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If You Couldn't CRAFT Without a CRAFTING LICENSE | Minecraft

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Crafting is obviously a huge part of MineCRAFT... but what if we needed a crafting license in order to craft in the game? All you have to do is pass a 'simple' crafting quiz and you get your license! Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed, make sure to leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss any future videos! Leave your video suggestions in the comments and you may be featured in the next one! Actors: luigieight, Nooblet_, KillCoin, DaOnlyKiwii, TristainTWN2016, Trarlex, creeper321448, ColeMaster32, Yxrkie Would you be able to pass the Minecraft quiz? ►MERCH ExplodingTNT SHIRTS!! https://www.explodingtntstore.com/ ►FIND ME: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExplodingTNT Facebook: http://on.fb.me/X3KYbC ►CREDITS Music: http://www.epidemicsound.com/
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Text Comments (16680)
ExplodingTNT (1 year ago)
CRAFTING LICENSE... Thanks for all the suggestions :D HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY!! CAN WE GET TO 30,000 LIKES???
OFFICIAL YT (1 month ago)
OFFICIAL YT (1 month ago)
Nathan Snyder (3 hours ago)
if you needed a license to craft impossible mobs and blocks
Sashka Awesomeness (3 hours ago)
If there was a NOOB ZOMBIE VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sashka Awesomeness (3 hours ago)
I looked on Chrome to find the answers!!! :)
Gammer Child (5 hours ago)
if we needed to ask notch to do anything
Gammer Child (5 hours ago)
if you would be needed to make a life liecence to live
Gamerx 7723 (15 hours ago)
These license videos are getting more and more hilarious
Shark Rider gaming (18 hours ago)
I made it
If players were poisoned all time
ExplodingTNT: Yolo
Parasuraman K (22 hours ago)
how old are you
J Kou (1 day ago)
5:28 Why is the skeleton not burning
YouTube Andre (1 day ago)
if noobs were removed
Well the ender dragon he crafted farts fire charges
Blazing Legend (1 day ago)
i found the quiz they used https://www.allthetests.com/quiz32/quiz/1425264972/Minecraft-Crafting-Quiz
If You Could make clones
Jared Mojica (1 day ago)
After 2000 years your on question 9😂😂😂
Jared Mojica (1 day ago)
Next vid: if you needed a walking license to walk
COBRA YT (1 day ago)
wtf who is behind failboat at 3:45
Rodeo Castaneda (2 days ago)
The quiz was easy
Rodeo Castaneda (2 days ago)
Do if you can't get things in creative
Roger Phantom Pirate (2 days ago)
Lol You can't craft an ender dragon xD
Zeleck Playz (2 days ago)
J Purcell (2 days ago)
There something called google. They could just look up the answers 😑
J Purcell (2 days ago)
If Minecraft was nothing
Juan Lopez (2 days ago)
10:05 like if u like cheese peperoni pizza if 200 likes exploting tnt will eat it
Nheel baligod (3 days ago)
If mincraft turn into evil cuz notch is now evil pls do that video :D
ESSurgeon 11 (3 days ago)
10:05 Pizza Cheese
Steven Chandra (3 days ago)
05:26 why the skeletor didnt burn
Flamingo Gamer Girl (3 days ago)
If Notch Added five Nights At Freddys
Caithleene Cheung (3 days ago)
Jack playz R (3 days ago)
5:40 skeleton in daylight!? What!?
MrShapestone (3 days ago)
The Dark Knight Rises: Sponsored by Villagers.
PEPE IS A POO (4 days ago)
Roblox guy gamerz (4 days ago)
Is the big Dan TDM a easter egg???
Talitintti39 Gaming (4 days ago)
9:22 its 5
Lyn Mandap (4 days ago)
1 like=1rip i did it
Its 4 powder
super ask me4! (5 days ago)
Pls make if you needed a items license to use items.
niecey niece (6 days ago)
If resources and hazards switched places
莊碧 (6 days ago)
Nothing will ever go right for villagers Me why not 😂😋
AllyCat 711 (6 days ago)
If villagers could defend themselfes/If villagers killed zombies
Gacha Universe (6 days ago)
If you couldn't get any Licences without the Licence Licence 😂😂😂😂😂
The Dishonored Coward (6 days ago)
Why was the ender dragon launching fire balls from its cloaca?
P_PGamer Lol (7 days ago)
0:12 rare water?
Spark The Fox (7 days ago)
if villagers could defend themselves
michelle casssanova (7 days ago)
He can't pay with no tools
wong sie liong (8 days ago)
How do Elwell craft ender dragon
TheElectrow78 (8 days ago)
if you can't craft why you can craft a craft table ?
mubby (5 days ago)
N A N I ?
Strongarm Blue555 (8 days ago)
Why the skeleton is not burning in sun
Nathan Snyder (2 hours ago)
either it was the morph mod or someone in a skin
Jason Voorhees (8 days ago)
If you couldn't brew without a brewing licence I am sure Dan will be able to do the quiz
Bimster Roll (8 days ago)
4 lapiz lazuli and bonemeal
Bimster Roll (8 days ago)
1 obsidian 2 2 sugar 3 stone,quartz,redstone torch
Bimster Roll (8 days ago)
1 obsidian
Ethan Tolentino (8 days ago)
What you craft an ender dragon tahts possible?!?
Ronaldo Tints (9 days ago)
PLSS do if villagers have a speed bar!!!
k.d.d hauth (9 days ago)
if vindicators and evokers had to look at you and you needed to wear a pumpkin
k.d.d hauth (9 days ago)
moving license
Yandoking Gamer (9 days ago)
Do “ ir you need a mine license “
fortnite chanel (10 days ago)
Do if you need a moving license
Loading Croatia Ball (10 days ago)
If you need an eating license to eat
DarkService 8 (11 days ago)
eheeemm!.. 5:45 tho why is that skeleton burning when the sun is FREAKING BRIGHT!??😝😂 I JUST SUBSCRIBED BY THE WAY!
Curtis Warren (11 days ago)
What is a rat favorite pizza
MultiFairy24 (11 days ago)
I have 2 of 10 answered
kankim (11 days ago)
earljed salamera (12 days ago)
If you couldn't eat without license!
Jon Payne (12 days ago)
The skeleton is not burning in the sun!!???
Gus Rubio (12 days ago)
5:48 chickens are taking over... THE END IS HERE. THERE IS NO HOPE. GIVE. UP. NOW.
Nathan Snyder (2 hours ago)
LoL Master (14 days ago)
Did anybody notice that the dragon was farting fireballs
Jax Animations (14 days ago)
7:43 my birthday is May 8th
THE COOL GUY (14 days ago)
What if you can get your items back from any material
joshlie omiter (15 days ago)
hes joking
Kristine Pineda (16 days ago)
What if theres a chatting license
Keifath 7125 (16 days ago)
The question number 1 is obsidian 👧
Janine Keith (16 days ago)
That guy is never nice
Anderson Heath (16 days ago)
Do if venom was in Minecraft plz I have been watching your vids for years
Adam The Youtuber (16 days ago)
If Jeb took over Minecraft Like if you agree
DEATHROWGAMING (16 days ago)
I wonder how to craft that
DEATHROWGAMING (16 days ago)
The ended dragon craft
King of Siege (17 days ago)
Apparently notch has never heard of the thing called the internet.
Dorjoy Mondol (17 days ago)
If notch and herobrine was noob
Rus Tan (17 days ago)
that crafting license is sucks you know what your fuker boboboboboaaaa and that is not true and your videcs bebebbe
Ayesha 29 (18 days ago)
Do if you need a license to kill someone
QTBunny32 Minecrafts (18 days ago)
5:29 How can the skeleton not burn in the daytime? Lol. prob disguised. Btw, do: If Villagers Had Regular Arms
Victor FuryDragon (18 days ago)
david Dzila (19 days ago)
1:28 pooping fire balls
Who thinks we can get 100k likes
Yocelin Villanueva (20 days ago)
When that guy said I can still craft he had a crafting table and u needed not have wood to craft it so how did he craft it if he didn't have a crafting license
Dragon Dog (20 days ago)
lol I just used the site that notch used for the test to decide what I want for Christmas 🎄🎁
Euson Plays (21 days ago)
I had a weird question Why that skeleton is surviving in the daytime at 5:26?
XxFrancis X GamingxX (21 days ago)
Oh poor TNT guy hehe
Eric Lasher (21 days ago)
😂😂😂 "1 like = 1 rip" -ExplodingTNT Also "I quit" -ExplodingTNT Literally me with everything
nancy manalo (21 days ago)
Snow and sand will swich
Xavier Chen (22 days ago)
I'll quit minecraft if that happens
Jimmy4164 //AVGNAddict (22 days ago)
6:17 "we have everything" We? *COMMUNISM*
Mystery ? (22 days ago)
4:07 like if you saw dantdm
Jayden Still (22 days ago)
Ink bendy fan of tdm (22 days ago)
Yay a dantdm statue 4.09
Ink bendy fan of tdm (22 days ago)
I mean 4:09
Jace Clark (23 days ago)
By cheating of course!!!!!!!!!
Squid Roll (23 days ago)
If a move license was added to minecraft

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