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DayZ Village - The Settlement Trading Outpost

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Hello my name is Axe and I am opening up my trading outpost for anyone to come by. I can not offer any permanent stay since I barely have beds for my crew but I can arrange food and water. Leave your gun at the door and do some trading with me or other survivors. Various quests and tasks are also to be done. Find the location on your local Faction Map or get on 87.8 for the exact location. See you soon! Interested in the Village? http://barelyinfected.com/news/
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Ling Long (7 months ago)
Hell yeah nice video my man :D
Nando NG (1 year ago)
Evenings... Ok. I need to ask: WTH is going on in that place? I was scoping that site from a near by hill, I had my scope in my hand (not even attached to mi gun), sudenly: someone inside 2nd floor shot at me twice, lucky for me, that guy was a terrible shot, he hit the tree 2 times, then more shots coming at me, I shot back, hit that prick once then i decide to head back the way I came because that place does not look like the "trading post" you promote here. Some asshole with a stinky Mossin hit me in the legs and i went unconscious from pain (not bleeding), I woke up, patch my self and decide to return to battle then, no matter what. Meanwhile the "terrible shot" guy and I hold a little exchange of bullets, the mossin´s pirck flanked me and killed me, nice. I respawn in Berezino, geared up a little and decide head back to that place. Surprise!! IT IS CLOSED. The whole crew inside the construction site blocked all the doors and sealed all the wholes with tents; the gate is locked as well. I was yelling at the gate for some minutes, then another survivor arrives, we held a little chat for 5 or 7 minutes and then... Some military looking squad arrived from the west pretending to robb me, one of them said me "Stop, hands up", yeah, i ran, the shot, i shot back, took down (unconscious) one of those pricks then they got me; they all were using blue armbands. And so... I must say it again: WHAT THE HELL is going on in that place? Playing DayZ gives you a feeling which no other game in this world could give you ever. (Oh I fucking love this)
Nando NG (1 year ago)
Thanks, Axe, we tryied the radio, honestly: there is nothing on that channel but bandits and "fool´s hunters", leading people to traps and ambushes, we can tell the difference. We think that place was taken over by some big and organized crew, so... We can not say for sure what is actually going on there, it would be nice to gather some kind of intel before me and my humble squad make any moves or pick any side. I repeat: There´s no way to actually get in the complex from the outsite because of the tent blocking. Any information you can share will be great. Enjoy your vacation. See ya around, buddy.
Axel Hjelmqvist (1 year ago)
Nando NG Well, sir. I would not know at the time since I am on vacation. But I know that the place have been under heavy attacks feom bandits in the recent days. Try the radio on 87.8 and get in contact!
Nando NG (1 year ago)
Ok, Im a hunter, kinda looking for a place to trade my goods. Please: would you write the frecunecy here? I really can´t hear that last number man, too much interference... Thanks in advance and keep on surviving. Great video too!
Nando NG (1 year ago)
Thank you man. The sv´s radio channel is not secured. I need you to contact me thru other way, please. I am actually looking for the Village and all people on the radio smell like KoS, ambush or just crazy-shovel-prick lunatic fellas. I almost ran outta goods for trade because of my extense traveling trying to find the Settlement, nevertheless, I want to get there in order to go hunt again. I repeat: I need you to contact me soon - Colt.
Axel Hjelmqvist (1 year ago)
Nando NG Swedish time but there is almost somebody there at any given moment between 14-24 GMT. Id dare to say even 24/7
Nando NG (1 year ago)
Excellent, now I just need to know which world time do you use (or tell me what country you live in so I can calculate the timing correctly) and when do you get in the Sv (clock time) so I can reach you guys. I would not ask any other information in here because obvious reasons (begining with "safety"). Safety first, buddy. Thanks in advance.
Axel Hjelmqvist (1 year ago)
Nando NG Thank you, sir. A hunter is always welcomed! 87.8 would be the frequency
KorkyCzech (1 year ago)
I love the Settlement <3 - Korky <3
DaniiDeed (1 year ago)

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