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Riverdale Cast Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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Riverdale stars Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, Casey Cott, Vanessa Morgan, Madelaine Petsch, Skeet Ulrich, and Madchen Amick answer the internet's most searched questions about Riverdale and themselves. Riverdale Season 3 premieres Oct. 10 on the CW #riverdale #autocomplete Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Riverdale Cast Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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Text Comments (5988)
Hi I’m cool (16 minutes ago)
Casey is hot oh my god
Shawn Doritos (1 hour ago)
Emma McGrane (4 hours ago)
5:17 How to draw Vanessa Morgan Cole: With pastels of course 😂😂😂 The way he says it cracks me up
Christina Brandenburg (7 hours ago)
Generally was shocked that madchen amick was born in Reno of all places it’s such a small town i
Nina Lopès (11 hours ago)
Okay true story time. Casey:No..But my sister is..Alive. Me: *drinks tea* *replays the joke* spits tea on phone* Me again: *realizes it looks like pee*
It’s Gabby Bishh (13 hours ago)
Omg Venessa Morgan’s birthday is close to mine!
Noah CM (14 hours ago)
The poster for Archie's Dad's election said 2020 so futuristic would be the time frame
Kelista Gwyn (15 hours ago)
She was born in Reno Nevada OOO my aunt lives there
Kenna Malley (15 hours ago)
Skeet is *m* *e* on a daily basis 2:52
Gabby's World!! (15 hours ago)
Where is Veronica and Archie?
Katie Hamilton (16 hours ago)
2:23 to 2:38 omg
Erica Lin (17 hours ago)
4:18 lmao
bubbletae (17 hours ago)
“Hi we’re the cast of Riverdale.” “And I’m Casey Cott!”
We’res Archie
taylor m. (19 hours ago)
jughead is daddy🥰🥰🥰🥰🤤🤤🤤
Sadeen Trad (17 hours ago)
sis i got your back lol
Sadeen Trad (17 hours ago)
+bubbletae bruh she just said she 14 wtf😂 and to you're gonna say "12"
taylor m. (17 hours ago)
bubble tae and how old are you?
bubbletae (17 hours ago)
You’re like 12 so you shouldn’t be commenting things like this
taylor m. (18 hours ago)
Sadeen Trad (19 hours ago)
Heavenly Hayden (20 hours ago)
Already the first two seconds for me dead 😂😂
Diana Torres (20 hours ago)
Cole Sprouse is suppaaaa hot ! 😻😻
Libby Rae (20 hours ago)
“what’s casey’s snapchat” “i don’t have one” cole: “casey thot”
Coco Fish (20 hours ago)
WHERE IS KJ APA ugggghhghh
Gabriella Perez (20 hours ago)
*Is Cole Sprouse perfect?* Me: That.. what? that’s like not even a question. YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laura Urrego (22 hours ago)
I am father
edits nl (23 hours ago)
Pixie Late (23 hours ago)
"You mean an Elf?" We stan a Lord of the Rings fan <3 Maybe next cosplay Cole?
Olivia Omg (1 day ago)
The ending tho 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😂😂😂
I accidentally paused at 4:17 and just startes typing this, look to find out!
Iconic Jaylah (1 day ago)
People said river dale season two is terrible
Lyrics Sweetener (1 day ago)
Madchen was in gossip girl
Millie Cowlam (1 day ago)
How come nobody told me tthat cole is on diseny 😰😰😰😰😰😰
redhead fred (1 day ago)
Lili Reinhart doesn’t look like Brittany Murphy, she looks like Aly Mickalka!
Andre Alvarado (1 day ago)
CrackerMic (1 day ago)
I love Cole Sprouse😂💓
Cole sprouse is the best actor ever
Sarah Courtney (1 day ago)
5:04 same!! except 2005
Ironically my best friend lives in riverdale
Ibiwangi Ordor (1 day ago)
Where is kJ apa😭😭😭
methebadartist (22 hours ago)
Ibiwangi Ordor and camila
RagingFeminist Suck (1 day ago)
Ryan trout
lukas Hartley (1 day ago)
i know there names in the movie kevin,betty,cheryl,jughead,FP,alice
methebadartist (22 hours ago)
And Toni
Nia Marie (1 day ago)
Megan Mc Clyman (1 day ago)
You should do the cast of that 70s show or the cast of supernatural!
Orleans BeGole (1 day ago)
Amiya Trombley (1 day ago)
Can we just take a moment... how did “Who is Cole Sprouse/Lili Reinhart dating?” not get asked?? I’ll wait.
Lucy Grace (1 day ago)
Where’s kJ
When is season 3 coming out
Miner Mia (1 day ago)
If you pause it at 8:14
xx anitschja xx (1 day ago)
Casey: „No, but my sister is alive“ lmao😂
ashleigh carlson (1 day ago)
Katharina Sciardis (1 day ago)
1:32 6:16 😂😂
Gabriela Delgado17 (1 day ago)
Omg Why Cole is so PERFECT!? He's so funny😂 I love him hahaha
Adopted Ballinger (1 day ago)
“Does riverdale have vampires ?” Vanessa : yes My babysitter’s a vampire reference ?
Leo Valdez (1 day ago)
Mia Morales (2 days ago)
i hate riverdale
julie meerveld (2 days ago)
julie meerveld (2 days ago)
Jammer ik zou willen dat ze Nederlands was
C E M ツ (2 days ago)
Where tf is camilla mendes??
Ximena Espinosa (2 days ago)
Casey looks so scared when Cole looks at his eyes 😂
SerieN Freak (2 days ago)
"What if mine's a girl?" I may have cried a little bit
baz la (2 days ago)
Trista Goode (2 days ago)
Is no one going to mention Madelaine @1:32!!!! #Choni vibes
Pepperoni Pizza (2 days ago)
*And i'm Casey Cott*
doofus twins (2 days ago)
Lili and Cole are perfect for eachother P.S I <3 Cole he is hot
Serina Torres (2 days ago)
omg i live in reno nv
Huffle Scwuff (2 days ago)
Love you guys so much! I am so crazy about the show and can’t wait to see season 3! It is so amazing to see all the ships are real! “No... but my sister is alive...” lol!!
Meya Morgan (2 days ago)
First my last name is Morgan and I was born on march 31
Pineapple Graciee (2 days ago)
Casey is sooooo funny😂😂😂😂 But cole is mah fav!!!
taylor s (2 days ago)
Alyssa Fernandez (2 days ago)
Omg me and Vanessa have he same birthday yay :))))
Hey it’s Holly! (2 days ago)
where's veronicw
Kiara Jones (2 days ago)
This is the best show on Netflix
Ariana’s Stories (2 days ago)
My birthday is on March 23rd !!
Addison Diemel (2 days ago)
Addison Diemel (2 days ago)
Or was going to run away with jazon
Addison Diemel (2 days ago)
Is it just me or do they have to make a before Polly got pregnant and ran away
Lila Durzy (2 days ago)
Is cole spouse daddy Cole: I am FATHER I think this was so funny 😂
Samantha the trash (2 days ago)
Where’s Archie
orianaxo (2 days ago)
6 minutes and 31 seconds of the riverdale cast speaking over each other
Javier Barrios (3 days ago)
I love Casey
Marwa Aligabi (3 days ago)
LMAOOO Cole was about to say Casey THOT LMAOOOOOOOO @ 4:31
Tenisa White (3 days ago)
“What does madeleine Pestch eat” Cole: Absolutely Nothing 💀💀😂💀 (I know I spelt it wrong)
Aurora Aguilera (3 days ago)
Lilli looks like ashley tisdale tbh
RalexFlames (3 days ago)
Madchen didnt get to talk enough. Or vanessa
Cara Bonadina (3 days ago)
“is cole sprouse daddy?” “he’s too young” but you aren’t...ur def daddy...hmu
rawmilao (3 days ago)
And I'm Casey cott.
SuperCorinda (3 days ago)
Whattt??? Netherlandsss😍❤ i m netherlandssss
Karine Hankir (3 days ago)
but where is archiiiieee
Maheen Ahmad (3 days ago)
Lili looks a lot like Blake Lively as well.
Madelaine's face in the beginning is everything
vilma (3 days ago)
casey and cole just making it better with the sarcasm
Riley : (3 days ago)
where is kj???
jamie zaghini (3 days ago)
Is Cole sprouse perfect Cole-well I mean Vanessa-mmmm is anybody perfect
Alexandria Isble (3 days ago)
What if one of the questions were “Cole Sprouse girlfriend.”
loren gray beech (3 days ago)
3:15 *everyone:NO *Casey “guys you heard it here first,the answer is yes Someone get me a friend like Casey😭
loren gray beech (3 days ago)
2:16 *question:is cole sprouse perfect? *Casey “NO” LOLLLL😂😭
loren gray beech (3 days ago)
1:31 “what if mine is a girl” aweee Madelaine is the cutest😭❤️
no no (3 days ago)
*”he has no offspring”*
loren gray beech (3 days ago)
“And I’m Casey Cott”😂
amilia nicole (3 days ago)
i am father" 😂
Kallys Awesome (3 days ago)
3:44 Cole 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kallys Awesome (3 days ago)
That intro tho 😂
Keeping up with Kenya (3 days ago)
5:25 correction it’s Forsythe Pendelton Jones Junior BOOM

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