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Real Talk: Ethereum Classic $ETC! The GOOD & The BAD. No Shilling. No FUD.

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With Ethereum Classic (ETC) being thrust into the spotlight recent because of its surprise listing on Coinbase, let’s take a closer look at Ethereum Classics pros and cons (advantages and disadvantages) and how it compares to ETH (Ethereum). If you watch this Real Talk video, you’ll learn a quick history of Ethereum Classic, who’s involved, their future plans, and my personal thoughts on this project. #Cryptocurrency #EthereumClassic #Blockchain
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Text Comments (84)
Bitcoin for Beginners (7 months ago)
How many of yall have ETC? Just curious!
Joshua Mangus (1 month ago)
I have ETC. I keep accumulating more and more. Hope it pays off.
Anon VPN (1 month ago)
ETC marine reporting!
Roam The Traveller (3 months ago)
Yup alot
Barsick (3 months ago)
+Michael Barker im sorry for your loss =(
Michael Barker (5 months ago)
Around 500. Bought in around 11
Roam The Traveller (3 months ago)
I bought at ton at $3.69... figured it's low enough. Just in case a bull run occurs i can cash out like ltc did 4.00 to 300 dollars. I dont thinketc is dead. Not until it goes to zero. it's currently trading snd very much alive!
Bitcoin for Beginners (2 months ago)
Are the dev teams still active though?
Roam The Traveller (3 months ago)
I owen a bunch esp at this price
Bitcoin for Beginners (3 months ago)
didn't their dev team say that they had to stop activities for now? one of them at least
EOSIO GLOBAL (4 months ago)
the code is law approach like bitcoin will keep it relevant but ethereum basically centralized by a few key founder and a platform that if it ever scaled will still fail bc of gas fees
Bitcoin for Beginners (4 months ago)
Ethereum is trying to slowly move away from that centralization though
SMART UNIVERSE (4 months ago)
ETC the best, decentralized, immutable, unstoppable, that's why I created a smart contract on this platform, if interesting write me
SMART UNIVERSE (4 months ago)
Bitcoin for Beginners (4 months ago)
What is your smart contract for?
Josh Slayton (5 months ago)
Yes, I hold ETC.. More and more projects are building on ETC chain for example Saturn Classic Token & Bitcoin Classic Token.
Bitcoin for Beginners (5 months ago)
Oh didnt hear about those yet!
Johnny Gonzalez (5 months ago)
If Ethereum is dealing with banks like, JP Morgan and ING and others, why is it on coinbase? Coinbase is the first one to say it doesnt want to be tied into a coin that is regulated. If thats the case, then Coinbase should allow XRP to be purchased on it's platform. After all XRP is allegedly regulated. It's yet to be proven. Coinbase would get a lot more subscribers if it allowed XRP to be listed on it's exchange - dont you guys think so? Or does coinbase fear that XRP will obliterate Bitcoin... I honestly think it has the ability to. Its going to be between XRP and ETC (Ethereum Classic) thats going to give Bitcoin a run for its money. Those blockchains are super strong, in regards to moving money around fast.
Roman T (5 months ago)
4etc pro it's for ETC
Bitcoin for Beginners (5 months ago)
Dang are you a spokesperson for them?
Konstantin Karetny (5 months ago)
Check 4etc.pro/en
Bitcoin for Beginners (5 months ago)
haha perhaps
Konstantin Karetny (5 months ago)
Heeeyy, maybe we will see a short video from you about this project? Interesting subject
Bitcoin for Beginners (5 months ago)
Ok will do
Tukjine8 (6 months ago)
AUUUUUUMMM, AUUUUUUUUMM, AUUUUM let's all medtate first, then decide
Bitcoin for Beginners (6 months ago)
Lol sure :P
Greg F (6 months ago)
No shilling, no FUD - great!
Bitcoin for Beginners (6 months ago)
Thank you for watching! I always try to be unbiased!
Aaron Monroe (6 months ago)
I love Ethereum Classic. I invested in Ethereum and Ethereum Classic early on but I've grown to support Ethereum Classic more for a few fundamental reasons. #1 You'll hear "code is law" but not understand it. I'll give you an example. Ethereum Classic was smarter than Ethereum in that they created a cap in max supply early. What that means is Ethereum is like fiat currency, the exact thing Crypto was invented to get away from. Ethereum' value in the bear market has dropped more than Ethereum Classic because Ethereum Classic knew that focusing on supporting endless ICOs will not only contest the Blockchain but also once those ICOs begin to dump, it would hurt the average's joe's wallet while the fat cats cashed out on them. Ethereum Classic has always been more valuations about what gets developed on it. Ethereum let Wall Street make money before Main Street but Ethereum Classic will let Main Street make money before Wall Street. ETC is for the average person to retire, not for big corporations to get even richer. #2 Ethereum Classic cares about the community while Ethereum Cares only about big money and fast money. Ethereum let anything get built on top of it and didn't care how any one felt about that, now as it's crashing because of dead projects and lack of desire in Ethereum, Ethereum Classic can now say it's holding more steady. Ethereum is also more centralized and this has hurt them. Vitalik' comments have hurt Ethereum, lack of community consensus has slowed down progress on Ethereum and Ethereum is more too slow for many people to remain interested for the time being. Ethereum Classic however is only starting to grow so the people in it now who have invested at any point of calendar year 2018 and 2019 will see big returns on their money, why? Ethereum Classic starting in January 2019 will have 25 projects built on it annually which increases the value of the coin, also Ethereum Classic got a 50 million dollar donation towards Ethereum Classic Labs for said projects. Ethereum Classic will be available to institutional investors on all major platforms created for them so this will also massively drive up the price. In my opinion anyone who sells Ethereum Classic for anything less than $400 next bull run will deeply regret their mistake. I'm a long term investor who does his research. I like to invest and leave my money for it to grow. #3 Yes the billionaire investors followed Ethereum after it forked and this is why growth on Ethereum Classic has been slow but as they're growing now, it's time for regular Joe's like myself to invest in ETC and wait for it to reach astronomical prices. I don't understand how average investors prefer Ethereum over Ethereum Classic. It's a lot easier and I mean A LOT easier for your money to multiply by 100x than it is for Ethereum to multiply by 100x. Anything times 100, you just add 2 zeros to the number, if you think $215 Ethereum will reach $21,500 next bull run you're smoking something. However it is possible for $11 Ethereum Classic to to reach $1,100. In 2017 Ethereum was $8 in January and grew to $1,400+ in January 2018. Ethereum Classic can possible have that happen. I think Ethereum may POSSIBLY reach $2,000 next bull run but not much higher than that. If you invest now you money may grow by 10x. Ethereum Classic however can grow by at the very least 30x and that's the bare minimum. Can it 100x, possibly but I know for damn sure your invest in Ethereum Classic would go a lot further money wise than Ethereum. Ethereum Classic is for average people to retire early, Ethereum is for big corporations to make money money and ensure you retire at a much later age. Don't listen to the guy in the video when he mentions Bitcoin maximalists supporting Ethereum Classic. Bitcoin maximalists only like Bitcoin, hence the name Bitcoin Maximalist. Ethereum Classic's market cap at all points in 2018 has been over 1 billion dollars, you think a bunch of Bitcoin maximalists invested 1 billion dollars in to Ethereum Classic just to spite Ethereum? It's gone over 2 billion dollars in August, which was last month, you think they invested 2 billion just to spite Ethereum? Guys use your brains and don't listen to this poster because he's only repeating information from Vitalik that he doesn't understand
Stephen O Neill (3 months ago)
No offense but I am not reading all of that , but your opining sentence says it all really. I guess it would not hurt to put 500 Euro of my money into ETC as it is now under $5 per coin, thanks Aaron.
Johnny Gonzalez (5 months ago)
Great Post - ETC all the way. 36yro trying to retire by 40 and start a business and get the family involved. Lets see how this changes our lives.
Michael Barker (5 months ago)
^^^ This
Bitcoin for Beginners (6 months ago)
Very interesting points, thanks for sharing!
Dave c (6 months ago)
ETC has DCG heavily involved and invested in.Will be the gas of internet of things.COINBASE and DCG would not put a coin on coinbase without the whales know things we goldfish don't know!!!!!
Danny Raul Molina (6 months ago)
I don't use coinbase because of my country, but was ETC already listed? or when will it happen?
Aaron Monroe (6 months ago)
ETC was listed on Coinbase in August
Bitcoin for Beginners (6 months ago)
I believe it was already listed.
firstflyover (6 months ago)
ETC will win... U will C...
Joey Torres (3 months ago)
And it has lol 😂
Bitcoin for Beginners (6 months ago)
Haha so eth is gonna fall drastically?
firstflyover (6 months ago)
Ethereum Classic is the Smart Contract Bitcoin...
Bitcoin for Beginners (6 months ago)
Wouldn't Bitcoin have smart contracts when rootstock is ready?
Bruce Barrett (7 months ago)
SOUNDS like etc and eth should merge back together as the hacking problem that created etc has been resolved. makes sense
Korryu (6 months ago)
"hacking problem" did not create ETC, but it created ETH.
kebman (7 months ago)
A simple matte around your green screen would have done wonders. It's really easy if you use Premiere.
Bitcoin for Beginners (7 months ago)
thanks for the tip, can you point me to somewhere that provides more info on how to do this?
Holtzmann 82 (7 months ago)
Sell it and buy Afterpay Touch shares
Bitcoin for Beginners (7 months ago)
I'll take a look
dee nixon (7 months ago)
dont hold shit.. buy PHX
dee nixon (7 months ago)
It just got release on Binance.
Bitcoin for Beginners (7 months ago)
What coin is that?
Andy Raman (7 months ago)
Great video bro
Bitcoin for Beginners (7 months ago)
Thank you. I spent time diving deep to share with you all the research.
Justin Orwen (7 months ago)
I bought this turd at 19.50
Bitcoin for Beginners (7 months ago)
Oh wow :X
Erick Ayson (7 months ago)
Good stuff. No ETC for me regardless of the Coinbase listing. Just don't see a specific need for ETC. At least longterm.
Erick Ayson (6 months ago)
Jamal and Michael taking Ambien and commenting on YouTube. Lol. Probably not good idea. ETC got u guys acting like Roseanne.
Jata Johnson (6 months ago)
Go away... this guy is informing the viewers about eth classic. He hadn't said a racist thing. You people need to quit trolling and go to Coinbase and p/u some ETC, and quit being broke and stupid!
Michael Corelone (6 months ago)
Jamaal Brown I think his response is rascist. Big surprise the asians are always rascist!!
Jata Johnson (7 months ago)
@Ken- Now, THAT brings some powerful perspective, I hadn't thought of that.
Erick Ayson (7 months ago)
Bitcoin for Beginners - sometimes when you lose, you really win!
I am a Noob (7 months ago)
Last year I made a good trade with ETC before it were listed on Bithumb, one of bitcoin for beginners team suggested that theory and I bought into it for fun and it worked out haha! Since then I haven't had any, but I might be buying new ETC soon as ETH is completely crashing and be taken over by ETC; and once that happens, Vitalik will go back to ETC and it can go to the moon hahaha!! Why else are all those exchanges suddenly listing Ethereum Classic ;-))))
Mohammad Umair (6 months ago)
ahahahaahahhahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa a ..
Rhonda Lovento (7 months ago)
Vitalik twitter post: https://twitter.com/vitalikbuterin/status/992522016120025088?lang=en
كله تقنية (7 months ago)
am confused tbh about that etc or eth i feel its a trick hahaahahah
Bitcoin for Beginners (7 months ago)
Lol Vitalik will stick with ETH for life!!

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