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Basic Trading Post / Fallout 4 Settlement Building

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Let's Build a Fallout 4 Trading Post! This is another building in the basic build series I'm doing, and I'm making this because I want my Spectacle Island to eventually transform into seaside shanty town. If you're interested in seeing how I made my player dream home or the bar that can be seen in this video, check out the links below! Fallout 4 Dream Home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qO6I7sVm52E&index=9&list=PLN_4SxYMCBD6l4miYuLciRla6Ki1IbwaG Basic Bar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYlVGHPxAVU&index=11&list=PLN_4SxYMCBD6l4miYuLciRla6Ki1IbwaG All Settlement Building Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLN_4SxYMCBD6l4miYuLciRla6Ki1IbwaG
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Text Comments (38)
WitchyLad (20 days ago)
So good to find someone else who's settlements are COVERED in junk for realism lmao....oh damm that's probably why my game keeps crashing but...IMMERSION
Faylen (19 days ago)
Immersion scientists sticking together 👏👏 haha
fatbaldandover40 (2 months ago)
Another great job
Jocelyn Savard (2 months ago)
Don’t forget to feed your settler!
White Wolf (5 months ago)
nice one
Zachary Simpson (5 months ago)
Ain't gonna happen on PS4 or Xbox one LoL
Faylen (5 months ago)
All my unmodded builds were done on a ps4 and all my modded builds were done on an Xbox one!
Ahmad B (10 months ago)
why isnt my gf like u i will never know
ruralMCgaming and more (11 months ago)
I'm gonna build this at dalton farm
Christopher Conard (1 year ago)
How do you keep the stuff on the shelves? I built a workshop area in Sanctuary, then decorated it with various salvaged items (Mr Handy fuel, tools, unused guns, ect). When I left and returned, everything was scattered.
Faylen (1 year ago)
Is there a settler who walks around in there? Anyone who moves around can knock things around, so for unmodded builds I make sure to keep items at the back if the shelves. There's a mod called static objects that solves this problem now if you have access to those!
drug fiend (1 year ago)
faylen if u were my next door neighbor and u had deathclaws around my settlements,, oh boy oh boy for u! all my people have fat mens as weapons, if u know where im going with this!!!
Kobi Cawkill (1 year ago)
The planks of the floor don't go the same way this ... affects me
Lone_ Wolf (11 months ago)
LOL I know how you feel i am sooo OCD about the flooring and ceiling tiles as well.
Faylen (1 year ago)
I'm so sorry for causing you distress haha. Thanks for watching!
AlphaDeltaXray (1 year ago)
Is this video 100% Vanilla?
AlphaDeltaXray (1 year ago)
You sound like you look great in a bikini. Just saying...
Utame Ken Nightcore (1 year ago)
you should just get the Better Stores mod
Moxo5011_NcR (1 year ago)
did you see the deathclaw? 1:16
ruralMCgaming and more (11 months ago)
Maximiliano Palma wasteland workshop my friend
x1WARRIOR1x (1 year ago)
Played fallout 4 in 2015 and early 2016 but quit and now just started getting back into it
MR.PABLΠ(1 year ago)
great video keep it up! 👍
Andiders (2 years ago)
Very nice. You feel like a PC player, stuck with a PS4. Watched many of your videos, and I can tell that some stuff you ask for or want to do, can be done with many of the available mods for PC, or with simple commands. Ever considered migrating to PC?
Andiders (2 years ago)
I don't see how modding takes long, but I can totally understand the cost issue, especially if you go for a high-end machine. I do think though you could do even greater things on PC. Still, great videos!
Faylen (2 years ago)
Andiders Thank you! I've considered it but honestly I've seen how long it takes to mod on pc and how expensive parts are, so right now I don't think it's the right fit for me. I did just upgrade to an Xbox one though and I'm really enjoying the mods for it! Skyrim Remastered is the next thing I'm so excited to play with mods.
Darth Revan (2 years ago)
How do you decide what you are going to build?
Faylen (2 years ago)
It's usually either something I needed in a settlement, or something that inspired me from the base game. :) I've also started taking suggestions for builds so that happens too and when it does I show the comment at the start of the video.
Jordan Arcos (2 years ago)
this looks like all goodwills
Faylen (2 years ago)
Hahaha good, that's fine. x)
orlyhousesoccer (2 years ago)
Is that a Deathclaw walking in your settlement?
ruralMCgaming and more (11 months ago)
orlyhousesoccer she's using wasteland workshop
orlyhousesoccer (2 years ago)
+Faylen awesome! Thanks
Faylen (2 years ago)
Yes! I have Deathclaw pets at my Spectacle Island settlement. If you're interested in how I did that I have a video on catching and taming Deathclaws! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYhQ5kYqP5M&index=10&list=PLN_4SxYMCBD7FsYkKqXOUidSPKC3iaChS
PandaHatGuy (2 years ago)
I made something similar after watching this, I just doubled the size of it for more shops and etc. it works well.
GRIMMZY_LIFELESS (2 years ago)
awesome video keep up the good work
Faylen (2 years ago)
Thank you! :)
Bad WhiteCop (2 years ago)
Nice, enjoyed the attention to detail, I'll use this to replace the loose and stray trading stands now lol.
Faylen (2 years ago)
Awesome! I love that you're using the build. & thank you I try my best!

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