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Fat Man History - The Full Story of Fort Strong - Fallout 4 Lore

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Text Comments (3514)
GuardStud08 (1 year ago)
Ordinance is the correct spelling.
james johnson (10 days ago)
No one cares
Devasta The Seeker (1 month ago)
Bethesda: "this is lore friendly, the person writing this wrote it as ordinance because that's what they thought it was spelt like"
ThRiVe (1 month ago)
Ember Jones A r a z o n i a 😂😂🤣🤣
ThRiVe (1 month ago)
Gotz the Ironhand I see you are a man of culture as well.:p
ThRiVe (1 month ago)
Justinian The Great Emperor West Virginia
Cory In The House (20 hours ago)
I just met Chris Habersham in fallout new vegas
J S (1 day ago)
Big boy mirv is more likely to kill you than the enemy
r3wturb0x (2 days ago)
too bad they nerfed all projectile explosives making them less effective than legendary ballistic weapons
kaczusia xd (3 days ago)
anti bully (3 days ago)
0:48 that must hurt
BoiCanIGetAnUhh (4 days ago)
Also if you didn’t know, the fat man was a real thermo-atomic bomb, and just so happens to be the bomb that was dropped by the Enola Gay on hiroshima
Maybe they made a toliet into a water purifier
tek413 (4 days ago)
31 min in you solved the first mystery you stated ox. The rubble blocking the elevator is moved for a quest. The fat man blocked is because of a removed quest
Jake B-H (4 days ago)
This guy is so corny!
Amanda Morgan (4 days ago)
i thought this was a bat man rip off
Jacob Fukumoto (4 days ago)
get a two shoot laser
I Think that Teddy is a Reference to the Sailer Song 13 Man on a Dead man's Chest (johoho and a Bottle of Rum)
Goku Black (5 days ago)
Imagine going to war with a launchable Nuke.... Even your allies will be scared of u
henry prangel (6 days ago)
0:02 "country roooaaads take me hoome"
I actually acquired a fat man about 4 hours in, i found it at that military junk yard
kj kernal (6 days ago)
What Power Armor helmet is that in the thumbnail? I am new to the Power Armor customization process so I just wanted to know.
Landon Schafer (7 days ago)
Rip that guys wienus
Red Reaper (7 days ago)
It is funny from 0:49
fryeguy115 (7 days ago)
0:49 Crotch shot 🤣🤣
Itheslayer (7 days ago)
0:48 “ how I lost my virginity to a miniature nuclear bomb”
Michael Reed (7 days ago)
The full story and lore... until Bethesda rewrites it in the very next game.
Dj Miller (7 days ago)
hows about a power armor history video? I thought the museum one would be it, but it seems to be solely for explaining the build of the museum itself lol
Quantum Quack (8 days ago)
LOL when the US runns out of nuke names and copies fallout 4 😂😂😂
I’m A doggo (8 days ago)
What gun does he use
Kestin Sarver (8 days ago)
:50 nut shot
I accidentally named my lever action Johnny boy because of auto correct from Jody boy
Mr.DeadInside (8 days ago)
Here comes the jolly fat man
Michael J. Caboose (9 days ago)
*Experimental MIRV laughing in the distance*
killi mimes (9 days ago)
Its based on the daniel boone mortar tactical nuke that really existed in the 1960s
Tommy Raddichi (10 days ago)
13:33 bethesda should have put the fat man in a locked container, like the cryolator.
Doom Archvile (10 days ago)
The mirv mod is chaos,but the range is so limited.
Up And Across (10 days ago)
:48 a sign for NNN or DDD
Sanghi Dembomes (10 days ago)
A piat with a small nuclear payload
SLOTHGOD (10 days ago)
What if when the fatmans were being shipped out the bombs dropped and later on raiders found them and moved them around and that’s why you can find them all over the place
Deezul Dub (11 days ago)
Oh man, it’s called recruiting. According the video you’ll be jumping out of helicopters the whole time. They don’t have the tactical mopping in the video lmao.
Leo (11 days ago)
0:49 OoF
sozi1100 (12 days ago)
it somehow sounds like ur proud "you" dropped the bomb´s over japan. is it really making u proud that of some ppl isnt more left than a shadow? ....... like ur videos normaly but thumbs down for this MURICA shit...
yolo123 afk (12 days ago)
2018 anyone
scooter games (13 days ago)
can you do the history of the deathclaw
Rex Miller (13 days ago)
What if they got out because the super mutants started selling them
Kodiak Spaulding (14 days ago)
The fat man is in fall out 3 to
free roam gaming (14 days ago)
NPC (15 days ago)
Never use it, I play on survival.
Mobie (16 days ago)
There is a Fatman right across the river of Sanctuary, so idk about that. 12:55
Mc fetron Ion (16 days ago)
0:48 there goes his future children
Chandler Nolan (16 days ago)
0:50 “fuuuuck”
Axileus (16 days ago)
0:49 now thats what I call adding insult to injury
Throttle Rocket (16 days ago)
We call that a step ladder here in america.
Jordan K (16 days ago)
At 0:48, the raider gets hit in the balls with the nuke, I am disappointed that Ox didn't say anything.
AkridHunter (17 days ago)
That Fat Man room was probably a dummied-out reward for a quest, given that it's blocked in by rubble just like the Mini Nuke storage in the basement is blocked in unless you have the BoS quest.
Cinnamon Roller (17 days ago)
24:45 I’ll tell ya, Oxhorn doesn’t give a crap about his fans. He just focuses on YouTube giving him a hard time jk love you
DylanTheGreat2004 (17 days ago)
0:49 that mini nuke sexually harassed that man
What power armor are you wearing
In the thumbnail
Demoulius (18 days ago)
For the fatman and all the mini nukes: Lorewise they might not have a reason to be all over the place. Gamewise theyre randomized loot and the devs just want us to have some oversized catapults so we can fire mini nukes all over the place :D
Jason Martinelli (18 days ago)
Who needs accuracy when you have nukes
NOOB_king1656 (18 days ago)
its really weird that room is blocked off maybe theirs a quest that unlocks it. thanks for the awesome video Oxhorn keep up the great work.
Hunter McNay (18 days ago)
I have a mod that makes mini nukes explode and say “that’s a lotta damage”
Worldwide Games (19 days ago)
0: 48 in the ballz!
Tatsuhiro Satou (19 days ago)
Not sure if it was a bug but i got up to that floor at 11:30 without a jet pack or clipping.
James Pang (19 days ago)
Shut up I’m Chinese
not That (19 days ago)
t h i c c man
faceless 456 (20 days ago)
I use the missile launcher so I sell my mini nukes and fat man's
Seth Newport (20 days ago)
10 fusion cells in a cabinet meh seems normal 21:01
kingslayer 192ex (22 days ago)
Why does the nuke launcher's always have "boy" in it?
Gamer Puppet123 (22 days ago)
0:48 hey man don’t nuke me their that is my no no square
Victoria Astorga (22 days ago)
Wells Shewench (22 days ago)
Do YOU know history? Or what the glorious USA, has taught you? Wiki and google doesn't count! Print your own T-Shirt for less! ...Anywhere! lol
Donut Art (22 days ago)
I love how in the commercial Timmy runs off screen triggering a explosion sampling that: 1: HE LAUNCHED THAT SUCKER STRAIGHT AT THE BULLIES ABSOLUTELY OBLITERATING THEM 2: he was so excited that he ran straight into the wall arming it then fired it at the bullies but the explosion of the propulsion detonated the mininuke killing him and possibly the bullies Either way good job kid
Rick Wijnveld (23 days ago)
in the terminal it said they had already begun shipping out the mini nukes and fat man launchers. so logically a good load of them would have already arrived at Mississippi ready for distribution with more being constantly produced and those left at the fort could be one of many shipments.
Lord Fridge (23 days ago)
why is this video narrated by jack black
Abram Edwards (24 days ago)
There is a bomb called Fat Boy
Carl Johnson (24 days ago)
0:48 feeling it in the morning.
Drnkn Tst (24 days ago)
Move the damn mouse!
Phi Oanh Vo (24 days ago)
0:47, that nuke is going into the da raider pigas.
Fothan Swift (24 days ago)
Where does the army come up with these names
Tyme Talstra (25 days ago)
I was able to get up the status withouten a jetpack
Tyme Talstra (25 days ago)
Jk Grunge (25 days ago)
I thought this fatman was from the mgs sons of liberty game lol
Andi Yeck (25 days ago)
Do of the junk jet
TheeRickestRick (25 days ago)
Maybe introducing the Fat Man and Mini Nukes to the war is what pushed the Reds over the edge to use their own nukes?
Connor Walton (25 days ago)
You can get the fat man in your first 20 minutes from the Robotics disposal grounds
blin Bum (26 days ago)
what weapons is he using?
How effective is fat man (duble shot one) MIRV against super mutant beamoth?
Mason Goff (28 days ago)
Dude I love fallout and learning about lore. But I dont like how you waste my time being impractical and slow.. speed it up and stop talking about pointless shit..
VA\_ T B0I (28 days ago)
Black Dynamite (28 days ago)
7:28 Put’em in a long boat till he’s sober
jack_the _hat_rack (28 days ago)
l i l f e l l e r
Murdolph (28 days ago)
Don't forget to get a two shot laser.
Konstantinos Drakos (29 days ago)
You can get a fat man even earlier in the game by entering a master terminal locked room in fort hagen
Wally Mack (29 days ago)
Yeah, you're pretty fat.
jack lack (29 days ago)
agatenby41 (29 days ago)
this is my weapon of choice, to deal with mutants.. it's awesome.
Jim Talbott (29 days ago)
Water......like....from the toilet?
hamatherc1 Gaming (1 month ago)
For the legendary weapon, Big Boy i prefer to use the Nuka Nuke mod
Jack Unclean (1 month ago)
3:09 metal gear nostalgia...
Thyrone (1 month ago)
watched this video almost 7 times lol it still is good
King The Amazing Gamer (1 month ago)
My favorites is Experimental MIRV
Ola Rundberget (1 month ago)
You sound like Tom Hanks!!
Emerald Dragon (1 month ago)
You can get a fat man from fort Hagen which I think is pretty early too

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