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✔ Minecraft: How to make a Trading Post

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It might not be the best, but it's my version. Useful for multiplayer trading. :)
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Text Comments (597)
Marissa Perez (1 month ago)
Easy use droppers and dispensers and hoppers
omega 123 (4 months ago)
Говори на български
Sindre Myhr (4 months ago)
Cool video
Jisha E (5 months ago)
How to make a train engine
Helena José (5 months ago)
Alguém BR?
Porygon (6 months ago)
minecraft was once so simple... it's amazing to see how far it's come
David Reyn Dioso (8 months ago)
Magma why you dont have a shovel?
bcdeato manila (8 months ago)
and hey Magma why aren't you using Iron Pick and Iron Shovel?
bcdeato manila (8 months ago)
and magma is ur favorite Mob Pig?
bcdeato manila (8 months ago)
MCPE Mike copied you and Chuk,Magma Mishinendo,MtShan PE, those r YouTubers Copied you Magma
Joshua Azevedo (8 months ago)
who's watching this is 2018?
The one most loved (3 months ago)
Joshua Azevedo YOUR FATHER.
procraft xl (9 months ago)
Laaaaammmmmmmmeeeeeeeee its 2018 who watch this han !
Aki CZ (9 months ago)
MINCRAFT FAITH (9 months ago)
? What is a trading post I'm 10 and I don't know what a trading post is
Per Persson (9 months ago)
I see it 2018
Laura Banchi (10 months ago)
What is a trading post?
Comedy spy Comedy spy (10 months ago)
Leigh Salaya (10 months ago)
cool magmamusen \(-o-)/
Gunfire 81 (10 months ago)
Love the music.
София Рятсепп (11 months ago)
Who is watching this at 2018?
The one most loved (3 months ago)
София Рятсепп ME (YOUR FATHER).
EliminatorGaming (7 months ago)
I'm watching in 2019....sry 2018
vanlalhruaii hruaii (7 months ago)
but 2012 is very old.
vanlalhruaii hruaii (7 months ago)
The spy Evlyn (10 months ago)
Rizzi Nazarrea (11 months ago)
I like magmamuses vids:)
Jairo Micallef (1 month ago)
+Rizzi Nazarrea yes hi
Rizzi Nazarrea (11 months ago)
Is there any people!;)
ANDREW resendiz (1 year ago)
Plz make a mini arket
PiratePig 240 (1 year ago)
I am watching this in 3017
Channel Soon Comming (2 months ago)
Hey, Keep that "thing" away from "them", K?
Reindeer Gaming nop
Some One (10 months ago)
Nice one, and PS: keep that time machine of yours a secret
VRains Anamatronic (1 year ago)
In minecraft i made a trading post with villagers and trust me it works im thinking about a realm with trading posts in every game you can go to like skywars pixelation or bed wars broken lens
Shinotic OwO (1 year ago)
I don’t make any of his AMAZING creations... But they’re still fun to watch 😆 😆 😝
ONURHD EN (1 year ago)
Minecraft is booooooring ROBLOX is funny
Braydon Beck Try playing ROBLOX
Glitchy The Noob (8 months ago)
1. You're account picture is literally minecraft pe 2. If you don't like minecraft then why are you watching this video? It's not like someone forced you to watch it I'm not trying to be rude please don't hate
Omar Mahmoud (11 months ago)
Well actually roblox is fun but minecraft is funner wawawawawawa
Braydon Beck (1 year ago)
Try playing Minecraft NOW
Just Just (1 year ago)
JJ (1 year ago)
"You can use it out of any material" * USES SPONGE * Me: =OOOO YOU LIEEE
Konstal105NRocks (1 year ago)
good one
super cherry (1 year ago)
Cool !!!!!!!!!!
Hannah Arts (1 year ago)
Um.. How come I feel like the ONLY one watching in 2017?
flbrt pffttt (1 year ago)
Hannah Arts I'm watching in 2999
Marbletrack Races (1 year ago)
Hannah Arts im also watching 2017
TNT RUSH (1 year ago)
Why magmamusen is playing in survival always????
Madalynn Wilkinson (1 year ago)
TNT RUSH because he wants to
please tell in which seed do you build
That tank Boi (1 year ago)
Who's watching in 2020
VRains Anamatronic (1 year ago)
E.J GAMER bruuh
PrO GaMeR (1 year ago)
Who is watching this at 2017? Like if you agree
Nki Pkan (1 month ago)
phim pha hanh dong
The one most loved (3 months ago)
Octrio Ida (4 months ago)
shadow slasher 202 (5 months ago)
PrO GaMeR who tf cares
Jaime Marshall (6 months ago)
Nope 2018
Hida Salihu (1 year ago)
your vidios is awasome
Aidden games (1 year ago)
Brogan that sounds sad
Evan Cox (1 year ago)
:( that's a shame your fish died I give you one like are you happy now
MineDiego (1 year ago)
Is MagmaMusen maybe Waddles the Pig from Gravity Falls
MOVED (1 year ago)
who else likes new magma better
f you watching this in 2017,2018,2019,2020,2021,2022,2023,2024,2025,2026,2027.2028,2029,2030,2031,2032,2033,2034,2035,2036,2037,2038,2039,2040,2041,2042,2043,2044,2045,2046,2047,2048,2049 or 2050 like this comment.
U`ll NVR KNO DABB (1 year ago)
I'm from 8273 XD
Mathew Jacob (1 year ago)
9999 here =(
Rare sky (1 year ago)
sorry 2051 here
Taeboxsmile _ (1 year ago)
I cannot try this Build this your making But make a new videos
why alwa Ysme (1 year ago)
Zelloxan (1 year ago)
this was uploaded on my bday when I was 8
Zhi Kai Tan (1 year ago)
the music
Bangtan Spades (1 year ago)
who's watching this in 2017
The one most loved (3 months ago)
Elinore Cabral YOUR FATHER.
ŚÜĆĪDÈ DËÄD (1 year ago)
Randi Ko chora
Chia Quezada (1 year ago)
your not real magmamusen your just coping him
Chia Quezada (1 year ago)
Sorry naman
Andrey Z (1 year ago)
Chia Quezada shut up it's the real one
Quewgirl (1 year ago)
who's wathing this in 2017?
The one most loved (3 months ago)
Quewgirl ME (YOUR FATHER).
shadow slasher 202 (5 months ago)
Quewgirl who tf cares
Ahmed Bleibel (10 months ago)
Scratch Lunin (10 months ago)
Quewgirl your boy's watching it in 2018
kyra mariee (1 year ago)
STILL 2012?!?!
Pablo Saballa (1 year ago)
why not just hoppers why does to be water
Mallow (1 year ago)
U can also use hoppers. Its very effective.
Good video magmamusen
Armando Salas (1 year ago)
Cool design :)
Melon Muncha (1 year ago)
man this is old school magma but i still like it 😉
Galaxy CRAFT 010 (1 year ago)
oh crap i wacth this on 2017
Ziiy Zi (1 year ago)
I'm gonna miss my friends.... .......
Ziiy Zi (1 year ago)
who's watching this in 2017?
The one most loved (3 months ago)
bicoloreddisc59 (1 year ago)
who watching this in 2017?
The one most loved (3 months ago)
bicoloreddisc59 YOUR DAD.
QUANG (1 year ago)
2017 ?
NebPrank (1 year ago)
sub my channel ^-^
gregorio daulayan (1 year ago)
Ahh magmamusen's old videos....... This is made in 2012.... But now its 2017
junior baker (1 year ago)
To record your game you use a camera up to your computer squeen
Suria ab Kadir (1 year ago)
how you record your game?
danpearson (1 year ago)
remember this from 2012/13 so nostalgic
Very sorry. :( d
Is it that one from ur school carnival. Because those ones die quick. If it's not I'm very sorry! :(
Transportation ONLY! (2 years ago)
Nice music to listen too
proxy cop (2 years ago)
you need a shovel
Dream Seeker (2 years ago)
Did u forget ur showel?
Octrio Ida (4 months ago)
Dream Seeker yep
terrible graphics
TabbyCat Gamez88 (2 years ago)
one of my fish died :( R.I.P. Meeky :_(
Patrick Caffrey (3 months ago)
:( sorry your fish died i'll give you a like to try to make you feel better. ):
Majid Mansore (3 months ago)
TabbyCat Gamez88 no one cares... . . . . . IT'S A FISH STUPID !!
Carlos Cene (4 months ago)
Trần Quân rude
Carlos Cene (4 months ago)
:c im sorry for that. But i didnt do it... :(
E.S The Gamer (5 months ago)
My fish died too that time I was 2 years ago I’m 6 that time lots of it died
PERCETAKAN MITRA (2 years ago)
magmamusen can you make coking bell in minecraft plz
Henrick Lombard (2 years ago)
Dude he wont see this comment because it was made in 2012, four years ago!!!
RunRissMC Gaming (2 years ago)
KILLO (2 years ago)
Not very save tho
Terence ._. (2 years ago)
rocky gamecraft (2 years ago)
magma your clever i just trade my raw porkchop for steak and i just trade my iron block for a diamond block with my friend and i trade my regular diamond sword for a enchanted diamond swork it has knockback its so usefull
rosalyn delgado (2 years ago)
some random guy (2 years ago)
easiest way to get scammed
Puppy288 DaGamer (1 year ago)
some random guy make the switches control opposite door so you cant leave if they arent happy yet
Mystical Cat (1 year ago)
Hope Dimitry do u play Hellopet?!
GayPsychoFurry (1 year ago)
Milo Kesteloot (2 years ago)
some random guy lol
Fox 25372 (2 years ago)
some random guy, I'm gonna find a way for pistons
Rage Gaming HD (2 years ago)
Thanks Magma. I used this on MCPE [Minecraft - Pocket Edition] whale I was playing with my friend, and he liked it. He also subscribed to you so you can get 1 mil. subs. Thank you for your time.
Azric Evora (2 years ago)
lol magmamusen why is this in my recommended this is very old but nice your the man
Cameron Plays (2 years ago)
Azric Evora because you watch his videos and sometimes if they don't upload for a while then it pops up on recommended
LpsNaljatilk (2 years ago)
+Eugene Pham dadadadaaaaa!! :o
Eugene Pham (2 years ago)
or woman!
Zack Molitor (2 years ago)
lol how do you close it?
Nona Usagi (2 years ago)
No comment
Reply Me (2 years ago)
you can drop items with hopper and a single chest.😀
Taylor Kwok (2 years ago)
James Luigi Belgar (2 years ago)
We already know that
Reply Me (2 years ago)
I watch it in 2016
RVB ARMY PW (2 years ago)
who cares
HACKER KILLER (2 years ago)
This is cool
Beatrize _ (2 years ago)
Your So Creative MagmaMusen..I'm Peony17 Remember? Instagram
Joyapus _257 (2 years ago)
Who's Watching This in 2016?
The one most loved (3 months ago)
The_Fair_Gamer _002 YOUR DAD IS WATCHING.
The Omer (1 year ago)
Nevena Dimova (1 year ago)
Me !!!
Jims' Club Gaming (1 year ago)
Joyapus 257 2017
bicoloreddisc59 (1 year ago)
who's watching this in 2017?
The Random Productions (2 years ago)
youre the stupidest dumb pig
Angie Reyes (2 years ago)
Shut up. You're just envy of him.
Harith Muzammil (2 years ago)
MC_glitch (2 years ago)
MC_glitch (2 years ago)
Not safe lol what if one of the players are not trusted then they can just still the stuff
Derek Benson (2 years ago)
you can easily just put pistons down and have it only work if 2 things are put.
Alyssa Feign (2 years ago)
+Phangirl!At the Pity Party that would not happen
Filipino Countryball (2 years ago)
Then improve your spelling then they might give it back
Shadow Rage (2 years ago)
+DeathFrost he made a mistake no. Need to curse at him
Amitoj Singh (2 years ago)
Yunahjoy Fernandez (2 years ago)
Sorry Guys I have A Cheat For Minecraft And His Name Is Mcpe Master But Only In Tablet Or Phone and Try It In Pc If Anyone Like It
Dimpled Katie (2 years ago)
Yunahjoy Fernandez i have that app to :)
Finally, Somebody Who Types Like Me! =D
Gwenny Angelicz (2 years ago)
This song make me sad
Joseph Cammarata (2 years ago)
wow that works for PE me and my sis uses it a lot
Nemesis Jax Only (2 years ago)
No roof
Angela Lin (2 years ago)
I'm watching in 2016 and I like it so...
One Boi (2 years ago)
Sulastri Lalas (2 years ago)
gali- gali lelet kaya siput ^•^
Sulastri Lalas (2 years ago)
hey you
Snap storyes Chanel (2 years ago)
Ktgggfgjhgfggbggghhhbddfg Mhhjhghhy. Hyny. Hyy yyyunu hhhh
Si Tukang Joki (2 years ago)
because magmamusen is the best creator for me

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