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Kevin David (3 months ago)
*Should I continue the FB Ad Videos?! IF YES: 🔥* *1. Comment below "DO MORE FB AD VIDEOS" ✍️* *2. LEARN MORE by clicking here 👉 **http://bit.ly/FREEfbAdsTraining* Facebook Ads Agency Masterclass + UNLIMITED Mentorship: 👉 http://bit.ly/FacebookAdMasterclass (CLOSING SOON!!) YouTube Exclusive Promo = “BLUENINJA” (50% OFF!)
Shahbaz Irshad (14 days ago)
Sub me
Nico Capone (23 days ago)
Click bait he's a big idiot
Abram Wilson (1 month ago)
Johnson you are the best forever you can trust me and text him ok
Nelson Near (1 month ago)
Johnson is an expert in hacking bank accounts, credit cards, social media accounts and text message to spy on spouse’s phone, upgrading of grades, PayPal transfer. he also deals with western union and credit score upgrade I can just sum it up and say he hacks anything and everything. I don’t need to say much about him just contact him and confirm yourself and bring testimonies on Youtube just as I am doing right now......{Email him on: Besthackerinworld At Yandex Dt Com} {Text#+18508163349}?
olajire oyedokun (6 days ago)
David,this things doesn't work in Nigeria
Capronic2 Dethroned (6 days ago)
I hate misinformant
The Syndrosphear (6 days ago)
For anyone wondering, The Intro music is 'Don't worry' by Autograf .
The Syndrosphear (6 days ago)
+Kevin David yup, I just use Shazam to find music people ask for.
Kevin David (6 days ago)
Thanks, people are sometimes curious about the music I use!!🎼
Kimberly Ayala (9 days ago)
Kevin David (8 days ago)
Hey Kimberly, how are you today?😄
Adebisi Ibraheem Yinka (12 days ago)
Yo bro! I want to join the Facebook add course, link me up.
Kevin David (12 days ago)
Adebisi, need information, send an email to [email protected] and tell my support staff I sent you! We can hook you up!!😝
Shahbaz Irshad (14 days ago)
sᴜʙsᴄʀɪʙᴇ ᴍᴇ ʙʀᴏᴏ❤❤
Shahbaz Irshad (15 days ago)
Kevin David (14 days ago)
Robert (21 days ago)
47 years old and dudes have been playing this game since I was a kid..... It's always some class and everything is so easy you just can't really believe how easy it is to make 10k a month...... I mean it's SOOOOO FING EASY why are people still struggling to pay bills.... I mean it's so freaking easy most people should have yachts.....
I’ve applied many different techniques that stated to help me make money on the web within hours but none of them really worked. The good news is, my buddy told me about this money-making approach known as *4NetJobs. Com* This strategy has allowed me to gain over a hundred bucks daily! You might like to try it as well!?
jaylen John (1 month ago)
i need your help on my youtube ??
The Source (1 month ago)
How does paying for website hosting, a domain name, and Facebook ads, work out to zero money exactly?
+betr biqueque their add?? SO I assume they pay for the ad campaigns..right? smh
Robert Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Dammm bro your on your game 👍👍👍
Kevin David (1 month ago)
Hey Robert, is there any other way to be? 🥋 We're NINJAS!⚔️
The Man (1 month ago)
At the start he says 2018 even though title has 2019
That oneguy (1 month ago)
Bruh.. none ain't easy... you know that
Kevin David (1 month ago)
Hardly anything worth doing is easy my friend!😄
Bharath Kumar (1 month ago)
Hi Kevin I have a face book page...Just started got near 5000 followers...Can you tell me how to earn with it...
Adam Jaygun (1 month ago)
anybody knows the intro music? Would like to find out
The Syndrosphear (6 days ago)
The song is "Don't worry" by autograf.
lionel messi (1 month ago)
Octavian Cîmpeanu (1 month ago)
Is no possible way of making money while beeing lazy
ImWatchingYew (1 month ago)
sell your soul to tech giants for some dollars....
সপ্নজাল (1 month ago)
ভালো লাগলো
Sergej Keil (1 month ago)
Great Video a tone of value gave me some more inspiration what I can do for my online business
Kevin David (1 month ago)
Sergei, glad to know I could help you!!😁
Mohammad Salauddin (1 month ago)
hi friend i'm shear your video
Kevin David (1 month ago)
Mohammad, feel free to share it!😉
Fash With Ray (1 month ago)
Great video! I love the 3 concise Marketing strategies. I think it's incredibly important to provide value and answer questions first. Great video!
Kevin David (1 month ago)
Thanks, I always aim to do that, provide value and answer questions!😊
Jason P (1 month ago)
This is the exact shit people hate about the internet being watched and followed no offense you get yours ninja
Hansum Malcolm (1 month ago)
Any body taken his course?
Kirima Hudson (2 months ago)
Thanks for your valuable time
Kevin David (2 months ago)
Kirima, glad I can help!😄
Kirima Hudson (2 months ago)
This awesome
SanjMDW (2 months ago)
I dont even have a call to action... 5 seconds later "That link is right here"
GAIA'S SACRED GARDEN (2 months ago)
🔥 Yes, Thank-you
Kevin David (2 months ago)
GAIA'S SACRED GARDEN you're welcome! 😍
Justin C (2 months ago)
"The more you learn, the more you earn" "Formal education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune"
Joia Soextra (2 months ago)
Christopher Santiago (2 months ago)
Anyone else getting there account banned when they make a new ad for " suspicious activity "
Miklós, az egér (2 months ago)
60fps... *.*
Mosalman Khub (3 months ago)
I dont understand you make ad campaigns on facebook and you target your audience with all of this but how those customers buy stuff and from where? Very stupid question i know .. but im little confused
Mosalman Khub (3 months ago)
Kevin David thanks man your the best
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Mosalman, with FBA customers buy through Amazon, that's the great thing about FBA, Amazon does all the work; you just need to pick products and have them shipped to Amazon and then they take over!😉FREE Amazon Cheatsheet in video [email protected]!🌟
00thematrix (3 months ago)
Hi Kevin, I was wanting to know if somebody works 9-5 job, I understand there will be some cold calling potentially at the beginning i.e. if at work how is it possible to make the calls - does your course cover this? i.e. how to overcome this? Please advise
D. R. (3 months ago)
smart and genuine dude. Really providing gold to the masses...if only everyone takes action.. Keep it up man. Great stuff!
Mike Jones (3 months ago)
So how l register for the job so i can get paid now!!!
Kevin David (3 months ago)
start with my FREE training 🔥looking to make money using FB ADS?💵look in the video description for a link to my free FB Ads Mini Course!!🤑
Business Interesi (3 months ago)
Kevin, which of your courses Amazon or Facebook ads is less time consuming as a business model as a whole when setting up and earning money? Is it Amazon - because you only set up things once? Or is it Facebook ads - can you even automate anything there? And is your Amazon course relevant in 2018 and is getting into Amazon is still a good idea?
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Depends on your personality, are you outgoing, gregarious? if so I'd say FB Ads; shy, not interested in talking with people, FBA is probably a better choice! And I just redid my FBA course, the new one will be released very soon, ZonNinjaX! All depends on you!!🤑
lionel messi (3 months ago)
I don't have a computer
mama (1 month ago)
What is that?
juan adrian (1 month ago)
+lionel messi that must be an amazing creature
lionel messi (1 month ago)
juan adrian (1 month ago)
What is a computer?
KS A (1 month ago)
BigBuck Productions law of attraction
Calm Eddie (3 months ago)
man im ready to start Shopify again. this was the vid i needed!
Calm Eddie (3 months ago)
Me too but, Ive learned a lot, and im sure you did also. Go For it!
Calm Eddie (3 months ago)
as soon as I get a new computer man, I'm all over it! I'm trying to SMASH 4th Quarter this year Brother!
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Same for you Damian, when do plan to jump back on the Shopify Wagon?🤔
Kevin David (3 months ago)
well Calm Eddie, the best time to start is today!! Will you?👍
Calm Eddie (3 months ago)
wow, this is dope man
Lvker US (3 months ago)
1)sub 2)like 3)comment 4)I’ll do the same
DeathClaw Master (3 months ago)
Title: 2019 Its 2018
Kevin David (3 months ago)
DeathClaw Master, soon to be 2019, always thinking ahead! 😉links for more ways to make passive income in the description!👊
smule artist (3 months ago)
Normally I don't comment on any videos of youtube but believe me Kevin you r the only one youtuber that I can trust love you man keep up the good work do not listen to haters because they can't achieve anything in their life but man you r the best #ninjafamily
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Thank you smule artist, I try not to listen to the haters, I've got too many wonderful subscribers!! I appreciate it!!😍 free FB Ads Mini Course in the description!🌟
Olliya Combs (3 months ago)
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Olliya, did you watch? get anything useful from the video?😄 free FB Ads Mini Course in the description!🔥
Neil Wagner (3 months ago)
Kevin David gives lot of value, but I don't think anyone here take actions in their life, everytime the same people show up and comments "value bombs", go fucking work for once in your life.
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Neil, you sound as if you're in the 1 % who has taken action?? Starting FB Ads? 👍 free Fb Ads Mini Course in the description!!💸
Ben Zeigler (3 months ago)
kevin will you look at my shopify store and tell me what you think of it and its products? https://theroomtec.com/
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Ben, try posting it in my Shopify FB Group and others will offer suggestions! 😀https://www.facebook.com/groups/ShopifyDropshippingNinjas/
see something new (3 months ago)
Hello Kevin brother I am Akash 16 years from India I am from a poor agriculture family living in a small village I want to come out of poverty I dont have enough money in bank to get started in dropshipping. But I managed to open paypal with my Father's ID. If you can please help me to get started anyone who is reading can also help me. Any dollar will be helpful paypal email [email protected] Please help😭😭😭
Verasect (3 months ago)
Very clean info, I love it
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Thanks Offspawning, check for a link to my FB Ads Training in the description!😄
HASSAN the ENTREPRENEUR (3 months ago)
Even the link I pressed in your description shows fake account of someone else not yours what happened I really need to follow you on Instagram please fix this
HASSAN the ENTREPRENEUR (3 months ago)
What happened to your Instagram account it’s no more there and I can’t find it @officialkevindavid
Dvir Hirsh (3 months ago)
Hey Kevin love your content but i have 2 question :) Shopify isn't dead? and the ninja facebook ads 2018 course still up to date?
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Dvir, Shopify is certainly not dead and yes my FB Ads Course is still up to date, just been out a couple of months and thank you!😄 free FB Ads Training in the description💸
Kevin Ramos (3 months ago)
you talk fast
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Kevin, I do know, it's just who I am and have always been!!😀free FB Ads Training in the description!🔥
Kristina Zoë (3 months ago)
I hope I will win the course one day btw :)
Kevin David (3 months ago)
best of luck!!🍀
Kristina Zoë (3 months ago)
amazing video again!!! best content of all the gurus!!!
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Thank you Kristina!! You going to join the people who take action??🤔free Fb Ads Mini Course in the description!⭐
Lev Kolesnikov (3 months ago)
Thank you 🙏
Kevin David (3 months ago)
You're welcome Lev, FB Ads for you?? 🔥 free FB Ads Training in the description!😉
Daniel Bloduch (3 months ago)
As always great video 👍
Daniel Bloduch (3 months ago)
+Kevin David I'm in this 1% and still trying build my business.
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Thank you Daniel!! You going to be the 1% who takes action?🤑 free Fb Ads Mini Course in the video description!😛
Amlan FUBUKI (3 months ago)
Loving Your Camera Quality And Angles More And More on Every New Video😁😁 + Happie 200K Subscribers Kevin 😇😇
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Thanks Amian, gotta keep growing and changing to get better!! Thanks for noticing!😄200,000 subscribers. I'm a lucky man!! 👍
Nishant Rao (3 months ago)
Video editing was done so well. What was the intro Music?
CoinMan 5000 (3 months ago)
Hmmm, interesting
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Hmmmm, I plan to start FB Ads interesting or hmmmm, I'm not sure!🤔 free Fb Ads Mini Course in the video description!🤑
Fiq Tag (3 months ago)
Kevin David (3 months ago)
You or me Fiq Tag??⭐ free Fb Ads Training in the video description! 🌟
Single Gal Guide (3 months ago)
any vids on FB ads, I will watch! Always trying to soak up every little bit. I've started playing with ads with a small budget and working through the results to scale up a little.
Single Gal Guide (1 month ago)
+Hansum Malcolm Yes I have, it does give you amazing traffic and gave me my first sale!
Hansum Malcolm (1 month ago)
Single Gal Guide have you started fb ads ?
Star Shiny (3 months ago)
I have a question I want to buy this cours but I am afraid if I can't understand it well because my concentration is not business, what do you mind? also I am wondering if it works with international members because I am not from US? Please I am waiting for your answer
Kevin David (3 months ago)
I have many international students, the course and all future updates will be yours forever to review as often as you'd like!!🌟send an email to [email protected] for more information!⭐Free Fb Ads Training in the description!🌠
racheledwardd (3 months ago)
always giving out value bombs 🔥
Reyhz (3 months ago)
Kev what happend to your IG? I can't find you anymore
Kevin David (3 months ago)
It's been done for a bit, it'll be back up in a few days! 😉
Bendik Flåten (3 months ago)
How many site visits should you have before setting up CAs and LLAs?
Leandro (3 months ago)
I can't access your instagram brother, are you having any troubles with the page? Are you trying to rebrand?
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Leandro, it'll be back bigger and better soon!! 😉
GYAAN CENTRE (3 months ago)
Nice bro 200k subs was waiting for that !!
Kevin David (3 months ago)
GYANN, who would have though just 18 months ago starting from scratch that I'd have 200,000 subscribers!! I'm a lucky guy and am feeling blessed!!😇
saurabh patil (3 months ago)
Already in the group! Great value in the group and the video as well as always 😎
Kevin David (3 months ago)
hey friend, always glad to see you!! 😊 you going to start creating FB Ads?? 💰free Fb Ads training in the description!😛
surendra dixit (3 months ago)
Sir can we dropship outside the usa because I have tried many FB ads with proper countries and interest but it didn't work so can I select another countries such as UK Australia New Zealand or anyone so sir please make a video how to select different country than us for beginner
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Yes you can, I have many successful students from other countries in my Shopify Master Class! Have you watched my basic Shopify Tutorial?😊I will keep your suggestion in mind, thank you!🌪free Fb Ads Training in description!🤑
EDA CLIPS (3 months ago)
hey KD
EDA CLIPS (3 months ago)
+Kevin David just make one minute video just tell them to go ahead through my website...... Please please bro don't deny 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏please please
EDA CLIPS (3 months ago)
+Kevin David buddy I really need your helo
EDA CLIPS (3 months ago)
+Kevin David I know bro!!! Hey buddy I need your one little help http://bit.ly/2NKLvlC Tell all people to purchase through my link..... Buddy you have a lot of audience.... Please
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Hey EDARULIR! 👋 free Fb Ads training in the description!😛
Nilesh Sargara (3 months ago)
Giveaway Results?? don't say you forgot
Nilesh Sargara (3 months ago)
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Nilesh, I don't always have giveaways, mostly but not always!!😜 free Fb Ads training in the description!🌪
Christian Timmermans (3 months ago)
TBH, this video has WAY too much "theatrics". Like the zoomz, clap effects etc. lol Makes me sick! :DD MUCH LOVE THO
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Christian, sorry, always like to mix it up, grow a bit!😉 free Fb Ads training in the description!😛
moustapha lee (3 months ago)
Congratulations Kd for hitting 200k subscribers. Wish you to reach the million soon. Thanks for the knowledge bombs again
Divij chauhan (3 months ago)
Amazing video bruh 🔥
Tom Biber (3 months ago)
The upsell on this course is unreal
James Biggins (19 days ago)
Bought the course Monday, signed my 1st client Wednesday. Lol. I barely paid attention. If someone goes hard on this course, they could make bookoo bucks.
Phillip Law (2 months ago)
it's worth it
Maurice Gaines (3 months ago)
Whats the upsell?
Patrick Luy (3 months ago)
Nice ad.
DeathStarHZ (3 months ago)
Make money online
Austin A (3 months ago)
1. Be a hot 20 year old girl with a million snapchat viewers 2. Post your venmo every day 3. Make 10,000 a month
Cale Mabbott (3 months ago)
Yo Kevin I know about pixel, custom audience, Lookalike Audiences, targeting and using the facebook business manager to create campaigns but I need a mentor and some one to take this knowledge to the get paid level.
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Cale, I don't mentor except in my FB Ads Black Belt group and that is only open to people who have purchased my course!!😛free FB Ad Training in description!!😄
Islam Amgad (3 months ago)
you are a genius kevin but what I find amazing about you is your energy and consistency . I hope you always fine.
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Islam Amgad, thank you, I always try to stay upbeat and focused on a goal!!😊 free FB Ad Training in description!!💰
lionel messi (3 months ago)
Kevid david
Kevin David (3 months ago)
lionel, can I answer a question for you??🤔
lionel messi (3 months ago)
I have a question
lionel messi (3 months ago)
Do you need to pay the Ninja class
Kevin David (3 months ago)
yes lionel??
lionel messi (3 months ago)
Make money on online
lionel messi (3 months ago)
Kevin David (3 months ago)
lionel, you going to keep hustling until you're in the 1% who takes action?😜Let's CRUSH it!! 😛 free FB Ad Training in description!!🌟
Oluwatobi Durotola (3 months ago)
I really want the full course. Nigeria is just not friendly 😩. Been following you since the first Facebook ads video. Big ups bro.
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Thanks Oluwatobi Durotola, someday when you're ready I'll be here!! 🤑 free FB Ad Training in description!!👍
zaki ammour (3 months ago)
just subscribed! thank's.. great content
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Zaki, glad you've subscribed!! You thinking about Fb Ads?? You ready to join the 1% who takes action?? 😜 Free Fb Ads mini course in the video description and Happy Hustling! 💰
Ay Papi (3 months ago)
This is pretty basic info 😐
Arel Felser (3 months ago)
Damn..people really out here thinkin theyre the only ones in the world who exist.. Not everyone is on your level bro lol
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Ay Papi, some people aren't where you're at on the learning curve of FB Ads!! 😊
Sebastian Failla (3 months ago)
Congrats on the 200k subscribers Kevin! Getting clients and managing their Facebook Ads is an awesome way to start online, especially if you don't have any money!
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Sebastian, we agree on that for sure!! Have you started yet??👍who would have thought 18 months ago that I would have 200,000 subscribers? Feeling lucky...🍀 Free Fb Ads mini course in the video description!
SciolismHD (3 months ago)
How am I suppose to deal with taxes with dropshipping? I just started, 19 years old and I’m afraid about taxes
Kevin David (3 months ago)
SciolismHD, best thing to then would be to talk with someone you trust before you start, maybe even an accountant!🎓free FB Ad Training in description!!💰
Naledi Naxo (3 months ago)
I like the upgrade on your editing!!!
casey eggen (3 months ago)
When will your Instagram be back up and running?
Kevin David (3 months ago)
casey, a good question but not sure but hopefully very soon! 🌟
Fortnite Rally (3 months ago)
Can you do this from Third world country for Americans ?
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Depends, maybe, you should send out feelers!! 🤑free FB Ads Mini Course in the description!🤔
Faruk Fis (3 months ago)
The best guy on Youtube <3 Thanks buddy
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Faruk, you're welcome!! I always like to give back to my subscribers! You going to be smart and learn FB Ads?? 😉 free FB Ads Mini Course in the description!🔥
Matt Brakhop (3 months ago)
@KevinDavid love the clap animation
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Thanks Matt! 👏👏👏👏
Haruna insan (3 months ago)
I will just say thanks to you
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Harina, you are very welcome!! Be the 1% who takes action and really learn FB Ads!!😀 free FB Ads Mini Course in the description and Happy Hustling! 🤑
Julian Chmiel (3 months ago)
So basically it will be all profit other than obviously paying your taxes?
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Pretty much Julien, although there will always be a few expenses!🤑 free FB Ads Mini Course in the description!💵
Alisia Bradshaw (3 months ago)
Hey There KD - #FacebookAdAgencyMasterclass #NinjaFamily #NinjaLoyalty #NinjaLifeStyle #NinjaWinner
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Still putting out a positive vibe to win Alisia?? Good luck!🌟free FB Ads Mini Course in the description!🌞
Bongani Langa (3 months ago)
Good stuff 👍👍
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Bongai, Thanks a lot!! You going to take action??🔥be the 1%?😄 free FB Ads Mini Course in the description!🌞
TheTherapy Gamer (3 months ago)
This course is legit! I got my first retainer in the first 48 hours!
Lucas Rutten (3 months ago)
Hey Wanna connect? Insta: lucas0413_
Maurice Gaines (3 months ago)
How long does it take to get through the course for newbies?
Kevin David (3 months ago)
heyyya! feels good, doesn't it?? Others will come easier now!! 😍
Martin Ptáček (3 months ago)
Awesome knowledge bombs as always! Kevin David really is the number one goto guy when it comes to ecommerce and digital marketing!
Martin Ptáček (3 months ago)
no need for the free FB Ads Mini Course as I am a happy student of your Full paid Ninja FB Ads course..at the moment finishing the first round of all the modules ( at the beginning of module 6):) Thank you for the great course!
Kevin David (3 months ago)
Thank you Martin, it's what I love to do!! 😄as always free FB Ads Mini Course in the description and happy hustling!!😆

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