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Logitech MX Master connecting to android device

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Àlex Tabueña (9 months ago)
Hey, Does It work on an Ipad Pro 10.5? I just tried with my iPhone and it doesn't work. Thanks and great video !
SkandiaAUS (10 months ago)
Oh I feel silly now that was really easy. Thanks!
Zain Shaikh (10 months ago)
Do the gesture controls transfer over? I hope the horizontal scroll wheel does
Lewis Sives (11 months ago)
Thanks for this, I really wanted to know if this worked!
Paul Boyle (1 year ago)
Any idea why the keyboard won't open when the Mx is connected?
Med Ali Hadj Mbarek (2 years ago)
Retnuh (1 year ago)
about 10m
K Design (2 years ago)
nice but which version of android ? i test with galaxy s2 and didn't work
sonicteam2k1 (1 year ago)
galaxy S2 has old firmware. I think you might need 5.0 or higher but don't quote me on that.

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