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Minecraft: how to build Market stalls

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hey guys i hope you like these designs and feel free to use them in any way you like. but please credit me. Download my resource pack Medifault here http://adf.ly/1N6rPk resource pack 10% complete server ip = mc.TheLyezareRealm.com
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Text Comments (43)
Jed Smyth (2 days ago)
Great thanks for that 👍
CHR SRF (13 days ago)
I really like your design Might sub
Lyezare (13 days ago)
CHR SRF thank you very much. Save the sub, as I don’t upload anymore. Head over to @Grammel as he makes great builds and still uploads some what regularly! Thanks again
HG Foldz (15 days ago)
You did the same thing four times just in different size lmao
Lyezare (15 days ago)
HG Foldz they where all built in the same style for my city at the time. So yeah, it makes sense for them to be made in a similar way. None of them are the same shape, or look the same. Thanks for watching
BOOMBOSS (3 months ago)
these are amazing these should fit perfectly well in the village i want to build you did a good job making these
Lyezare (3 months ago)
BOOMBOSS thanks dude, I appreciate it. I hope they look good in your village!
Heartwell Roots (4 months ago)
I love how you encourage personalization into your building tutorials. That's very cash money of you.
IRLDave (9 months ago)
10/10, watched on half speed to build and it was amazing.
Lyezare (9 months ago)
IRLDave thanks dude. Honestly surprised people are still watching and enjoying my videos. I appreciate it! Hope you enjoyed the stalls
Capn Commie (9 months ago)
I like the build, and the tutorial is very helpful... but you're kind of insulting our intelligence by giving us a play by play on each block you place. I would do certain parts of it then fly around it so people can see it. IK this video is 4 years old...
KxaN - (11 months ago)
Jacksepticeye Fan (1 year ago)
SwAgSc0pE360 (1 year ago)
EliasGamerZ (1 year ago)
Very cool!
Merlijn games (2 years ago)
Matheus de Hawkish (1 year ago)
Merlijn games, your the noob. I bet u can’t even build a castle with out a guide.
ASN (5 years ago)
Perfect! :-)
Timo van Baren (5 years ago)
Oeh that looks really Nice but i dont like the last one =)
Flos (5 years ago)
Holy! Its awesome!
Chris Heroheart (5 years ago)
What the bloody hell. 718 subscribers? What am I witnessing? This talented medieval man deserves more than that! His creations are bizarre! That why I subscribed! It's one of the uqnuie designs of prehistory! This is amazing with so far my eyes set!
Shane Mercer (11 months ago)
Nearly 2000 now ;)
Dzundaza (5 years ago)
Nice tutorial m8
cookieman103 (5 years ago)
Nice, Lyezare! Love it!
Metrix Ambush (5 years ago)
Keep it up doing great!
Tom Dodd (5 years ago)
Hey lyezare, nice design! Just a quick request, could you consider making a house tutorial? Thanks!
Aspen Mansfield (5 years ago)
Wow!!! More!! :)
HOOTY HOO (5 years ago)
hey im starting a new map on the xbox version my gamertag is RAGINGFVIRUS2
Lyezare (5 years ago)
pause at 14:27 at look at the sign :P and i didn't see it
Madnes64 (5 years ago)
I absolutely do not know who could have placed that sign there :P
DustyDesigns (5 years ago)
Nice work! More videos? ;-)
Lyezare (5 years ago)
more videos will be coming :D
Shield (5 years ago)
All of them look great and nice intro!
BXB (5 years ago)
Great job! I love the new intro m8!
borajax007 (5 years ago)
Dat intro:)
FRUI7NINJA (5 years ago)
Lyezare (5 years ago)
yo yo
Madnes64 (5 years ago)
Very nice and a cool new intro you have there ;)
Hydro Pumps (11 months ago)
Madnes64 Its you?!?
HOOTY HOO (5 years ago)
love your vids madnes
Lyezare (5 years ago)
why thank you very much kind sir :D
Owen Maurik (5 years ago)
awesome as always ;) #firstcomment

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