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Forgotten Coins: Vertcoin $VTC! (Vertcoin News & Updates)

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Vertcoin (VTC) was pretty hot in the cryptocurrency world in 2017 but recently during the bear market it hasn't had near as much buzz. In this first episode of our Forgotten coins series, we will take a look at Vertcoin, what news & updates the project has, and what investors have to look forward to on its roadmap. If you like this series, please support us by LIKING the video and COMMENTING below with your thoughts! #Cryptocurrency #Crypto #Vertcoin #VTC #Review #News #Updates Also for a CoinMarketCap competitor, please check out: www.livecoinwatch.com
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Text Comments (42)
Bitcoin for Beginners (8 months ago)
Vertcoin HODLers, do you still like this project for the long term??
Inky Team (5 months ago)
i will never sell, i have a bit more then 1k VTC so far and i will keep on buying until it reaches 20 euro, after that i'll stop on buying.
K V (7 months ago)
Bitcoin for Beginners what do you think about DigiByte?
OmniversoSinDios (8 months ago)
absolutely yes! Vertcoin will be very known crypto in 5 to 10 years.
Maxim T (8 months ago)
i like VTC very much for the long term, i have over 1k VTC
brian clark (8 months ago)
Of course!
We The People (5 months ago)
When other coins like litecoin become more expensive vertcoin will be the next best option imho, those late to crypto will be buying vertcoin along with other lighting capable coins like Gris , via, btc, etc.
Bitcoin for Beginners (5 months ago)
Interesting take :)
Robert Ledingham (6 months ago)
I just traded 2 LTC for VTC on Vertpig :) Thanks for the video
Bitcoin for Beginners (6 months ago)
Haha my pleasure
Bob MCGLASSON (7 months ago)
First coin I bought in 2017. Bought under $3 and sold around $5. VTC did fizzle out. Thought they were done
Bitcoin for Beginners (7 months ago)
Thanks for sharing!
Bob MCGLASSON (7 months ago)
Bitcoin for Beginners I hold the same sentiment as this guy. At this point IMO it's oversold like most. VTC is on my radar.
Bitcoin for Beginners (7 months ago)
Do you consider them back in action now?
OmniversoSinDios (8 months ago)
VTC is a very strong coin, will be around BTC and LTC for long time from now.
Bitcoin for Beginners (8 months ago)
What do you mean be around BTC and ltc?
1nicelad (8 months ago)
Lightning is ready and atomic swaps have all been tested. The Litbox could turn out to be a huge gamechanger. Btc = Gold Ltc = Silver Vtc = Bronze
DaveTech CA (8 months ago)
I run a gpu crypto mining channel. Vertcoin is one of my favourite. Lyra2rev2 will run all day long on 1070s and right now almost 1 vtc per day per card! Lots of help for home miners. The project is awesome it is the people's coin.
Bitcoin for Beginners (8 months ago)
DaveTech CA haha awesome.
Alphacoco (8 months ago)
Nice idea for a series. So many great coins got lots of attention but nothing of late. Please look at DeepOnion and SiaCoin.
Bitcoin for Beginners (8 months ago)
For sure, those are great ideas!
Jeffrey Rufino (8 months ago)
I love VTC! Thanks
Bitcoin for Beginners (8 months ago)
So do we!
Hoboking87 (8 months ago)
This series is a brilliant idea. Let me suggest Auroracoin, MaidSafeCoin, Ether Classic, Bytecoin, and Peercoin. (EDIT: How did I forget Namecoin and Omni??)
Bitcoin for Beginners (8 months ago)
will do
Hoboking87 (8 months ago)
Bitcoin for Beginners Love this channel, guys, keep up the good work. I got you at the top of the payment list for BAT tokens in my Brave browser lol
Bitcoin for Beginners (8 months ago)
Yay, we will put them on the list!
Walla (8 months ago)
got in first week was public, was pumped to high prices then more than 100x devaluation in price in a few months, my investmet was worthless, in my opinion a real shitcoin.
Bitcoin for Beginners (8 months ago)
I see, thanks for sharing :)
Joshua Hawkins (8 months ago)
Thanks for the rundown on the project. I've heard the name months ago but never looked into it
Bitcoin for Beginners (8 months ago)
Our pleasure!
Luke Malic (8 months ago)
yeah im looking to pick some up under a dollar its just out of fashion right now as crypto starts taking over it will gain traction again
Luke Malic (8 months ago)
i think komodo is a good buy at its current price theres so many undervalued projects atm though
Bitcoin for Beginners (8 months ago)
Nice, anything else you looking at that's under the radar?
Entrepreneurs Book Club (8 months ago)
Great video!
Johnny Crypto (8 months ago)
I got into Vert in June 2017 at 0.99. Watched it run to $7 and sold at $4.85. Always liked the project, but no one is using it.
just a boi (8 months ago)
Why would it change? Its inferior in fees to feeless cryptos, such as IOTA and Nano, and inferior in privacy to Monero.
stephen rendall (8 months ago)
Johnny Crypto i honestly think that may change in the near future. At the very least its worth watching.
Adriano El Casinero (8 months ago)
Seems like a legit project, how about the decentralization aspect?
stephen rendall (8 months ago)
I couldn't comment on that, but I don't see how it is any different from any other project..
Adriano El Casinero (8 months ago)
And how about leadership centralization?
stephen rendall (8 months ago)
Adriano El Casinero the nining algorithm makes it difficult and expensive to develop an asic miner. And their new algorithm thats in the works will apparently prevent this even further

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