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If You Couldn't CRAFT Without a CRAFTING LICENSE | Minecraft

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Crafting is obviously a huge part of MineCRAFT... but what if we needed a crafting license in order to craft in the game? All you have to do is pass a 'simple' crafting quiz and you get your license! Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed, make sure to leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss any future videos! Leave your video suggestions in the comments and you may be featured in the next one! Actors: luigieight, Nooblet_, KillCoin, DaOnlyKiwii, TristainTWN2016, Trarlex, creeper321448, ColeMaster32, Yxrkie Would you be able to pass the Minecraft quiz? ►MERCH ExplodingTNT SHIRTS!! https://www.explodingtntstore.com/ ►FIND ME: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExplodingTNT Facebook: http://on.fb.me/X3KYbC ►CREDITS Music: http://www.epidemicsound.com/
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Text Comments (16379)
ExplodingTNT (1 year ago)
CRAFTING LICENSE... Thanks for all the suggestions :D HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY!! CAN WE GET TO 30,000 LIKES???
Doğukan Türkoğlu (1 month ago)
1:28 ender dragon fires fireballs from his butt?
CryletzPlays Roblox (2 months ago)
MR.TNTNT (3 months ago)
did I just saw that ender dragon shooting fire balls out his butt
Geen Video’s man (4 months ago)
ExplodingTNT you reach more than 30,000 likes
Izaak (5 months ago)
last reply :)
MA RK (3 hours ago)
Why is yhe skeleton still alive 5:42
X-Mighty (4 hours ago)
you can just check the recipe book lol
Nayte The Great Master (13 hours ago)
5:25 Isn’t the skeleton supposed to burn
PurpleDragon 089 (16 hours ago)
Someone broke my tablet 😭😭😭😭
WildSpeck (17 hours ago)
at the beginning the brand new player doesn't have the default skin
Sandy Anderson (21 hours ago)
1:28 why dragón pooping fireballs?
Gwendelyn Taylor (23 hours ago)
2018 any body 100 like=explodingtnt doing a great job
Fica Mica (1 day ago)
Calls ExplodingTNT* Yeah, hello, are you making that CHEESE pizza you showed in the video?
DAFA MES (1 day ago)
Saya ingin berbagi dan kini telah di kampung Pulo gadung yang tidak akan membuat Anda ingin berbagi sedikit ilmu yang tidak
If you need a use licence
Nayemul Islam (2 days ago)
haha... 4 ginpowder is needed for a tnt
Maxine 24 (2 days ago)
And, If You Need A Fighting Liscence to Fight
Maxine 24 (2 days ago)
Was Notch was jealous?
Tram Xuanloc (3 days ago)
ender dragon hack + gg
Hyper Ravyn (3 days ago)
Do you see dantdm? at 3:32? anyone?
Hyper Ravyn (3 days ago)
Do if plarer's have soccor
Kitty_Meow _MashUp (4 days ago)
If zombies and skeletons could walk in the sun ☀️
Kitty_Meow _MashUp (4 days ago)
5:44 lol how does he walk in the sun😂
MalcolmX Gaming (4 days ago)
If u needed a license to die
Samuel Tan (4 days ago)
1:28 the dragon is pooping fire
Linda LaFlamme (5 days ago)
Hi dude it’s me tuber trio
Mika Sinthununthana (5 days ago)
If you need a trading license to trade
Yahya Alsulayman (5 days ago)
Your a cool youtuber
Yahya Alsulayman (5 days ago)
Why if they are scared you make his ayes big
Yahya Alsulayman (5 days ago)
Notch is so so so so stupit and idiot and a noob he says in the vid noobs is cute and he is a noob haha
Yahya Alsulayman (5 days ago)
I name my self in minecraft pe explodindTNT
Yahya Alsulayman (5 days ago)
Make the vilegers strong in your videos
Yahya Alsulayman (5 days ago)
Make a vedeo that veligers take over minecraft
Yahya Alsulayman (5 days ago)
Do you play only minecraft
Yahya Alsulayman (5 days ago)
Why dont you tolk in ur vedeos
Yahya Alsulayman (5 days ago)
I love that noob in your vedeos
Yahya Alsulayman (5 days ago)
Vilegers is soooooi so so so cute
Yahya Alsulayman (5 days ago)
If you need a minecraft licence to play the game
vincent tong (5 days ago)
oh and failboat is weakes he should kill the guy first then take his items #prakstergangsternation
vincent tong (5 days ago)
explodingtnt is the biggest noob in minecraft like ever if pink sheep is watching i am a prankster gangster lolol
Marty Martinez (6 days ago)
If diamonds and gold switched places
Alucard Demon hunter (6 days ago)
It think I saw a dantdm statue
Sydney Iida (6 days ago)
5:30 lol Like if you agree if players couldn't change their skin
Andrew Michael (7 days ago)
if you need a PvP license
Clong_Clong Galang (7 days ago)
Ive been playing mc for 2 years
Dennis Ian Porter (7 days ago)
jumping licence 😂😍😍😍🤫🤫👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Dennis Ian Porter (7 days ago)
Looks cool.
Argia Arief (7 days ago)
The skeletons is not burn
Lisa Owens (7 days ago)
Do if the ender_dragon had babies following it
Lisa Owens (7 days ago)
Trust me it will be cute
Fion 144 (8 days ago)
I suggest you to do: If You Need A House To Mine.
If minecraft had a great phisysic
Yunq Aiden (8 days ago)
Make a Build license
Jill Bright (8 days ago)
Robert Laurence Merin (8 days ago)
He craft everything dude he’s in creative mode.
Rama Kandalgaonkar (9 days ago)
If only villagers got sword.....
Kaneki DxD (9 days ago)
How didn't the skeleton burned @[email protected]
Magno Cyrus (11 days ago)
10:04 Cheezpitzzeeaaaaaaaa Cheezzeepeeezxzaaaaaaahhh
Martin Seminario (11 days ago)
Tell me your texture packs please
Ethanyuuh Changhuui (11 days ago)
Troll licence
ShadowBlueHD (11 days ago)
how can they know the answers to the quiz if they dont know how to craft? lol (ik this video is made 1 year ago)
HankWimleton098 (11 days ago)
*I C R A F T E D A N E N D E R D R A G O N ! ! ! !*
Horia Horia (12 days ago)
I trusedet somewane at firing togeder but he was teeming who we wher fighimtg and he killed me sorry of my worlds are bad my iPad is broken
Gulsum Caner (12 days ago)
Farbod Rasouli (12 days ago)
Meil Marquez (12 days ago)
if you need quit license to quit in Minecraft
AddictedCris (12 days ago)
2:11 whats the name of him?
onbreakfail (13 days ago)
If you needed an tnt license to blow
jing chanappa (13 days ago)
jing chanappa (13 days ago)
Moreno Sean (13 days ago)
If zombie can craft
Moreno Sean (13 days ago)
Ummmmm why do the skeleton live in a day
ihopkpop luver (14 days ago)
Is it weird if I feel bad for the skeleton?
Eboy Gelito (15 days ago)
I answer the crafting quiz
Loyal Dog (15 days ago)
You can't craft an ender dragon.
tiziana tedde (16 days ago)
so notch change minecraft only whit mouse ?
zygis palsis (16 days ago)
I have an idea if you can rewind time
Recent Mage (16 days ago)
I also got 3
Christopher Harrison (16 days ago)
do if something went right for villagers
Angela Lisiuk (16 days ago)
I saw the “diamond mine cart” (youtuber) at 3:44
Gacha Amber (17 days ago)
What if there was no players in minecraft (only you) or what if minecraft has no food bar
L B (18 days ago)
QnA. ExplodingTnT. If u like cheese. Do u Like Cheese Pizza?!?
leaffrog gamer 9999 (18 days ago)
Do what happend if villager had a sword
Armando Domingo (18 days ago)
I subscribe
joewsnyder1 (18 days ago)
if endermen needed a peeing license to pee???
joewsnyder1 (18 days ago)
Wat but it is impossible to get emeralds without pickaxe... but how do you buy an emerald?
Unspekablememe Plays (18 days ago)
He said he couldn’t craft but he had sticks you need wood to craft sticks
realsteel m (19 days ago)
When i was to watch the video a minecraft ad showed up <3
Zeno90 Dj (19 days ago)
That leaves 265 days in a year.
Mohammad Jamalian (19 days ago)
Wat da heck!
flaze Gaming (19 days ago)
How the skeleton can be on day
Jc boy Tagalog (19 days ago)
I see player standing in 3:32
sweetamethyst2000 (19 days ago)
You can search on Google
Arya Satya Riady (19 days ago)
if you need set skin license
Jellyfish StudiosYT (19 days ago)
Do if mobs and players switched places
Ziraf Artz (19 days ago)
Well.. We can search the answer in google..
Andrew Ja (19 days ago)
Did anyone see dantdm
Jacen James (19 days ago)
Jacen James (20 days ago)
He dies all the time
Mylo Star (20 days ago)
Please do if Pigs and Grass switched places??!!??!!??!!
Deepak Srivastav (20 days ago)
I have more licence ☺
Ice [gachatuber] (20 days ago)
Notch:noobs are so cute Me:YEZZ
Killian Casalegno (20 days ago)
I can get all quiz answers 10/10 or 9/10!
Taerae12 (20 days ago)
Omg the Ender Dragon that he crafted was farting out fire balls that must burn 🐉
Mystical_Fire21 (20 days ago)
Wait at 3:36 he said he wanted to craft a sword with a sick and 2 diamonds How did he craft the stick????

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