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Logitech MX Master Wireless: A luxury mouse for PCs and Macs

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Logitech's $100 flagship wireless mouse is a smooth operator with a built-in rechargeable battery and lots of customization options. Subscribe to CNET: http://bit.ly/17qqqCs Watch more CNET videos: http://www.cnet.com/video Follow CNET: http://twitter.com/CNET
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Text Comments (144)
humidobservatory (3 months ago)
stop yelling at me
Leandro Tonetto (11 months ago)
ca I use in my pc or it is just for Notebooks?
DisTrakerZ (1 year ago)
My best friend bought this for my birthday...
Venus Pang (1 year ago)
Kris A (1 year ago)
Pity we can't actually control the height of the mouse,.. yes, its HEIGHT,.. looks like a massive stone. Does it HAVE to be so bloody tall? Jeez, no wonder I love my G9; best - mouse - ever,. and mine's 9yrs old and STILL going strong, (I only replaced the scroll wheel a couple of months ago).
bigtom1001 (1 year ago)
hoping somebody can solve my problem,i have programmed play for itunes,but it only works if i'm on itunes,my mx revolution works regardless of what i'm on,also on the revolution,when i press volume or play,it shows a graphic on screen,same as my logutech k800 keyboard,not with the mx master,any help guys?
M. Jones (1 year ago)
The documentation that comes with this "best ever" mouse is lacking . . . I Googled this mouse to figure out why I have this small battery and wound up here ... WTH? WHY did Logitech give me a tiny, little round battery and then give me a schematic of how to dispose of a square battery? So, the cable it came with is a charging cable; so now I know that the battery they want me to dispose of properly is a rechargeable battery -- at least this video gave me SOME information about this mouse. Also, to get it to do the "extra" things with the side wheel, you need to download some software from their site.
Cockroach Col Cannon (1 year ago)
I purchased a Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse in October 2016 for big $$ .. today I plugged it into the charger, when I took it off the mouse pointer immediately migrated to center screen and stayed there .. it wobbled about a bit but would do no more, I rebooted and tried it again. It went directly to extreme right screen and apart from wobbling a bit it would do nothing else .. now after numerous reboots and after putting it back and forth on the charger it is just the same. It will scroll but will not move up and down or left to right .. does anyone care to add anything ??
IT IZME_ (1 year ago)
I had experienced pretty much the same thing, and it ended up being a very small piece of dust up inside the bottom sensor, causing havoc with the beam. A computers worst enemy can be a mere spec of dust. Pocket lint inside the USB connector of a flash drive gave me a headache one day. I Went nuts.
Cockroach Col Cannon (1 year ago)
*Update:* The mouse is working normally again 12 hrs since the trouble began, there are three settings on the underneath side, it went bad on setting 1 so I went to setting 2 for the same result then back to setting 1 which got it going .. yesterday my Moshi Luna Illuminated Keyboard caused endless trouble.
Rowan (2 years ago)
Will it work with chrome os
Adalayda Rios (2 years ago)
this to me was the best Logitech mouse they have made and ever besides the imac mouse there are reasons why I like the Ima one and why I like the Logitech one my hands are very small and imac mouse is very small so my hands fit pretty good with the imac but with  the Logitech it is very comfortable and I like the size which for me is very nice and is the perfect size even though the imac one is very nice but I just also like the Logitech mouse too
MrAddidas2 (2 years ago)
Simply put this mouse rocks. And i got mine for 40 bucks from craigslist
MrDoge FTW (2 years ago)
I got one recently. If your going to use it for gaming I suggest using the receiver in the front of your PC.
Hanh Luong (2 years ago)
What is better. Logitech MX Master of Magic Mouse 2?
Pieter Rossouw (3 years ago)
it works on just about any service...
Russell F (3 years ago)
I've been using this mouse for a couple days now and LOVE it. I wanted a bluetooth trackball, but they don't make them (I know! I was surprised too) Being used to a trackball for the last few years, I was concerned about using a mouse on the arm of my easy chair in Photoshop & Light Room (or anything else).......This mouse rocks! It works fine. No problems (except the price seems high)
Scott (3 years ago)
So out of all the people available to review this incredible mouse, they pick a guy who uses a track-ball day to day... genius. Like asking a vegetarian to rate the new steak house in town.
Booster Gold (3 years ago)
ти си бавен инвалид който държи пишки по-порочно от майкати конечно та раждала аборт #несамбащати
SignatureCha0s (3 years ago)
Is the brown coloured part of the mouse metal or plastic with a metallic finish like on the predecessor?
leo b (2 years ago)
+SignatureCha0s It is feces
Mike Ferrara (3 years ago)
Do all of you think it worth for replace my 5 years old Logitech Marathon mouse to MX Master?? And let you know, my left button doesn't work well sometimes and it works well sometimes
[Insert Name Here] (3 years ago)
lol, I can't believe cnet is still a thing in 2015.
agony (3 years ago)
Haha this mouse is amazing! Thats why MacTechGenius and I are giving one away, you can enter the giveaway on our channels! Be sure to enter if you want one of these bad boys on your setup!
MacTechGenius (3 years ago)
+SandersDoesMC We would like to give all of you a chance on winning, so be sure to enter before May 25th!
Forza Stratos (3 years ago)
I hate the way u speak
Gary Chong (3 years ago)
if i put this mouse in a drybox for storage , will it dry up the parts inside
Leowulf™ (3 years ago)
Actual Productivity: "Let me put it on a glass vase and browse CNet, HURRRDURRR."
Tetocka (2 years ago)
+Leowulf™ people has glass desks bruh xD
josias galindo (2 years ago)
+Leowulf™ Hahahahahahah
Woody Jang (3 years ago)
looks like it still has that flimsy rubber coating on the right side. thats an automatic no for me. when it wears off it feels grimy and uneven. EDIT: it might be hard plastic actually. must investigate further... EDIT 2: nope it's rubbery. damn...
Kaan Efe (3 years ago)
ugh Stupid im sticking with my G502
Aventanario (3 years ago)
too expensive.
TuxKey (3 years ago)
No complaints about the hardware but the software sucks. Software doesn't run on linux. And on a Mac the software doesn't behave it self. It shouldn't freeze your Mac but it can so again software is lacking. And that's 40%
mx master race :P
Pomme-Frite (3 years ago)
bluetooth no work with mac os 10.9 ?
trippplefive (3 years ago)
why do they still talk like robots? he sounds like a news anchor on fox news.
IAmReal_LSV (3 years ago)
I'll pass on this thing for a touch pad
Trevor (3 years ago)
I hate bulky palm grip mice like these. Slim fingertip mice are much better
Cole Alexander (2 years ago)
+I Found Fido mice such as the magic mouse are extremely uncomforatble to use, however they may be more portable.
lifesavrdwd (3 years ago)
Using a Trac ball is truly the only way to go!
David Kain (3 years ago)
Where's Dong Ngo, he should do the review on this product.
Tabish Syed (3 years ago)
This is trash get the G700s instead.
Dwayne Martin (3 years ago)
I've got to get this, thanks David
aLeX GeNeSiS (3 years ago)
this guy sounds like a ROBOT!
Matymus The Awesomous (3 years ago)
i find it rather sad that they don't just make a single mouse in both lefty and righty formats. It shouldn't be that difficult to do since mice like these are completely rekeyable out of the box. I get it lefties are a minority, and i'm part of that minority. I opted for a right mouse and i have a logitech G602 and it's GREAT but i do admit i wish i could utilize my left hand to it's fullest potential. Play left handed guitar, not right even though i was trained on right. Left handed mouse even though at this point i'm pretty sure i'm far too used to it to make the switch back, lefty EVERYTHING because that's what i was born as and suffice it to safe LEFTIES tend to hold more potential over righties. We're supposedly smarter, more adaptable hence our ability to move from left to right handed situations like mice and guitar, etc thus making us higher probability to being ambidextrous to boot. Hell we even have a holiday!!! POWER TO THE LEFT HAND!!! 
Emm Kay Most of Apple's mice are interchangeable.
Matymus The Awesomous (3 years ago)
+prayoholic where do you get the idea that we're the "devils minions" and to that claim i say SATAN COME GET ME!!! <3
prayoholic (3 years ago)
+Mathew K Yeah, thats not gonna happen. I also like all your postulation without one single source...Lefties are so smart I can see that clearly. Lefties are the devils minions...
CThienV (3 years ago)
needs finger rests on the right side of mouse.
melmelcorvette (3 years ago)
It seems so outdated to do anything besides gaming.
Nathan Ton (3 years ago)
I'm left handed. I feel like a second class citizen. Lefties unit!!!! 
Tail finz (3 years ago)
bet it weighs a ton, which is exactly why i stick with a cheap wired mouse.
HHO Philippines (3 years ago)
out dated tech
wookiejesus (3 years ago)
Eric Cartman (3 years ago)
"luxury" - yet its a wireless mouse.  Wireless mouses are shit, always. 
Eric Cartman (3 years ago)
+gargilbert pleb don't talk to me
gargilbert (3 years ago)
Idk i rarely change the batterys man i dont game tho
Eric Cartman (3 years ago)
+gargilbert lol lying. Wireless mouses are shit.
gargilbert (3 years ago)
me months not lying
Eric Cartman (3 years ago)
+gargilbert wireless mouses last like 5 min.
Jake N. (3 years ago)
It's worth the money
Imran Thajudeen (3 years ago)
Nigel Uno (3 years ago)
That blue tooth feature tho. No more networking apps to switch the mouse between multiple computers.
SeKToR (3 years ago)
Productivity and Mac is like a oxymoron.
littlefields (2 years ago)
+Leowulf™ Who makes the neckbeard pledge allegiance to the PC then? 
SeKToR (2 years ago)
+Juan Lara Hipsters that like glossy white finish is they reason they use it.
Leowulf™ (3 years ago)
But... Macs are the only computers you can edit on. Don't you know.
MrLalasd (3 years ago)
+littlefields Companies choose PCs because of active directory. 
littlefields (3 years ago)
+MrLalasd The explanation you gave is exactly why price DOES matter. When companies look at a Mac Mini and a PC with higher end components, they choose the PC. To them they are either ignoring the benefits of Mac's OS, or they don't see it fitting in with their work (no reason in having a Mac to type spreadsheets and memos). To them weighing the OS and price is what is important. 
Video Upload (3 years ago)
I'm left handed, I use my left hand Yay.
Video Upload (3 years ago)
Hahahaha... #lyf #2015
Mohannad Salah (3 years ago)
nice looking premium!
Grazz (3 years ago)
good job reading the promo material to me
Robert Simmons (3 years ago)
What videos have you been in?
Grazz (3 years ago)
+ama bello well I think you're a bot so I suggest you spam my email address with pointless shit that will be filtered ot by this spam email address
Assa Laos (3 years ago)
+ama bello  The $99 is the new one, the same one featured in this video. The $59 is the older version of the $99.  The $59 is still good if you wanna save money, though you're gonna have to use a receiver and u can't use bluetooth to connect.
ama bello (3 years ago)
I just found a good deal on amazon but im confused about the mode!l which one do you suggest this one http://amzn.to/1z15KOu or this http://amzn.to/1z15Jdu any help  would be greatly appreciated 
iApple OSX (3 years ago)
Yes, he did a great job hahaha 
Jim Chuquirima (3 years ago)
Fernando Topete (3 years ago)
j035 (3 years ago)
patches p a t c h e s (3 years ago)
+j035 "ACTUAL PRODUCTIVITY? WHAT DOES HE TRY TO SAY? THAT GAMING ITS NOT PRODUCTIVITY HAHAHA" FIRST OF ALL TURN OFF THE CAPS LOCK second what david carnoy meant by productivity he meant video/photo editing. not gaming.
j035 (3 years ago)
+Mousaille McIntosh Explain me pls who of us said something that sounds smart?
patches p a t c h e s (3 years ago)
this is not a gaming mouse ffs. dont try to act smart.
Gabe Coronado (3 years ago)
+j035 Very true, I didn't think about that.

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