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ASUS Zenfone 5 Lite (A502CG) Benchmarks

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ASUS Zenfone 5 Lite comes with 5 inch qHD display and is powered by 1.2Ghz Intel atom processor with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage along with Android KitKat. Here is the benchmarks of the device with AnTuTu, Quadrant, Velamo, Nenamark 2 and Multi touch apps
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Aliff Ishak (3 years ago)
Do tutorial how to root zenfone 5 lite. Please!
is the battery life ok?
Thanks for the post. Do you really see any improvement in the battery life of zenfone 5 lite. (bcoz one of the cons of zenfone 5 is battery performance)
Smithesh N (4 years ago)
Hello, hows the loudspeaker volume? And is there any major issues with this phone?
BnB Travels (4 years ago)
QUESTION: Can you please test if Zenfone 5 Lite supports USB OTG? Thanks for your fast reviews! you're the first to upload Benchmark Tests of Zenfone 5 LITE. By the way, Zenfone 5 2GB RAM scores 23,000 in Antutu Benchmark :) so its around 5,000 higher than the score of Zenfone 5 LITE.
Pratyush Paliwal (4 years ago)
Review panasonic p55
John Wayne Maquinta (4 years ago)
very nice :) .. pls do the gaming review/test aswell pls :D
Techniqued (4 years ago)
+John Wayne Maquinta Gaming review uploaded
Black Pegasus (4 years ago)
thank you pls do the gaming test
Techniqued (4 years ago)
Sure, editing it now :)
Abhishek Dutta (4 years ago)
Nice review.... plz plz do the gaming review... waiting for that.... 
Abhishek Dutta (4 years ago)
Techniqued (4 years ago)
+Abhishek Dutta Gaming review uploaded

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