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7 Days to Die PS4 trading outpost

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I Smell Toast (1 year ago)
NOT a traders post. PS4 does not have any! moron
SecretPeanutGamer (1 year ago)
That's not a trader
Jeremy Sliger (1 year ago)
not a trader joes bud..
Polarbear 550 (1 year ago)
It a setelment.
Matt Best Boi (1 year ago)
This community is low key dieng
Peanuts&Corn (1 year ago)
sad but true
Cesar 310 (1 year ago)
wtf are thw coordinates
Nathan3507 (1 year ago)
The Gaming Noob it's random gen!
The french toast (1 year ago)
its not a trading outpost its a survivers camp
SecretPeanutGamer (1 year ago)
mr squeaks no there isn't any trader on the console
Logan Snelbaker (1 year ago)
Joseph Strother there should be
Joseph Strother (1 year ago)
mr squeaks is there a trade post on ps4 and where? Lol
Clube da Jogatina (1 year ago)
James Purvis (1 year ago)
Main road going SOUTH****
James Purvis (1 year ago)
Don't have the coords for navez but I know you just take the main road outta Gravestown and follow it for a bit, it'll come up on your right a few minutes out
Nathan3507 (1 year ago)
LamirArantes Gameplay random gen. Not navezgane
ForgottenOnes (2 years ago)
DONT SOUND SO MONOTONE! but show us the coords 😡
Peanuts&Corn (2 years ago)
Skingrad sorry mics garbage
Ryan Cutlip (2 years ago)
is that somthing you built or is it trader joels and do we have the traders on on xbox and ps4 im xbox
Ryan Cutlip (2 years ago)
thankyou for the reply
death209 (2 years ago)
Ryan Cutlip he built it
Peanuts&Corn (2 years ago)
Ryan Cutlip this was in nave
Ryan Cutlip (2 years ago)
Peanuts&Corn how do we get hopps seeds on xbox without traders?
Ryan Cutlip (2 years ago)
Peanuts&Corn kk thankyou
Peanuts&Corn (2 years ago)
I honestly didn't think this would go past 2K views. thanks to the people that like & subscribe. oh and to the three people that disliked my video thanks for the extra views LOL.
GhostBR1993 (2 years ago)
Can u please send the location?
Peanuts&Corn (2 years ago)
Guilherme Camargo ah tbh I forgot I been playing ark for the past month
Marine052191 (2 years ago)
only on day 8, or 9. but I'm trying to dig up a buried treasure
Marine052191 (2 years ago)
yo I need ppl to play with haha, I'm all alone in 7dtd its getting boring
BigLD (1 year ago)
BigLD18 on ps4
2 SweetXXS (2 years ago)
HMU, gamer tag SweetRose136😁❤️
BucketOfCandy 05 (2 years ago)
good luck with your channel
Peanuts&Corn (2 years ago)
BucketOfCandy 05 thanks
MrWhiskers The Pro (2 years ago)
What world was this made on?? Navegane or New Gen
Peanuts&Corn (2 years ago)
Gaming Skull nave
Maripunkins San (2 years ago)
Thers no trader on ps4
MadLungz x (1 year ago)
Look at the date they posted that lol 10 months ago, 10 months ago there was no trader
Logan Snelbaker (1 year ago)
Maripunkins San theres a trader
Peanuts&Corn (2 years ago)
yea no trader just a tradeing outpost

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