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10 Mac Tricks You've Probably Never Heard Of!

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Try Dashlane free from: http://dashlane.com/snazzylabs and use the coupon SNAZZYLABS for 10% off Dashlane Premium! Snazzy Labs is back yet again with another video full of awesome macOS tricks and tips you've probably never used for your favorite osx tech! Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq
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Aaron Moses (5 months ago)
Been a mac user for over 20 years and said to myself "he won't show me anything I don't already know." I was wrong. Thanks for the video!
Andy Beyer-Bowden (1 month ago)
Snazzy Labs i knew everything except for that background window dragging thing. That ones awesome
Du Du (1 month ago)
Hey Snazzy Labs, have you ever wanted to go trapping with the shooters?
Raphael Ferreira (2 months ago)
Same here!
Juan Pablo Santoyo (3 months ago)
J Biggs
Juan Pablo Santoyo (3 months ago)
Aaron Moses
Small Pound (1 hour ago)
Great video, I didn't think I was going to learn anything however I was wrong!
Yannick Reid (5 hours ago)
Wow... Its very crazy I was sure id know all the tips on this video and in fact I knew none....
david lenegan (12 hours ago)
I have a tip for macs......do not get one. sorry I only have the one tip.
Minh Nguyen (3 days ago)
Trick No.8 doesnt work with me ?! My device is Mac air 2013 - Mac OS sierra
József Pusztai (3 days ago)
Shit! Scheisse! Abszolut szar!
Saša Benčić (4 days ago)
I have been trying to get accustomed to a mac but its so illogical and makes sooo much more shortcuts for no reason its so annying.. for example pressing 3 keys for a shortcut? Really? How about pressing half of a the keyboard?.. i just cant work on it fast as on a pc.. however i like the odganisation method the MacOS has that is brilliant!
SoloArt Studio (6 days ago)
Damn good show, Bro! Great looking out! 👍🏾
srinivas kumar (7 days ago)
open in terminal, use the mv command. *HACKERMAN*
So great.
shrey the captain (10 days ago)
Idiot Youtuber?! LOL
Anthony Neigh (10 days ago)
Quantum better than Chrome? You've just made a powerful enemy.
Gin Gab (11 days ago)
Hey great tips, I have worked with Macs for a decade but definitely learn't new stuff here. Would be great if you can share any input on how a user could customise the font used on displaying the screens of different apps, not sure if there is such a setting but thought you may know it.
Sai zar ni htun (12 days ago)
Ben Walker (15 days ago)
Didn't expect to learn anything, but I was delighted to be proven wrong. Usually these "5 tips" videos are super basic and not helpful, yours was well done. Thanks!
Snazzy Labs (15 days ago)
Cj Perlotto (16 days ago)
Tip #5 Doesn't have to be that hard, head over to sys prefs, go to "Trackpad" and up top select the "Point & Click" tab then turn on Look up & Data detectors. :)
AzGarciaFamily (19 days ago)
This was an amazing video! Great job!
Lior Doron (19 days ago)
I don't see screen sharing in my finder...
SlyRecon (19 days ago)
Thanks a lot! one of the most useful Mac videos I have watched in a long time.
FRANK R ICE COLD (20 days ago)
Hello maybe You Can Help Me With Something ( Quick Looks ) in Previous Versions of OSX I Was Able To Use the Space Bar and Play a Midi File automatically Like you Can Play a MP3 or Wav File i Can Still Play a MP3 or Wav File By clicking on The File and Pressing the Space Bar and it pops up and Plays BUT when i Do That To a MIDI File it just pops up but it dose not play any ideas Thanks
andrew cousins (20 days ago)
cool tips. do you know if you can enlarge notifications specifically phone calls? this would be handy as I"m partially sighted and by time I zoom in to see who it is I usually miss the call. any advice would be great
Thanks for some great tips
won jez (23 days ago)
You can still access the dock in fullscreen windows by dragging the mouse to the dock and then keep pulling it until the dock comes up. Its a tiny feature but it really helps.
Christopher Sutcliffe (24 days ago)
Andreas Urbanczyk (24 days ago)
Was thinking this is just another random Mac Tricks video but I was wrong! So many useful things which I didn't even know about. Even after using macOS for many years.
Peepers 47 (25 days ago)
Wow, the things I don’t know about Mac OS. Thank you Snazzy Labs! Another mystery, Where is the iTunes IOS backup stored or what is it called? I wanted to restore my iPad to a prior month from a time machine file as only a corrupted backup is on the iMac
Not all heroes wear capes
Jiazhe Xu (26 days ago)
think you so much
Gavnoifly (27 days ago)
Fuck mac
Dominik K (28 days ago)
Amazing! 😎👍
Jose Lima (29 days ago)
dude... you just collapsed my belief system .. i didn’t think there was more to macos .... I am sitting here holding my jaw shut.. i particularly love the ability to create my own shortcuts.. i have actually passed on some apps just because a menu item didn’t have a shortcut... doih!!! great work!
Snazzy Labs (29 days ago)
Trevor Greenbank (1 month ago)
Yes, screen sharing is great- as long as you’re willing to drive to the person’s house the first time to configure their router.
wdiprod (1 month ago)
Tip #5 is called "Look Up" and you don't have to and force touch or remember shortcut keys. It's available on any Mac. Just control click on the word and select the top menu item 'Look Up". You can use a two finger click using a trackpad if you have the secondary click with two fingers option enabled in settings/trackpad/point and click The other one about screen sharing can also be accessed from messages. In messages start or open a message with the person you want to share screens with and open the "Details" tab in upper right corner. Screen sharing is the first icon next to their name and looks like two computer screens. Using messages is nice because you don't have to remember their Apple ID and also can send them an alert to see if they are available and ready to accept the screen share.
Юрій Філ (1 month ago)
Great! But on my Mac Air 13' do not works loud correction. Do you know why?
Bruce McKay (1 month ago)
So much I did not know.... 20+ year plus Mac user... I feel so dumb....
Joselin Arias (1 month ago)
zoffu bozzu (1 month ago)
please correct the name,,, NOt ISRAEL,,,,, PALESTINE Thank you,,,,
Bored Millionaire (1 month ago)
lmao at all the cohesive sentences made with all the jump cuts. LOVE it
Setsuka 09 (1 month ago)
Now i see why Mac users rarely move to windows, i just use Macs for months and already enjoy the ease of use and this vdeo add more of those ease, Thank You for this video.
MrMurmandramas (1 month ago)
I love your 10 tricks -- every time​ I learn something new.
Du Du (1 month ago)
4:58 "It's great for long-distance Netflix and uhhhhhh, chill, tehehehehehehe"
riccagianna (1 month ago)
I love you
joelannermarken (1 month ago)
you can press with three finger as forcetoutch
Safwan Khan (1 month ago)
you can do the samething with the multi touch trackpad by putting cursor over the word and tap the trackpad with 3 fingers
Yannick Herssens (1 month ago)
Thanks , Just one question about tip nr 1 I have all my photos in the "photo" app of mac How can i find my pictures (which are in the photo app of mac) in Finder ? Is there a way to change pic names massively from the photo app? Thanks
Mirna Lozić (1 month ago)
I just bought my first MacBook ever and this video helped me so much. Thanks!
Mandt (1 month ago)
No, he can't be jewish at all ;)
Hannah Mudek (1 month ago)
Is there something special you have to do to be able to put an application in the toolbar menu? I tried and it didn't do anything. It didn't have the green plus, and it didn't say I couldn't. It just didn't do anything.
miroslav trifko (1 month ago)
I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to learn about improve performance mac try Stiklind Fast Mac Fixer (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my work buddy got great success with it.
Whilst perhaps not as cool as the Windows snap version (not that I'd know), 'tip 4' how to snap a window to have 2 files in clear and even view - and be fully editable is brilliant - and I feel like a goose for not knowing that! I am constantly 'Command Tabbing' to switch from one file to another - but now I don't have to... Awesome! Great Stuff!
Kites Pongan (1 month ago)
Liked for the good tips, but mostly for Men I Trust plug!
Nimrod rod (1 month ago)
BLOWN away by the content of this video simply amazing!
TimmyTotten (1 month ago)
UM i tried that volume trick but it didn’t work it just played a sound
Timmie Johnsson (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video, perfect for a newbie MacBook user like me. Just wanted to make it easier to browse through the video, so here is a list of all the tips: Tip 1 - 0:18 - Mass edit file names Tip 2 - 1:26 - Change volume in small increments Tip 3 - 1:52 - Drag a window in the background Tip 4 - 2:13 - Window snapping Tip 5 - 3:07 - Popup bar for words (instead of using force touch) Tip 6 - 3:53 - Screen Sharing (like TeamViewer but for Mac) Tip 7 - 5:06 - Edit the menu bar Tip 8 - 5:46 - Drag files and folders to the toolbar Tip 9 - 6:54 - Create your own shortcuts Tip 10 - 8:21 - Find your passwords using Keychain
A s (1 month ago)
I smell jews
Fernando García (1 month ago)
It’s amazing, dude
Fernando García (1 month ago)
It’s amazing, dude
Ivan Granata (1 month ago)
The App Shortcut tool is very helpful! Thank you
This is probably the best video tricks i have ever heard!
Adilet Melisov (1 month ago)
hi in the tip #6 how do you do that search? how did you open search? by which shortcuts?
Tony Wang (1 month ago)
What a phenomenal video! So useful
Thank you so much for this, these were all extremely useful and I had never heard of any of them which is surprising!
Shared this with my family. Seriously so useful.
strictlyplatonic2007 (1 month ago)
Great and actually useful tips. I didn't know most of them. Thank you!
FearLessXGAMER (1 month ago)
It’s called Palestine not Israel.
Phạm Cường (1 month ago)
jawojnicki (1 month ago)
This was an absolutely ridiculously phenomenal video!! I only knew one of these 10 tips going in and I've had a Mac for 8 years. Thank you so much. These tips are going to help me tremendously. You rock man!
Matej Pollak (1 month ago)
greetings, thanks for tips, small list of tips in desc would by nice and apreciated ;)
Jethro Chan (1 month ago)
Opera and Firefox is my most loved browsers
Jethro Chan (1 month ago)
Theres something funny in the screen sharing when you in someones screen you can download viruses on their mac!
Kyle Engelstad (1 month ago)
i think the dragging window in the background window will hep in my multimedia class
Kyle Engelstad (1 month ago)
Download Dashline
Ryan Walden (1 month ago)
bro I absolutely love your vid, have a great life
Omg ... many thanks for you )))
Kent Arnsbarger (1 month ago)
Well that was surprising. A YouTube vid that lived up to its title. Great stuff!
Juddy (2 months ago)
Tip #11 - Find these tips on Business insider just before making a video about it (look at his history when he brings it up hahaha)
ericonam (2 months ago)
Shift+Option+Command for the Solution 2.
LuLaRoe Kim deRoos (2 months ago)
I JUST bought my first MAC and saw this video....do you have one for "dummies"? getting started
Sumukh Dhawade (2 months ago)
Does screen sharing work between Mac & windows ?
Mohammad Thaher (2 months ago)
tel aviv :( dislike ... silly zionest
Snazzy Labs (2 months ago)
Dom H (2 months ago)
The Volume thing also works with brightness!
Abdul Halim Fitness (2 months ago)
abcgera (2 months ago)
For tip 2 in OS X works by holding down Alt(Option)+Shift
Lawasoft (2 months ago)
Just starting out with a Mac, been a PC/Win guy since 90's, just fell on to your videos since I started to look for a vesa mount for it, and some tips. I need to watch more of these videos
Harwinder Singh RupaL (2 months ago)
Thanks for this Volume TIP :)
Tricks University (2 months ago)
Real informatic video ... Thank you...
Michael pari (2 months ago)
berry good
Audun Skilbrei (2 months ago)
Tip #5 can also be done by triple-finger tapping with the mouse cursor over the word.
william (2 months ago)
Tip 2 useful for watching porn
Thalia Estrada (2 months ago)
Hotline Miami (2 months ago)
For the first tip, can you use sed command like on other UNIX systems ?
big rabbit (2 months ago)
Wow What a good video! I am new user on Mac and please make some video like how to setup a new Mac like a pro something like that?
gamhacked (2 months ago)
How does he get that dark toolbar in Firefox around 8:00?
Feiprofessor (2 months ago)
Why multitasking on Mac is so sucks? I can't even switch to another windows of the same program by keyboard shortcut. Plus the third windows will be forced to open in the new space. And again I can't switch back to the app in original space by any shortcut. This is so annoying. And If I wanna minimize the screen I have to click on the tiny button on the top left instead of just click on the dock. Why? Apple. I have far better experience on Ubuntu and Windows. So far Ubuntu is my number one op system.
Miss Ginah's Bookshelves (2 months ago)
Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank You !
Nadia's Blue World (2 months ago)
been using a mac for about 8 months and im MIND BLOWN
andre (2 months ago)
can you do things like these on windows? man macos is so clever.
Astronomically Correct G (2 months ago)
You suck for Using Firefox
陳柏瑜 (2 months ago)
great tips!
Fabian Stern (2 months ago)
Knew the most of them, but some are new to me and really useful! Thx A quick tipp of mine: You can use Spotlight search as a calculator by typing in the calculation.

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