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Asus Zenfone 5 Review!

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Is the Zenfone 5 worth buying? Are there any issues you need to know about? Let's find out in this full review. The Asus Zenfone 5 is powered by the Intel Z2560/Z2580 Chipset that houses 2 hyperthreading capable cores clocked at 1.6/2.0 Ghz each coupled with a PowerVR SGX544 MP2 GPU and 1/2GB RAM. The Asus Zenfone 5 is available in flavors of 8 & 16GB. The variant used in this video is powered by the Intel Z2560 chipset (2x 1.6Ghz cores /w hyperthreading) with 2GB RAM & 8GB internal storage. It houses an 8MP Rear Camera with an LED flash. It has a 5" 720p IPS display with a 2110mAH non user removable battery... The Asus Zenfone 5 runs on Android 4.3 Jellybean with Asus's custom Zen UI on top, Asus has promised an upgrade to 4.4... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are from India, the Zenfone 5 is available via quite a few stores including flipkart, snapdeal and ebay... you can sign up with gopaisa.com to get the best deal possible... http://www.gopaisa.com/ref/c4etech International buyers can order a Zenfone 5 from Merimobiles - http://bit.ly/1sUEs8g You can use the discount code "c4etech" for a $5 discount :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact Info: Twitter: @C4ETech (https://twitter.com/C4ETech) Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/C4ETech Google+: http://bit.ly/UeAzHW Instagram: http://instagram.com./c4etech Website: http://www.omegadroid.co
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Text Comments (78)
Gelo Adia (10 months ago)
how to get the lollipop updatr on 2016
Faja Man (1 year ago)
battery sucks and built speakers are weak as f*ck.
Naman Jain (3 years ago)
bro could u help me to root asus zenfone 5 . I TRIED kingroot app but it couldnt do it help me bro.
Victoria luz (3 years ago)
can someone pls help me my asus zenfone 5 has an ic is it capable to fix it and it happen a month after the warratty
Diptesh Sarkar (3 years ago)
Excuse me, someone with experience in smartphones, please help me. Please be kind enough to tell me which of the following smartphones is the best in terms of overall performance and build quality(since I have a terrible habit of dropping things) : 1.Asus Zenfone 5 2.Lenovo A6000/+ 3.Micromax Yu Yureka 4.Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen Please tell me which one will be the best choice among the above, what accessories should I take, what updates should I make, and if there are any better options in this price range. I am about to get my first smartphone, so please help me make the right choice. Thanking you in anticipation, Please respond.
Jagat Kiran (3 years ago)
+Diptesh Sarkar lenovo k3 note, lenovo a7000, xiaomi mi4i are better....u can also go for yureka, yuphoria, or redmi 2
kunal dhingra (3 years ago)
Please made a comparison between asus zenfone5 vs lenovo a6000/6000plus
Rakesh Battula (3 years ago)
Nice review, Nice phones and thanks for the gopaisa referral however, I guess you could do without the accent, one or two words make it clear that its not natural and I neutral accent might be best approach if you are targeting viewership from world-over rather than specific countries. :)
reagan bautista (4 years ago)
Ardee Arquiza (11 months ago)
reagan bautista its a budget phone
Kamino Surveilance (4 years ago)
2:15 what game's that?
SALEM ABADAY (4 years ago)
how much is this phone its great to see
Jan Bertumen (4 years ago)
which is better? the intel atom version or the snapdragon version with lte of the zenfone 5?
Darisa Sumanth (4 years ago)
hai there..what's the game that you are playing in this video.i mean the racing game with ellipse plot
Arif khan (4 years ago)
Asus zenfone 2 ke bare me bhi koi video upload karo plzz
ANANT JOSHI (4 years ago)
hello sir, will you please share which video editing software you use to edit your videos.
Abhishek Peter (4 years ago)
Sound quality thru headphones better than iPhone 4s or not???
Mohd Salah (4 years ago)
Just go for asus zen 5 lte... perfomances are much better..battery life can stand much longer.. :)
Harry Tung (3 years ago)
3g version performance are better
Review Asus Zenfone 6 also
Ellis Ocampo (4 years ago)
nice review. I'll have my own zenfone 5 hopefully tomorrow. i ordered it online for just 7000php :)
John Lhenric Nicolas (4 years ago)
thanks dude! i think i need to get one now asap! thank you again and have fun!
Ellis Ocampo (4 years ago)
it was great! I already tried several heavy games on it like dead trigger, sims freeplay etc. it was overall a fun experience. minus the battery life. It could only survive just half the day when you use it heavily like games and stuff. but it's nice to have this baby and im very satisfied. for it's price tag, it's definitely a steal! You should try it :D
John Lhenric Nicolas (4 years ago)
how was it bro? performance... overall? thanks!
Sujeesh Joy (4 years ago)
Dude with Kitkat update battery life seems to have taken a beat ??? also the headphone sound for zenphone 5??
Makhija (4 years ago)
As an indian i think you are too fast to follow.
Akhil Neela (4 years ago)
yaar.. i like your voice and english accent... good job bro.. 
Veer Gamer (4 years ago)
Hey @Manik, I'd like to see your review for a phone since your accent is SOOOO good.
Nishchay Sachdeva (4 years ago)
which is better zenfone5 or moto g(2nd gen) ?  
Raizen (4 years ago)
would love to know this as well
FUCK YOU ALL (4 years ago)
asus zenfone5 is a great phone at Rs. 9999. i give 9/10 points. i strongly recommend if your budget is around Rs. 10000. i hv bn using last 1 month.
Manik Ahluwalia (4 years ago)
Its pains me to tell you (not really) that your accent sucks
Sohail Mahmood (4 years ago)
Hey ash.... Moto g 2nd gen or zenphone 5?? Pls reply :)
Dinesh Kumar (4 years ago)
Also do a full gaming review on xolo play 8x 1100 please
Dinesh Kumar (4 years ago)
Also do a full gaming review on xolo play 8x 1100 please
sajja phaneendra (4 years ago)
Where is the onscreen summary of pro's and con's like your remaining video's
Andy Dawson (4 years ago)
nevermind, EVERYONE THE GAME IS CALLED SLINGSHOT RACER, was that so hard to reply to people ?
Andy Dawson (4 years ago)
whats the game called you are playing ?
MikeDigitalG (4 years ago)
I believe that game is called: Slingshot Racing or something like that. Hope that helps.
Kate Sanico (4 years ago)
Kate Sanico (4 years ago)
Saket Kath (4 years ago)
which game is that ?
Balaji Chandrasekaran (4 years ago)
isn't SD card slot left of the camera?
Jack Boyle (4 years ago)
Really enjoying your reviews, keep up the good work!
one21 (4 years ago)
I m sorry it has 2 gigs of ram
one21 (4 years ago)
Hi, Zenfone 5  has @ gigs ram. U r comparing it with redmi 1s, moto g. Do u think redmi 1s or moto g is better than zenfone 5?? Do reply
Jitendra Raghuwanshi (4 years ago)
awesome video as always! :D
Louis Wenceslao (4 years ago)
what game was that you played on the zenfone 5?
Sonic Mudra! (4 years ago)
Buddy please let me know the front camera is it good for video chatting via skype I wanna buy it for my dad
Sonic Mudra! (4 years ago)
Buddy please let me know the front camera is it good for video chatting via skype I wanna buy it for my dad
RC Loy (4 years ago)
Zenfone5 or Redmi Note?
Afaque Siddiqui (4 years ago)
Htc One E8 review please 😁
Venkatadri Raghunathan (4 years ago)
Venkatadri Raghunathan (4 years ago)
Great! Nice to see a world famous tech reviewer from Chennai.
Ni Na (4 years ago)
s  he is from chennai
can't play on mobile is there a problem
Vaibhav Berlia (4 years ago)
could you possibly compare the oppo find 7a and the oneplus one? 
Gasso Desec (4 years ago)
The battery life is pretty short, and the chunky body makes feel like a 5.5inch or greater in the hand. Still, a fantastic bargain for the money. I've been using one since they launched a couple months ago.
SEGA DREAMCAST (4 years ago)
I plain old forgotten!!
SEGA DREAMCAST (4 years ago)
+Leonardo Kallin hahaha!
Leonardo Kallin (4 years ago)
I love you
ShinN EiJiN (4 years ago)
compare it to REDMI 1s
Marcus Leong (4 years ago)
Continue with these videos lovin it
Amogh Datar (4 years ago)
Ash the video doesn't seem to play. Not sure if it's been uploaded in a proper bit rate
steward joey (4 years ago)
works on firefox but in chrome the video starts after a minute  
Amogh Datar (4 years ago)
Ash the video doesn't seem to play. Not sure if it's been uploaded in a proper bit rate
Shahazad Bagwan (4 years ago)
1st! :)
C4ETech (4 years ago)
Asus Zenfone 5 Review! http://youtu.be/_b5KX5ldzmo
Ronak Desai (4 years ago)
Do you suggest this or the htc desire 616
Shahbuddin Qadri Razvi (4 years ago)
+C4ETech 😊 okey...!!
C4ETech (4 years ago)
+Shahbuddin Qadri Razvi None taken brother! This was not on my list, fit it in since I received too many requests for it :)
Shahbuddin Qadri Razvi (4 years ago)
Ashwin go premium why review this phones There'r Smartphone giant's out there why not review them? No Offense
Willie D. Washington (4 years ago)
+Sushil Berlia +Vaibhav Berlia OnePlus One vs Oppo Find 7a - Quick Look *1+1* - 2.5GHz processor, multicolor notification LED, 3GB RAM, 64GB, no removable battery for $350 *Oppo Find 7a* - 2.3GHz processor, only blue notification LED, 2GB RAM, 16GB with microSD, removable battery for $500 _YOU DO THE MATH!_

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