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This War of Mine - Military Outpost Guide

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Been playing absolutely tons of This War of Mine, and I thought I'd do a guide for a rather tough location: the Military Outpost! There's also a written guide I've made if you'd prefer it. See here: http://fronttowardsgamer.com/2014/11/27/this-war-of-mine-guide-to-military-outpost-location/
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Text Comments (92)
Security Bot 1934 (24 days ago)
just go to super market and backstab the military officer and get gun then go to apartments and kill everybody get shot gun then go to the out post with roman and 20 bulletes and the shot gun then everyone is dead
Security Bot 1934 (24 days ago)
and thn you need 3grates to get more supplies underground
MrAwawe (4 months ago)
What's the happiness loss from killing soldiers?
Jasmine Jasmine (3 months ago)
none, since they count as bad guys. killing all of them doesn't affect a single person. no idea about the "stealing" part though, it's been a while
Katyusha & Nonna (6 months ago)
After I read that letter with the girl who was tied up to a tree and was blown up, i went ham and murdered them all
Katyusha & Nonna (6 months ago)
Aldrahill by the bunks, where the soldier was drinking, middle one i think
Aldrahill (6 months ago)
Oh shit, what's that?! I haven't played in a few years...
gamemaster gamemaster (7 months ago)
You You creepo
Done it without getting shot once,i feel so proud of my self
Tom (1 year ago)
Guards never came, walked away, guard came, killed me ffs Also the backstab didnt work, so got shot in the fkin stomach
Ryan Lam (1 year ago)
Kamran Kazi (1 year ago)
just what I was looking for
James Deal (2 years ago)
If you open trade and close it, the guard comes to get the other guard. Pro Tip.
Aldrahill (2 years ago)
Good tip!
Sunset Rider (2 years ago)
Are you crazy? Bandages is THE #1 trading item with ANY trader. You always get the most for it. And any medications, including herbal ones are extremely valuable as well.
Logical logic (2 years ago)
This war of mine isn't post-apocalyptic, just wanted to correct you on that
Battlefront 3 gameplay (2 years ago)
guy doesnt leave
Civ Builder (2 years ago)
Despite what the game description says, we need more military trained characters! In a desperate situation, the only way to survive may be to raid the outpost.
Aldrahill (2 years ago)
I agree! Sometimes, a good ol' fight is the best! Combat isn't really what this game is designed for, but it's surprisingly well done I think.
Bob Jhonso (2 years ago)
how do you get roman
Aldrahill (2 years ago)
Recruit him, same as everyone else!
ST FU (2 years ago)
Cool guide, thanks
Jet Fury (2 years ago)
can u stealth this? im trying to find the exit but theres always the guy in the front. rather not kill
PHIL CRAFT (2 years ago)
try to play on android, It is awesome guys
BeastyGaming -Nothing (2 years ago)
Aldra Hill actually yes,more fun in android and more challenging and you can play it anywhere.
Aldrahill (2 years ago)
Haven't played in a while; is it much improved on Android?
Military base is the easiest one to kill everyone if Roman is around
Knifepoint King video (10 months ago)
Buddhadeb Jena eh, stealth combat is easy in every place, as long as you know what your doing. It’s amazing what you can do with a kitchen utensil. 😁
HaCkEr ZeR0 (2 years ago)
Roman got sad because he was in the military
El Matador (2 years ago)
I cleared the whole place with assault rifle, 90 ammo and bulletproof vest without a problem :D
I've lost a lot of Romans trying to do this :(
Miho Nishizumi (7 months ago)
this is like Steins; gate lmao try and try
攴FANNY (1 year ago)
Lol i did
TheGamingBean (2 years ago)
i typically just go ham with an assault rifle
Yo lyi (2 years ago)
Flappy MLG (2 years ago)
Hey I know im 1 year late XD! I subbed to u becuz of this. but whaat if i dont have roman?
Aldrahill (2 years ago)
No prob! I'm always finding ane xcuse to check YouTube instead of being a responsible person!
Flappy MLG (2 years ago)
+Aldra Hill (Aldrahill) TY for quick response!
Aldrahill (2 years ago)
No worries! Thanks! You can still do it, but anyone other than Roman starts getting sad when you kill people so it'll be a bit harder.
alemuchcry (2 years ago)
instead of waiting for the guards buddy to come, just go up and ask to trade and cancel or if you want to trade then trade
Cheeki Breeki My Dude (3 years ago)
i got a ton of questions. can this be done with boris? can i use an assault rifle? can i use an axe? can this be done even then when i have been there once? those are my most important questions pls anwser
Jasmine Jasmine (3 months ago)
yes, it can be done with boris; he's a level A combat character, but you have to be a bit more careful since he's very loud and slow. yes, you can use an assault rifle; it's gonna take some more bullets because it's a bit weaker than the shotgun, but still very capable. yes, you can use an axe to backstab people (if you're planning on using it with tier A combat characters, like boris, arica & roman (especially roman). no idea about the last question though, but i assume you could do that
Hunter (6 months ago)
andy garcia 2 years later and no answer
andy garcia (1 year ago)
Jäätelö Doge one year later and no answer....
Marco (3 years ago)
if you stay in the spot you backstabed the first enemy, you can shoot the next people that arrive from there and they will be running confused near the first door. thats better cause you dont risk getting shoot.
germankiwigal (3 years ago)
When I killed the soldiers with Roman he got super sad/depressed and then broken. Annoying!
BeastyGaming -Nothing (2 years ago)
Indian Testicles I think when you give him alcohol hell get drunk and beat a survivor/smash up the house,When i gave him alcohol he went drunk and the next day he beat the shit out of bruno😂😂😂
Randall Reed (2 years ago)
nah, pretty sure that roman gets particularly affected when you kill the mili base with him. dont care, do it anyway.
Colin Eisley (2 years ago)
Alcohol my nigga
Aldrahill (3 years ago)
+germankiwigal I believe he suffers LESS sadness, but still some from killing.
Thought Enforcer (3 years ago)
Hmmmm roman has bad inventory cause he can only pick 10 items but he is op as fuck
Michalis Czatyris (3 years ago)
Did you know that although the game is allegedly placed in a fictional location it actually heavily refers to the Sarajevo siege – which lasted form more than three years; the city was almost completely cut off from the rest of world and under constant shelling and sniper fire (the sniper square location refers to the sniper alley in Sarajevo) leaving its population with scare resources and threat of starvation or getting killed – here’s a short vid I found which sort of shows in a nutshell what the people there went through: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNoSYbMD7xw (the irony here is that it was a winter Olympics host city in ’84), you can find more proper docs on the subject on youtube. I know this may seem boring, but on the other hand if you enjoy the game it’s worth to take a while to learn about it’s background. Btw -thanks for the walkthrough - it helped a bunch.
Bjarke (4 years ago)
seems like no one knows this, but you can right click items to deposit or withdraw 10 units instead of spamming left click for 1 unit
Air Shark (11 months ago)
thats for close range :)
Aldrahill (4 years ago)
I do know it, but I usually do individual clicks so that I'm more aware of what I'm picking up, you know?
MunkyNZ (4 years ago)
If you don't completely loot a location dry, can you come back for it later? or does it 'despawn' or get looted by others?
Aldrahill (4 years ago)
Any loot left on bodies despawns, so be sure to move it to other places. I don't believe that other looters steal shit, unless it is scripted. For example, the supermarket has an event wherein three other looters go around looting with you, so you have to race them to get the best stuff!
Zacalog Logan (4 years ago)
It seems that they updated it as to where a backstab doesn't kill instantly. At least not on military. But this seriously hinders your ability to be able to accomplish this task that way.
MrAwawe (4 months ago)
Backstab only kills instantly with Roman
Katyusha & Nonna (6 months ago)
Zacalog Logan Yes you can, just be careful
Yoji FFXIV (4 years ago)
if you enter the trade dialogue with the guy and then leave the menu, he'll leave within a few seconds. Same goes for any trade NPC once you're done with them.
Marcos Gomes (3 years ago)
+RN Gesus (RNGesus) true
idkmyname91 (4 years ago)
does killing the military send him into depression?
Aldrahill (4 years ago)
+Payton Woolard Right? The bugger loves to kill soldiers! Good thing too, he's the only one who reliably can! Roman OP
Payton Woolard (4 years ago)
+Aldra Hill The only way i've ever got roman content was by clearing The Military outpost xD
Aldrahill (4 years ago)
+idkmyname91 He hates militia, it's the same as killing soldiers. Looters though, he gets upset about them.
idkmyname91 (4 years ago)
+Aldra Hill What about the rebel militiamen in the Shelled School?
Aldrahill (4 years ago)
If it's Roman, no. This is because he hates the military due to his backstory. If it is other characters, they will become depressed.
TommyKnow (4 years ago)
Not worth bringing a saw blade for 3x herbal meds and 2x meds? Crazy talk! Also, the bodies disappear overnight, whereas cabinets etc. stay as they are, so it's advisable to lift all of the loot from their bodies, stash it in the first cabinet that you had to pick open, and return later. You're right about the assault rifles though, they're worth over 20 components from the trader, so are well worth taking. Also, as you probably already found out, it's best approaching the army base with 3 saw blades and a crowbar if you plan on looting it! I came home with a backpack full of guns and 140 bullets from one night there once, it's totally OP.
TommyKnow (4 years ago)
+Thmyris Yeah you could use notepad++ or whatever. I like the tactile feel. Don't keep this weighty Parker around for nothing.
Thmyris (4 years ago)
+molnibalage83 Leave a window (eg: empty folder) open before you open the game then alt tab will work,  if it doesn't try winkey + tab.
Balázs Molnár (4 years ago)
+Thmyris Yes, because alt+tab does not work and it is hard to memorize 10-20 items on 3-4 different locations...
Thmyris (4 years ago)
+Swish Beowulf You are playing on a computer and you need pen and paper to write things down?! Interesting.....
TommyKnow (4 years ago)
+molnibalage83 Pen and paper is your friend with this game
Pm Chan (4 years ago)
After i killed the guard at the sentry post.. i went down and there were 4 guards coming! And yea.. the 4th guard killed my ROMAN OMG I hv to replay fml BTW wt would happen if they cant get back to the safe house b4 dawn??
John Doesitintheair (4 years ago)
+Aldra Hill Sometimes they don't come back at all. :( Once it said "Character was shot trying to get home"
Aldrahill (4 years ago)
It can happen sometimes, when the guards aggro based on the noise of your kill. If it's not a stealth kill, they get all kinds of pissed. Just use your assault rifle and shoot them as they climb the ladder. If you don't get back before dawn, your character is trapped away from the shelter until the next day.
R4k10n3r (4 years ago)
Would you give any advise in case of not having Roman? I tried but they seem not able to finish the soldier instantly with a knife.
Aldrahill (4 years ago)
+R4k10n3r Right? Screw being survivors, we're full on Rebels, murdering several soldiers and stealing their delicious food and bullets!
R4k10n3r (4 years ago)
+Aldra Hill I tried with Marin several times but he can not kill instantly. So I switched to Boris, despite his slow requires more careful and accurate action, his strong arms worked very well. Finishing this outpost, our survivals should be qualified as the rebel, lol
Aldrahill (4 years ago)
I believe that Arica can also do the same as Roman with regard to killing characters instantly. Other characters, yeah they can't do as well sadly :( It because harder - you need to stab them from behind them melee them until they die, or just straight up shoot them. Perhaps hide in the tower at the back, take out a gun, blow him away and steal his assault rifle and have a firefight with the rest of them, as they can't shoot up ladders very well at all!
ilovedragons (4 years ago)
holy shit, Roman is OP.
Cantaretii Zilei (4 years ago)
Thanks You So Much but i have a question.If the trade guy its not appering what i do?Sorry for bad englesh
Aldrahill (4 years ago)
+szanten13 I didn't do a walkthrough for the rest of it, because it's essentially more of the same. There's only a few left at that point, so just shoot at them with Assault Rifles you've picked up, or run around and then hide in the shadows and backstab one of them at a time! If there's a lot of interest, I can do a guide, but I'm finished with my This War of Mine run, so I'd have to start the whole game again and get a shotgun :D
Freddie Rodgers (4 years ago)
+Aldra Hill Sooo, do we get a walkthrough for the rest of it?
Aldrahill (4 years ago)
Hey; the trade guy is just in the back of the little building he's in, don't worry. Just wait! He'll appear again. He goes back and forth saying "Excuse me"; if he's not there at all for some weird reason, report it as a bug and kill everyone anyway! Just one less guy to kill :)  Just means that, instead of shooting him as he comes back, move one room to the left and shoot the other guy :) Use cover!
Matheus Sukert (4 years ago)
Outstanding dude, nice job!
Aldrahill (4 years ago)
Thanks! Hope it helped! Subsribe for more like this, and some Let's Plays, and lemme know if you want anymore guides for locations.

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