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Asus Zenfone 5 Unboxing & Hands On Overview

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Asus Zenfone 5 8GB Variant Unboxing First Boot and my hands on first impressions, the Zenfone 5 sports a 5 inch 720 IPS screen is powered by a 1.6 Ghz intel dual-core Atom processor has 2 GB RAM a 8MP rear facing camera a 2 MP front facing camera and I do the unboxing and give you my hands on impression with the Zenfone 5 My Asus Zenfone 5 full review after testing for 21 days http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UlvSd770z4 You can purchase the Asus Zenfone 5 in India via flipkart http://goo.gl/8HXdsM
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Text Comments (490)
Jahangir Alam (10 days ago)
Varry bad
Jahangir Alam (10 days ago)
Bkr phone
Abin Sunny (3 months ago)
Still using it.. 3.5 years
Bhanumati Das Baruah (6 months ago)
I am still using it
Tarmizie JiCoN (8 months ago)
Im still using it 2018.
ANANTHU V (1 month ago)
Using it in 2019
Abin Sunny (3 months ago)
Me too
Anish T (11 months ago)
this is 4g?
Cheezy Weezy (8 months ago)
Anish T no
Raushan Kumar (11 months ago)
Iska earphone kha milega
Cheeseng Lam (1 year ago)
use a intel atom to run android phone .....is a joke
Cheeseng Lam (1 year ago)
intel atom....god bless for those for use this phone to play game
Muhammad Pk (1 year ago)
dont buy this low quality phone
Nilesh Jangid (1 year ago)
इस फ़ोन के साथ जो earphone आते है वो मुझे चाहिए,please help me.
Gabbu Pathan (1 year ago)
Thanks for vocing
Badshah Badshah (1 year ago)
Qbec (1 year ago)
Hi....I have a second hand Zenfone 5 red with excellent condition for sale. There are all colour replacement back panels and back covers, bumper case etc available with the phone. The price is 5000 and negotiable. Let me know if anyone's interested. The location is Kolkata.
Mr. Mine (1 year ago)
I'm watching on my zenfone 5
THE SYA786 (1 year ago)
Hi there I just Want to get New Smartphone Under 250$ Help me To choose One Thank you..
COOL GAMER (2 years ago)
don't buy Asus Zenfone 5 is not nice and have a low sound Samsung is more better I wish I don't buy this Asus Zenfone 5 phone
TrashCrow Music (1 year ago)
COOL GAMER what would you expect from a cheap phone?
sanjeev bhoi (2 years ago)
i did not got earphones in the box
Nitin Mishra (2 years ago)
Hi Ranjit, Does this support 4G?
Puneeth Krishna (2 years ago)
hello ranjit sir i want phone suggestions to buy under 8000 or 7000 rs
Marcella Sofea (2 years ago)
why is the charger is different than mine
Salim Khan (2 years ago)
jelly bean😂😂😂😂
Christopher Fernandes (2 years ago)
It runs Android 5.0 Lollipop now.
gnaneshwar nanu (2 years ago)
sir i am having a lot of interest in new mobiles and their features, i will be checking each and every new mobile in the market. so i want to do a job like un boxing the mobiles, and explaining it features clearly. HOW TO ENTER INTO THIS FIELD SIR, I REQUEST YOU TO GIVE SOME TIPS TO ENTER INTO THIS FIELD, THANKYOU SIR
khan Azim (3 years ago)
please sir do a comparison between ASUS ZenFone 2 4gb Vs honor 5x
Brand Bishop (3 years ago)
Which is better ? Zenfone Go or Zenfone 5?
ZF Nation (3 years ago)
please make a video about Gta san andreas on Asus Zenfone 5
Rathod Gaurav (3 years ago)
Asus zenfone 5 ko charge hone me kitna time lagta haii sir or uskii bettery kesii hai or usko smasung ya Microsoft ke charger se charge karu to chalega ??
Ranjith sir i have a problem with my zenfone 5 battery it last for average of more than 5 hours when the charging was kept upto 70-73% by using net also and it lasts for jst 3 hrs by using... can u solve my problem help me????
Ali Iktider Sayam (3 years ago)
whats the internal app storage size? please respond ASAP!
Riyas Riyas (3 years ago)
this is not a smart phone kids phone
Abdul Hanan (3 years ago)
My zenfone 5 has 1.78gb out of the box
ashraful jarif (3 years ago)
is the charger a fast charging one sir??
Sana NP (3 years ago)
which device is the best among sony xperia c3/asus zenfone 2/asus zenfone 5/sony xperia z2 ?
Sana NP (3 years ago)
thnx :-)
Never (3 years ago)
+Sana NP z2
rohan raut (3 years ago)
In Love wid this Phone . Can we insert memory card ?
Andre Refani (3 years ago)
The Battery Can Remove to its CP or not???
VORTEX VICTOR (3 years ago)
truely annoying ..voice ..!!!
VORTEX VICTOR (3 years ago)
annoying ....
Chris M. (3 years ago)
LOL "INTEL Atom processor by like Qualcomm of somthing like that."
Gaming Jackhat (3 years ago)
+Geekyranjit t
Gaming Jackhat (3 years ago)
Hello sir ranjit☺. Does this phone is worth to buy?
ABHIJEET SAHOO (3 years ago)
is there any system updates to make it to android kitkat or lollipop??? and is there LED notification???
Shahriar Sami (3 years ago)
guyz....plz suggest.....will zenfone 5 be better than galaxy core prime regarding all features...?
Tanmay Majumdar (3 years ago)
Why is it that hard to close your apps. It really cringes me when I see people minimizing their apps all the time.
Big Smoke (3 years ago)
Can you tell me whether l can change the preffered install location on this phone, please?
Harsh Saxena (3 years ago)
in comparing asus zenfone 5 and honor 4x which one is good in performance and gaming plz tell me
Raja ram (3 years ago)
My new asus zenfone 5 has seroius problems arise, automatically switched off ,power volume down button not worked.Does not turn on ..... what can i do . Please give some solution to solve this problem Geekyranjit.............................
Rekha Agarwal (3 years ago)
Please suggest a dual sim under 10000 smartphone with excellent performance and long battery life.
csyd22 (3 years ago)
LOL dumb ass, people are really going to steal your wifi if you show the password....
csyd22 (2 years ago)
Sigi Thomas give some to ramjeep ok
Sigi Thomas (2 years ago)
+csyd22 I will XD
csyd22 (2 years ago)
Sigi Thomas keep awake ok take pills
Sigi Thomas (2 years ago)
+csyd22 ikr XD how could I fall for that....... I was like half asleep XD
csyd22 (2 years ago)
+Sigi Thomas Must be true bcoz its on the internet
Sunil Gorai (3 years ago)
Nalin Bhatt (3 years ago)
4 min 40 sec per percent while surfing net with wifi and about 950 mbs ram free.....thats not too bad....( kitkat 4.4.2).
MR. ABHAY CHAUHAN (3 years ago)
zenfone 5 or zenfone 6 is better...
Nalin Bhatt (3 years ago)
great news for zenfone 5 users a501cg in India. we are getting lollipop update this month only i.e.29th may,2015!!! asus says that it will improve the battery life and update some feature,stability improvement and zenUI update.
Ziaur Rahman (3 years ago)
dear sir, I could not install skype and viber in my zenfine 5 tooj(a501cg). what can I do and how can I fix it. when download complete and intalling an error message showing.. plz help me
Georgie Borre (3 years ago)
try to reset your phone.
AKASH BLESSON (3 years ago)
I have 3 questions regarding this, 1, Does the have 4g and NFC connectivity. 2, Does the model with Intel Atom Z2560 Processor OR Intel Atom Z2580 Processor is best. 3, From which store this phone is cheaper.
abhi abhishek (3 years ago)
the latest update of asphalt 8 is not running properly nd subway surfers also is lagging please do something thanq
Akshay Bhavsar (3 years ago)
sathineni pratthapa (3 years ago)
zenfone4 or zenfone5 is better
Swapnil Dutta (3 years ago)
Hello Sir, I would like you to post the review of the newly launched Asus zenfone 2 ZE551ML. It would be very helpful if you could do so. As for me, I only watch your videos before buying a phone. It would be very helpful for me as well as for others too. It is a very much needed review now. Regards, Swapnil
no1luvzme14 (3 years ago)
worst review ever!!!!
Nalin Bhatt (3 years ago)
Well I got zenfone 5 16gb variant and now in newer models.....I don't know,but I got good battery life and android version 4.4.2 kit Kat.....now was it done by the shop keeper 'cause I unboxed it there only due to insurance purpose he he did somethin.... I am confused....
Nalin Bhatt (3 years ago)
Zenfone 5 is a good phone overall....
kislaya kinshuk (3 years ago)
does this supports watssapp???and is there any heating problem???
Kshitij Singh Rawat (3 years ago)
Yup for both questions
Belide Nikhil (3 years ago)
Can you say me which one to buy? 1.htc desire 616 2.Asus zenfone 5
Jhonrey Pelos (3 years ago)
What better samsung galaxy core prime or Asus ZenFone 5 a501cg? plsss help me because I had to decide if I can buy what I
Jhonrey Pelos (3 years ago)
What better samsung galaxy core prime or Asus ZenFone 5 a501cg? plsss help me because I had to decide if I can buy what I
Rahul Vanchate (3 years ago)
can we change the wallpaper to our pic in the phone ??  nd can the lollipop version get updated in this device ??
polimera srinu (3 years ago)
Sir I want to buy a new mobile.. which is better among yureka ,redmenote note 4g and Zen phone 5...???
Amardeep Chadha (3 years ago)
hi,why are you not upload any videos for Asus Zenfone 5 -1.2 ghz variant...
Deepak Jayakumar (3 years ago)
SAMAAN LAMBE (3 years ago)
Chris84Redfield (3 years ago)
hi I have a question, the GPS can be used like a Garmin or Tom Tom? I mean, it has the voice? thanks
vamshi goli (3 years ago)
this phone support tog cable or not?
Niranjan Meyda (3 years ago)
does this phone supports hindi language
Shanu Patel (3 years ago)
Hey Ranjit.. Thanks for this review video.. I bought this phone 3 weeks ago via link posted by You hope it would have helped you !!. I am quite happy with this phone but it has 2 problems..Heating and Battery. But my question is that."Is this phone got any water resistant abilities..?" Please Reply Thanks.. :)
Kevin Philip (3 years ago)
Is it the best phone at rs 10000
Ferdous Reza (4 years ago)
hi!!Ranjit i just love ur reviews...truly great job man.I have a query if u cud plz help me that is im very much confused as to which phone shud i go for lumia 535 or Zenfone 6?plzzzz let me knw.
Vipul Chavan (4 years ago)
Hey ranjeet hello. I have Asus zenfone 5 8 g And I want to know if there is any app or something to trace my phone if it is lost. Plz let me know..
Anoop Joseph (4 years ago)
Can you please give the complete review of zenfone 5 with 1.2 ghz
Farhan Mizam (4 years ago)
I have only little problem with the zenfone 5 battery life. Am I the only one ? I left my phone with smart saving (optimized mode) on but connected to wifi (I never turn off the wifi) drained only 5% in 5 hours which mean 1% per hour. Played Dead Trigger 2 for two hours and Deemo for another 2 hours the battery only drained about 40%. (is it normal or bad ?) But the only problem I caught is when surfing the internet the battery draining like 1% in 5 minute lol what the hell is happening. :'(
at least your ZenFone 5 has better battery life than mine. i got only about 3 hours of screen time watching video in airplane mode with wifi on. :(
Farhan Mizam (3 years ago)
I got bored after playing it for two or three days hahaha
deivy quiceno (3 years ago)
U played a mobile phone game for 2 hours are you serious I get bored playing mobile games.
James Monterola (4 years ago)
I can't decide. What would I choose Asus Zenfone 5 or Samsung galaxy grand neo?
Rajneesh Soni (4 years ago)
I am facing some problem in my asus zenfone 5. Sound output in my asus zenfone 5 is getting very low i dont find the why it happens. One month ago sound output was ok in asus but later I found that it is very low even i cant hear the phone ring in normal condition. Plz help me
rocko tishan (4 years ago)
itss cool
salil singh (4 years ago)
sir i bought my zenfone 5 from amazon and upon unboxing it found that it had no headfones... rest of the things were fine.. what should i do
salman ibrahim (4 years ago)
In terms of hardcore gaming yu yureka or asus zenphone 5 which one is good ? 
sandy talks (4 years ago)
Sai Krishna (4 years ago)
hello sir               my name is balsai .why dont you review the asus zenfone 2[2 or 4 gb ram] if you have an idea about zenfone 2 will you tell me if it is better than moto g2
Darshit Sakdecha (4 years ago)
hey ranjit ! i am confused that which smartphone to buy. asus zenfone 5 or moto g 2nd gen plz reply me
Fly Tv (4 years ago)
Sir i wan,t to bought an bugget android phone so what should i buy huwei honnor holly or zenfone 5
Aravind Vaddadi (4 years ago)
Is it good under radiation
Bryan Immanuel (4 years ago)
Very nice unboxing and review, but can you make the unboxing and review for asus zenfone 2? I hope you can, pls make my wish, thx.. good luck
Anawar Hossain (4 years ago)
I want to know that this zenfone 5 16GB is use maximum time in internet is hot or cold . because maximum phone is go so hot 
Aman Sodhi (4 years ago)
Wah re wah anwar sahab hume bhi english sekha deejiye vakt lage toh..! :D
GK STUDIOS (4 years ago)
sir,please make a review on asus zenfone 5 which has 1.2ghz priced at 7999 on flipkart!!
Akash Biswas (4 years ago)
Sir, Should I buy this phone ? I only use mobiles for gaming ..
Sushant Singh (4 years ago)
Please can you tell me after the Kitkat update, does most of bugs are fixed by ASUS or not by Feb,2015? Is ASUS a reliable brand when it comes to phone? And if bugs are fixed then what is the response of battery now? Thank You!!
Naresh N (4 years ago)
hi ranjit may i buy this phone ,is it worthy or not ,please help me out 
Hashier Shaikh (4 years ago)
can i connect this to my samsung gear fit
Alice Fox (4 years ago)
Zenfone 5 or Sony Xperia SP?
הדר לאה (4 years ago)
hello if i want yo buy or talk with you...? i am from israel the payment its deferent 
Hashier Shaikh (4 years ago)
which is better microsoft lumia 535 or this
pragnesh sachania (4 years ago)
Hi, is there headset provided in 16GB variant or not?
sauravluk7 (4 years ago)
Hi, Can you upload a quick review on comparison between Moto G2 and Galaxy S3 Neo. I am inclined towards S3 Neo after recent price drop!! It will be a great help....specially camera and battery review on both!!

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