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Asus Zenfone Lite Budget Smartphone Unboxing & Overview

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Asus Zenfone Lite budget smartphone unboxing & overview it's having a 5.45" HD+ IPS LCD screen in 18:9 aspect, it's powered by Snapdragon 430 SOC has 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage a 13MP rear facing camera and a 5MP front facing camera. Asus Zenfone Lite is sold in India via flipkart
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Text Comments (680)
rmx 2 (3 days ago)
Nokia should reduce their phones price instead of spending money on these ads.
Sayani Sarkar (3 days ago)
how to hide camera from lock screen?
Samudranil Dutta (4 days ago)
Best phone .... The fast and furious....haha 😁😁😉
K 17899 (7 days ago)
Excellent, thanks Dear
Anand Pandey (11 days ago)
Rs 4999/ on Flipkart
jairam sahu (13 days ago)
9:50 scary mutant! Beware if you are kid. 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ashish Burge (27 days ago)
I bought Asus zenfone lite l1 from flipkart ,But volte feature is not working.For jio sim I have to get jio 4g voice app. In replacement can I get volte feature working or I have to use like this or is there any other way ?
Apurba Kumar (1 month ago)
Sir redmi 6a or this one for normal uses?
Dev Nambiar (1 month ago)
I always go for your reviews. On point, clean presentation and no bullshit.
PREEM YADHWAN (1 month ago)
It is plastic body sir
BabaR (1 month ago)
Prince Sachdev (1 month ago)
Got it for 4999 with cmp @ rs.9 and as u said its metallic body but sir its total plastic, while viewing yiur review i was happy that its metallic but after receiving the cell phone, i noticed its plastic
Sanjeeb Phukan (1 month ago)
*Asus rocks*
Ranadeep Kundu (1 month ago)
Bought it for mum @₹4999 , working fine , no regret at all.
Siddhartha Dutta (2 months ago)
Whether the stock android ver. of this particular handset allows moving installed apps to a SD card or not ??
Sajid Ali (2 months ago)
I am using asus zenfone lite l1 from 1st jan 2019 n its doing well. Battery is very decent.
Albin John (2 months ago)
Is multitasking good?
antony vimans (2 months ago)
Will this phone get android p update in 2019
Game with Kaushik (2 months ago)
Asus Zenfone lite l1 available in offline market yes or no
MR. TECH INFORMER (2 months ago)
It has duel 4g simcard
Adil Husain (2 months ago)
Is it really metallic?? The max m1 has plastic for 7.5 k
Manoj kumar (2 months ago)
450 will be much better..In this price range!😢
zaid husain (2 months ago)
Redmi 6a or Zenfone l1 lite. Please help me
scoot. (2 months ago)
I really hope that asus takes a shot at a real flagship by continuing with phones like the ZenFone 5z. I really see something in their company
Thoufeek A Rahman (2 months ago)
Asus i buy lite L1 today wow speed camera also everything UI Oreo...cam.. front cam also nice...in the budget wow deal dont look anything buyyyy very nicee
anmol itech reviews (2 months ago)
Does it has dual 4g Volte.
anmol itech reviews (2 months ago)
Does it has dual 4g
Krishnendu Roy (3 months ago)
which one is better between Asus zenfone lite and redmi 6A?
ABC Bibekananda (3 months ago)
is there noise cancellation mic???
sandip kumar singh (3 months ago)
Jio SIM chalega bhai
Lokesh Pal Singh (3 months ago)
Are yr Indian hoke kya bakwaas lga rkhi h jha k ho usi language me baat kro na
Abhishek Kumar Rajak (3 months ago)
Which is better...??? Infinix smart 2 or asus zenfone...??? Plz guide me...
Abhishek Kumar Rajak (3 months ago)
+Afzy TK Ok Thanks
Afzy TK (3 months ago)
go with asus zenfone lite. zenfone lite has a snapdragon 430 octa core processor andd hence faster than media tek6739
jayakrishnan jk (3 months ago)
Does it have inbuilt call recording option ...???
Surojit Nath (3 months ago)
is volte support??????pls reply
Satheesh Kumar (3 months ago)
Sir Zenfone lite support volte ?
PRAJWAL CHAUHAN (3 months ago)
Shaista Begum (4 months ago)
Ranjeet Bhai ek smart pH m1 lite mujhe bhi de do 🤗
vivek (4 months ago)
Jio sim call not working in this device plz review it again....
anil kumar (4 months ago)
Hi Ranjit, which is best phone below 7000/6000 budget ?
anil kumar (4 months ago)
Does Asus ZenFone Lite L1 supports Jio sim, will jio volte is supported ?
Vishal Verma (4 months ago)
@Geekyranjit which one is best Asus Zenfone Lite L1 or Lenovo A5?
NITESH KUMAR (4 months ago)
How is screen quality of phone?
GOGOITUBE (4 months ago)
Sirji meine zenfone lite l1 aaj liya ho but lite l1 mein volte supported nahi kar raha hai.please help me
Narendra Moody (4 months ago)
Volte is not working in Zenfone lite. L1
Sapna yadav (4 months ago)
Can anyone tell when will be the next sale of asus Zenfone Max 1.
NIESCHAL GHOSH (4 months ago)
Will it get android 9 update
Sumit Gupta (4 months ago)
Ye volte sporting nhi h,
Sumit Gupta (4 months ago)
Jio sim is not working on this device,Bina data on kiye call nhi lgega,or aapko jio voice app download krna pdega,so please es Jo bhi Asus Zenfone lite1 Lena chahte h wo bhul k bhi na le,
Chirag1id (4 months ago)
Hello will you pls suggest best phone under 12000 rs
Tongue Twisters (4 months ago)
Best very slim phone, with smooth experience even in 2G RAM. But camera not very sharp. It's ok
Srinivasan Kalyan (4 months ago)
I brought this and used Jio SIM, but was unable to make calls and I asked for replacement and got replaced, again same problem, so downloaded jiovoice and was able to call, but no able to receive calls and got msg stating "not true Colts", can you help me in how to activate, thanks
SK Firoz Asraf (4 months ago)
Is it a good competitor of Redmi 6a ?
Sacred Rose (1 month ago)
6a sucks
aman kumar (4 months ago)
Hi geekyranjit, asus Zenfone lite L1 doesn't support Jio video call feature. If u have any suggestions to enable Jio video call feature then give me. I purchased this phone but now I disappointed with device bcoz it doesn't support Jio video call.
Kumar Prabhat (4 months ago)
Awesome smartphone in a small budget as my expectations and now so high to take this phone in my hand
Gaurav Salunke (4 months ago)
Nice phone
khalid zia (4 months ago)
which is better Redmi5a orZenfoneLite
Uday nowduru (4 months ago)
How's the heating effect?
gaming freak o (4 months ago)
Plz somebody suggest a good phone for gaming below -/6,000 good processor main priority then rest all features
Oops404hd (4 months ago)
Does this max have dual volte active ! & is this max varient is the best (overall in this price range) mob under 8k
Subramanya RM (4 months ago)
Ordered today for my mom from Flipkart, good thing is no flash sale
Srimanta Maity (4 months ago)
i want a budget phone as my secondary phone is the Sony xperia R1 (2GB / 16 GB ) Good option @Rs. 6,300/- ? please answer
R S (4 months ago)
Is there Gorilla Glass in this phone?
Dip Sinha (5 months ago)
Sir, I want to purchase the phone for my wife. But can you please confirm one thing that, does it capture protrait shot from rear camera? Please answer question. Have a good day.
Sai Sanjeev (5 months ago)
Please do comparsion between realme c1 and Asus Max pro
Sooraj Sivaramakrishnan (5 months ago)
When will Max pro M2 release
dimple yuga (5 months ago)
When will asus announced zenfone max m2 pro sir
soumyo tripathy (5 months ago)
sir please ap asus zenfone lite phone ko lenovo a5 phone ke saath compare karke ek video baniye, plz sir
Ritikraj Sharma (5 months ago)
Does it have pro mode?
varad mahajan (5 months ago)
Ranjit, I have to buy a phone but I am really confused whether to go for the Asus zenfone 5z or wait for the arrival of Nokia 7.1 plus. Please give an hint how much tine will nokia take to be in India. Any other camera centric phone (currently using samsung galaxy s8) something that can compete. Please.
Allauddin (5 months ago)
Damn...MADE IN CHINA seen at 0.32 Are all ASUS phones made in China? If so, we all should avoid and opt for Made In India ones!
MyOwnWay (5 months ago)
Half the price Nd still far far better than Samsung’s shitty mid range craps...
Adliad adliad (5 months ago)
Can someone recommend me a good phone under 10k? My main criteria is reliability, should last long .. need for very average everyday usage
uday kiran (5 months ago)
Camera interface is better in this phone than Zenfone max pro m1 6gb variant
Kavin Kumar (5 months ago)
I got Zenfone Max pro m1 and I feeling that , device drains fast, Asus hepline told that , it will fixed by the update but the people , blame the update ,wt should I do now ?
Gaurav Padawe (5 months ago)
WTF no fingerprint ...no one will purchase
Gireesh Sgr (5 months ago)
Pls add eluga ray 600
sai krishna (5 months ago)
Sony android 4K tv vs LG webos 4K tv which is better for PS4 pro gaming
IDEAL TECH (5 months ago)
*Hello sir, plz make a video on Honor 8X soon*
narendar N (5 months ago)
Is there ???? Fm radio
Priyvrat Sharma (5 months ago)
Make a video on best budget smartphones
Priyvrat Sharma (5 months ago)
Do a giveaway
Dhananjay Chauhan (5 months ago)
Phone is good but there many software prblm
Akang Roestandi (5 months ago)
Where are zenfone max pro 2 and zenfone max 2?
Sam0007 (5 months ago)
Hi Ranjit, could you tell if has any glass protection (gorilla or any other)? Many thanks.
somit ghosh (5 months ago)
CAN YOU MAKE A VIDEO OF MARQ TV SOLD BY FLIPKART... Please do let me know it not.
Richesky Kyndait (5 months ago)
Please advice me for phone below 20k..
KALIVELA VIJAY (5 months ago)
Value for money mobile.
Gaurav Mahapatra (5 months ago)
I love good specifications in low budget creates best deals
tech and gaming (5 months ago)
asus copied the icon pack of samaung😂😂
Tirthapati Das (5 months ago)
Sub:- request for installing GOOGLE CAMERA in asus zenfone max pro m1 Hi ranjit, I am writing this to you with regards to the asus zenfone max pro m1 . The camera is really very poor in asus zenfone max pro but if we root the phone and install Google Camera, the performance is just become really outstanding . This proves that they really got very good sensor but stock camera app is very poor to handel. As Asus team really follows you and the representative of asus came to your channel to promote the product for the Big Billon Day of flipkart, so I think you can help us by suggesting them to install GOOGLE CAMERA in their next update since the stock camera really sucks.I am writing this to you as i dont want to root the phone Please help us as they listen to you only. It would be very helpful if you keep my request . Thanking you Regards Tirthapati
Aalok Kumar (5 months ago)
hey can you suggest me a good oneplus bullets wireless alternative @geekyranjit
feel the sing (5 months ago)
sir, which earphone is best to buy ? sennheiser cx 180 / JBL c150si i love bass and sound clarity which one is the best to buy ? waiting for ur reply .
Tapan Routa (5 months ago)
Asus zenfone 5z has battery issue. Its getting warm/hot while charging and playing games. The battery drains very fast, drained 80% to 60% in 40 Mins while on standby. Please make a video on that
Bl Chitu (5 months ago)
2 Jio sim compatible?
Sam Garg (5 months ago)
In 2016 asus launch zenfone 3 laser with sd430 for 18k only
Veloci Raptor (5 months ago)
Gotta love it when ASUS gives Redmi a bloody nose 😂
Dhanraj Soni (5 months ago)
Looks like HTC desire 12
satnam kahlon (5 months ago)
Hi sir please also give review on mi band 3
Aayush Jain (5 months ago)
should have gone with stock ui
VAIDIK SHUKLA (5 months ago)
Does it support 4g volte on both sim?? & What's your opinion about Asus Lite L1 vs Redmi 6a

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