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Zachary Warner (1 month ago)
I like you Jay, I can tell ur very genuine. Lots of great ideas for sure. I commend you for your tenacity.
DARK GAMES (27 days ago)
thats jay brown y'all. jay----mutha freakin' brown.
Katelyn Baker (4 hours ago)
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Jaden Justice (10 hours ago)
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Mrs Mary (13 hours ago)
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Claudia Mijares (1 day ago)
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Stephen Hax (2 days ago)
I got 13000 from Brian , text him on 267 578 4862
Joe (2 days ago)
Hey Jay I like your video's so far, but a few questions!! I just watched your video from a few days ago where you said you were not going to do "MyEcon" anymore for a few different reasons you listed in that video, so my question is, does that include this company "Income Shift Pro"??? Will you be stopping working with this company ISP??? or will you still work with ISP but not work with MyEcon??? The Bigger question is now that you have found MyEcon not worth your time (and I agree with you on that), Can you make enough money working with ISP to be worth the time??
Jay Brown (18 hours ago)
Yes, I will still refer ISP to people who are in myEcon and get paid because ISP is a great marketing system and training site, But i'm done with myEcon.
Follow me on YouTube I just started.
Anthony Swiff (4 days ago)
Whatsup Jay a how do i join yo my econ facebook group
Anthony Swiff (15 hours ago)
+Jay Brown i did,, whats the name of it bra
Jay Brown (3 days ago)
Search it on FB
Alldher Anddey (7 days ago)
Plss comments yes or no....that it
Earl Craney (7 days ago)
When you get ppl to sign up to repair/fux their credit, would it be passive income after they sign up?
Hamza Fagan (8 days ago)
I got 15,678USD from masonhack @gmail.com , you can message him on hangout or email WhatsApp,+1(507) 481-0284
amjad mehmood (8 days ago)
Jay Brown (3 days ago)
Dread Babilon (8 days ago)
cheers for the tips, cool vid
Jay Brown (3 days ago)
Thank you!
Truz Trixx (9 days ago)
Do u have to link a credit card in order do have a balance
Kathy Davis (9 days ago)
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Teresa Collins (9 days ago)
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Kathy Davis (9 days ago)
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Benjamin Emmanuel (8 days ago)
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Kathy Davis (8 days ago)
+George Mcgregor how
Kathy Davis (8 days ago)
+George Mcgregor tell me how plz I need the help
Kathy Davis (8 days ago)
+George Mcgregor how did u get it and how
Olasunkanmi Yusuff (9 days ago)
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Wesley Wren (10 days ago)
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Claudale Griffieth (11 days ago)
Ni¿¿@ please!
John Spillman (11 days ago)
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Kurt Uriel Canlas (14 days ago)
You earn 100 dollar by just registering
valid dov (15 days ago)
hello i don't have a credit card but i have a paypal account Can I register?
I dont know but theres alot of apps out there
Lonnie Jerry (15 days ago)
I got 15,000usd from expeditetools
Weeb (14 days ago)
sure.. u did
Game Point (16 days ago)
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Douglas Carr (17 days ago)
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Jules The God (17 days ago)
Clickbait shut up
petefishes (17 days ago)
Free my ass . Pay for this program and that program
Lily Cuthbert (17 days ago)
i dont get this XDDD??
Mysterious E (18 days ago)
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Stephen Hax (19 days ago)
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Eric Hill (19 days ago)
Found your vid to be helpful. Thank you Jay....I gave it a thumbs up.
Jay Brown (3 days ago)
Thanks Glad I Could Help!
Jerome Sears (19 days ago)
JAY BROWN!!! You crooked ass nigga! You can't help nobody with yo punk ass! You wanna call me a fool!?...I wouldn't want your help if Jesus sent you!!! Stupid Ass Bitch!
Mysterious E (18 days ago)
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Miami Life (20 days ago)
This sounds nice
Mysterious E (18 days ago)
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Black Santa (20 days ago)
If it was really free Money why would he tell everybody this shit didn't work 💯 I need a refund and didn't even pay for the game lol CTFU
Mysterious E (18 days ago)
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taylor Kendrick (20 days ago)
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Jessica Hefner (21 days ago)
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Echefulam cynthia (21 days ago)
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Lavonna Nelson (22 days ago)
Ahhh trump 💰 Jay WOW god BLESS
Jessica Mason (25 days ago)
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Zrcq Mods (25 days ago)
Click that way easier to make money
Ishmael Hewitt (26 days ago)
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channel kicks (26 days ago)
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Crystal Thomason (27 days ago)
I have paypal!
Arasu Loganathan (27 days ago)
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Ender41948 H (9 days ago)
Can you elaborate on how he did this for you?
Dennis Dee (28 days ago)
Is you dumb?
Sizz-Ifé (27 days ago)
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Inside Story (28 days ago)
Can some one guide me the right place to get online earning. I'm in Italia 53 years old failed to get any type of job since last 3 years. I tried my best but failed. I tried many websites for online earning but all scame. Now i am unable to survive. If some one guide me i will be thank full and pray 4 you. Thanks a lot hare is my email address: [email protected] Regards
Inside Story (9 days ago)
+Ender41948 H yeh i am in italy
Ender41948 H (9 days ago)
Are you in Italy?
LoveMeMore85 (29 days ago)
If I sign up where would I have to post ads/links?
Empress Kay (29 days ago)
That's great Brown, I also just discovered another fantastic system that pays 600% ROI 👉bit.ly/Best-Investment. It' actually the highest paying ROI I've ever seen.
Junior Cunningham (1 month ago)
Hey Jay Brown, i just saw this video and i gotta say it's quite tempting though but, my question is: does this program work for people outside os the US? i'm from Venezuela BTW. I'd love to have your reply men, geat videos your posting out there. i just subscribed to your channel
DARK GAMES (27 days ago)
yes. they accept money in any language.
keith triggs (1 month ago)
Guy's with all the negative remarks...ive watched this guy grow... he's a 6 figure earner...if you are not thats because you are not taking action...follow successful people and you to will be successful...
Jay Brown (3 days ago)
Thanks bro!
nelson fancheriv (22 days ago)
Is it true bruh str8 up cause I was just about to sign up and all the negative remarks got me blowed bro real talk is the shift pro and econ really real
قاسم كفري (1 month ago)
Do you have facebook?
Joe Terry (1 month ago)
I am so happy i came across expeditetools com ,they added over $9,000 to my paypal .They are legit
Vuyiswa Sigagayi (1 month ago)
Thank you once again, I'm so grateful ...
Jay Brown (3 days ago)
Glad I could help!
MoNeY Channel (1 month ago)
Jay is this Affiliate Marketing?, right?
Abhi Sharma (1 month ago)
There is no Sign up option....Only Sign in.. can you share the link of signup page...?
Alberto Canoy Jr (1 month ago)
can you make some videos about making money online that are applicable to Asia and for free, thanks...
Alberto Canoy Jr (1 month ago)
its not applicable in asia there still a payment they need in the last part of econ filling
Sandy Sandhu (18 days ago)
For a legit western union hack transfer to all countries, Paypal transfer and credit card top up for Canada and USA credit card only, contact Zee via email: [email protected] or [email protected], he is tested and confirmed with 100% assurance and guarantee because i am a living witness of his services
Farris Al Harbi (1 month ago)
If you love memes and want to make money from it, you should check out PicturePunches. Probably the easiest way to make money online today.
Denisa Stancu (1 month ago)
Hey, sounds great. Available in Europe also? :)
Wong Sook Kuan (1 month ago)
The money that we made is it on us dollar? Cause I am at Malaysia. My email [email protected]
quzat0r (1 month ago)
you're a legend Jay... you're a legend...
Pansy O'Connor (1 month ago)
Jay, thanks for the video. Is this available in Jamaica
Pansy O'Connor (1 month ago)
+Jay Brown thanks
Renee Peaks (1 month ago)
Have you heard about Amazon MTurk?
Renee Peaks (1 month ago)
Jay Brown  Have you try them. Did you like it?
Jay Brown (1 month ago)
Tatiea Aurel Georgel (1 month ago)
Is it working in UK?
TUA MÃE PRODUÇÕES (1 month ago)
how can i use it outside of USA?
Marcia Kow (1 month ago)
Is this open to the Caribbean?
Doughgirl Natural (1 month ago)
Jay I’m onboard just signed up
Tiger Winner (1 month ago)
New Subbie..,Thanks for sharing 🤗

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