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The Funny Crash Compilation #11 by yigalgiat

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another video from yigalgiat
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1994savvas (7 years ago)
@55kouklos :P Χαχα, και ετυχε να ειμαι μεσα!!
Alex Xiarchos (7 years ago)
@1994savvas Οχι, απλα ηθελα να δω ποσο γρήγορα θα μου απαντήσεις xD
1994savvas (7 years ago)
@55kouklos Εχεις ακουσει σε πολλες γλωσσες το "Σαββας"? :P
Alex Xiarchos (7 years ago)
1994savvas (7 years ago)
@bees32189v2 I don't have it :/ But i think you can find it from other uploaders.
DJAdamAntium (7 years ago)
Can You Upload Crash Compilation #5? cause i wanna use that compilation for something
Toaster Coaster (8 years ago)
chuck norris got a new parachute XD and started playing football XD
Berlin St (8 years ago)
muy bueno jjajajajajaja ay Dios no puedo parar de reir jajajajajajajajajaja
1994savvas (9 years ago)
my name is s-a-v-v-a-s and it is Greek
Moen (9 years ago)
why can't i find the original
Morongo Tongo (9 years ago)
OMG !! i need to put Pause to video .. it hurts my stomach of laughing a LOT !! those sounds eeeeww....Bonk !! iiuuuuuuuu FART ! Amazing sounds .. i found out that without sounds they dont make me laugh

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