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Asus Zenfone 5 Review - Powerful 5" Intel Atom Dual-SIM Smartphone With 2GB RAM For Only PHP 6,495

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Asus Zenfone 5 Review - Powerful 5" Intel Atom Dual-SIM Smartphone With 2GB RAM For Only PHP 6,495 For more info and news about gadgets, check out our website! http://www.thetechnoclast.com Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (458)
Ricashelle Apas (2 years ago)
Does the current zenfone 5 support otg now ???
Chuck Barrientos (2 years ago)
galaxy s4 still the best lol i swapped my zenfone c plus 2500 pesos for a almost new s4. got a nice deal
Ciid Henri (2 years ago)
kuya ko nag tatrabaho sa queen elizabeth ship.. sa august sya uuwi ee bibigay nya sakin zenfone 5 :3 yyyyeeehhh kaya tumitingin ako kung ayos...
ボイドv o i d (3 years ago)
do you know where to buy asus accessories? like ung earphones and charger
Vinz From Philippines (3 years ago)
6k lang pala yan? doon sa lazada 18k !!! abroad shipping lang kasi ang available.,.
Reydelin Ruiz (3 years ago)
Sir san makakabili ng Asus zenfone 5?
Keith Fizzey (3 years ago)
Great review. Thanks and im thinking if im gonna buy this one..
Dennis Da Silva (3 years ago)
cool... planning to buy this phone na.. ipon muna ako ;-)
lorrian san (3 years ago)
Can someone provide me with the online link to buy this phone please or tell me where i can purchase it
Freddie Cunningham (3 years ago)
You're Inspiring! null wonder What's happening..
Romel Padolina (3 years ago)
Best budget phone asus zenfone 5
Hayro (3 years ago)
what about zenfone 2
Robert Jake Alvarez (3 years ago)
Wow ang ganda nito ha... 2gig of ram.... i want to buy 1... thanks for the review...
Aldrinne Aguinaldo (3 years ago)
Mabilis po b malowbat at mg init pg mg cCoc .? planing to buy kc .
Nicole Ucheha (3 years ago)
Oh g! xD You just showed the cherry Mobile Flare 3 which is the one i liked, not anymore when i saw asus. Flare 3 is pretty good, but iba parin ang asus.  Btw, nice review.
Shahriar Sami (3 years ago)
lovely review
kyle malao (3 years ago)
Bilis ma lowbat nyan..
Randy Genita (3 years ago)
Got my asus zenfone 5 very recently, quite good perfomance though, battery lasted for 8 hrs without data and wifi usage and around 4hrs with surfing, what i like most is when asus sent an update of the system and text msgs becomes.customize really looks.great. as well as in email setting. Mine is already is kitkat 4.4.2
Kaito Shion (3 years ago)
Sir, Which one do you think is better for gaming Zenfone 2 the is worth around Php 7900 or the Zenfone 5 worth Php 6495? and which variant of Zenfone 5 is faster? thanks if you reply. :)
Bon Latz (3 years ago)
Watching this on my new zenfone 5. Dunno if i made the right choice though over the 5-inch zenfone 2..
mitch callanta (3 years ago)
Saan niyo po na download ung wallpaper ng Asus Zenfone 5 niyo? At Best review po ng Asus zenfone 5 ang inupload nio .. Thanks Po!
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
+The Technoclast meron din po ba kayo link nung sample video clips ng asus ?
The Technoclast (3 years ago)
+mitch callanta Hi there, you can download the wallpaper from our Community page on Facebook. Here's the link to the wallpaper: https://www.facebook.com/groups/420930958036723/575908579205626/ And the link to the community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/420930958036723/ Hope you like the wallpaper!
Zenko IsMySpirit (3 years ago)
Its my best phone ever
Editing Tutorial (3 years ago)
can anyone pls tell me about the asus zenfone 5 battery life i heard the battery is very poor did they fix the battery issue after updates.thanx
Joe Black (3 years ago)
+Editing Tutorial Yep, very poor batter life.
Jarry Kent (3 years ago)
+Fine Vine 5 MInutes - 1 Battery Life
subodh khanal (3 years ago)
what about battery?
Felmea Mercado (3 years ago)
Hi +The Technoclast I have a question about the camera features. How come my new Zenfone only has a little features on the settings. Yours has a lot. It's on the mark of 10:53 I only have 5 of those. HDR, Auto, Night, Beautification and GIF Animation. Is there something wrong with the software? Any reply would mean a lot. Thanks.
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
+Felmea Mercado your always welcome :)
Felmea Mercado (3 years ago)
was able to tweak it already somehow. Thank you for the reply.
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
+Felmea Mercado maybe update your camera in playstore if there's an update.
CSI0220 (3 years ago)
Battery life 3- 4 hours kng babad ka tlga sa laro as in non stop . Pero kng HND naman araw tumatagal ..
Jean Irene Murillo (3 years ago)
Hello po,ako i just got mine just 1 month ago.ang galing!it worked so well mine was P 7,880 at SM thank you for inspiring me to get one :-)
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
+Jean Irene Murillo bakit ang mahal po ? ung akin po Php 6,995 .anung variant po yan ng zenfone 5 ?
Paul Azusano (3 years ago)
Asus zenfone a500cg or a501cg?
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
+Paul Azusano 501cg
Janajane Teneza (3 years ago)
Medyo nakakainis yung quality ng picture pag ginamit mo yung camera parang may filter. Tapos pag binluetooth mo sa ibang cellphone, nawawala tapos gumaganda yung quality parang wala na siyang filter. Tapos minsan habang nag chacharge ako bigla biglang namamatay. Binili ko lang ito nung March. Pero maganda pa rin para sa akin. 😄😍😘
Kashichi (3 years ago)
How's the battery life?
Nuggi 77 (3 years ago)
Acer z500 vs asus z5
Freddie Slaughter (3 years ago)
How do you carry your smartphone?
Charles Lyndon Duenas (3 years ago)
Finally found a filipino doing reviews like a professional? XD Just subscribed your channel
Charles Lyndon Duenas (3 years ago)
+The Technoclast btw Im planning on getting a phone and My choices are the ff: The zenfone 5, Cherry mobile ONE, or the zenfone 5 lite? What do you think is the best by specs and popularity
The Technoclast (3 years ago)
+Charles Lyndon Duenas Thanks bro!
Miguel (3 years ago)
I don't know why, but when I play asphalt 8 in high graphics on my Z5, the game is so laggy. Like, dropping frames all the time. I have the Z2560 though (1.6 Ghz). But still, the game is laggy af. How can I fix this problem?
Ricardo Morela (3 years ago)
May isa pa pala akong nakitang problema.. Nabili q ung zenfone 5 q na ang android version is 4.4.2 kit kat na. Ung mga apps na malalaki tulad ng asphalt 7,8 eh hindi mo maililipat sa SD card, may mailalagay ka sa SD card kzo super liit lang.. Nsa internal padin ung malaking part nung app. Mga downloads direkta internal storage din at dq malipat sa SD card. So ang mangyayari ung SD card ay magagamit mo for camera.. Pictures and videos ng makukuha mo sa camera un lng ung mapupunta s SD card.. Dito s video nakita q nalilipat p nya ung apps sa SD card.. Jellybean pa cguro version ni2ng nsa video.
Ricardo Morela (3 years ago)
i have this zenfone 5 a month ago. Masasabi q, sulit xa.. Maganda camera na my saring camera features.. no lag s games asphalt 7,8 , nba 2k14, psp ps1 snes nintendo ds emulators no problem at all.. No heating problem. No network problem. Maganda screen resolution. 16gb rom capacity expandabale ng sd card. i didnt experience force closed. Ang problem q s kanya.. 1.Ang laki ng top and bottom bezel nya kaya indi xa fit s bulsa. 2.Ung speaker average. 3.Ung battery problema q xa nung una pero nkapag adjust nmn ako after days or weeks.. Ginawa q lahat ng pwedeng mkatipid s battery q, and depende naman s pag gamit mo ung kakalabasan ng battery mo.. Kunwari nag wifi,mobile data,watch movie,games ka? Malamang ung battery mo eh d tlga tatagal tulad ng inaasahan.. Problem lahat yan ng mobile pera nlng qng malaki tlga battery capacity nung device, kunwari 2100mah z zenfone 5.. Tas ung zenfone 2 3000mah.. Malamang mas tatagal ung zenfone 2.. 4.Ung service warranty? Balita q dpa ganun kaganda ang service warranty ng asus s pinas? For me. Worth the money :) And bumili only s trusted sellers.
Zha Zara (3 years ago)
guys please help choose a phone! i've been back forth in the malls and youtube. i've have been thnking choosing between, Samsung grand prime, Samsung grand 2, and this asus zenfone 5. i would preferable want a good device that is bang for the buck and can last.,. thanks
Serene Godinez (3 years ago)
Hi! Where do you get this for 6495? In stores, this is usually priced at 6995. Planning to get one soon. Great reviews by the way :)
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
+Serene Godinez  1.6 ghz 2 gb ram 16 gb rom ---- Php 6,995 1.6 ghz 2gb ram 8gb rom ---- Php 6495
TJ Sison (3 years ago)
planning to buy one . . unfortunately . . it doesnt have front cam :(
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
+Mike P. xD sorry for that .
Mike P. (3 years ago)
+Arvie Guadiz you just repeated what i just said, genius.
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
+Mike P. all zenfone models and their variants have a front cam.
Mike P. (3 years ago)
+TJ Sison All zenfone models (z4, z5, z6, z2) has front facing camera.
CSI0220 (3 years ago)
Zenfone 5 have a front cam 2mp
john alee de ocampo (3 years ago)
hey dude!. ,can you just, please give a review on the new asus Pegasus x002?, please..
Barakong Masahista (3 years ago)
Pare, this is the best review of the Asus Zenfone 5 I've come across.  On the basis of this review (as well as the online reviews I've read), I decided to buy one. Thanks!
Joshua Victorino (3 years ago)
Tiansanity (3 years ago)
+Barakong Masahista you shoul've have gone Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, for almost the same price with the quadcore CPU. But yun lang, the camera is 5mp lang compare dito 8mp. Tanong ko lang, yung sa lazada is jelly bean pa ang os nya. upgradable ba siya sa kitkat?
The Technoclast (3 years ago)
+IPlayReborn Sound and camera I would go with Zenfone, Performance with Infinix XL.
The Technoclast (3 years ago)
+IPlayReborn Better in what way ang tanong ba bro? Mahirap ung overall iba iba hanap ng tao e. :P
The Technoclast (3 years ago)
You're welcome bro!
Cyber512_Blues50 (3 years ago)
#AwesomenessAtYourHand  Thanks for the review, i've been checking this phone out quite awhile now, it's what i'm planning to buy this summer :D
Jarry Kent (3 years ago)
Mabilis bang uminit to ??? please sagot agad !
Torling Pader (3 years ago)
i finally got my own Zenfone 5 a few weeks ago...it doesn't heat up that much contrary to those that say it does...it's pretty fast and very pleasant to the eye.....the price is very low but its specs can be compared to the high-end ones (except the battery)..but anyway, it's a very good phone
McYsrael Alviar (3 years ago)
+Arvie Guadiz nagtingin din ako sa online shop ng ASUS. Kaso out of stock pa ang zenfone 5. baka sa mga SMs mayroon silang stock.
McYsrael Alviar (3 years ago)
+Arvie Guadiz ganun ba. e saang sm mo ba nabili ang phone mo?
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
+McYsrael Alviar .
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
oo sir . .mas sigurado ka pag sa SM kesa sa labas .may mga peke na kasi ee .
McYsrael Alviar (3 years ago)
+Arvie Guadiz san mo nabili sa loob ng SM ang phone?
Anghel Ignacio (4 years ago)
Guys hndi ba siya nag lalag sa NBA 2k14? .
Destiny F*cker (4 years ago)
At first I thought you were an American since your English was very good, haha!! Like it! :-D ASUS is really nice, isn't it? Hello, po, Mr. Technoclast! :-D Based on what I've seen, I can say that this Zenfone 5 is a really great phone! However, what bothers me the most is what consumers/users are saying about this model's battery life. Is it really that bad? Also, Sir, I'm planning to buy this Zenfone 5, yet there are 2 types- one is the A501(Android Jellybean but they say it could be upgraded to Kitkat...) ;and the other is A502. Which one do you think is better?  ... Another question: Can you customize your application menu? I mean, it's all black... I'm just curious... -__- Please do respond.. :) Thank you in advance!! 
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
+DestinyFucker KevinS. You're always welcome dude :)
Destiny F*cker (3 years ago)
Arvie Guadis, thank you :)
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
+DestinyFucker KevinS. hi :D z5 (502cg) also known as z5 lite. yes you can customize .just update the zenui launcher at playstore .
Emmanuel Luengas (4 years ago)
G L I (4 years ago)
ou totoo nga na sobrang uminit ng phone na ito. napatanong nga yung nanay ko kung bakit ganyan ang phone  na to.. perro you won't regret if bibili ka ng phone na ito kasi ganda talaga ng features nito .. 
Torling Pader (4 years ago)
and BTW i was impressed by the way you review devices...no cheesy lines, no script and very fair actually...not those stuffs by other countries...up the flag of the Filipinos
Torling Pader (4 years ago)
hi there..i was just wondering if you can help me on this one...i'm planning to buy LG G2 but since its memory is not expandable,i have decided to choose between LG G2 mini, ASUS Zenfone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Grand 2...personally, which do you think has overall advantage?tnx a lot....
Torling Pader (4 years ago)
thanks a lot, man...
John Daniel Eversmann (4 years ago)
Alright, best of luck.
Torling Pader (4 years ago)
hopefully not..hehe but I did purchased it in Malaysia through a friend....he told me it was an "original" one
John Daniel Eversmann (4 years ago)
I am guessing you didn't purchased the Imported Version.
Torling Pader (4 years ago)
yes i have...and it's online....
Paweł Pleskaczyński (4 years ago)
hi, it supports usb otg
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
+Hayro in playstore :)
Hayro (3 years ago)
+Arvie Guadiz how do you update
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
+Paweł Pleskaczyński yes :) just update it.
Variable (4 years ago)
Hi, thanks for this upload as I have earlier watched your upload on the Asus Me 176CX. Just a quick question if this Asus Zenfone also feature a dual screen capability? Is this an Asus UI application or Android OS? Thanks for your time. Hope you continue to post gadgets availalble in the Philippines.
The Technoclast (3 years ago)
+Variable Hey there sorry late reply. The ZF5 doesn't have that dual screen capability, but the apps on the ME176CX that you can dual screen are limited anyway so it's not a huge loss.
Sharath Shaiva (4 years ago)
Where 6500rs I want to buy it
Bumili ako ng zenfone5 feb 5 2015 kasi nagandahan ako sa specs at trusted ang name na asus at mura pa. Natuwa naman ako kasi masarap sya gamitin maganda camera. Feb 12 2015 nagpicture lang ako ng kaunti at iniwan ko sa room ko, nung bumalik ako sa room para kuhain ang phone sobrang init ng phone ang ginawa ko pinatay ko sya. mula non hindi na sya nag open at nagcharge kaya ngayon nasa aikon tech service center na sya at minimum for 1 month daw sa kanila ang phone hanggang 2 months…. kaya feeling ko sayang ang 7k ko na bumili ng phone na ito….
Anne Love Love (4 years ago)
Wow. What a great review! Your voice is not annoying like other Filipino reviewers here in youtube ! I will subscribe on your channel :)
Jahleel Parcon (4 years ago)
#Respect Nice review.
Zelomara MTB (4 years ago)
Meron kaya nito sa SM Calamba? :/ 
spense suspense (4 years ago)
WORST REVIEW EVER OVERHYPED FAIL #1: There is no such thing as "ZEN UI STYLE BUTTONS" BUTTONS are NOT USER INTERFACE!! they are called HARDWARE INTERFACE  FAIL #2: Really? 2gb ram abundant for that price range? 2gb of ram is pretty much standard on any device from the date you posted this FAIL #3: Uses the word "VERY" like hundreds of times, listening to the video is just awful and annoying as fuck. FAIL #4: "TONS" of customization yet looks "VERY STOCK"  FAIL #5: FRAME SKIP then calls it "VERY VERY FAST PHONE"  FAIL #6: VERY POWERFUL, VERY AWESOME PHONE. WOAHH REALLY? WELL LOCAL BRANDS SHOULD RETIRE NOW!!! FAIL #7: Camera quality? Battery quality? Call quality? This is not an Itouch for Christ's sake Understandable video yet your english sucks man
Mike P. (4 years ago)
doskoip81 (4 years ago)
i hope you can do a better review than him :-) , i guess not lol
rotuvillo73 (4 years ago)
Hi everyone! I got my ASUS Zenfone 5 just this January 22, 2015 and I have to agree with your review. That with an affordable price of 6999 Php for a 1.6 Ghz, 2Gb of RAM and 16 Gb storage, the pictures are decent, very smooth user experience, no lags, the battery drains faster if on wifi and I agree with most of the comments here. I tried using my OTG which is very important to me to transfer large files, and it's ok. Overall, I did not regret buying this phone for my wife. By the way, I bought mine from concept computer in SM city Iloilo. 
paulmthws (4 years ago)
hello, have you tried customizing the power saver options? what does OTG means? does it overheat ba? or normal heat when used in WiFi?
Samuel Aluan (4 years ago)
What is the exact name of that phone?
rits stir (4 years ago)
Hi!can u do a review of powerbanks too?
capsj (4 years ago)
good day mga sir.. ive seen a lot of bad review about the kitkat update for this phone zenfone 5. comment naman po about it. thanks in advance.
Dave Zapanta (4 years ago)
Just bought this phone yesterday from sm north, im really impressed of the features it has to offer. The camera is better than my old phone and games are running without lag. Very nice phone
zigozeven zeventyzeven (4 years ago)
My Zenfone 5 (2gb RAM version) doesn't have overheating issue. It does get lowbat when the WiFi is always on. Which is just normal when WiFi is turned on as it is known to eat battery energy. Best is to plug it to electrical source with your charger or always have your powerbank handy. Otherwise, turn off WiFi when not in use. I thought at first I'll be disappointed with Zenfone 5, but it does give me satisfaction in terms of my needs for a smartphone. Good camera, very responsive touchscreen, good virtual keyboard, nice application icons. And ZenUI is amazingly clean and fluid to use. Buying this mid-range price phone is worth the bucks.
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
+paulmthws kabibili ko lang ng zenfone 5 ko .totoo nga ambilis uminit .tapos ambilis din maubos ung battery .pero nung in-update ko system update niya tas lahat ng apps hindi na masyadong umiinit tas mejo matagal na ring malowbat :)
paulmthws (4 years ago)
+dorio x  I agree,, pero WiFi lang naman ako and hndi naman ako heavy user.
dorio x (4 years ago)
+paulmthws normal lang sa mga Smartphone ang mag init sa gaming
paulmthws (4 years ago)
no overheat issue naman? normal naman kasi yun di ba pag ginagamit esp WiFi
Caine Jimenez (4 years ago)
I Want To Buy This Meron Kayo ba Alam Kung Saan Makabili Malapit sa Sta.Rosa City Laguna??
Jovanni Orcullo (4 years ago)
Why is it this phone cost  Php. 6,995 ? I though it was Php.  6,495 :/ 
Jovanni Orcullo (4 years ago)
+Charles Suds 8GB is the smallest ? 
Charles Angelo (4 years ago)
6995 has 16gb internal memory, 6495 has 8gb.
ladyontherocks (4 years ago)
Great review. Thanks, Sir!
thetrialshot (4 years ago)
nagbabalak ako bumili ng phone next week Nokia L630 and Zenfone 5 ang pinagpipilian ko kasi same price lang sila pero parang disappointing yung low battery life ng asus 
Mike P. (4 years ago)
+The Technoclast Sir I was wondering kung saan nyo na-download yung NBA 2k14/2k15? I can't find it on Google Play. Thanks in advance!
Randy Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Ung 2k14 madami s mga torrent sites.. Meron aq 2k15 sa nexus 7 2nd gen q offline xa kaso tiyagaan q na download un parang trial and error, naka chamba lng aq n gumagana na 2k15 mas malupit graphics ng 2k15 parang xbox style
dorio x (4 years ago)
Torrent site. Tignan mo pirate bay kung buhay ulit sila
john gutierez (4 years ago)
i search mo s google, maganda ung 2014 yung 2015 ata online. ung nba 2014 pwede pa multiplayer via bluetooth.kung parehas ku na asus walang lag
Mike P. (3 years ago)
Got this phone just recently (16GB ,2gb ram version). Very good for its low price. The 5" display is very crisp and vibrant. No lag experienced so far. Premium siyang tingnan. Ang problem lang na nakikita ko ay yung battery, madali malowbat (and mag-init pag naka-wifi and games). But not really a deal-breaker for me. Camera quality is superb especially outdoor shots. Overall, great mid-ranged phone. :-)
Deathlore (2 years ago)
Balita nmn about sa Lollipop update ng Zenfone 5 i just got my own and its already kitkat 4.4.2 but yung battery drain so fast when it come to wifi or gaming 3hrs lng yung gaming skin at wifi <\3
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
+Mike P. May upadate na ng zenfone 5 sa Android Lollipop v5.0 na update niyo na sa inyo ?
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
+Mike P. End daw ng May may update sabi nila .
Mike P. (3 years ago)
+Arvie Guadiz no Lollipop update for zenfone 5 as of now
Arvie Guadiz (3 years ago)
+Mike P. hi .tanung lang :) kasi sabi nila may update daw ung zenfone 5 sa android lollipop .may nakatry na ba sa inyo ?
bam de dios (4 years ago)
grabe umiinit nga to..sobra hindi ko nga ma hawaka,.
Jascha Mae Tulauan (4 years ago)
Overacting . xD 
Zee (4 years ago)
Well mine just worked so fine..I bought it like last Nov. 21,2014..and from all mid-range phones dt i have gone with,this is by far d best..The issue abt phone overheating is not true..it heats but it's not not dt hot d hottest dt it has gone to 34 degrees Celsius.The downer s just d battery..2110 mAh is just not enough for me since im a heavy user..
Edred Bacayo (4 years ago)
Are they already selling the ones with quad core versions of this zenfone 5 here in the philippines?
apolpieTV (4 years ago)
I just bought Asus zenfone 5 just now (dec. 30, 2014) as a gift present to me. :) i love it :P
john varlez (4 years ago)
nabibili ba po yan sa gilmore sa QC????
Misaka Mikoto (4 years ago)
Got this phone just a few days ago, and it's been pretty impressive so far. The battery is a bit of a downer though. You might have to charge the unit twice or even thrice a day if you're a heavy user.
James Beaufort (4 years ago)
How is the battery life of the Asus Zenphone 5?
samson minwuyelet (4 years ago)
Having WiFi disconnection. Realy wiered
ace gozale (4 years ago)
GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT                                          PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paulo Baron (4 years ago)
Even though i own a galaxy s5 this device is way too fast for its price range. I love how the screen shows vibrant display. I hope ASUS will continue to produce such quality phones without breaking the bank!
Marc Geolingo (4 years ago)
As always filipino's have the best english in all of asia
Vince Esguerra (3 years ago)
+Sigmund B Not all Filipinos, don't generalize hehe 
Bryann James Almeda (4 years ago)
I will be a good boy now.
Bryann James Almeda (4 years ago)
Sorry :3
The Technoclast (4 years ago)
+Bj Almeda +Marc Andrew Geolingo +Charles Migriño +Froilan Jan Macapil +Eco Box You guys make so many fight fight! Such angriness of you!
Bryann James Almeda (4 years ago)
I'm so sorry for being so rude. That was just a small mistake but we cannot really justify that we, filipinos, have the best english in asia. We do have good english speaking skills though.
Klylylydeee (4 years ago)
Sir san nyo to na bili? :D
Jayde Bryan Garcia (4 years ago)
Ask lang po ano pong Zenfone yan kasi iba iba din po yun 
Anthony (4 years ago)
Good day sir, what is the real size of it's RAM?? Is it 8GB or 2GB. Sorry I'm not a "tech. know it all" guy so I do not have any ideas about these so called specs of a phone. And Lastly I read it's specs from the internet and the page says it's battery isn't removable, is it true? Thanks! 
Anthony (4 years ago)
Charles Migriño (4 years ago)
Just to give a head's up. Technically, the battery is "removable" only not in a very easy manner since it's screwed up pretty nicely. This is actually a great feature since gluing the internals pretty hard makes the phone more durable to falls than having it "easily removable". It's great android phones have started to adopt this feature.
Anthony (4 years ago)
Thank you!!
Lerandumguy RANDUM (4 years ago)
The RAM size for this phone is 2 GB and the battery is NOT removeable
Darryl Pausanos (4 years ago)
Sir, pwd supported ba ito ng ubuntu? gusto ko sana i change yung android to ubuntu OS..
Vincent Yang (4 years ago)
Is this available in the US?
Danger (4 years ago)
where did you buy with that kind of price all i see is 6995 online
mark dolfo (4 years ago)
same here too 6995 php SM north. but its ok,, glad to have one of it. thanks ASUS for these great phone.
Danger (4 years ago)
thanks for feed back i went a head and installed a zen phone 5 ver on my zenfone 5 and it s kind of not lined up correctly...oh well ill just wait for it to be officially released then
john gutierez (4 years ago)
+PhenomQuadcore yes,i think screen protector can be cut now if they dont have s.p for your phone or tab
Danger (4 years ago)
how you heard about the zen phone 5 lite? can i use the same screen protector as zenphone 5 on zenphone 5 lite?
john gutierez (4 years ago)
it is because 8gig variant=6,495 16g variant=6,995 500 pesos difference
jovelyn peniero (4 years ago)
bought this zenfone 5 last December 6, 2014 my  surprise gift for my husband and he really amazed with this fone.. and i also bought mine today:) GOOD JOB ASUS!
Jonard Villaruel (4 years ago)
just bought this yesterday and the performance is astonishingly fast. But I have one concern about the contact which I can't add contacts to a group I created. Is this a bug? My Zenfone 5 is already in Kitkat when I bought it yesterday. Need some help, thanks :-)
john gutierez (4 years ago)
where did you bought it? careful buying online. not certain about this bug you say.all i know is the default O.S is 4.3 JB and not KItkat if its KITKAT ask the seller.do some more research first before you buy.KK has many bugs.so yes maybe its because you are using KK thats why.
John Aspen (4 years ago)
I have read in some other reviews that with the Asus Zenfone 5 Z2580 chipset and 2 ghz processor, the Antutu Benchmark went beyond 23,000+.
Sean Claude Aguiling (4 years ago)
pls make video on galaxy core 2 :)
kada jawi (4 years ago)
That there is a bevel around the screen is actually good, it helps to protect the screen from drops. Of course it should be much deeper in order to protect better, but it's better than nothing.
Alexis Zarco (4 years ago)
Lololol ito ung music na ginangamit sa isang goat simulator game.
kawaiirenzokun (4 years ago)
hi! ^_^ do you have review for senfone 4 and zenfone 5  lite? can't find review and unboxing for those two of them (review made by filipino). :B
Sidhu Verma (4 years ago)
Hi.. thanks for the review... Can you pls tell me if we can change the background of phone display ? when we click on Menu, the background is dark black... I am looking for something like transparent like how it shows on Samsung mobiles (Transparent)... 
Jonard Villaruel (4 years ago)
download a launcher for personalization
Paulo Paderes (4 years ago)
san nakaka bile ng slim armor case  ?   
keLoh Marasigan (4 years ago)
sobra po ba .uminit nitong phone na to? Nagtanung aq dati nito sa store.sakto lahat ng mobile store don sa mall na un lahat sila pinull out daw lht ang zenfone 5.then may isang promo don isa sa mga natanungan ko bket lahat wlang ng nagbebenta zenfone 5. Sinabi saken ang issue sabi nya pinull out ng asus lahat ng zenfone 5 kasi SOBRA DAW UMINIT NG PHONE AS IN..kaya pinull out muna lahat..i dont know kung totoo ung issue na un o naninira lang sya kasi hawak nya brand Oppo phone. pero sa kabilang banda prang hnd ren sya nagsisinungaling dhl lahat ng ng mobile store fon sabi nila wla raw sila.tnanung q nmn sila kung baket bigla wala..no comment sila ang dhiln nlng no stock.
toto ba nd maganda ang zenfone 5 at kasi walang battery na iba sa fone..
Vítor Menezes (4 years ago)
Seems Brad Pitt on Snatch
Kobe Paras (4 years ago)
Bka hindi nman kasi hindi naman sha adreno o kaya snapdragon
FrosTy theNoob (4 years ago)
Ewan. Meron akong Zenfone 6 phablet ok naman ah. Yah umiinit pero di naman nag ooverheat. Paharapin mo lang sa electric fan
G.A. Pillai (4 years ago)
Fantastic phone.  Should have provided flip-cover/screen-guard along with the instrument as it is to be bought separately.  Since the same are not available in open market, it is compulsory to buy on-line itself, which gives certain inconvenience.
KoRnTwIsT (4 years ago)
the only thing that i dont like about this phone is i cant full customize it like changing color or theme, it can only change home and lock background screen :/. and when you use the preinstalled asus music not google music, if you choose a song from the list it takes about 2 or 3 seconds to play. you need to queue all your music in order to speed up playing. And even though the volume is at max its still not that loud.
christine ann lerin (4 years ago)
i just bought ASUS zenphone 5 for 6995 yesterday.. it has a very good specs.. i loved it!
mrx3mpz (4 years ago)
i dunno, but i did have the chance to grab this phone but the camera seems to flicker, but i don't care much on  the camera

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