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Top 10 Best Settlement Locations in Fallout 4 To Build On/At (No Mods or DLC Required) #PumaCounts

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Link to my Twitter: https://twitter.com/VinylicPuma Hey guys, back with another Fallout 4 countdown video and today, I wanted to go over 10 of what I think are some of the best Settlements in Fallout 4! So if you're looking for a good settlement to build on or at, that's what I'll be going over here. As always, if you liked this video, feel free to leave a like and let me know what you think!
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El Ghis (14 hours ago)
Uhhh idk if its an glitch or if im new onto this building thingies, so i have this problem that i have materials and enough size for building but when the numbers of the righ get to 2-1 it doesnt let me build that one thing anymore and others relationated, like it doesnt let me build more doors from the doors bar or construct any other wood wall if one of them already is at 2-1, why does this happen? I only have mods to improve FPS, an mod to make infinite settlement size, place everywhere, scrap Commonwealth and scrap everything those both of the end are just to remove trash from settlements, what is it? Help?
AKMemez (18 hours ago)
Personally I like the castle.. I turned it into a big kingdom
AKMemez (2 days ago)
This is defiantly my favorite game of all time
AKMemez (2 days ago)
I love building! Building huge sky bases or so fun!
corvetteguy91 (2 days ago)
Ok.. . . something I've always wondered, people talk about massive water production. . . why? I rarely let water production go above 2-3 above population to help curb raider attacks. Some have said its for caps but in all my fo4 playthroughs I've never been in need of caps beyond the lowest levels and have never bothered with the cap-finding perk. What do you spend all that cash on? Is it for bulk materials for massive building projects? Or is it purely for adhesive production? I don't understand.
SUBJECT- 1 (3 days ago)
*Shows specticle island* *me:* Whew, I did not have to unsubscribe.
EvacTouch (7 days ago)
If you got a certain DLC you can make a big factory at starlight drive in, like I did.
ChastBlind (8 days ago)
:55 idk why this was in my recommended?
DaaiChommie (13 days ago)
Your voice reminds me of the snake handler which is one of the characters Jim Carry plays in the movie 'Series of Unfortunate Events.'
Fulgrim2 (14 days ago)
I don’t mind Preston, Marcy’s bitchy attitude is making me send her to some god forsaken area soon.
jimos4ever (17 days ago)
I'm gonna build a cool ass town in spectacle island and live there with all my companions
Jeff Ducaju (18 days ago)
F Fu Fuc Fuck Fuck t Fuck th Fuck the people who type like this
Riley Akkerman (19 days ago)
My main settlement Sanctuary has never been attacked even though on top of my power armor workshop which doubles as my player home has at least 40 heavy turrets and a couple other types of turrets sprinkled in. I even wanted to see it be attacked to know if I would even have to do anything, because my power armor workshop is on one side and all of my other defenses are on the other so I would have my settlement covered if it did get attacked even from high level enemies
L G (23 hours ago)
If you set up your power grid so that the turrets are on one set of power and the rest of the settlement is on another then you can setup a switch to turn your turrets on and off. That way you can put your defense really low and get attacked. Then go flip your switch and turn on your 40 turrets and watch the carnage. Something that irritates me about Sanctuary is where the enemy spawn points are, though. They don't seem to make a ton of sense.
Jay Scoby (19 days ago)
In Hangman's Alley you can build high enough to use the building tops as well! I didnt even know about Egret Tours Marina! In Greygarden you can build high enough to use the overpass.
Kai McConnell (20 days ago)
There is a glitch where starlight drive in does not allow you to leave the tiny shack.
Michael Piperni (22 days ago)
I always send Preston Garvey to The Castle - it's both fitting given it's Minuteman HQ and allows me to build in Sanctuary without having to deal with constant pestering..
Nothus Deus Vagus (22 days ago)
I might have missed something crucial here but isn't the character's capacity to build and fly "vertibirds" dependant upon mods.?
Matt Chilton (22 days ago)
Red rocket by far the best <3 build on the roof 👌🏻 make it tall
0pR3dPanda T-T (22 days ago)
What mod is he using to build more things?can some tell me.
L G (23 hours ago)
I saw no obvious mod use in the video. There is a very easy to do settlement size glitch that can let you build over the size limit. I'd recommend checking out a video to see how it works. It's really easy.
nomadicchef (25 days ago)
Starlight drive in is one of my first places to build and how good at the game I was great so I cam make lots of things but the problem is that the middle gives so much rads so I stored some stuff and put it in sanctuary
L G (23 hours ago)
If you enter workshop mode and scrap the radioactive barrels in the middle that problem will go away.
nomadicchef (25 days ago)
I thought you forgot about graygarden
Maxim North (28 days ago)
How about you stop building shit and show actual locations lmao
Mr. Shiada (28 days ago)
Vault 88 is my favorite.
nulltull (29 days ago)
Outpost Zimonja...... XD
Suicidal Penguin (1 month ago)
whats wrong with preston?
Jay Newsome (1 month ago)
Testical island
Comet Demon Wolf (1 month ago)
Red rocket is my main hq and all the time ive put into fallout 4 ive only had 2 bad npc enconters there an its just when an unlucky raider spawns on the bridge next to sanctuary hill my bace lights it up before it hits the ground othen than that red rocket and sanctuary are pretty quiet places
Tyler Jantzen (1 month ago)
Sanctuary, abernathy, and that first red rocket have some good perks, but damnnnn the constant running up to the top left corner of the map to stash loot, and do other home stuff is just too much.
PVTShadow8492 (1 month ago)
Two things One I love working Egret Tours Marina, when I build it, I usually build that area for farming Gunners. Put three gunner traps in-front and usually create a killing zone in the parking making it so they only way to get into it is to brave the turrets Two: Everytime I get the castle, I kick Preston to it...heck I need someone to keep tabs on the minute men at the castle :P
Larry Fine (1 month ago)
For the castle to repair the walls just make some metal wall plates and just put them around it
Al Harrington (1 month ago)
what’s wrong with preston garvey?
WUZLE (1 month ago)
On the one had you take all that time to perfectly align each structure and on the other you're building on a platform that is apparently suspended by nothing but a chain of staircases. That would unnerve me every time I saw it.
A Dude (1 month ago)
I just killed everyone in covenant and redecorated because the buildings look better than anything I could build
Korben Shilling-Prior (1 month ago)
I have 2 words for starlight fucking masive i manly use it for recrutment senter i use it as my mane one
Korben Shilling-Prior (1 month ago)
Lol first time i went past red rocket i mist the construction bench i fogot what the bench is caled but i mised it because i was not wearing my glases fasepalm
Heartworn Fox (1 month ago)
I use mods to make the level of star light drive in more level.
enasni961 (1 month ago)
I like taffington boathouse
Chad Warne (1 month ago)
I I I li I like I like I like t I like tu I like tur I like turt I like turtl I like turtle I like turtles
Black Pearl (1 month ago)
I wished university point could have been a settlement to unlock.
Crazy Dino (1 month ago)
I personally I like spectacle island
Nelson Gaskell (1 month ago)
I built a trailer park at starlight drive in. Just waiting for Eminem to spawn in
Ciphervero (1 month ago)
If you don't want the sanctuary settlers in, well, Sanctuary: over drug Mama Murphy thus killing her, dump the corpse in the lake and send the others elsewhere.
DOG FACED GODS \m/ (1 month ago)
there is a lot of lame ass Noob info and cap'n obvious shit in this video...
Matthew Godwin (1 month ago)
Red rocket build limit is horrible how is build limit calculate on survivor mode
Randy Hinds (1 month ago)
The command "scrapall" is VERY helpful lol
JOHNNY WICK (1 month ago)
Castle sucks ass
the cyan platypus (1 month ago)
red rocket is awesome as a player home
Devasta The Seeker (1 month ago)
Spectacle island isn't that hard to get. There's a fatman before you activate the mirelurk queen fight and you can duck into the top of the boat and just take pot shots at her
cary bary (1 month ago)
I wish you had grabbing hands in fallout.I’d grab Harvey and frogmarch him over to the settlement himself
Bob Extra bob (1 month ago)
You won’t have to deal with Preston Garvey that’s stupid if you don’t like him move him it’s easy
Zenn's Life (2 months ago)
Great video! I'm guessing you know so much bc yo momma scraps settlements, eh? 😉
Life,exe (2 months ago)
ive fixed up the castle and stored all my favorite people there :D
Potato Tomato (2 months ago)
Not to mention you can build on the highway above greygarden
Kyle Sexton (2 months ago)
I pisses me off I can't mow the grass or teraform the ground. Like hello, Garden of E.D.E.N kits, and all, but I can't change the grass?
chance and noha (2 months ago)
I think I am one of the only people left that does not have any DLC for Fallout 4
Nathan Frisson (2 months ago)
Damn, listen to the hate on Preston! Holy crap, he mentions this like about ninety times! Granted, I'm not a fan of PG either, but all you have to do is move him to the Castle and be done. Sheesh, Marcy Long was FAR more annoying!
Vulcanitu (2 months ago)
I always thought that Red Rocket settlement doesn't really make sense, it's just too close to Sanctuary
Alpha Centuri (2 months ago)
How da hell dis he get all dat concrete?!
Jack The Taco (2 months ago)
*sees spectacle island* SETTLEMENTGASM / EYEGASM
SpaceHyper (2 months ago)
Video starts at 144p...🤮
rafael viana (2 months ago)
Well, for me the best settlement is Nordhagen Beach. It has a great build area, and pratically half of the perimeter is delimited by the beach, so is very easy to build defenses. Also, it's relatively close both to Boston's Airport and Railroad's QG, so if you plan to finish the game with BoS or RR, is a good deal to build there. But the thing that I most like is the view. Sometimes, you can imagine that Boston wasn't destroyed by a nuclear bomb.
Alirio Ruediger Junior (2 months ago)
Hangman Alley is always my base of operations, and 'trophy area' where I keep unique stuff is Homeplate. And your building skills are shit
Lord Death (2 months ago)
Thx I never knew you could build 20 stories at albernathy farm this info will be useful in my next play through
What about the settlement that needs our help? Here I’ll mark it on your map
Cathy Brooks (2 months ago)
are you sure this isn't oxhorn
rautamiekka (2 months ago)
Abernathy farm is defensively rather tactical: you can place lots of turrets to circle the roof, giving it an extreme self-defence firepower.
F!NCHY (2 months ago)
666th comment
F!NCHY (2 months ago)
665th comment
Alec (2 months ago)
HANGMAN'S ALLEY CAN BE SETTLED? BRB. This survival game just got a whole lot easier.
Messiah38 (2 months ago)
8)is my base operations away from npcs. 7) where all my robots go, an dlc content hang until I get mlair.
Preston Garvey (2 months ago)
There is a settlement that needs your help here I will mark it on your map
Notayoutuber (2 months ago)
prewar: it took lots of people to build a building after the bombs dropped: took one man, workbench, and some scrap to build a turret, a elevator, and a town in one day.
mrnaizguy (2 months ago)
I'm playing F4 since release and never even visited some of these places. Thanks mate!
akiking hd (2 months ago)
Puma i cant buil at starlight how to fix
Robotic Pirate (2 months ago)
If you ask me, these settlements need more help...
strawberi (2 months ago)
how do you get concrete structures, minutemen flags etc
L G (23 hours ago)
They come with the official DLC, don't remember which ones though. Minuteman and other faction flags might even be base game but you have to be allied with them first to unlock them.
Zzarcon1 (2 months ago)
Hangmans alley with "Build High Settlements Expanded" Mod allows you to build on the roofs.
Matthew Winninger (2 months ago)
The fitness gram pacer test
I am Lion Man (2 months ago)
I think if Bethesda decide to stick with settlement mode for Fallout 5 then it needs to be overhauled. Allow us to scrap buildings that are beyond help and also add an option to repair / patch up structures that are more or less intact but with holes in the roof, wall etc. Before you assign them to jobs, you see settlers randomly hitting things with hammers as if they're affecting repairs but nothing ever gets accomplished. This leads me to another gripe of mine in that there were not enough "jobs" for settlers to do and so one idea I had would be to add "builders" or similar that go around repairing and patching up the existing buildings, provided they have the materials. With more perks / experience / caps, the quality of repairs would improve from ramshackle (wood planks over a damaged roof) to almost seamless repair over time as well as other things like re-glazing broken windows. The quality / time taken could also be affected by the number of builders you have, magazines and schematics found etc. This would be a lot more immersive and also save the settlement size budget for the fun stuff like bars, combat arenas and the like. This could also be a benefit to those who don't want to "waste" time and resources building shacks and whatnot when they could rather just order a few settlers to patch up the holes in the Taffington Boathouse roof while you're busy inserting lead into Raiders at high-speed. Another function builders could perform is clearing up those random piles of rubble that littler many settlements, such as Hangman's Alley. This would give a much flatter build space and also be immersive as I find it hard to believe that nobody would think of grabbing a shovel and making their new / existing home a bit less full of crap. same also for all those buildings like The Memory Den with tonnes of litter all over the place. As Curie said, "Do they have no pride?" I get that it's Fallout and not The Sims but the settlement system badly fails to live up to its potential and could be so much more immersive and less like a chore.
The Mad Hacker (2 months ago)
*building in sanctuary* hey preston...ima just move you over to this harmless shack okay? *assigns him to the scrap bench inside and walls off the shack*
i can't build at hang mans ally please help.
carmagadon11 (2 months ago)
The minutemen thats pawn on spectacle island always die in the water xD
Sabrina Young (2 months ago)
Anyone else hear him say fillet 4? Or is it just me?
Sjoerd Siemes (2 months ago)
the slog?
I often turn red rocket into a supply line hub. 90% of my supply lines will start there, and go around to any settlement I get. I usually need many settlers to achieve this however.
Simon Bradley (2 months ago)
I used Red Rocket as a logistics hub.. I put a Robot Workbench up, and just built automatrons that are there to connect my settlement network together.. no need for food or anything, and just a bunch of heavily armed robots.
Simon Bradley (2 months ago)
Say what you will for Abernathy, it's a nice settlement that I like, though my choice for Food production for a settlement is hands down Mutfruit - farmers can only manage six plants, and Mutfruit, unlike the rest, also gives one food per plant. That makes Graygarden FAR better.
Simon Bradley (2 months ago)
Sanctuary normally gets a small fortified structure in the river, that I name, fittingly - The Water Bunker. Foundation ring with generators, surrounding a handful of max sized water purifiers to pound out the resources, walls to protect it, and then a roof bedecked with gun turrets.
Jackie Boy (2 months ago)
Dude Spectacle Island is the best, you have the entire island to build on
tyler fleming (2 months ago)
i got the starlight drive in first
phatbassanchor (2 months ago)
I like the choices you made here except I prefer Red Rocket as simply a player home. However, I prefer Red Rocket as a player home for the same reason you make it a settlement... To get away from Preston Garvey (and all the other settlers!) I'm all for helping settlements and settlers... I just prefer not to LIVE with them.
Tim Sevigney (2 months ago)
For survival mode: Hangman’s Alley Hangman’s Alley Hangman’s Alley Hangman’s Alley Hangman’s Alley Hangman’s Alley Hangman’s Alley Hangman’s Alley Hangman’s Alley Hangman’s Alley
Andrew Cota (2 months ago)
Starlight drive in is best you got a big space to build on you have a water hole to put several water purifiers in if done right plus your right next door to drumlin diner to trade stuff if your playing on survival 😁
Prince Vegeta (2 months ago)
Hey puma on 7 gray garden if u have the dlcs u can have only robots and none as supply if you use a human form another settlement to go to gray garden and bam perfect robot settlement.
Josh Combs (2 months ago)
How about top locations that should be settlements?
nocturnechanson (2 months ago)
Do you actually have to defeat the spectacle island mirelurk queen? She’s slow moving you could sprint up the hill and activate the sonic deterrent.
Knightmares (2 months ago)
We need a Skyrim-fallout crossover.
Tiphany Mcmichael (2 months ago)
Hangman’s alley Red rocket Egret tours marina Graygarden Finchs farm Starlight drive in Sanctuary hills The castle Spectical island Abernathy farm
CF542 (2 months ago)
I can't believe all the time I've played this game I've never found Spectacle Island!
Derek Dye (2 months ago)
Sanctuary doesn't need you to have Preston there to get it.
Derek Dye (2 months ago)
Graygarden isn't as small if you build on the overpass
Colobobob (2 months ago)
I didn't even fight the mirelurk queen. I just activated the first switch, then ran, and I turned on the second. After that she just went back into the sea.

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