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7 Days to Die - Rent/Buy Vending Machines & Trader NPCs (Alpha 15)

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#7daystodie How to rent/buy vending machines and trade with NPCs at Trader Joel's White River Settlements. NPCs include Trader Joel, Trader Rekt, Trader Bob, Trader Hugh and Trader Jimmy. Hit that LIKE button! Thanks for watching!! Get 7 Days to Die: http://www.7daystodie.com ► Subscribe On Youtube! https://goo.gl/LbtyqW ► Follow on VidMe: http://vid.me/capp00 Follow me on Social Media: ----------------------------------------------------------- ► Twitter: http://twitter.com/capp00 ► Live Streaming: https://www.twitch.tv/capp00 ► Instagram: http://instagram.com/capp00.tx ► Facebook: http://facebook.com/capp00gaming ► Amazon Affiliate: http://amzn.to/2gwRjgN **** My Tech Channel - CappTech: **** ► YT: https://www.youtube.com/c/capptech ► Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/capptech ----------------------------------------------------------- ►Save 10% on KontrolFreek's w/ Promo "Capp00" http://www.kontrolfreek.com/?a_aid=Capp00 Want to mail me something? Capp00 P.O. Box 174136 Arlington, TX. 76003 (Fan Art, Drawings, Post-Cards, Letters, Candy, T-shirts, hats, anything really) I'll unbox it live on video too About #7DaysToDie: 7 Days to Die has redefined the survival genre, with unrivaled crafting and world-building content. Set in a brutally unforgiving post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead, 7 Days to Die is an open-world game that is a unique combination of first person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing games. It presents combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and character growth, in a way that has seen a rapturous response from fans worldwide. Play the definitive zombie survival sandbox RPG that came first. Navezgane awaits! Thank You #CappNation
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Text Comments (106)
pabeldark (1 month ago)
Not this one, but still watching
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Here you go, save you a click or two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHv-AixYrDk
Yonatan Makara (4 months ago)
Any updates if Npc do actually buy the items?
some rando (7 months ago)
I’m on console and when I beat the tutorial every time playing I get a note saying I should go to the settlement and talk to a citizen but there is no one but the trader
EAT PUSSY DIE YOUNG (7 months ago)
Do you listen to kmfdm
Capp00 (7 months ago)
Sometimes yes
Scoop pug 34 (8 months ago)
Is it worth it to go the trader?
Scoop pug 34 (8 months ago)
Capp00 ok
Capp00 (8 months ago)
Yeah, you can get stuff from him that are either very hard to find, or impossible to get without buying from him.
Beerus On Drugs (9 months ago)
Great video capp
Capp00 (9 months ago)
Spud Bud (9 months ago)
I had no idea what these vending machines did. I thought it gave me a food one and i could place it at my base for a period of time. What a waste of 2500 moneys lol
American Viking (9 months ago)
I wonder if you can kill traiders
some rando (7 months ago)
Warfrunstine 55 nope
tejarex (11 months ago)
On random gen, there is usually a trader somewhere near each city. They always have a flag.
Islarf (1 year ago)
666 likes ;). I promise i won't like this video to ruin it
Ciber Tron89 (1 year ago)
that moment tha the trader went to have dinner and never came back!, i wento to sell some weapons to trader joel and in the next day it will just keep kicking me out like if it was night time :,P
Jennifer Tindell (1 year ago)
Does it work on xbox 1
Canadian-gamer / (1 year ago)
I found the exact same trader base but no buying vending machines:( 😢
Chong Good Chiung (1 year ago)
Hi guys, do you know why the trader close the store forever? I realized it's not open in daytime anymore when I locate my bedroll, security box nearby and sell my things with the trader. I'm wondering what's going on with the trader. Thanks in advance.
Synaptic Gaming (1 year ago)
I've noticed that a good way to quickly level bartering skill is to sell everything you're going to sell to the trader individually. It appears to go by transaction, rather than by total number of items sold. You don't have to exit the interface, just leave the number to sell on 1 and hit sell as many times as you like. A mazing when converting all your old cash, though eventually he'll get sick of buying it (and most other things) until he resupplies, and then he'll usually buy more. Furthermore, selling gold, silver, and diamond ore appears to cause a huge jump in barter xp. Great video as always, thanks!
Win Sheng Chin (1 year ago)
Through treasure hunt
Kira Lee (1 year ago)
I believe he only buys 3 stacks/squares of the same kind of item. Where do you find gold, silver, diamond?
Josman087 (1 year ago)
I just recently bought this game over the Halloween sale and have become addicted. I wanted to let you know that I find these tutorials very helpful and interesting to watch. Keep on keeping on! Great vid!
Capp00 (1 year ago)
So happy to hear that!!
Raw som (1 year ago)
I keep getting booted out no matter what time it is
Nutbar McLoony (1 year ago)
On the server I'm playing on now, my character has a high armor crafting skill and I find that it's well worth it to repair armor items before selling them to the trader. It can sometimes more than double the item's selling price.
North korean Autos (1 year ago)
Alpha 16 came out for the ps4 and I'm soo hyped! Turns out for each bottle of water, it's worth 309 $ (duke casino)... And my ads has 10 stacks of water (15 per stack) and I'll get myself a little richer lol
Capp00 (1 year ago)
Alpha16 isn't out for consoles yet. It's still alpha15, but y'all finally got traders and vending machines, which was an A15 release on pc
xx gamerxx 256 (1 year ago)
I'm on Xbox one and it won't let me
xx gamerxx 256 (1 year ago)
Do you know how to make a hatch elevator
Capp00 (1 year ago)
Yes, I made a full video on how to make it.
Demonizer68 (1 year ago)
You can also go into the house at trader Rekt's and take whatever's inside.
I AM PAIN (1 year ago)
Can't find any traders
Logan Walker (1 year ago)
thanks for redirecting me to this great video and i just noticed i wasted my money on that player vending machine
Tijuana SIX (1 year ago)
I can't wait for other npc's roaming around that act just like another player to where you can kill them befriend them help them and they could do the same to you
a-ghost407 (7 months ago)
vexx80000 (8 months ago)
Tijuana SIX that's multiplayer
Capp00 (1 year ago)
Me too! Should add a nice dynamic to the game.
OsamaBinLooney (2 years ago)
what happens if I rent a machine and my rental time expires with things still in the machine that didn't sell? are those items lost? or can I come back and collect them from the machine but they are no longer being sold?
Kerrzo (2 years ago)
awesome channel drop you a sub and like
Capp00 (2 years ago)
Thank You :)
Diamond Ninja4 (2 years ago)
I know this has been asked many times but is it on console now?
Sup Trihard (8 months ago)
It now is :)
Capp00 (2 years ago)
lol we all did at one time :)
DrizzyDPope (2 years ago)
Damn, my dumb ass has been running around the whole map looking for this
Diamond Ninja4 (2 years ago)
Capp00 noooooooooooooo
Capp00 (2 years ago)
It is fine to ask, and sadly, not it's not on console yet.
ShaunMalin_ (2 years ago)
Are these on console?
Capp00 (2 years ago)
No not currently.
Doctor Hvitur (2 years ago)
Is this for ps4? Like traders?
SKATERSETH 1 (2 years ago)
Capp00 well thanks tho
Capp00 (2 years ago)
I have no idea honestly
SKATERSETH 1 (2 years ago)
Capp00 when will it be available on ps4?
Capp00 (2 years ago)
This is on PC. I don't believe consoles have traders villages yet.
Jason Chapman (2 years ago)
hope this feature is available in xbox one
Swiiftz_ 16 (1 year ago)
Jason Chapman is it
cucuyito18 (2 years ago)
fuck i love this npc ' iam not alone in the game
will5538 (2 years ago)
what happened when you don't leave when night comes?
will5538 (2 years ago)
never mind, it's explained at 5:00. thanks,
Tiger Gray (2 years ago)
do ps4 have this location?
Jim Mccort (2 years ago)
is this for console??
Davide 2002 (1 year ago)
Jim Mccort now yes
Capp00 (2 years ago)
no not yet
bob saget (2 years ago)
Is this on console?
barrie spain (1 year ago)
Capp00 (2 years ago)
No not yet
BEARYbear99 (2 years ago)
Is this update coming to the console version anytime soon?
Canadian-gamer / (1 year ago)
It’s been here since he made this video duh cuz I played it the same day he made this video and found trader
jet joe (1 year ago)
It is and has been for almost a year. Just have to update the game and start a new game😧
Capp00 (2 years ago)
I have no idea, sorry
Danny Newnham (2 years ago)
Ohh okay then I really annoying got so much stuff to sell I would scrap it but I want to keep it
Danny Newnham (2 years ago)
Is there any trading post on Xbox one ??
Capp00 (2 years ago)
I knew what you mean, and no they aren't on console yet. They were added with Alpha 15. So I'm guessing whenever the other studio releases A15 for console, you'll have them too.
Danny Newnham (2 years ago)
Capp00 traders I mean
Danny Newnham (2 years ago)
Capp00 do you know when there adding taders ??
Capp00 (2 years ago)
Not yet
Omnik Ck (2 years ago)
Yo did this come out for ps4
Grumpy MC (1 year ago)
majestic hectic I
majestic hectic (1 year ago)
Capp00 (2 years ago)
no not yet
TheOneJins (2 years ago)
I've seen 2 traders so far in random gen, and they appear to open at 06:05 in the morning^^
Angelo Cortes (1 year ago)
TheOneJins Same thing to me :) I got 2 trader bobs lol
Sleeq (2 years ago)
I always went to Trader Joels and was my main spot i sold stuff and bought at. I have gone there every day waited there and it was always locked idk why it has been locked for like 5days.
Capp00 (2 years ago)
I think I saw something on the forums about a glitch. Head over there and look to see. If not, report it so they can look into it.
TheeWendylove (2 years ago)
That's pretty neat. I need to get back on this game. Thanks for the info, Capp! :)
Capp00 (2 years ago)
Thanks Wendy, I appreciate it!
Garner Films (2 years ago)
Hey Capp is it possible to zoom in with the sniper on console I'm so how?? Me and my friend built a watch tower to snipe from and don't know how to zoom in
Tyler Richardson (1 year ago)
Up on d-pad while zooming in
DinoMite Gaming (2 years ago)
push up on the d-pad
Garner Films (2 years ago)
Capp00 thanks Capp I'll definitely try it👍🏽
Capp00 (2 years ago)
I would assume it is possible. I don't have the console version to test it, but try clicking the left thumb-stick
Alyssa Faden (2 years ago)
Maybe for future consideration: one subject that comes up alot are items worth selling - i.e. the big cash earners. Treasure maps can net THOUSANDS of dukes (I had give give me 18k, for example), but selling wise I've found scrap guns do well, as do tires (like $$$ each). The catch is the trader will only buy TWO at a time and I'm not sure how long that stays in place (24hrs?) or if it's two stacks, applies to every item, or what.
That gay faggot (8 months ago)
Gas he will never stop buying it at least last time I checked
Kara with gun (11 months ago)
Can you sell the map after you've already found the treasure?
Alyssa Faden (2 years ago)
and you, sir, have been most awesome in exploring the game's inner details!
Capp00 (2 years ago)
Another excellent topic. Thank you. You have been most helpful with ideas and discussion :)
IRISnGEN (2 years ago)
Funny how they played off Trader Joe's, lol
Capp00 (2 years ago)
No not yet. I don't know what version the console matches to the pc version, since they are being done by 2 different studios.
+Capp00 Is the update on ps4?
Capp00 (2 years ago)
Ya, and one of the main developers name is Joel, so it worked out!
matt p (2 years ago)
This game is certainly turning into what I have wanted from it since the beginning.
J ANGEL (1 month ago)
Oh yeah this game is solid. Have they took the bees out on xbox? Can't find any
Capp00 (2 years ago)
It gets better and better with each major update
Capp00 (2 years ago)
Hello there. Hope you are having a terrific Monday, wherever you are in the world. Got another #7daystodie video for you, showing some more of the new things added in Alpha 15. Hope you Like :)

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