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How to program MX Master Mouse buttons

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Website for Logitech Options: http://support.logitech.com/product/mx-master Please leave a like and subscribe!
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Robert Michon (6 months ago)
Navigation's changed a bit- just go straight to "Downloads" on the page. Thanks for pointing in the right direction, url-wise... :)
Taylor88 Productions (9 months ago)
No support for Android? What a disappointment. Boooooooo
Multiple Wounds (2 years ago)
Hey Im trying to change the direction of the scroll wheel. I prefer scrolling down page by scrolling towards me and away to of up. I changed the setting to natural and it doesn't seem to remember the setting when i exit
Multiple Wounds (2 years ago)
+NMZOMBIESLAYER TUTORIALS awesome fixed thanks!
try making sure your scroll direction is unchecked where it says natural in system preferences and in logitech options under point and scroll the direction is set to standard

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