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An Outpost of Progress By Joseph Conrad - Part 1 of 2

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The story of two European men who are assigned to a trading post in a remote part of the African Jungle. Through ivory trading, they hope to benefit themselves and the company for which they work. With no specific tasks or important things to be done, they are confronted with stress and demoralization, as well as a significant moral dilemma. A native named Makola, serving as their bookkeeper, has unscrupulous plans of his own. Conrad considered this his best tale, owing to its 'scrupulousness of tone' and 'severity of discipline.'
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scythe863 (11 months ago)
Appreciate this!!
Novascotian (1 year ago)
Fair enough. I can't really complain about anyone who cares enough about Conrad to record his work. I think recent criticism of him as a racist is more than a little ungenerous, and anyone could not detect his deep humanity in a story like "Outpost" probably has an agenda that has little to do with Conrad. So, don't let my cack-handed comments put you off.
Novascotian (1 year ago)
I wasn't aware of that, and so I understand if my advice was unwelcome. I will give some thought to a reading of Nostromo, but I have an online university course and I am recording things for it at present. I use Audacity for some things as well. I turn to recordings like yours when I want to freshen my reading of favourite texts before teaching them. My profession probably makes me more pedantic than I should be. Your recording was much better than the Conrad recordings available on Libravox which are mostly pretty crude.
Donald Miller (1 year ago)
Okay. Yeah, Conrad is my favorite writer. Those are mini-movies that open this up. I did the artwork, using sounds, templates and found objects. For instance, on "The Secret Agent" I took the images of the rock band The Doors from one photo and placed them in front of Verlok's bric-a-brac Shop, an image I Photoshopped to place other photos together for the building, and then I placed The Doors members in the scene.
Novascotian (3 years ago)
Kayerts rhymes with "air." Carlier with "jay." And so on.
Donald Miller (1 year ago)
When I said "They are now," What I was getting at is that I'm not going to rerecord the book. You said, *I do apologize for responding out of pique* Why don't we just leave it at that.
Novascotian (1 year ago)
I was not commenting on your generosity in making the recording, or your impulse to offer it, but on your snide response to my comment. Conrad was multi-lingual and spoke French easily. I don't expect you to re-record it, but just intended to say that in reading it in this way you limit its appeal to an American audience. I do apologize for responding out of pique, but your idea that that is how French names are spoken "now' is exactly the kind of thinking that make Americans so resented outside their own country.
Donald Miller (1 year ago)
For anyone who is wondering why I stopped making audiobooks for free, this person is but one example. If I were to attempt to re-record it to Novascotian's satisfaction, there would _still_ be something or other wrong with it. Sadly, there are many more Novascotians in this world than there are NaturesLastBat.
Novascotian (1 year ago)
They don't anymore? Maybe in your trailer park.
Donald Miller (1 year ago)
Well, they don't anymore. ;)

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