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"OUTPOSTS" & Generating Loot | State of Decay 2

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In this video I go over how OUTPOSTS work in State of Decay 2. Why it is crucial to have them and what resources they generate! I hope you enjoy! Make sure to smash that LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE for more great content! GIVEAWAY : https://gleam.io/xvuqd/state-of-decay-2-giveaway Discord : https://discord.gg/7KzGJeZ Twitch.tv/UndeadLabs Follow ME • Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/ASQDgaming • Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/asqdgaming • VidMe - https://vid.me/ASQD_GAMING The equipment I use! • The headset I use - http://goo.gl/ueksdw • My Capture Device - https://goo.gl/V74UpM • My PC monitors - http://goo.gl/qn0uj9 • My Keyboard - http://goo.gl/qoogTm • My Gaming monitor - http://goo.gl/eoehV3 • Cinch Gaming - http://goo.gl/5zB9nt use code ASQD for 5% off • NoScope Glasses - https://goo.gl/h0ZcPE use code ASQD for 5% off! • G2A - https://goo.gl/s3zCXnblack
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Text Comments (267)
majesty10xu1 (7 days ago)
Does the amount of resources generated from the outposts depend on how many rucksacks are found at those outposts? In SoD1, if i loot the location completely, the created outpost doesn't generate any resources at all. However, if i leave the rucksacks untouched at the locations, only then will the outpost generate resources.
jackassvalet (3 months ago)
If i have a fuel outpost, do i have to go there to gather my fuel? Or will it automaticaly go to my base?
ASQD GAMING (3 months ago)
All outposts are automatic
Zachisbad52 (3 months ago)
Will the supplies the outposts creates go strait to my home
dead vibes (3 months ago)
It takes my meds not gives me wtf
letsharlemshake (6 months ago)
I buy outposts but they don't do anything for me I'm only able to use the storage
Justin wetnight (6 months ago)
do i have to go collect the fuel from the post or does it go directly to my base
Don Naga (7 months ago)
My outposts did not generate resources. Can u help?
Steven Armenti (9 months ago)
Major question. Should I loot my outpost before I set up the outpost or should I leave everything inside. Could really use someone’s answer. Stay well!
ASQD GAMING (9 months ago)
If you know you're going to set up the Outpost there kill all the zombies inside set up the Outpost and then loot The Outpost because you can fast search instantly without having to worry about attracting zombies
Penguingaming 19 (9 months ago)
In game half day or irl half day
Ragnar Blom (9 months ago)
i dont know how to GIVE UP an outpost to claim a better one how do u do this?
Yuno ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (9 months ago)
1 question that I’m hoping to have answered Does the “dirty bird espresso” outpost ONLY give a moral boost.
Fire Naruto (9 months ago)
how is yours give per half day and not per day?
AotDNavySkull (10 months ago)
Do the resources from your outpost automatically appear in your inventory or does you have to go get them from the outpost. If you have to get them, how?
Mega Dooche (10 months ago)
I have a medical outpost and it's not producing at all. What do I have to do to get it to produce?
Dj Mosier (10 months ago)
Can anyone tell me if the Outposts run out of supplies over time like the first game
ASQD GAMING (10 months ago)
No they don't
AJME23 * (10 months ago)
How do I collect the resources
ASQD GAMING (10 months ago)
It's automatic
H T (10 months ago)
its confusing. so if i have food, material and feul outpost and garden. the food, materials and feul will be added automatically to my resource on the left upper bar or i should go and loot things
bcfc_ryan (10 months ago)
Hatem Althubiany yeah the same happens to me
H T (10 months ago)
it said automatically in your video but i didnt see the numbers changing
insanegamer 666 (10 months ago)
how do u get the loot fromm out post
ASQD GAMING (10 months ago)
Might be glitched then
insanegamer 666 (10 months ago)
oh but ive had ammo outpost for 2 days and i havent got anything yet
ASQD GAMING (10 months ago)
it's automatic
Lady Fervor (10 months ago)
NO it doesnt generate resources.
John Doe (10 months ago)
Big thanks for this video!
Jack (10 months ago)
6 is the maximum number of outposts you can have. There’s some kind of antenna mod (can’t remember exactly what it’s called) made by the guys at the Network, and it gives your command centre 2 extra outpost slots, making 6 total! I like having water, power, beds, ammo, fuel and fuel again.
BloodyAssult963 (10 months ago)
At the start that was a ton of plague zeds
Charles Garcia (10 months ago)
Video nicely done 🖒
ari poulos (10 months ago)
Once u have claimed an outpost can u unclaim it ?
James Miller (10 months ago)
Beat the game with a builder and next playthru u get free power and water on all ur buildings. Saves 2 outposts, 3 fuel a day, and 3000 Influence on the outposts.
James Miller (10 months ago)
Warehouse is useless, just get a bigger base, don't have too many ppl they eat too much, have a farm lvl 3, a character with the fishing skill, and "meal plan" hero trait -50% food eaten, ration food too. When i ration food, instead of losing 7.9, i gain 5
James Miller (10 months ago)
No, i have 6, with the signal booster dish that gives u +2, there's also one that gives u +1
Matt Nobody_CRU (10 months ago)
Umm... hey I have 5 put posts and it's only level 2 you can find things to increase the number
NoVa_E (10 months ago)
How can i hold a good amount of ressources without searching desperately For ressources in houses. Have scavenged almost every building.. And they even dont spawn anymore. Which ways are possible to get a good amount of ressources without always running out of food, and stuff?? Its annoying i cant hold my people bcause i dont know the mechanics of outposts and they even dont hold my ressources up...
Bryan Hudnall (10 months ago)
do we automatically get the food from the outposts?
Nathan H (10 months ago)
mine haven't given me any yet, glitch on xbox 1
ASQD GAMING (10 months ago)
You automatically get the resources from each Outpost at the start of each day
lost one (10 months ago)
Max outposts is 6 so far
Michael Aberin (10 months ago)
How do I put a armed person in a watchtower if you build one for guarding your outpost
Zojim4 (10 months ago)
I have 6 outposts, mods can give u more than 4
HowPlayThisGame (10 months ago)
Here's the real question can you change an outpost?
Stephanie Figueroa (10 months ago)
How did you get so much influence already?
Chris Hardy (11 months ago)
Great, straight to the point, thanks. Despite the game reminding me constantly that if I hit zombies it kills them it doesn't do a good job of walking through the outpost system.
Edson Santillan (11 months ago)
You can have 5 but you need to buy a mod for radio tower.
CubanMafia (11 months ago)
anyone know how to get more outspots i only have 4 can you can get more or you cant
Francesco Spycher (11 months ago)
I have a already chosen leader that is sheriff how can i now chose another leader without exiling the first . I found a warlord guy that fits my playstile better but i need to find a way to make another leader and dont know how to do that .?
C Martini (11 months ago)
Is 4 max outpost confirmed? Because I have 4 now because of a mod and I can still upgrade my command center to a 3. Will I get a 5th one?
C Martini (11 months ago)
https://www.reddit.com/r/StateOfDecay/comments/8l1stp/psa_max_outposts_is_6/ Found the answer
David Mcqueen (11 months ago)
I made a self sufficient base btw.
David Mcqueen (11 months ago)
The antenna mod allows a fifth outpost.
Joshua Dominick (11 months ago)
Thank you for this video! I wasn’t paying attention to the perks it gave me when I set up my initial outposts.
John Chambers (11 months ago)
Is it possible to unclaim a outpost
suddie2018 (11 months ago)
How do I collect meds from the abandoned clinic once I have claimed as an outpost
Krystal Young (11 months ago)
I'm annoyed that it seems like you can't have more than 4 outposts.
LoGiiKz (11 months ago)
So how do you get a big house in order to build pretty much everything. The house I have in foothills only has 3 small areas to build and that’s it. Is there a bigger house where you can build multiple items like workshop, watchtower and so on?
Leon Annegers (11 months ago)
What are all the out posts ammo med ?
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
Ammo, med, food, water, fuel, beds
Tyler Fetterman (11 months ago)
Does “base wide water” mean the water supply will automatically go to the base? I won’t have to travel to the outpost to pick it up?
Tyler Fetterman (11 months ago)
ASQD GAMING well that’s convenient. Again, thanks for the reply and big thanks for all these videos. I never played the first game and I was not sure on this one. But all these videos have got me excited to play. So hats off to you!
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
Tea Tea (11 months ago)
Do the outposts require a survivor to man and protect?
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
I believe so
Jazzer (11 months ago)
Im just gonna love getting a hole town to be empty with zeds :3
Am Bition (11 months ago)
Pre-loaded the game last night (~19GB) on PC. I can’t wait!
deth our (11 months ago)
What I'm looking forward to most in SOD 2 is 4K and co-op. And also that the PotatoStation4 owners have to watch us play! <3
thomas chadwick (11 months ago)
In your outposts are u able to build on the outside of like u would in a base? Like would u be able to have a garden, etc? Also keep up the great work man! Glad I subscribed! U keep pushing content out and cuz of that your channel continues to grow! Keep it up the grind!
ChaosxProphet (11 months ago)
you forgot about the electric outpost that provides power that will be great too
Ozaswei Tamrakar (11 months ago)
Thanks ASQD .
D Joc (11 months ago)
Thanks for clarifying! Awesome vid, keep them coming!
Aydon Hancock (11 months ago)
Only 4 outposts Couldn't you get 6 with the truck stop in sod1? Also I wonder if like in sod1 when creating an outpost it will make mines in the general vicinity.
Well done👍
Harlan (11 months ago)
Keep them coming boss!
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
That I will
[-[tRiX]-] (11 months ago)
Really wish they would add a ton more outpost slots.....
Brotherhood Of Steel (11 months ago)
Nice video super informative!
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
Thanks bro
Estevan Arvizu (11 months ago)
So does the character have to be fed, shelters to be kept alive?
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
Sort of
MrLucs01 (11 months ago)
Question do you need to leave the ruksac of loot like med or building material to receive the +2 bonus in the Outpost. Or can I just bring it all home????????
Pappy Tron (11 months ago)
I hope there isn't that issue where you have to have to manipulate your stockpiles so you don't keep losing the excess influence that you have, because in Breakdown it was so easy to end up with wasted influence due to it being way higher that your fame score.
Adam Oof (11 months ago)
Great video! Btw what are you going to be playing this on?
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
Playing on PC
Tae Park (11 months ago)
Aside from bed Outpost you will want one of each kind to balance out a stable Base. If it was six Outposts the flexibility for specialized survival goals would be better.
Eko Fever (11 months ago)
X ERROR X (11 months ago)
The achievements are out 🌟
Nitsej (11 months ago)
How do you get influence exactly? And is 300 or 400 a lot? Are outpost early game mid game or more of a late game thing?
TheNos37 (11 months ago)
There are plenty of ways to gain influence: - Killing zombie hoards - Killing special "freak" zombies (screamer, bloater, feral, juggernaut, etc.) - Delivering rucksacks to your own supply - Trading with a friendly enclave and selling goods to them (luxury items have high trade values) - Completing goals/stories/missions - Joining someone else's game for co-op play (everytime the host gains standing (reputation) for completing tasks, you gain influence instead; rucksacks that you deliver to their supply reward a good amount of influence)
Jake Donpher (11 months ago)
I know in sod if you gather supplies you can get influence easily it will be most likely be the same
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
It's a decent amount but obtainable at the start of the game
Murky Waters (11 months ago)
Josh 117 (11 months ago)
Will the outposts require construction materials to maintain supply?
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
Matthew Sly (11 months ago)
Another great video!! Keep it up dude!!! Only 2 weeks away
Aydon Hancock (11 months ago)
Matthew Sly so. Very. Close. :)
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
Thanks bro
Squeacher (11 months ago)
A bit of an odd question, but has anyone seen any news about snacks returning to the game? I’ve seen some dev streams where stamina gets low and all they do is run away. I’m curious to see if anything stamina restoring is going to be in SoD 2.
TheNos37 (11 months ago)
Stamina items like snacks can be crafted in the kitchen facility if you have it. Better stamina items can be crafted if you upgrade your kitchen, but you may need a member with the cooking skill as a requirement. Crafting stamina items increases the cooking skill for all members who have it in your community. If you don't have the means to build or upgrade a kitchen, you could ask a friend to use theirs or even join random players' games to see if they have one. You can use your supplies at their kitchen, craft the stuff you need, store the stuff in your locker, and either stay and help or leave.
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
Snacks are back
I'm a dude (11 months ago)
There also seem to be at least a few outposts with unique effects. There's a partial walkthrough done by GameRiot, in which there's a radio tower that can be used to survey that can also become an outpost. When the tower is made an outpost, it shortens the cooldowns of radio abilities like call for scavengers and the mortar strikes from the first game.
Creepingking90 (11 months ago)
The amount of outpost depends on the lv of your commandcenter. LV 1: two outposts, LV2: three outposts and LV 3: four outposts. You need someone with the skill computers to upgrade it to LV 3 and you need commandcenter LV 2 to migrate to a new map as well.
Creepingking90 (11 months ago)
ok I noted it, see you then, have a nice day :)
butterz851 (11 months ago)
Creepingking90 I live in Florida, so a second language here would be Spanish, there are a lot of Cubans, Mexicans and Guatemalans that live in this state. We have some Germans down here during the summer time as well as some French too. English isn't an easy language to master bc of all the pronunciations like you stated. But I'm decent in some Spanish but you have to speak it slowly to me to understand lol. Ok, my gamertag for xbox is Ghost3Delta2554. Hit me up on there later on. I get off work in a few hours
Creepingking90 (11 months ago)
haha me too :D Well my english isnt the best either, and I have problems with the pronunciation sooo :D Like every other language you learn... how many languages did you mastered? :D Yeah that would help i think, because even on PC you need to have an XBox live account to play online, so i guess it works similar like playing with friends on an actual XBox.
butterz851 (11 months ago)
Creepingking90 I would be a sad panda if that happened for sod2 🤣 Oh wow! That's nuts! Lol my German is horrible lol. I wish i was taught at a younger age, it definitely would have helped me when i was over there. I know a few words but like every language I learn, I always learn the swear words lol Do you want my gamertag for xbox? Idk how that works either lol
Creepingking90 (11 months ago)
ok, would be really sad if that would happen to sod2... haha nice, schweinfurt is actually quite close to where i live :D How good is your german? I'll teach you some german and you could improve my english :D Nice, how do we contact each other?
MellowGamer 1999 (11 months ago)
Will you be able to set traps with the outpost?
The RongDong (11 months ago)
I know what all the achievements are for State of Decay 2 except for two of them because they are secret Achievements
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
Marty Howard (11 months ago)
My question is if you go into a friend's game does your community still use resources or is all that put on pause?
Marty Howard (11 months ago)
ASQD GAMING oh that's great! Thanks for your speedy reply.
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
Put on pause. Anytime you are not in your game world everything stops
Steven M (11 months ago)
Awesome great to know thanks
Khemmdawg I (11 months ago)
T minus ten days Add me KhemmDawg805 I’ll get a mic for sod 2
MaXo Style (11 months ago)
Thx you i think this game Awesome!
Dion L (11 months ago)
You're a machine! An uploading machine!
Anonymous Li (6 months ago)
Too bad the information is wrong
Aristotle Piso (11 months ago)
Do we know if the "safe house" stations those two survivors at the outpost (as if they're sleeping in the beds there) or they're still at your base?
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
I believe it's just a technical thing two survivors don't actually leave your base and go and sleep at that Outpost as far as what I thought the devs said
Abk Melon (11 months ago)
Can u change what kind of outpost you have? Say start off with a food outpost then change it to a water one?
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
Yes I believe you can change out post whenever you feel like it but you're going to lose the influence that you invested in the first one
aggravatedman77 (11 months ago)
I'm glad we have you to help us along the way with this game!!!!!
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
Smokey Bacon (11 months ago)
I have a couple questions im hoping you cpuld help with 1 Will there be a pre order bonus from steam and when will it be on steam. 2 Will there be a "ending" to everyones stpry similar to breaking through the wall in the first game.
Smokey Bacon (11 months ago)
Thanks for the fast response!!! Cant wait for the next video
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
No information on a steam release yet and the devs did confirm that if you want to end the community's story you can towards the end of the game but they never specified on how it would work
Kuchisake Onna (11 months ago)
Hope, I’m in the game, the zeds will leave this world with a scar...
Jason Baker (11 months ago)
Hopefully some of the old tricks still work from the last game. Resource management seems like a bigger job this time
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
It definitely is things cost more resources and resources are harder to come by in this game
Draven Toothman (11 months ago)
Hey ASQD two questions, one: is the helicopter obtainable. Two: is the military base and option for a base.
George W. Bush (11 months ago)
ASQD GAMING the lifeline dlc let us do it in the first game so you never know
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
There is no helicopters that we can use in this game and I'm not a hundred percent sure about a military area as a base. I know one of the locations was confirmed to be a old police station but I doubt that we will be able to set up our base and a military installation just because that seems to be a little over power
AlexTheGreatMC (11 months ago)
2018 is looking good.
ramonrodriguezist (11 months ago)
awesomeASQD!! thank you, outposts are awesome, i really like the water and fuelone,but im in love with the mats one
TheNos37 (11 months ago)
If you are playing in a friend's game and your character's about to die, what's stopping you from just quitting their game to save your character from perma-death? Even if they limit quitting to only the base and outposts, players can always just dashboard/home and quit.
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
No idea but I honestly feel as if that would be cheating even if it works. Personally I would never do that because that would be going against the way the game was meant to be
Dion L (11 months ago)
TheNos37 This must be tested....
james paul (11 months ago)
Achievements came out. Love the z nation references!
Phillip Powell (11 months ago)
I trust you so I have a question for you. Should I grab the Xbox one x and a 4K tv for my gaming set up. I currently have a cod special edition Xbox one with extra memory. Orrrrrr will I be fine until the generation comes out. Xbox two or whatever. I don’t see myself jumping ship to Sony even if that have rpgs galore.
Aaron M (11 months ago)
Phillip Powell that's up to you yep
Phillip Powell (11 months ago)
Divined Right appreciate the input. I’m just undecided if it’s worth it. How close are we to the next gen. If I buy the tv then I suppose I’ll be more inclined to just upgrade to get the most out of it
Aaron M (11 months ago)
Phillip Powell if you can get a 4k tv then yes the Xbox one x is the way to go. I use it on my 1080p tv as well and games look good. I use it on my 4k tv and wow what a difference. If that don't matter to you then yeah you could wait until next generation. Either way the x is great. Just my 2 cents
Tlasan Dukats (11 months ago)
State of decay 2 has a 19 gig update on console. Anyone know what it is?
Aydon Hancock (11 months ago)
Joypad Bandit I was really hoping so too :(
Joypad Bandit (11 months ago)
Oh,that's what that was this morning! I was like "Are we getting a beta?" lol
Dion L (11 months ago)
Tlasan Dukats Its the game itself, the preload.
Adam (11 months ago)
Preorder is in. Thanks for the update man.
Phoenixes100 (11 months ago)
14 days.....
Masquerade404 (11 months ago)
Hurricane (11 months ago)
Phoenixes100 9 days for me
Mark Forde (11 months ago)
Hey man I love the content! Do you know if a radio outpost counts as one of your four outposts for the base?
TheNos37 (11 months ago)
The radio that comes with the command center facility is separate from the radio outpost. The command center radio lets you call in favors from The Network, such as locating various supplies or more survivors, or call in favors from the base, such as a mortar strikes or sniper cover.
TheNos37 (11 months ago)
Radio outposts take 1 outpost slot and cost 400 influence. They provide a passive (no upkeep) reduced radio cooldown, and also have a 'Signal Booster' buff at a cost (possibly costs labor and time; though I'm not sure what the buff itself actually provides). Source: https://youtu.be/YoicjSM7uq8?t=22m20s
Mark Forde (11 months ago)
ASQD GAMING cool cool! Thanks for the reply!
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
I don't think so, radio is part of your base
Turtur 9000 (11 months ago)
Hey man I have a question, if you run out of food do your characters die or just become tired? I remember in the first they became tired, but I don’t think they died.
ASQD GAMING (11 months ago)
Not sure on exactly how that would work but the morale will certainly go down and there's chances of survivors leaving as well

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