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State Of Decay 2 - Rare Items Guide - Trading With Special Enclaves

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Today's Project Decay Ep.1 Will showcase how to obtain early Rare Items by trading with limited time traders. We also discuss how to obtain more Influence for trade by selling valuable resource. Join Project Decay - For the Official State Of Decay community go Check Out the Forums. Also Subscribe to the Newsletter to get the information the Minute it come out. ArkyGamescast Twitter - https://twitter.com/Arkygamescast UNDEAD LABS Forums - https://forums.undeadlabs.com/ STATE OF DECAY 2 Twitter - https://twitter.com/StateOfDecay UNDEADLABS Twitter - https://forums.undeadlabs.com/ Thanks for watching and don't forget to Subscribe to "Arky Gamescast" for more
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Text Comments (203)
Les Anderson jr (3 months ago)
I like how things are randomly put in. Some communities I have I can find certain things quickly, other ones it takes forever if at all. There are still some I have never found.
Mathieu Constant (4 months ago)
My theoretical plan (bcse i still didn't do it 'cause my other resources keep getting low) would be to farm plague zombies get a hole bunch of influence and craft bulk plague antidote (500 8minfluence each but cost 8 meds)
almnmnmmaa (4 months ago)
im looking for the MAC-V
PAPIRICO 666 (4 months ago)
Where is the map ??
The Gaming Otaku (4 months ago)
My friend got a scar h from a loot box at a medical camp
Charlie Dalrymple (4 months ago)
Great video
Marian Pantilei (5 months ago)
What happens if you kill a trader?
Just about coping (5 months ago)
Nice vid! I’m hugely into state of decay 2 at the moment. Must have done 50-75 hours of gaming in 5 days lol. I have 3 questions, 1, you mention every 3 days the red talon trader comes around, is that in game days or real life time? 2. When you say ‘Red Talon Trader’ do you mean the mysterious trader or is there actually a ‘Red Talom Trader? and 3, if there is a red talom, what map do you find this trader on and is there anything you can do to trigger the trader such as becoming friendly with ex soldier AI in game? Thanks and hopefully you can get back to me!
Vice King (5 months ago)
Mmm I'm on day 40 and never see trade
RSX Karai (5 months ago)
Ultra Valuable Diamond Necklace
Tony P (5 months ago)
Dude this video sucks.. what items are worth buying is the question duhhhh?
Douglas Goldfein (5 months ago)
Anyone know how trade values work? Eg: In the base equipment box, a box of cheese says extremely high trade value. When I go to wandering traveler or enclave its only worth 35 influence. Question is, how does it work? How do I get higher trade values? Seems silly to consider it highly valuable when its not.
Mister Blue (4 months ago)
Douglas Goldfein I know this is a week old, but the answer you're looking for is that different enclaves offer different prices. So one enclave might buy it for a higher price than another.
Carleto Mcghee (5 months ago)
Nobody in my community has died I'm on day 15 and its still fun and very easy to play
Taco Taco123 (5 months ago)
Red talon doesn’t show up for everybody. Personally I’m on day 13 and all I really get are wandering and mysterious traders. Plus like 9/10 Enclaves in my territory are complete carpet munchers.
Luis Wyatt (5 months ago)
Looking for rare stuff to trade have a lot add me on Xbox one Tribledoughnut
blyat (5 months ago)
Why you dont show the locations on the big map??? WTF?!
xxdemolisherxx (5 months ago)
I've found two scar hs in military outposts and checkpoints
icheetoh Never Game Over (5 months ago)
1 v 30 zombies in state of decay 2 all hands------>https://youtu.be/ewzUnWUuS7M
Shannon Bickel (5 months ago)
Everybodys trippen saying they need ammo presses but if build an Armory you could make every type of ammo and muzzle attachments and I think thermite grenades
ScorpiusFrost (5 months ago)
Do any of the traders sell the GSG W? If anyone has that, please let me know as I’ll be willing to trade other high end weapons for it. GT: ScorpiusFrost
caleb bertelle (5 months ago)
What's all the stuff you guys have gotten from traders?
Jesse O'Brien (5 months ago)
I've found some rare items through The Network, who have shown up much more than Red Talon for me.
Legends LiveForever (5 months ago)
I tried to cheese it by luring 2 Juggernauts to kill one Mystery Trader and after they killed him the game HUD suddenly disappeared and I couldn't loot the body. The developers knew what we were thinking lmao
E-Beowulf Hunter115 (5 months ago)
Legends LiveForever same happened to me when Fightin a hostile enclave and A juggernaut finished one i downed
Chris Vlogs (5 months ago)
Because I'm not getting it
Chris Vlogs (5 months ago)
Three real days or three game days
ScorpiusFrost (5 months ago)
Chris Vlogs should be game days because I get red talon or rare trader calls every 2-3 game days
Vincent Quitugua (5 months ago)
I get my vehicle upgrades from them, I salute red talon and not the brotherhood of steel😂
Zay Does Gaming (5 months ago)
still haven’t seen them
Flat Stools (5 months ago)
Where are they
Rob Glasser (5 months ago)
I’ve never seen a Red Talon enclave in my play though.
Goat Gang productions (5 months ago)
Can Anyone dupe me good weapons my gt is creds
ScorpiusFrost (5 months ago)
Goat Gang productions what kind of guns do you have?
Navizsla (5 months ago)
Wait scars are rare?
asukolt (5 months ago)
This video was underwhelming.
ObBVi XX Rage (5 months ago)
If anybody has a Utilities textbook, i will Drop you a 50. Cal sniper for it, my gamertag is BornOnDec27th
Stoned Savage! (5 months ago)
ObBVi XX Rage you was born 20 days later than me.
Carter Hamlet (5 months ago)
I have tried so freakin hard to find a mechanics textbook so I can start making toolkits but sadly every trader I've met so far hasn't had them...
James Miller (5 months ago)
U can make those repair kits or a ton of .22 ammo w the armory and sell that too
Faded (5 months ago)
I got a Scar H from killing a group of weapons dealers
Timothy Weakly (5 months ago)
Ide like to see through it like ghost recon. Especially with a sniper...not just a better zoom
Suoy Idl (5 months ago)
why a guide when you can explore stuff by yourself...
dra6o0n (5 months ago)
Anyone know exactly how long is 1 ingame days, I'm assuming it's 2 hours for 1 full ingame day, but it might be one whole hour because of the whole 'food per day' and yield increasing bonuses affecting this.
Jonathan Siragusa (5 months ago)
I need to find gardening textbook. Any ideas where I can find ??
Jessie West (5 months ago)
I believe that's a socom II as in Roman numeral 2
Arky Gamescast (5 months ago)
Hey man i don't claim to be a Weapon Specialist:) Good catch.
Potential x10 (5 months ago)
Fuck off red talon dont come every 3 days nigga ive been playing for 10 days ingame and they only came on like day 1 or 2
Arky Gamescast (5 months ago)
For 1 i said "its seems" That was not to be taken as a factual statement. And for me i have had red talon appear a lot in my game. You have to remember that the systems are random so it will be different for everyone.
me thatguy (5 months ago)
I had one group called the zombie vets or something, they were a normal enclave but they were all soldiers with almost maxxed out stats and rare guns to buy, i almost regret getting one of them to join me disbanding the rest of them, but dobson is a badass so its all good.
AznSensation01 (5 months ago)
How do i get the red talons on the map? I got their phone call or message but I can't see them on the map? There is no "!" to mark them or do i have to find them secretly? i usually use the radio signal to reach out for any survivors and usually that is when they call.
Grizzly Mang (5 months ago)
I just picked up like 3 scars from a group of weapon hoarders that I diced
Hamish Bell (5 months ago)
Scar-Hs are more common in the Northern plateau
SaltyBro (5 months ago)
i found a scar in an unmarked shed
ObBVi XX Rage (5 months ago)
Countryboy2206 whats your gamertag, we can trade
louiebloodlust (5 months ago)
you forgot the devkru infiltrator auto shotgun that holds 40shells.
EnchantedCancer (5 months ago)
He zoomed in on the traders influence instead of his own...nub
Arky Gamescast (5 months ago)
The Place where player influence is shown would be out of the Resolution Scale. So to Show influence in a way that would keep a quality scale i had to improvise. But the point was made.
EnchantedCancer (5 months ago)
Criogen145 (5 months ago)
Hi arky this is what the first one wasn’t had a sustainable base now moved on after being attacked picked my best three now starting again getting set up is easy if you know what your doing
DeadlyD0right (5 months ago)
if you're lacking funds sell booze easy to craft requires a distillery.
Grammar Commie (5 months ago)
Are silencers limited?
Grammar Commie (5 months ago)
Charlie Mulligan (5 months ago)
no but they damage your guns
oOF Man (5 months ago)
I was one second away from the trader and my car got stuck on just about everything there was
HypnoEmpire (5 months ago)
oOF Man oof
Mr.Playstation 101 (5 months ago)
I love the game it’s great . Way better then the 1st one just having a bit trouble finding food . I’ll already cure my friend from Blood Plaque . Just if someone could tell me where to find some food to feed my Community ?
Dennis Dreck (5 months ago)
bro whats your background music i recognize it from another youtube channel about the alien and predator franchise
Senpopai (5 months ago)
bakedwithrealchez (5 months ago)
my biggest enemy in this game is ladders
Shannon Bickel (5 months ago)
Lol my cousin and me was playing and he fell of a ladder with his best surviver it was also his leader and he died he was so mad rip Angie
Hinomoto (5 months ago)
Make sure to walk full speed towards the ladder
Vincent Quitugua (5 months ago)
Lol, that happens to me a lot, because when I try to climb down the ladder I always end up falling down and getting head trauma, then I got to wast my meds to heal my guy smh...
Joe Hinnie (5 months ago)
Gaming 390 thank you
Noah Saenz (5 months ago)
Korbin Cundiff your welcome
Frost (5 months ago)
I sold the arctic sniper by accident and couldn’t get it back. I miss it so much 😢😢
Ironside gaming (5 months ago)
Just found a ak47 with 4x acog drum mag
rodaynet (5 months ago)
I'm with 9 people 18th days ..on the rural police station i wait to much time to move to another map and now I have no food waiting for 20 minutes to transfer map and people are about to leave me. All kinds of weapons and stuff and everything will be for nothing I was cleaning up infestation and didn't realize I cleaned the map of food ...
Andrew Adams (5 months ago)
Am I the only one the killed the traders on the Warlord legacy mission?
Andrew Adams (5 months ago)
The weapons they were carrying. Though they all are damaged. One was a .45 cal civilian sub machine gun, another was a Scar H Red Talon version, and then I think the last was just a pump shotgun.
James Kennerly (5 months ago)
What did u get
Dizmol (5 months ago)
Andrew Adams i done the exact same
Jonah Valdez (5 months ago)
Red Talon only came to me once at the beginning and never came back after that.
rrj411 (5 months ago)
Thank you
bryan w (5 months ago)
I need people to play with on xbox, add me saltinecraxker
Kielates (5 months ago)
I wish we could be able to equip two guns at the cost of mobility
Skeensh3 (5 months ago)
"Who runs Barter Town!"
Juicerr1k (5 months ago)
I never get red talon traders
DAT BOISSJ (5 months ago)
I seem to get them a good bit after becoming allied with leftover soldiers
Kav Cav (5 months ago)
Your Mom's Favorite Novela might be only on one of the 3 maps
Gizmo aP (5 months ago)
Is anyone go through the campaign missions 4x?
that crazy guy (5 months ago)
My enclaves only have meds
Zhao Zhang (5 months ago)
Build a trade depot, summon trader through radio, burn them down with molotov, loot them for awesome weapons, PROFIT
Sunset Rider (5 months ago)
Some traders are evil! When you arrive, they give an evil giggle, and then go hostile.
Daniel Sifrit (5 months ago)
Generally they give the giggle or make a comment BEFORE they go all hostile. By that time I have them lined up. They RARELY even get a shot off, a nice headshot and its looting time...
Jeff Moore (5 months ago)
It's a trap
bret hart (5 months ago)
Sunset Rider kill them all
OptimusGnarkill (5 months ago)
Not sure if you’re aware of this, but just a heads up that there are also personal quests for survivors that will get you some pretty badass guns. For example, I picked Will & Glory as my starting characters and Will had a personal quest line pop up where I had to go and try to find his aunt by following clues. In the end, I ended up getting the Prepper’s 10/22 with permanent 50 round drum mag, silencer and scope on it. Also, I recruited a chick named Ninepin into my community and one of her quests got me a .50 cal M99X1 Timberwolf which is this massive bolt-action sniper rifle that can take out the big Hulk-like zombies in a few shots which also has a permanent suppressor and other mods on it. Not sure if these are completely random quests or not but I’m glad I did them! Try to get them done ASAP though, because they don’t have a timer but they will expire after some time.
LonelyPanda98 (3 months ago)
I think I play this game too much because this tutorial was so basic. I own loads of vehicle upgrades and guns that are way better than shown here
Novare (5 months ago)
The aunt is prepper mission must be random as I received it from a random npc I invited to my group. This was a skip tutorial playthru so I know it wasnt one of the premade groups.
OptimusGnarkill (5 months ago)
Also, sorry for the long ass post lol keep up the quality vids brotha
Killagunz5 (5 months ago)
Got bunch of good guns
Killagunz5 (5 months ago)
Been waiting for these tips and tricks!!! Call the series Arky’s tips and tricks man I’m doing good in my game other ytubers make the game look hard XD
Del Z Slayer (5 months ago)
Believe it or not, a friend of mine managed to find/buy a sweet custom AK-47 from a trader. Iv found alot of packs of tampons LOL, but no sweet custom AK-47 as yet 😖
TheLurkingTwitch (5 months ago)
The problem is you are missing paper clips and rubber bands to match the tampons found. It's MacGyver 101 to make an AK-47 this way :D
Ryan .C (5 months ago)
Del_Z Slayer yea im starting to notice
Del Z Slayer (5 months ago)
FzCzombie1group that's a rare find, lucky one too 👍🙂
Ryan .C (5 months ago)
I found one too, loving the game
Del Z Slayer (5 months ago)
David Jefferies sweet find 👍
IDABAYAREA650I (5 months ago)
*Whats the Highest paying Influence item to Sell?*
DonnyTheDonMega (5 months ago)
Can you do a video on auto shop please. I've looked only but kind much info on it. Do I need a particular special skill to repair your vehicle or is that not possible? Great video dude, looking forward to seeing more
Rashaun Brown (5 months ago)
I finally got the presses for all the ammo types, grenades forever 😂
Kaji Gamer (5 months ago)
Is influence q physical currency or do you just go up to traders and be like "i got influence" and hes like "oh ok" or is it a physical currency, plz answer
Rhys Cooper (5 months ago)
How do i find a red talon trader?
Rashaun Brown (5 months ago)
They’ll spawn randomly you’ll get a radio notification saying something about it
Doubling RP (5 months ago)
Man i bought a grenade launcher, forgot i had it on me and did the mission to give someone a gun ;-;
Clay Stephens (5 months ago)
Doubling RP the guy was a lung cancer survivor and had shit cardio, so maybe the 50cal is helping him... But yeah, it was pretty disheartening to watch
Doubling RP (5 months ago)
Clay Stephens hahaha. Watching your hopes and dreams vanish into the night
Clay Stephens (5 months ago)
Doubling RP I actually lost a .50 cal sniper when I exiled someone. Forgot they had it, then watched them run off with it on their back... definitely a stupid mistake on my part
Doubling RP (5 months ago)
Bisilet Warlord legacy ftw
Bisilet (5 months ago)
Doubling RP I lost my 50 Cal sniper to this cursed mission
Johnny Comeau (5 months ago)
You should post a gameplay series of SoD2
Jacob Treaster (5 months ago)
Where's the red talon trader located? Or does he spawn too?
Johnny Comeau (5 months ago)
Pauses on point 😎
Johnny Comeau (5 months ago)
Just finished the story with my first community... really cool
Johnny Comeau (5 months ago)
Apparently there's gonna be a patch update on the 22nd... THANK GOD. The game is FULL of glitches and bugs
Patrick L (5 months ago)
Very helpful, thank you! I was wondering what the Red Talons did
Mcgrez (5 months ago)
I'm glad the community is enjoying the game. thx 4 the tips maybe now I can score sum better loot.
DaBeast34 (5 months ago)
Awesome editing Arky
Granada Legacy (5 months ago)
Would you like to play with me sometime I’ve been subscribed since 500! (Dante Saves the Day)
Timothy Weakly (5 months ago)
Will there be scopes in the game
Eduardo Cruz (5 months ago)
Oh, so you don't want it zoomed in more just the scope view? That would be worse and can't see the zombies around you
Ed V (5 months ago)
Timothy Weakly they zoom in but it's third person. Zooms in a bit also.
Timothy Weakly (5 months ago)
Because that's the purpose of the scope.
Eduardo Cruz (5 months ago)
Timothy Weakly (5 months ago)
Arky Gamescast Well I hope they patch in to were you can zoom in.
Spicey Sharp (5 months ago)
Is the standard in game pass yet?
Spicey Sharp (5 months ago)
22nd is today for me I live in Australia
Arky Gamescast (5 months ago)
Arky Gamescast (5 months ago)
22nd Of May
thegame123ize (5 months ago)
SOD2 is a huge improvement from the first one. I wasn't able to enjoy the first one for long. But SOD2 however is fun and i haven't even tried co-op yet.
May Son (5 months ago)
SPOILERS Got a radio call from Sasquatch folks! RED talon sent out a broadcast about finally getting to start their plan to help when they were attacked and it got cut off. Later one Red Talon sent out a new call asking if anyone could help the soldiers who were attacked as they are mission when an unknown voice who later says his name (sasquatch) volunteers and says "I guess I am red talon now"
dale McDonald (5 months ago)
Just bought an Xbox one just for this game and got the sod2 ultimate edition loving it so far
Kevin Myerson (4 months ago)
Being that gaming PC's are too fucking expensive right now. Xbox oneX is the best way to play SoD2 imo.
Stoned Savage! (5 months ago)
Guap Addict no it isnt its best on pc i own both you don't get a 30fps lock on pc.
Guap Addict (5 months ago)
thegame123ize its best on Xbox one X
Stoned Savage! (5 months ago)
Kavin Pew yeah man go ahead add my main account i cant message on this account at the moment stupid microsoft! Tag: the shadowfex
Stoned Savage! (5 months ago)
Snow White very good decision.
Pappy Tron (5 months ago)
How does the juggling of items and influence compare to the first game?
Pappy Tron (5 months ago)
Troy Riley - That's good to hear. That's one of the things that I disliked about the first game, finding items that you knew that you'd never use and not really wanting to put them in the item locker because of it, but at the same time not wanting their influence to go to waste.
Epic Troy (5 months ago)
Pappy Tron way better
Diarmuhnd (5 months ago)
i was hoping to find a metal bat with metal spilkes welded to the top. No luck so far.
Diarmuhnd (5 months ago)
oh man, really. I feel dumb; i have that content, i just forgot all about using those radio calls for supplies and extra's. Thanks for the reminder !!
Grenzmatt (5 months ago)
Diarmuhnd That's a weapon from the ultimate edition, you get it in a supply drop.
Joe Stivala (5 months ago)
Another great video arky and the gamecast crew
Arky Gamescast (5 months ago)
Thanks buddy!
Scp-001 Archangel (5 months ago)
👏👏👏👏 it would be funny if you drove off into the sunset haha
Ezra TS (5 months ago)
Is there still a joy ride community?
hello person (5 months ago)
Ezra TS nope

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