etc. How well will it run android apps though?
Glen Harrison (25 days ago)
It's googles lack of attention to detail which annoys me. Why is the pixel slate using a mixture of new pixel icons, and old ones? (ie, round icon for play store, music, movies etc etc and the older square ones for drive, keep gmail). Sloppy! I also heard android apps being emulated on chrome os is not a pleasent experience. Maybe they should stick to android os and work on porting the full chrome app to it for tablets? I dunno, but something aint right.......
Brendan K (25 days ago)
Why would you charge that much money for a tablet and not have the option to use android...
Bryan Miller (18 days ago)
Brendan K well google officially ended android on tablets cuz they are only pushing chrome os now Just think, there’s not one single android tablet running android 9 or even in plans to get it Google themselves don’t even sell android tablets on their google store anymore
JubiX Tm (25 days ago)
Bro ur wearing ninja shirt😂😂😂
Matt Memarian (28 days ago)
When propped up using the pixel slate to consume media, does it bother you that the keyboard is touching the table? I just feel like it would bother me. I didn't buy the Pixelbook because I didn't like the keys being exposed in tablet mode.
foam dinner (1 month ago)
Looks laggy
foam dinner (18 days ago)
+Bryan Miller idk how that happens a company with so much power and it can't create a polished product like apple or even nintendo can. This feels like a weird product
Bryan Miller (18 days ago)
foam dinner of course, even the maxed out pixel book with quad core i7 was proven to get laggy in even Minecraft let alone actual work
Chords Q (1 month ago)
How hard is it to put a headphone jack on a tablet with so much real estate to spare ??? WTF. What's with this trend ????
Tozendai (1 month ago)
Google is just Apple with a shittier software experience at this point now.
Kevin Long (1 month ago)
I would love to see a full review on both the entry level in the thousand-dollar pixel slate for a performance comparison. Because this has go my attention.
Rafat Shareef (1 month ago)
Who uses Chrome os? Such a bad operating system
Phạm Tuấn Bình (1 month ago)
"An ipad pro competitor"
Evan The Carrot (1 month ago)
You know what? I actually like it. I don’t get why many don’t..
Sanu (1 month ago)
No headphone jack.... great
____ (1 month ago)
Nah, the only tablet that can compete with ipad is the sony z4 tablet. Sadly Sony discontinued making them.
Alex Pandian (1 month ago)
What is it's purpose.....
Mir Rabby Hossain (2 months ago)
Pixel slate vs Samsung tab s4,Which is better?
D C (2 months ago)
Come in iPad, you’re time is up
Samurai JaCk (2 months ago)
Kiran Ghodke (2 months ago)
Great video
Mathieu Constant (2 months ago)
that thumbnail tho...ew
saurabh (2 months ago)
This isn't even a competition for iPad pro. iPad pro and surface are in their own league. Intel celeron with 4gigs of Ram w/ keyboard for $800🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️.
English Rain (2 months ago)
God... that LAG! That too on a fresh new piece!
abdel aziz ibrahim (2 months ago)
Are u using the celeron? there is a lag when u r swiping
abdel aziz ibrahim (2 months ago)
1600 usd? 😂😂😂 Their product is just for the rich kid
Tim T (2 months ago)
"An iPad Pro Competitor?" Why put this in the title when this video isn't about comparison?
Hiền Lý (2 months ago)
Hóng thánh nào vô chửi ảnh đu càng :)))
Derwin Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Google makes apples huge prices look reasonable. This is coming from an Android fanboy who has never owned an iPhone.
Tigerex966 (2 months ago)
Dead on arrival! Will be discontinued next year for $249.
Tigerex966 (2 months ago)
No headphone jack is an automatic no buy, for a huge amount of people who have both wired and wireless headphones and love and use them both, and won't to keep being able to chose which one to use, without the company forcing the decision on them.
Sehajpreet Singh (2 months ago)
Just get a 6th gen iPad and call it a day. The pixel slate is too expensive and will most probably fail.
Omega Dan (2 months ago)
Way too overpriced for the base model, especially if you want to get the keyboard and pen. No headphone jack? It is like they want us to keep using wireless radiation filled headphones. Real bummer.
He Richard (2 months ago)
Didn't surface pro just released a 6th generation? With half of price?
Kokica Langarec (2 months ago)
Does the youtube APP in this device play 1440p or 4k in this device?
NTH THN (2 months ago)
At that price point it can't compete with ANYTHING with a headphone jack. $600 is pretty much enough for a decent LAPTOP will full-blown WINDOWS. Who on earth would even look at this and say: ''hey, this is worth it''? No one with hard earn money.
shawnbro (2 months ago)
Nice hardware.  However, no headphone jack is a big no no.  Google needs to give their heads a shake.
Son Goku (2 months ago)
They will put notch on generation 2 of this table.
Manuel Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Why is this more expensive than the most speced out iPad Pro and even adding the pencil & keyboard for the iPad would be cheaper than this.
TZ Kwan (2 months ago)
Just a simple comparison surface pro6 is 899 for i5 and slate is 999. And I can run android on windows.
Green Compass (2 months ago)
Chrome OS, hmm . . . No thanks Customable OS, hmm . . . Still too expensive. I will wait for the china version.
Max Moore (2 months ago)
Ipad Pro 2018 will roll over this
Bugs (2 months ago)
Virat Kamble (2 months ago)
Laggy laggy it is laggy..
SUNSHINE (2 months ago)
Nice one
Mr Noot noot Mcnoot (2 months ago)
Has anyone noticed this is an experiment by google? They are obviously mimicking apple to prove a point about consumer's behavior towards their " products" They made a ugly as notch and a over priced tablet
neverendingmods (2 months ago)
That $100 pen better rub me off for that price and it better finish!!
neverendingmods (2 months ago)
Nam KhanhNg (2 months ago)
This thing is no where near the iPad Pro. The iPad Pro has its own league.
joe (2 months ago)
Disappointing for the price if we’re being honest here. iPad Pro is miles better than this, and I’m not even a fanboy.
sydjaguar (2 months ago)
Another fail from Google. 2018 is a write off for Google.
sydjaguar (2 months ago)
Another fail from Google. 2018 is a write off for Google.
Ningthou Ali (2 months ago)
Donovan Fausette (2 months ago)
Can it suck my dick though that's the real question.
az zahar (2 months ago)
So it runs on chroma OS?
Jacob Beaver (2 months ago)
Why in tf do they have to copy Apple these days. They make a decent tablet for once and then decide to be retarded and not include the headphone jack. Screw you, Google. F*** the Pixel 3, I'm going for Samsung. They're beating Google at their own game.
mr blob (2 months ago)
It's only a browser in a box -- it should be thinner
Swifter358 (2 months ago)
The Price = DOA
Harsh Deep (2 months ago)
*Google's* price tags are giving *Apple* some sigh of relief! Phew! Goes the *APPLE*😂
Burn Productions (2 months ago)
Google us starting to become Apple 2.0 LMAO, not good.
Jermaine Crump (2 months ago)
No headphone jack ... Deal breaker
StaySic4Ever (2 months ago)
Hah the top model though, weak specs and this limiting OS so bad.
Gadget Monkey BD (2 months ago)
what about battery life?
sherri moquin (2 months ago)
That pixel slate looks so amazing and with I had one
Maja Isakszon (2 months ago)
Got the tab s4 from Samsung love it. With free pencil and free keyboardcase.
Bryan Miller (18 days ago)
Maja Isakszon also outdated cpu and it’s last os update since announced while back they aren’t supporting android on tablets anymore
JJ (2 months ago)
no headphone jack ill pass 😑😑 , how you supposed to listen to your audio on a train / plane etc , I dont like bluetooth headphones, once you get into $1000+ id rather buy a surface or pixelbook
mohamed Hisham (2 months ago)
6thsun25 (2 months ago)
Seems laggy.
November (2 months ago)
Why should I buy a tablet for $1600, when the most powerful laptop for daily use cost me less, and the pen is $99? Google ... you really need to study the market!
nandan chebbi (2 months ago)
the base model is really bad. IPAD 300 Dollars- A10 Chip Suface Go- 400 dollars- pentium gold Pixel Slate - 500 dollars- celeron(a 200 dollar laptop has this kind of chip)
Jonathan L (2 months ago)
More glare on the screen please
pirate 78 (2 months ago)
Not sure why everyone is emphasizing the fact that this thing has a full blown Chrome browser. It's Chrome OS, it always had a full blown browser... What am I missing?
pirate 78 (18 days ago)
+Bryan Miller right...on Chrome OS, it is full blown "desktop" browser. Full extention support I've been loving Chrome OS for that specific reason.
Bryan Miller (18 days ago)
pirate 78 chrome extensions is only on full desktop chrome browser
Lukas Slazak (2 months ago)
OMG didn't Android authority have anybody else to send, and they send most biased and rude vloger. Tragic.
Henry B (2 months ago)
Even in your demonstrations like in the Google play store I saw lag when scrolling, Google this is a joke right? Up to 1600 dollars for a laggy crappy chromeos powered tablet?
Max (2 months ago)
Nice! Next generation tablet
Viper 112003 (2 months ago)
At least this doesn't has a notch
Redux (2 months ago)
Hey guys, want to hear a joke? A laptop replacement without a audio jack.
Souriante Orange (2 months ago)
Something is missing here. Nothing about the pen.
Mr Wolf (2 months ago)
Souriante Orange (2 months ago)
The only deal here which can cover the price is...Slate running all OS (the full house - Windows, Android, its own system). At the moment, even Asus laptop is a better option where the pen comes from the box.
Deby Chan (2 months ago)
The price is like a Surface... A bit pricey... But it looks like Google is getting better at its tablet/laptop product line... I love the sleek look, and I don't really understand why people are so against the no headphone jack... I hate "wire" dangling off any of my devices and had been using Bluetooth headphones for YEARS! Don't see anything problem with that...
Deby Chan (2 months ago)
+ZK 950 living through the Canadian winter and people will agree with me totally the danger for having dangling wire around your body... As the Bluetooth technology getting so much better these days, for general use, Bluetooth is still my preferred choice over wired...
Deby Chan (2 months ago)
+Karlovia I agree with your points, for specialized audit and video editing, no Bluetooth can compare to wired devices, but for general public whom usually just use it for listening to music or talk on the phone, it is the best "no string attached" device...
ZK 950 (2 months ago)
Bluetooth still provide choppy connection, less qualty audio and consume battery compared to wired. Beside wire is cheaper, have stable connection, stay true to its source of audio, and of course no battery to charge lol. I don't blame you because bluetooth is cordless solution and it really made you feel better.
Karlovia (2 months ago)
Wireless headphones are getting good, but there are still issues no current technology can truly solve, such as the latency (lag) between the output and you actually hearing the sound. Won’t be a big deal for music and video, but when it comes to actual work (like audio or video editing) it can be very frustrating to not have wired audio. That’s also probably why despite being one of the first to ditch the headphone jack Apple still keeps it on their iPads (and Macs), because tablets are sometimes used for actual media work and the “ditch jack for space” argument makes little sense with larger devices.
ViboraUnleashed (2 months ago)
What a laggy mess
Jelmer Vroomans (2 months ago)
Like google is doing now is not exactable at all! You shouldn’t support them and they shouldn’t be in this market! I hope google won’t drive up the prices and influence the tech industry, in such a negative way, in the future!
Joshua VanGeest (2 months ago)
Google is making Apple look like a value.
Boundless Atilier (2 months ago)
Not even close lol, crappy bezels not even close battery life, 900$ for this shit
TheHeraldofWoe (2 months ago)
Why are these douchbags standing behind him? Do you not see a quick review going on?
CF542 (2 months ago)
A very curious device but I'd rather drop that kind of money on a Pixel book instead.
Timmaz Dangerus (2 months ago)
pixel slate......pixel slate..... it doesnt role of the tongue easily. Google you need to name over this to the pixel tab.
Paulo Louise Alvarez (2 months ago)
$600 for a celeron chipset??? Cmon now.. $200 laptop has that 😞
Patrick Hennig (2 months ago)
1900 bucks for a chromeos tablet, without a headphone jack. i want five!
yuvaraj putin (2 months ago)
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 2, is gonna crush this pixel slate!!!
Praveen Khanna (2 months ago)
You should do a voiceover instead of recording there
Mick Harrison (2 months ago)
They went on about the screen and it looks garbage
DEATH (2 months ago)
I'm still kicking it with an Ipad mini
kostastsakonas64 (2 months ago)
800$ starting model for a chromebook... NO THANKS APPLE....EHMM...GOOGLE I MEAN
Kingshuk Monsur (2 months ago)
Apple iPad is better
Retro Goran (2 months ago)
Surface Go. End of story.
David (2 months ago)
I've always stuck with android when it comes to buying phones but the apple tablets are just far superior in performance for roughly the same price and this thing just makes the ipad way more attractive for a tablet user.. Shame..
Kingjay814 (2 months ago)
Remember the Asus Transformer Prime? Can we have a new one of those. A modern day version of that would dick all over everything that's out there today. I had one of those back in the day and that was the ONLY tablet that I felt comfortable using to the point where I felt like I didn't NEED to keep my laptop with me.
Fidelator (2 months ago)
Tbh, why get this over a Surface Go?
Cliff Davis (2 months ago)
Enormous trackpad on a touch screen device?
Cliff Davis (2 months ago)
It should be illegal to use a tablet to take photos/videos in a public space. Unless they are visually impaired.
Cliff Davis (2 months ago)
Phones can be annoying but huge tablets held up by people in front of you in a crowd blot out what you are all trying to see. Its selfish and looks stupid. A camera or phone in front of your face takes up no more space than your face.
Kronixio (2 months ago)
Cliff Davis what about a phone?

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