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Asus Zenfone 5 Z2580 - GPS Test & How To Root!

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Please subscribe for more! Got this from Antelife.com here: http://www.antelife.com/asus-zenfone-5-intel-z2580-dual-core-2-0ghz-2gb-16gb-android-4-3-5-0-inch-corning-gorilla-glass-3-ogs-screen-smartphone-black.html The root tool can be found here: https://www.mediafire.com/?yw5bj7nbr1dct8z
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Text Comments (44)
***** ***** (8 months ago)
а можно по русски?
Michael Yuwana (2 years ago)
it says failed... what should i do?
Senseirain (2 years ago)
Same here "Failed..:("
Tony Tsui (3 years ago)
After you complete everything, can you unroot and uninstall all the apps and it will still work?
Thiago Henrique (3 years ago)
If I root my device using this app I will lose my phone guarantee?
Jommer De Luna (3 years ago)
I decide ASUS Zenfone than other brands. <3
raj bhosale (3 years ago)
While rooting the phone its show failed.What 2 do
Santino Ali (3 years ago)
it can be root? Without gps.
vishal khachi (3 years ago)
im from india and i cant root my phone through root zeen fone please help
Haicool (3 years ago)
Hi, could you tell me if it's possible with thgis method to get Playstore? Cause I'm trying to dl it and once it's done it just won't open it shuts like straightly, dunno what to do
Dilip DNR (3 years ago)
I heard that after rooting we dont get the lollipop upgrade, is that true?
jeffry carter (4 years ago)
why where are you test gps wi-fi on ?
Ahmad Razif (4 years ago)
fasterGPS has stopped working when i chose my region
Shah Ezzat (4 years ago)
it doesn't work in my asus 5, Android kitkat..
LuckyMe (4 years ago)
But why i cant play game from Xmode...always stuck...please help me
Bes mekon (4 years ago)
tnx bro your the best, already subscribed
Haicool (4 years ago)
Would this work as well for the Zenfone 6 ? Cause a video I just saw said that it had troubles, 2 min to find an exact location and after a restart, sth like 30 seconds, which is again a lil' bit long, and as it's a function I do need, I wanna make sure I have a GPS fully working if I buy one of these, thank you
Muhamad Shukeri (4 years ago)
how to disable sim1 icon next to signal bar
Muhamad Shukeri (4 years ago)
how to disable sim1 icon next to signal bar
FUCK YOU ALL (4 years ago)
can I download latest updates after rooting my Zenfone5
Antonio Galvan (4 years ago)
Hello, how did you do to install the google aplications? becouse i bought it in China. I hope you can help me thanks
Alex Kay (4 years ago)
Hey how do I install the google play store on the zenfone 5? please help
Yamika Sharma (4 years ago)
can we update android
Hafiz Hefizu (4 years ago)
gamekiller not working too
Hafiz Hefizu (4 years ago)
system deny to root zzzz gamecih.. plss help me :(
Aishwar Babber (4 years ago)
which is better redmi 1s or zenfone 5 ??
FUCK YOU ALL (4 years ago)
Abd Rahman Zai (4 years ago)
i prefer z5 bro..
Abd Rahman Zai (4 years ago)
i prefer z5 bro..
Mikhail Santiago (4 years ago)
sir.. the app for rooting for zenfone 5 can be use for zenfone 6?
Jackyboy Daman (4 years ago)
s7yler (4 years ago)
Nice GPS and ROOT video, funny they even got their own ROOT zen app :-)
mayiandjay (4 years ago)
Yeah for Asus is an easy way to say "bye bye to your warranty"! :)
KonyolRonyon (4 years ago)
is the GPS only enabled if the devices rooted or it just for faster GPS app?
mayiandjay (4 years ago)
Correct, faster gps app works only if the device is rooted!
Joshua Guillano (4 years ago)
Thanks, should i unroot the phone before installing new updates?
Joshua Guillano (4 years ago)
Thanks :)
mayiandjay (4 years ago)
I would recommended it just to be safe.
Amin Armani (4 years ago)
If i root zenfone 5 will i still get future ota updates?
curtis hope (4 years ago)
Jeramy Mills (4 years ago)
How do I contact you jay I need your help
R A F I D (4 years ago)
nice :) keep up the good work ^_^ ....your channel worth millions of subscriber :) and i can't wait to see that :)
mayiandjay (4 years ago)
Thanks for your support.
HBK__Legend (4 years ago)
Make a beats pill review! Please!

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