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[DayZ Showcase] Severograd mines 0.52

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Coordinates: 085 020 Like this video if you want to see more showcases & subscribe to stay tuned! ''This mine is significantly larger than its counterpart near Solnichniy. It has several small industrial buildings and some mining equipment. As you can imagine, the terrain is harsh and rocky, but sightlines are good. This area can be reached by leaving Severograd on the road that heads northeast.'' http://dayz.gamepedia.com/Quarry_(Severograd) Thanks for watching!
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Sinkatze (4 years ago)
Hey Ron that music and editing synchronizations are superb, love how it turns out, need to learn about music in videos a bit more from you. Do you always make videos around your music like that? How do you choose the right song for a video? Just any tip will help as I feel that is my downside. Thanks a lot and keep up the great work!
Sinkatze (4 years ago)
+Ron Fox I checked those and it works out perfectly. I am testing all these things a bit on an Arma 3 video, probably wont be the best, but it will be merely a testing video I think. After that its just practice I guess, as I notice I am still not very organized editing the timeline with the music, so still learning the fastest way to do it. I really appreciate all your help really! Happy Holidays! 
Ron Fox (4 years ago)
+Sinkatze If I'm making a gameplay video (nothing cinematic) I also cut up the video first to what I would like to show and then add music to it. But after that I still adjust the video so it fits best to the music. If you look at the Fight Club video @ 28:30 or the Trust video @ 12:00 I timed the sec I died to the music instead of starting the music when the actions starts and fade it out when I die.  Finding music is always a pain in the ass. Especially when you gonna use the whole song and the video is focused on it. And I always try to not use the same song twice in different videos.. You are welcome Sin! I'm subscribe to you so I will see your next video. Good luck!
Sinkatze (4 years ago)
+Ron Fox I appreciate the extensive reply, this was of amazing help for me. I was doing it the newbie way which was building up the video and then squeezing in the music, I would even copy/paste parts of the music to make it match the length of the clip I wanted.. Thanks a lot for the music link, many times I do have a set type of music in my head, but then its hard to find something that will match and end up using the best I can find. Not so bad, but not the best either. Those tips were very helpful! I will put to practice what I have learnt from you and then just perfect myself from there. Thank you very much!
Ron Fox (4 years ago)
Thanks Sin! That is a though question. Editing video to music is something I had in me when I first started editing videos for school but I will try to explain how I approach a video. I always start with the audio. First the speech (if there is any) then the music, then the video. Where I search for music: I either take the music from the audio library on youtube or go to freemusicarchive.org so its royalty free music.  The right song for the video: It really depends on the type of music. Go with what you think fits. the audio library also lets you search for mood, so that helps! Editing: This is the hard part to explain. I see it as dancing, I even make some weird hand gestures while editing/listing to the music to see where I can cut it, what kind of shot I want and if it should be fast or slow.  For example at 0:35 there is this obvious chance in sound,  so I do something weird there, in this case I speed up the clip.  The rest of the video is pretty much cutting the video on the beat.  So there is my secret (if it makes any sense). Cut on the beat, edit something else if the music does so too. :)
Tim Zimmermann (4 years ago)
TY for the video m8 :)
Ron Fox (4 years ago)
And thank you for watching!
Gepke (4 years ago)
These are so nicely professional, i love em!
Ron Fox (4 years ago)
Thanks man! I'm glad you like them!
Seppe Van Holderbeke (4 years ago)
hate to ask this but, song name pls?
Seppe Van Holderbeke (4 years ago)
+Ron Fox haha, thanks man! :p
Ron Fox (4 years ago)
Darude  - sandsto NO! NOO NOO NOO! Working It - Jingle Punks
Sucky Gamers (4 years ago)
Very cool! Love the showcase idea. Normally I'm too woried about trying to stay alive to truly enjoy the scenery. :)
Ron Fox (4 years ago)
Thanks Chad! DayZ does have a lot of beautiful sceneries..
Thorwk (4 years ago)
I'm really liking this showcases. Keep them coming!
Ron Fox (4 years ago)
Will do Thorwk, Next up is Zelenogorsk!
romagnolo (4 years ago)
FAT hhehehe
Ron Fox (4 years ago)
I wondered which of the developers came up with that one..
dat1guyful (4 years ago)
Looking good!
Ron Fox (4 years ago)
It's a great area!

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