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[TF2 2016] How to Buy Quicksells! (Unusual Trading Guide Ep. 4)

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This is officially the most asked for video thus far. So here it is, a video dedicate to buying unusual quicksells. Hope you enjoy! TF2 Outpost Plugin: http://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/10248-script-for-tf2outpostcom/ ★Join the steam group!★ http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheVirtualEconomist ★Otro music: JJD - Halcyon ★ Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (399)
Cookies TM (17 days ago)
7:29 ouch.
TheDewd (23 days ago)
I always have pure keys, but I just can't find any decent unusuals to buy and resell. It's frustrating. I'm just sitting there looking for another ass to kiss.
Blaze (20 days ago)
TheDewd I started with 12 and have 150 and over 10 unusuals. You got this bro
TheDewd (20 days ago)
+Blaze It's hard when you have a budget of like 33 keys.
Blaze (21 days ago)
TheDewd Maybe you just think they are cancerous. Because i’ve seen mostly decent hats and taunts on vatican. As for scrap.tf, just check the hat on bp.tf to see if its good. I bought a vivid plasma hunter in darkness for 59 keys from scrap, and sold it for 70 keys. I think you may just be going through what I call the hesitation phase, where a trader repeatedly passes on possible purchases for worry of not being able to sell. Trade.tf, as the vid said, also helps.
TheDewd (21 days ago)
+Blaze that's the thing, some people are selling cancerous unusuals on vaticon/FirePower. And for scrap.tf, you rarely get good unusuals.
Blaze (21 days ago)
TheDewd Just hop onto vatican and check what people are selling. You can also check scrap.tf because every once in awhile there is a good unusual there. I have made profit with scrap.tf unusuals before
RGCreeper Animation (1 month ago)
Rip outpost
the lockster (2 months ago)
rip tf2 outpost
Nicholas Williams (2 months ago)
HOw much changes from this video now that outpost is closed?
Aron 222 (2 months ago)
7:14 "Low Teir Unusauls"
Greaser (3 months ago)
Too bad outpost has been shutdown now, but at least we have bazaar.tf to use
shaggytherodgers (4 months ago)
14:50 " i wanna make people have aids" wat
Nøbødy (5 months ago)
omg thx
Thatoneguy0487 (6 months ago)
Are event keys worth the same as normal ones
Lucius Cabeza (7 months ago)
3:50 but but 6:16 acccepted
Michelle Hill (7 months ago)
Using this tactic i was able to go from 16 keys pure to a 80 key all class hat. thanks ben!
TAKIMLISIM (7 months ago)
halp. i try to do anything on outpost but it always says no response from server :ccc
Teddy (8 months ago)
I said buying qs in a trade server 2 minuets later some random dude send me a trade invite his first words are “I am not going lower than backpack.tf price try to lowball me and I will block you” my response “Dude do you know what a fucking qs is” his response “it means selling a hat quickly” my response “pls alt f4 and learn what a qs is”
Burd (8 months ago)
bro wtf scrap.tf is op for high tier profit just made like 30 keys m8
Terminal Films (8 months ago)
7:16 teir really virtual economist teir!!! ITS TIER
electric_hiccup 707 (8 months ago)
562 ref in a key means each ref is 4.4483986e-12
bredhed dan (9 months ago)
Wait, if u are selling an unusual for 'accepted price' what do u sell it for, if unusuals don't sell for pure.
EchoZ (9 months ago)
I got a question, lets say i buy an unusual that is worth 16 keys for 30% off which is 11,2 keys. But someone else is selling one for 12 keys. Then I can't sell it for more than 12 keys obviously cus why would someone buy for more than someone else, so how do i make profit in that scenario?
ุ ุ ุ ุ (10 months ago)
typo 8:50
Torin Fu (11 months ago)
I have a blizzardy storm Lord Cockswain's Pith Helmet, and it's price on backpack.tf is old. How much is it worth?
L1Xn (11 months ago)
8:5- "Buying Quicksell unusaul"
L1Xn (11 months ago)
7:!4 "Low Teir Unusuals"
Captain Watermelon (11 months ago)
I can't find anyone willing to sell 9 key hats for 7 keys, is it still possible?
TitaniumTom (1 year ago)
The game chat at the end tho...
Fluxie (1 year ago)
Montz (1 year ago)
i dont understand, gonna have to re-watch this video 60 times now
Adieu (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! These videos really help a ton!
Adieu (1 year ago)
Would you have a steam group, my friend?
TheVirtualEconomist (1 year ago)
np man :)
one day 1 key is going to be 562 billion ref and craft hats will be worth like 20 billion ref each or something idk
NOVe (1 year ago)
Andy Than (1 year ago)
tier is spelt wrong
KingFluffs (1 year ago)
The plugin you used doesn't work anymore (atleast on Chrome).
I know that mtg card in the intro... I just forgot and can't be bothered looking it up BUT I KNOW IT'S AN MTG CARD
RedCherryGamer (1 year ago)
12:30 tf?
Scooty Booty Sauce (1 year ago)
Too bad Outpost comes up with a shit ton of pop up viruses when I use it, even with adblock.
DarkBlaze (1 year ago)
Scooty Booty Sauce outpost shuts down my computer if i go on it while playing tf2
Deathalizer (1 year ago)
Why does your rayshud have your profile picture on it?
Alacan (1 year ago)
The script doesn't work
invader (1 year ago)
Thank you :)
TheVirtualEconomist (1 year ago)
np :)
el viejo pacman :v (1 year ago)
Ojala estuviera en español ;-;
Viewing channel only (1 year ago)
12:30 wtf is that unusual Team Captain listing. "8 keys" lmao
addison phillips (1 year ago)
he said that keys could be worth 562 billion ref.the sad part is they are getting there.
45 ref = 1 key oof
DragonsXD (1 year ago)
34 ref
Mimikyu (1 year ago)
addison phillips actually going down tho
Fandomlover (1 year ago)
30 Ref is gr8
NO SUCC (1 year ago)
7:12 "Low Teir Unusauls" uhhhhhh...
The Voidwolfpup (7 months ago)
VizZ Official (1 year ago)
Somebody sent me an offer of a 1.12 ref item and said he want 11keys! XD. I said HELL NO! 🙅
IceCaptain (1 year ago)
Actually, psychology tells us that offering first is the way to go. It's a technique called anchoring. If you offer first, your trading partner automatically uses that price as a base for all negotiations. It is a device used quite frequently in the real world. Also, it is best to set a more specific offer. If your price is 20 keys, for example, your partner might go down by increments of keys, such as 19 keys. However, if you set a price such as 20 keys and 14 ref, they might go down to 20 keys and 10 ref instead.
Dr.Medic (1 year ago)
Wow never knew that. Thanks for info.
IceCaptain (1 year ago)
No problem!
EkIm (1 year ago)
IceCaptain never knew the glorious info i could grab from somebody with a minecraft profile pic (jk)
EkIm (1 year ago)
IceCaptain nice tip ty
Advertising that you're buying quicksells seems pointless to me since every person trading for profit on the planet is already doing that
TheVirtualEconomist (1 year ago)
Sure, but it might also be helpful to advertise so people know how many keys you have (for example, if you advertise saying you have 50 keys pure, people will go to you rather than a person with 20 keys)
Corey Baird CB (2 years ago)
Vick McBread (2 years ago)
When you throw up that blurry screen, I can pay attention very well. All I see and hear is the blurred image of a spy shooting a sniper with a REALLY loud gun and that sniper yelling REALLY loudly in extreme pain upon his death....
Spooncan (2 years ago)
Good vid my only advice is get rid of the intro. It's loud and unpleasing
Arkel (2 years ago)
Thanks mate for your video mate, I started unusual trading 2 months ago and I have already made like 40keys of profit
TheVirtualEconomist (2 years ago)
np man! :)
Islarf (2 years ago)
could you do a series in how to make profit when all you have is like 1 key pure(aka me)
Spelo (4 days ago)
Steam community market(trading cards and gems) and also hat banking
ArtVibrant (2 years ago)
could you explain how exactly unusual overpay works?
TasteZeMELON (2 years ago)
*When someone undercuts the lowest listing on class fields right after you brought a 2 key discount...*
hidden drugs (2 years ago)
Mada (2 years ago)
that happens alot , the original post is from tf2 outpost and the seller added keys , dumbass
Overlord (2 years ago)
Advertising quickbuying gets you nowhere, since no experienced person in a trade server is actually going to let you. As I see it, by constantly asking for these discounts, and encouraging all people to ask for them, it effectively devalues unusuals as a whole. FirePowered is doing us a service.
Overlord (2 years ago)
Abhay Azariah i know, right?
Obsolete Randomness (2 years ago)
Overlord I couldn't word it better myself. Seriously tho, after this and pyro's video, all I see on trade servers are "buying quicksells with 9 keys pure." It's fucking annoying.
Overlord (2 years ago)
You never answered why people quicksell. The only reason seems to be desperation or inexperience.
Jordy (2 years ago)
Woah. You sent a trade to somebody named "Eice" in the video. I just met a player named "Eice" on Vatican City today.
Big Playa Lp (2 years ago)
I tried to sell my unusual taunt which I got trough a quick sell and a guy scammed it rip 18 keys
Big Man (2 years ago)
I'm just starting out and this series is helping! But I am stuck at 12 keys in pure and I'm not finding any good deals
Samuel Lai (2 years ago)
UmbraDominus (2 years ago)
wish I could start trading but I have the 15 day wait coz I lost my phone that steam say it connected to rip
SoundDrout (2 years ago)
The plugin doesn't work, https://gyazo.com/687521c9c1e1c3949a476e6951c24261
Jared Douglas (1 year ago)
same here.
Gibus Collector (2 years ago)
while I was watching i bought a 18 key hat for 10 keys gg
poop (4 months ago)
+Hundkopf If The Hat Is At A Near 50% Base Discount Its Likely The Hat Is Just Cancer.
Hundkopf (5 months ago)
How is this stupid? Can someone explain
Gibus Collector (2 years ago)
The Hero (2 years ago)
Skyl Yeah
WH0dzn (2 years ago)
I saw a 5% quicksell, the idiocy...
bumble (8 months ago)
i saw someone advertising a "quicksell" that was asking me to pay 3.5 KEYS MORE than backpack.tf price
Konstantin Inshakov (8 months ago)
I saw 0% quicksells.
electric_hiccup 707 (8 months ago)
2 types of quicksells The .5 key off qs The god tier 1000 key discounted scorching KE (yes it’s a listing)
Decastar (9 months ago)
QuorthonsInferno (1 year ago)
+Smol yeah I seen a 1 scrap off one too
Marcell (2 years ago)
It's hard to find quickseller that sells for 25-30% :/
Sebastian Contreras (2 years ago)
Not so long ago, Peterscraps told us his tale of how he got from some craft hats to 2 keys to buy the upgrade to premium gift, I challenge you to get there!
rockslps (2 years ago)
well i traded from craft hats to an unusual as well
Sebastian Contreras (2 years ago)
Great :3
TheVirtualEconomist (2 years ago)
He did challenge me to that :p Its on my video list, so there is a good possibility would do it :)
mtadams 7337 (2 years ago)
Can someone please help, the script isn't working for me
Jack West (2 years ago)
7:32 savage
big bob (2 years ago)
when you will do an episode about unusual taunts and weopons
THE_BATH (2 years ago)
Where is episode 5 you baka ;_;
Alex Makhmudov (2 years ago)
could circling peace sign hermes sell for pure? or should i sell it for other unusuals?
Zefra (2 years ago)
i will buy it
Some Ehh (2 years ago)
I am selling a golden frying pan shine agonizing emerald for 120 keys cause the shine sucks
Saveaduck (2 years ago)
I have a question how do I get started in trading I have little red and no key or unusuals
Sykens (2 years ago)
+wyatt higgins watch his first video on this series
Saveaduck (2 years ago)
I mean ref
Saveaduck (2 years ago)
I meant red
drew bucher (2 years ago)
Will you make a video on unusual taunts and weapons? Maybe in the 5th episode
Lewis Gibbons (2 years ago)
3:55 but but?
Noodle (2 years ago)
1:28 "Well boys, let's take a look." Was Was that a Mr. Paladin impression
Bear (2 years ago)
I don't want to be rude but, 7:16 it is tier not teir.
stormxd (2 years ago)
i cant use the script... i already reloaded the page so many times and reinstalling the script too what should i do... so many people r saying quuickselling o theyre desc but they r not
levillagedupc (2 years ago)
Very interesting video, man! I fond your channel today and your doing an awesome job, with pretty clear videos on a topic that seemed to be nearly unaccessible to me for years. Now, i was wondering If all the things your describing in this serie for tf2 unusuals are the same in cs:go knife trading, as both seem to have the same caracteristics (very little chance to be unboxed, different generations of knives and skins, etc...), because now i would like to get into trading and i already have a knife on cs:go that I unboxed, so it would be much simpler for me... Keep on what you're doing, you're really doing a good job ;)
depresso espresso (2 years ago)
13:30 SPAH HAS 3RD HAND!!!!!!!!!!
James Waldenberger (2 years ago)
Thanks to this video, I've made 8 keys profit in 2 days!
Swedish Meatball (1 year ago)
i dont make profit, i cant get anyone to trade with me..
alhaitham (1 year ago)
Ducc Yeah , Honestly I've been getting extremely lucky in unusual trading ,For example : Just got a purple confetti trophy belt for 20 keys (5key discount) , That on a first-gen effect and an extremely old hat , Can't go wrong with that. Currently attempting to sell it for 22 ,Also has free paint (Belvecas are forever I think.)
Ducc (1 year ago)
alhaitham it didn't end too badly then :D
alhaitham (1 year ago)
Ducc Oh god I know that feeling ,Recently got an orbiting fire reggeleator (that demo hat , worth 15.5k) + 2 keys pure for a strange blizzardy storm private eye (Got it for 15 pure , Worth 17 ,could've probably got a better deal but eh) I took the deal since it was a good deal , and orb fire is a fairly popular effect for budget buyers. Literally 2 days later some guy on backpack.tf is selling three of them for 13.25 keys each, Fucking hell.... Keeping in mind that I got my orb fire reggelator for 13 keys (as I said before , got it for a hat that I paid 15 keys for + 2 pure ,15 - 2 = 13) I managed to buy an aussie KS knife for my unusual + 2 keys pure, Which I sold for 16 keys pure in 4 hours (1 key profit) ,only took me three days to find the aussie knife guy ... (Tl;dr version : had same situation ,Got extremely lucky ,Got rich)
ShixTV (1 year ago)
Get rich quick scheme
stormxd (2 years ago)
im just asking,cus im new to unusual trading. are the hats in the requicksell category often under like,idk,25 keys,or just really cancer hats?
Ryan Wilson (2 years ago)
Now i just need to know how to haggle. :x
EkIm (1 year ago)
Ryan Wilson show the jotaro profile pic and say your the boss
pierre gonzalez (2 years ago)
hey when will you do unusuals for weapons?
mrkiiprototype (2 years ago)
I trade up to unusuals then I trade it for cs:go skins or knifes
EkIm (1 year ago)
mrkiiprototype how cancer are the csgo people, id imagine they would ask for retarded overpay
dojolink (2 years ago)
did you quit this series?
Angel Tech (2 years ago)
+dojolink lel
dojolink (2 years ago)
+TheVirtualEconomist are we talking valve time or real time XD
Angel Tech (2 years ago)
+TheVirtualEconomist hype train
TheVirtualEconomist (2 years ago)
no, the will be part 5 at some point
Mister Alan (2 years ago)
Finding someone willing to quicksell their unusual for 30% or more is really hard especially on lower tier unusuals.
Mr Sir Hot Chocolate (2 years ago)
yo dude whats the plugin?
TheGreatUtubeIan (2 years ago)
13:02 OMG you backstabbed the wrong person!!
Sam Banbury (2 years ago)
i have a circling heart fancy fedora and had trades on op and bptf but have had 3 offers in 5 months :/
Bella Rosso (2 years ago)
love that hat
Mowahid Shahbaz (2 years ago)
Thanks actually helped suprisingly
Louis Samyueru (2 years ago)
Where is the weapon and taunt unusual videos?
Marlon Peter (2 years ago)
We wanna See episode 5!:D
Justtallbrandon (2 years ago)
Just a question, when do you start quickselling an unusual?
TheVirtualEconomist (2 years ago)
when you cannot sell it for unusual offers
11_Eleven_11 (2 years ago)
Illum (2 years ago)
What spy unusual was that? Everything was so green. Was it a billycock or a detective noir or something else?
TheVirtualEconomist (2 years ago)
Sub2pewdiepie (2 years ago)
where ep 5 D:
BlueJayBlues (2 years ago)
Nøbødy (5 months ago)
Kade Griffiths (7 months ago)
Unusual with a macca’s ‘M’ hovering over it
Marty Mcflew (1 year ago)
TheBlueJay Holy shit a Mac Donald’s ad starting playing right before I saw this
Banzar (2 years ago)
Instructions unclear, Became homeless.
Piebody (2 years ago)
*clap x10*
Espen Sales (2 years ago)
I love the guides, but you voice is very boring. You sound like a reporter to be honest. I thought you sounded much better in the first video of this series. Be a little more casual :)
TheVirtualEconomist (2 years ago)
I actually find that interesting you think that because I think my voice sounds boring in the first episode because I wasn't adjusted to speaking into a mic.
Duplicate Mate (2 years ago)
Could you make a guide of you installing the plugin :p

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