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Gordon Ramsay Answers Cooking Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

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Gordon Ramsay uses the power of Twitter to answer some common cooking questions. Does cheese go bad? Is British food as awful as they say? Gordon offers his advice on these queries and a host of others. Gordon's Chef Support Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/chefsupport_gr He's also teaching a four hour Masterclass demonstrating his techniques to help you take your cooking to the next level. https://www.masterclass.com/classes/gordon-ramsay-teaches-cooking Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Gordon Ramsay Answers Cooking Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED
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Text Comments (15543)
HeyItsBlizzard (1 hour ago)
No steve... it won't
Taylor Allison (2 hours ago)
hello bon appetite test kitchen
Bob Orton (6 hours ago)
Happy birthday Allison
Faith Mosher (7 hours ago)
Is this the bon appetite kitchen??
Chelsea Shields (8 hours ago)
Do I spy a brad in the background?
Simply Showl (9 hours ago)
It looks like the BA test kitchen.
missy t (9 hours ago)
Hollywood is working wonders for chef Ramsey... He looks younger than his son these days.
usagi8 (10 hours ago)
His reply to the Birthday party invitation is probably the most honest opinion of himself I have ever heard of. It's why I don't care what he says about my cooking. Though I do give him credit for the leek bouquet garni and the idea to use a hot spoon for creme brulee. I will consider those ideas in the future.
bïtch (19 hours ago)
Wow he's genuinely so helpful lol
Naman Modak (22 hours ago)
is this BA Test kitchen?
Miriah (1 day ago)
ITS BRAD!! And Chris!
Jace Gagnon (1 day ago)
Is that my boy Brad in the backround
Delilah St. Bard (1 day ago)
he said at least we have a decent prime minister with his entire chest
Bodidiva Tulku (1 day ago)
This man taught me more in eight minutes than my mom's "Don't let it burn." advice.
I love how chefs just assume everyone has stuff like creme fraiche just sitting around in their refrigerator
samcrog - (9 hours ago)
Anonymously Anonymous creme fraiche is basically sour cream
Jay the lesbian (1 day ago)
i found brad
I'm trash human (1 day ago)
I'm amazed by the amount of information he has, wow this is infact the greatest cook
James Playz (1 day ago)
How do u make the best spicy ribs
tzutari (1 day ago)
I see Brad. I desperately want a Brad/Gordon crossover.
CollidingCherries (1 day ago)
I’m making homemade meatballs and pasta sauce but I can’t make the pasta cuz it’s gonna take too long and I’m gonna send tweet him a pic and see if he responds
Emily (1 day ago)
Did he really think David Cameron was a decent prime minister? 😨 hopefully that was only in comparison to Trump... :/
Emily (22 hours ago)
JAPlayz Games David Cameron announced the Brexit proposal in early 2016 and this was released about a year later.
JAPlayz Games (22 hours ago)
Well, this was years ago and it was before Brexxit so...
Cortney Pulcher (2 days ago)
Hopeing mine was in there!
Medical Doll (2 days ago)
I have the most rudimentary pallet. Like... basic southern cheap American food with no fresh or crazy herbs or flavors. Idk what rosemary taste like, thyme, leeks, parsnips, veal, and 90% of the things on his menu at HK. I would LOVE to expand my pallet but I don’t know where to start and it just seems like there are SO many options out there to not only keep up with mentally but financially.
Idlan Bruhanuddin (2 days ago)
those who questioned out of topic for cooking tips get F Word XD....IM DONE!!!
Hazza (2 days ago)
"At least we've got a decent prime minister" yeah say that again?
Iris Castro (3 days ago)
This is the BA kitchen!
dragon reaper (3 days ago)
The classic idiot sandwich
Edgar Ricardo (3 days ago)
Thorn scar (3 days ago)
We need the THIRSTY comments
LillyCookies DDAENG (3 days ago)
day 1382: still no lamb sauce and my chicken nuggets are raw
Euenlee Tan (3 days ago)
Is this the Buzzfeed Test Kitchen?
Justin Ansako (3 days ago)
Bonanpetit kitchen
Inflammable Liquid (3 days ago)
Gordon is such a nice guy :D
The ILLusion Show (3 days ago)
My man Brad in the background using technology 00:14
Mojo sO dOp3 (4 days ago)
He's in bon appetit kitchen ..... I see brad in the back
Autobahn247 (4 days ago)
Is this the Bon appetit test kitchen?
mareks 223 (4 days ago)
6:17 XD
Pádraig (4 days ago)
Why is he in the test kitchen? I can see people like Brad and Chris
Pádraig (2 days ago)
Bobb im just saying
Bobb (2 days ago)
Ok and?
Gantoo (4 days ago)
what on earth is he doing in the Bon Appetit kitchen o.O
Fisher Forever (4 days ago)
The idea of him being ultimately left handed literally hardly moves his right drives me crazy
Eva Orts (4 days ago)
isn't this the ba kitchen?
Eric Adrien (4 days ago)
1:25 lmfao, I'm in class watching this and it made me laugh out loud
Was this BA's Test Kitchen?
Ilkka Miinalainen (4 days ago)
should my lil sister do desserts to us? once she literally mixed cocoa powder, lingonberry, eggs, and ice cream..than god she made her own mixes after that
Tricia Mamaril (5 days ago)
isnt that the bon appetit test kitchens?
ThatHoodedPerson (5 days ago)
Gordon: Unacceptable! The salad is RAW!
Annoyance (5 days ago)
brad sighted
yiff Or be yiffed (5 days ago)
No one asked where the lamb sauce is
President WHAT (5 days ago)
Hey look a video with Gordon not yelling, that’s something you don’t see everyday
Raven Fortnite (5 days ago)
2:27 lol
noice (6 days ago)
I never knew Gordon Ramsey was this calm.
Mr. World (6 days ago)
come to JRE.
Is that bon appetit test kitchen?? I saw brad leone there hahhaha
Life of Simran (6 days ago)
Why does it seem like Gordon has to pee during this whole video lol
Stefan Garcia (19 hours ago)
Epa Chowdhry (1 day ago)
Haha u had 100 likes then I ruined it by making 101! 😂😂
Sanyu Kimuli (2 days ago)
69th like
Elle X (3 days ago)
Who Whaat (4 days ago)
He’s prolly in a hurry to go somewhere, he’s a busy man lol
ssj5 goku (6 days ago)
Nellie Blake (6 days ago)
i spot a claire
GrooseGamez b (6 days ago)
1:26 are you sure about that?😂
ForeignHour (6 days ago)
0:08 My man Brad Leone in the background
I'm Gonna Kill You (6 days ago)
Put salt in a garlic Why do you didn't put pepper
Trae Wayman (7 days ago)
The bear grylls of cooking
Shister Squad (7 days ago)
He’s so wiseeeeee
BigNibba (7 days ago)
**Subtitles** : “Hi my name is girl Ramsey
Jero del Toro (7 days ago)
isn't he supposed to be mean he is very nice
Rayan K. (6 days ago)
He's actually very nice
Joey Bailey (7 days ago)
Brad Leone in the back... A lot of star power in that room!
FamishedBag55 (7 days ago)
Did you ever find the lamb sauce?
Stephen (7 days ago)
Great Video. How can someone have the best insults you'll ever hear and be possibly one of the nicest people you can meet.
Patricia Cardiff (7 days ago)
Dates on those questions,2012 2016 2017 etc answers back 27 Feb 2017.they've been waiting a while
Cian (4 days ago)
Xylarxcode or years?
Cian (4 days ago)
Xylarxcode or months?
Cian (4 days ago)
Xylarxcode or days
Xylarxcode (4 days ago)
I imagine he has better things to do then check his Twitter feed every couple hours, lol.
ItzLivzta XD (7 days ago)
Did Gordon Ramsay just say we have a decent priminister. Gordon she's deluded.
Manic flying cat (3 days ago)
Cian it does
Cian (4 days ago)
Don’t know if this makes a difference (I’m not British idk bout your politics) but this video is 2 years old ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Kaleb99j (7 days ago)
Hey look it's the Bon Appétit test kitchen. Lol
Fazy Tube (7 days ago)
for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++){}
Decent and prime minister in the same sentence I don’t think so Gordon !!!
Basel Hadi (7 days ago)
Gordon Ramsay I am fan of you because your food and your cooking you are the best you have passion for cooking when you help the restaurant in the kitchen nightmare
Dennis213100 (7 days ago)
I see prey in the background. I was getting anxious for the moment he turns around and yell at these people what they're doing wrong
Bee (1 day ago)
Chris Morocco can do no wrong
Icy Tower (7 days ago)
1:27 "at least we have a decent prime minister" This didn't age well.
sorasnobodiexiii (1 day ago)
+Rachel G dont blame the PM blame the shitstain mayor
De Jules b (2 days ago)
Rachel G Thanks
Rachel G (2 days ago)
Icy Tower completely accurate lol
Rachel G (2 days ago)
De Jules b we have the worst prime minister in the history of prime ministers
De Jules b (4 days ago)
Icy Tower thanks
BMD IV LIFE (8 days ago)
c h e e k y f u c k e r
Wrigley Hardt (8 days ago)
You fuckin donkey!!!!!!!!
deathdealer312 (8 days ago)
Is this the BA test kitchen?
Leonilyn Janier (8 days ago)
Leonilyn Janier (8 days ago)
Brian Voll (8 days ago)
That’s the Bon Appetit kitchen!
John (8 days ago)
Is he in the test kitchen? Where’s Brad at.
Isaak Quarles (8 days ago)
Idipt sandwich lol
Henry Walker (8 days ago)
Is he in the BA test kitchen?
MartinAndrew Moreno (9 days ago)
Bleu cheese butter on steak I have to try that. But side note my kids think chef is the coolest and they watch almost all the shows he is on. Also why my son will try different foods now.
Rajas A (9 days ago)
I thought his job was to swear at bad cooks!
Connie Scum (9 days ago)
?! but the uk doesnt have a decent pm ?
Asten Gamer (9 days ago)
_World’s best chef_
GrilledCheeseSandwich (9 days ago)
Yeah I have a question for you. Were you able to finally find the lamb sauce?
Deaths Mark (14 hours ago)
Jimin has jams you egg Who cares
Thats a dead meme
Elle X (3 days ago)
GrilledCheeseSandwich WHERES THE LAMB SAUCEEEE???
Ruchita Sonarikar (9 days ago)
The last tweet was kinda cute... But honey, you better not invite Gordon to your party...
CooperG (10 days ago)
His “Food IQ” is so underrated
MacBack123 (10 days ago)
*CAN I EAT A HOT DOGGIT?!* Gordon: boi
Johann Mustermann (10 days ago)
Auto-subtitles translated the beginning into "Hi, my name is girl Ramsey ..."
Vincent Bours (10 days ago)
Why is Gordon Ramsey at the Bón Appetite test kitchen
Harry Murray (11 days ago)
@GordonRamsay How do I mix Laxatives with Tea? I want to get back at my Sister is always annoying.
Ellie Mathews (11 days ago)
Ok the spoon for the creme brulee was brilliant.
James Flood (11 days ago)
Like the subtitles "hi my name is girl Ramsey" lol tf?
ashad_b (11 days ago)
1:28 pretty sure gordon regrets saying this now
EJ Yuwen (11 days ago)
thanks fxck for that !! haha
Must Stay Anonymous (11 days ago)
I have a question... WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE
b1zika (11 days ago)
We need part 2 :D

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