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Swagbucks Review: How To Make $100 FAST on Swagbucks- How To Make Money As A Kid

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Start Swagbucks Now: http://www.howtomakemoneyasakid.com/swagbucksyoutube How To Make $100 FAST on Swagbucks: http://www.howtomakemoneyasakid.com/swagbucks-review How To Make $100 FAST on Swagbucks Is Swagbucks a scam? After watching this, we are sure that you will figure out the answer. You can definiltly make money on Swagbucks but it will take time. Just like anything you have to work for it. It is estimated that you will earn about $2.50 an hour on Swagbucks so to make $100 fast you will need to work about 40 hours. You could do that in a week or two! Not bad. #howtomakemoneyasakid, #howtomakemoneyasateenager, #howtomakemoneyasateen, #money, #teen, #kid, #finance, #13, #14, #15, #16, #12, #teenager, #how-to, #swagbucks, #swagbucksreview, #review, #fastmoney
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Text Comments (204)
Adam Flames (1 year ago)
I'm in egypt I hope it works
black ops [ David ] (1 year ago)
made $44 in around a month. slacking so I bet I could make $60 =] gotta do them surveys, best on a computer, also referring a friend helps!
allana d (1 year ago)
Do they send out checks or no?
a w (1 year ago)
Uh this takes ALOT of time and how do u get the actual money
SunnyOnline (1 year ago)
im 12. so can i do this??
I think you need to be 13.
Maruan Maciel Swier (1 year ago)
I live in the Netherlands, is there anyway that it's possible there to? i really need money 🙄
I dont think it works in the Netherlands.
Eleanora (1 year ago)
What can you even get for $3 though?
JIMINS WIFE (1 year ago)
i make 70 dollars a month
abanop adel (1 year ago)
will you send me an invitation please
Jane Kwentoh (1 year ago)
does anyone know how to send the money to my house
You get a paypal card and can use it from a paypal account. They dont send you the money in cash or check form.
TheGamer (1 year ago)
i thought it was only for kids :D
elienais 123 (1 year ago)
i have only 3 days i doing good 600sb i think is good i love survey very easy
NeobuxMania (1 year ago)
I use Swagbucks too aswell as a few other good GPT Sites. Nice Video man!
Abs Mulla (1 year ago)
I personally think this is great.
Qasim Khilji (1 year ago)
That's cool but it takes too much time.
its says sd 404 error , i'm from bangladesh :/
mega_legit_geek (1 year ago)
can you use it on eBay and how
Proctor Productions (1 year ago)
I'm seeing a lot of comments about not qualifying for some surveys, could you please clarify what they are talking about?
Narender Singh (1 year ago)
Hello, i recently joined swagbucks but there is no "watch" option to watch the videos. Can you help me with this issue?
Angelica Napala (1 year ago)
is it working for other country? Like in the Philippines?
Qjfritz (1 year ago)
frostbit3 (1 year ago)
How much can you make every month on average?
Anitha Tammana (1 year ago)
I am not able to watch a video and play game. Can you plz suggest me how to do that :(
Jeff Max (1 year ago)
can u use ur phone
Jack Barrett (1 year ago)
Thanks. If I can do this I will be able to buy my mom a phone for xmas :)
LucasMakade (1 year ago)
Does this method still work?
If you treat Swagbucks like a job. You can make money. It just takes time just like a job.
Tanweer Ahmad (1 year ago)
wery good
lostdiamond (1 year ago)
i put in my age it deleted my account cause im 10
Tre (1 year ago)
lost daimonds lol do like all kids do and lie about your age
Mallory Hageman (1 year ago)
same says you must be 13 ;-;
dj ibroze (1 year ago)
lost daimonds put 19
vindhya patley (1 year ago)
hey can i do this from india
Swagbucks works in the US, CA, UK, Ireland, France, Germany and India. I asked my rep at Swagbucks and this is what he told me.
sohail shahid (2 years ago)
Dear swagbucks, I'll thankful to you for letting me know that does this site work in Pakistan,and can we earn in the form of cash from this site. Thanks!
I dont think it works in Pakistan.
Kruuzza18 (2 years ago)
Swag bucks is nice but it's just time consuming. I remember being 12 years ago hoping one day I can get a Xbox or TV and it takes forever to do anything.
I would say to make $300 it is going to take you 3 months of consistent effort.
Michael Jacob (2 years ago)
Can you do this on Kindle Fire ? I don't have a computer or laptop.
You can do it on anything that can access the website. So if it has a web browser, then yes
Tarik Aksoy (1 year ago)
Darkklaw (1 year ago)
Michael Jacob yes
Isaiah (1 year ago)
Michael Jacob yes
dillon weadock (1 year ago)
Michael Jacob yea I highly suggest featured points code ymdh6y and ibotta with code dmrhwqq I've done all the cash apps those are the two highest paying apps
Jeremiah Zucchini (2 years ago)
like to get 100 dollars are we talking a month or what?
HoodRatVibez (1 year ago)
do this non stop and im pretty sure you'll get past 100 within some weeks
Rebin Sako (2 years ago)
This is worked in iraq
cece monea (2 years ago)
does this site give you it in cash or check or just cards
Thinking Of Games (1 year ago)
Just cards I think
Mika Rose (2 years ago)
How do you actually receive the gift cards?? that is my main question I have already sign up
I think it sends you an e-mail with the card code with it. I'm not entirely sure though
Tarik Aksoy (1 year ago)
it emails the code for your itunes card or you google play card code
CDGamingFlames (1 year ago)
Mika Rose they email you the code I guess, sorry I have never used this
pepe da frog (1 year ago)
Mika Rose you get the codes lol 1 month late but whatever
solay (1 year ago)
Mika Rose they email u the code
Khang Nguyen (2 years ago)
sorry but when you has sb how can you turn this to money and how can you get that?
Rohit Negi (2 years ago)
sir can I earn swag bucks money from india
Creeper Tucker (2 years ago)
How do they send money to you do you need to send an address or do they send it online
Ok / (1 year ago)
just giftcards and if you want money then buy a paypal giftcard and you can transfer it into money some how
Isaiah (1 year ago)
Creeper Tucker Cards and paypal
Shane Wicher (1 year ago)
Creeper Tucker They email gift card codes. You don't get physical money. It's all digital cards.
Creeper Tucker (2 years ago)
Can you get money or do you just get cards
Rim kassem (2 years ago)
can u get money not in the form of a gift card
You can get money from Swagbucks in the form of a Paypal card. It works like a debit card.
Sanibelt (2 years ago)
What if Swagbucks is not avaibble in your cuntry ??
Blue Spark (1 year ago)
get it then lmao
Sanibelt (1 year ago)
+GatsuKS I dont have firefox
GatsuKS (1 year ago)
Add anonymoX extension for firefox, it changes your IP.
I would suggest looking for other ways to make money online then.
Asif Zaman (2 years ago)
why its not working in Pakistan :(
TheUCrafter (2 years ago)
use vpn
Yeah, Swagbucks doesn't work in every country.
maybe it's easy but not for me, can't get money
Yoan Lujano (2 years ago)
Hello that such am Venezuelan, will do good deals on swagbucks the problem is I can not collect the money because I ask for verification by SMS if someone could help me? because the situation here in Venezuela is strong, could also help to make offers. thank you very much in advance
Bold Patriot (2 years ago)
I'm afraid to do this because of Website Viruses. I really need $50+ so I can buy badges for a convention.
Rose Anne (2 years ago)
Dabulous (2 years ago)
Can you do this on mobile?
Joseph Stalin (2 years ago)
yeah, they have a app. not as good as the website, but it's faster, and easyer
The1Blacken (2 years ago)
Does swagbucks send you a check
Maryland Memories (2 years ago)
no, only gift cards. indoxdollars will send you a check though. So far as I know they are the only one of the survey sites that actually pays in cash...they rest pay with gift cards.
Fatima Ahmed (2 years ago)
Best exciting thing about going back to school is: using your time wisely & seeing everyone again!
Levitate 2 (2 years ago)
i make 2$ every day so i make 60$ a month and about 720 a year and yet im only 14 wow xD
thats not much dude
StevenDestinyBonnell (1 year ago)
yeah man wow I started swagbucks a week ago and i almost have enough money to buy me Daedric Armor!
Levitate 2 (2 years ago)
+Mimi Katrine No, go to swag bucks and do surveys you get a lot of points.
Mimi Katrine (2 years ago)
Amazing Gamer it didn't work out I don't know what is wrong. can we talk on Facebook
Levitate 2 (2 years ago)
+Mimi Katrine just do the surveys and signing up stuff. i quit tho i made 80$ tho.
poka poka -_- (2 years ago)
can you do this on a phone
Yes, they even have an app.
Tariq Roberts (2 years ago)
i told them i was 12 after that it didnt let log into my account
Tariq Roberts (2 years ago)
+How To Make Money As A Kid okay thanks for telling me that
Yeah due to COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) you have to be 13 to have an account. You will be able to sign up for Swagbucks next year though.
Demon Günther (2 years ago)
Does it work in every country?
Not sure. I have emailed Swagbucks but haven't got a response yet.
Daniel Vigna (2 years ago)
so when you get a gift card, do they mail it to you or do you get the codes from an email?
Daniel Vigna (2 years ago)
thanks for the response!I I have gotten 2 5 dollar gift cards and it really works.
When I have got one before it was just an email with a code.
Can it accept Paypal?
Sign up and put in the time. If you even just do it an hour a day for a month I am sure you can make your $100 fast.
+How To Make Money As A Kid ok and one more question! I don't get on how to make $100 Fast!
Yeah you can exchange your Swagbucks for a Paypal cash card.
Audriunna Elzie (2 years ago)
can I get in it a check
You can exchange Swagbucks for gift cards. Paypal cash cards are the best way to just get money. They act like a debit card.
Melon Pop (2 years ago)
hopefully, this will help me, my parents really don't want to give me allowance.
I am glad your parents don't want to give you an allowance. It is good for you to learn to earn money yourself. Swagbucks should be a good place to start.
Mahmoud Magdy (2 years ago)
Can I do this from Egypt
vvsleo (2 years ago)
You need a vpn
I think so. Register and see.
Juale Krajan (2 years ago)
Do you need a card?
No card required.
AirbornDog (2 years ago)
I am from the UK, and it is clear that SwagBucks is in American currency. Can I convert the dollars to pounds once I have earnt it or will I have to find another solution? Thanks.
Eri The Legend (1 year ago)
@AirbornDog Can u help me with swagbucks please?
Sian Hayes (2 years ago)
AirbornDog When I signed up in the U.K. It asked what currency I wanted to use
You may have to convert it. However, I bet when you put in you are from the UK when you register it will adjust so you will be earning pounds instead of dollars.
Kevin Leeds (2 years ago)
Can anyone do this on a tablet
Wtf?? (1 year ago)
Kevin Leeds yes
Yeah, tablets work great for doing Swagbucks. They even have a Swagbucks app you can download from the app store.
AR7I3M (2 years ago)
i cant register
Were you able to get it to work?
I would just try again. Close out of your browser and reopen it. Good luck.
metalslug991 (2 years ago)
How do you transfer the money into your bank account
VizE PT23 (2 years ago)
+How To Make Money As A Kid you can my friend did
I think you can use the Paypal card like a Visa cash card.
metalslug991 (2 years ago)
+How To Make Money As A Kid what if you don't have PayPal
You have to turn your Swagbucks in for a PayPal card then you can transfer the money from Paypal to your bank.
Joe Guthrie (2 years ago)
earning money through this will take you ages, even as a kid you wont find the money worthwhile... the best value gift card is amazon which works out at about 167SB=£1, to get 167SB youll need to watch at least 50 videos or complete atleast 50 surveys. Do not rely on this for income, but enable the search tool for a little extra cash on the side, if youre interested in swagbucks you should check out qmee too, it gives you a little extra cash for clicking an ad every now and again, it doesnt give you much money but for minimal to no effort something is better than nothing.
Jabba Wabba (2 years ago)
50 surveys? are you insane?
kiara williams (2 years ago)
who would like to earn together I'm getting ready to sign up right now? leave emails im going to be very active on it. my email is [email protected]
UhhWhat (1 year ago)
Prismal (2 years ago)
Hoping it works saving up for a phone lol
KingPinq (1 year ago)
Took me 2 months for 50$ card
Proctor Productions (1 year ago)
Same man, I'm building a desktop just cause it's a lot cheaper, and I need about 650 for my precious RX 480 8GB GPU...
iDunno Things (1 year ago)
I'm saving up for a good gaming laptop, at around $1000 CDN (My laptop is currently dying on me, sadly). Gonna ask my parents if I could try out Swagbucks. I already have $100 from Christmas, and I'm getting $500 soon. Within that time span, I'll get $120 from doing chores, so by April 30th (bday) I'll have $720, leaving me with $280 left to earn a different way. If I could get $1 every day from Swagbucks, in 4 months that'll be (approximately) another $120. $160 left. That's when I move to begging my parents for a bit of extra cash, haha. Or searching all around the house for some loonies and break every piggy bank I own. It's all about the planning, man. I'm determined to get this laptop. Now that I think about it, I could try selling mine for $200.. Refurbished and everything it'll be excellent. It's just not good for gaming. Ton of storage, fast speed, it's got all you need for just browsing the internet and writing 20 paragraph essays (fuck school, amirite?)
Prismal (2 years ago)
yeah i have a phone now well i had one since july
skrt skrt (2 years ago)
+General OFG ye its good for doing in your spare time for some gift cards
Christopher Hoit (2 years ago)
how long did it take you to get to 100$
RK (2 years ago)
if you go on every day and do 1 survey you should make around 70 SB so you could do it for around 2 weeks,Or do a lot and it should happen in like 2-4 days
Vader Playz (2 years ago)
Inspiring. :)
RoboGhoul94 (2 years ago)
Oh never mind it worked
I'm glad.
Vlog Epicness (2 years ago)
I have actually never heard of Swagbucks. Definitely going to take advantage of that. TFS!
Yeah, it is a pretty good place for kids to start. Once they make enough money they can start a real business like your kids.
RoboGhoul94 (2 years ago)
It won't work. The survey is not working
Bobthedj (2 years ago)
Yeah, I have found the surveys often will reject you I only do the ones that are under 10 mins
Do you mean on swagbucks? If so I would look into their help page.
Please don't put your Swagbucks referral links in the comments. Make your own video instead. :)
Apollo Fernandes (1 year ago)
1 dollar in swagbucks is 100 sb
MamaBearBlue22 (2 years ago)
sooo sorry
ThatGamerGirl (2 years ago)
I have a suggestion for another easy way kids can make money on an app. The app is called Slidejoy and basically what it does is it puts an ad on your phone's lock screen and every time you swipe your lock screen to go onto your phone, it gives you carats. Carats are the points you can collect to earn gift cards such as Google play, Paypal, Amazon, and a lot more. Even though the app is only for Android (as far as I know) it still is a great app for making some extra money with extremely little effort! Personally, I've made over $5 in just a few months! It won't make you rich overnight but its nice to earn a little pocket money with extremely little effort. P.S. I'm not being sponsored by Slidejoy or anything, I just wanted to make a suggestion because I really like the app and how easy it is to make money with it. Btw great video! :D
LaPointe (2 years ago)
+Lord Keaveney lmao ikr I made $40 in one hour mowing a lawn
ThatGamerGirl (2 years ago)
+Lord Keaveney Yeah :)
Lord Keaveney (2 years ago)
I suppose so, it'd be great if you could get an app that kept turning on and off the phone.
ThatGamerGirl (2 years ago)
+Lord Keaveney It took me a few months because I don't use my phone very much, but if you use your phone more often, you could probably get more than $5 in a month :) It's definitely not a main way to get money, but it's nice to get some extra money per month.
Lord Keaveney (2 years ago)
$5 in a few MONTHS?!?!?!
beffybio gaminYT (2 years ago)
Good job!!
+beffybio gaminYT Thanks!
Parker .jones (2 years ago)
Great video😀
+Parker .jones Thanks Parker!

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