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Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Full Review and Unboxing

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We made a video about Unboxing, Highlights, Camera test, Selfie test, Night camera test, OTG Test, Dimensions, Weight and Game test of Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie.
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Text Comments (110)
NILESH DHUMAL (16 days ago)
Bakwas mobile 13 mp
bishma Roy (25 days ago)
DANASAUR ME (1 month ago)
shouldn't have been sped up to see if it's fast touch but I live this phone Thanks for your review edit: *love edit: sorry, I thought there's no actual screen touching... but It really is fast touch!!! thanks again!
Pritam Roy Chowdhury (4 months ago)
Ap india ke new smart phone mphone 7s ka unboxing karie na .hamko dekh nahe
Shelby Betzema (5 months ago)
Really interested in getting one! Does anyone know if this phone will work in Canada on 3g network??
albert pandian (7 months ago)
sim card contact number not show. how to proplem solution reply
Miller1990 Salvador (7 months ago)
Ue nao venho fone de ouvido?
Firoz Aktar (7 months ago)
Ye mouse kaise connect....bluetooth
Abhay B (7 months ago)
isme guest mode nahi hai kyw
Diário do Guiih (8 months ago)
thanks you @RAMESH BAKOTRA
Ask Diary (8 months ago)
Review 7 best camera phones under 20000 in India http://www.askdiary.com/2018/top-7-best-camera-phones-20000-india.html
Does it support OTG
Aadesh Subedi (9 months ago)
Bakwas phone h ..... Sb se zyada....
Myleide Feitosa (9 months ago)
Não vem com fone de ouvido? 😒
Parvin Bavaliy Bavaliya (9 months ago)
Thanks bhai ajidam no superb video
Misha Pilipchuk (9 months ago)
thank you) you are showed me all features this phone) Thanks
Randhir yadav #tik tok .# (10 months ago)
Bhaii asus ZenFone 4 selfie,mobile new liea hai to chargebahut der pr hotti hai q bhaiii new h ess liea ya koi aur problemh
dewana mastana (7 months ago)
Bhai battery bhi slowly hi utarti hai, mind it
Nayan Mondal (10 months ago)
thanks vhi
Nilanjan Dutta (10 months ago)
Is that stock Android??? And any heating problem???
M.A.S.A (11 months ago)
help i have a problem my home botton doesnt work when i restaft it, it will work again but after and hour it doesnt work again....pls help me
Cute Creature (11 months ago)
Zenfone 4 max lite or zenfone 4 selfie lite?
Kanae Haneoka (11 months ago)
I Love that phone I use Asus for years and Asus never fails. I'm gonna get that new one at the store this time.
deena yadav (1 year ago)
Game ka name kya hay bhai
Justin Lim (1 year ago)
Hi there thanks for the video! Would like to ask, does this record full HD video via the front selfie cameras?
Sanjay Nayan (1 year ago)
Which is batter??? Asus zenfone 4 selfie or lenovo K8 note
Keilla Freitas (1 year ago)
Meu carregador nao e assim
Can it's have entered 2sims with memory card
M. Goswami (1 year ago)
Mobile display upr line line kyu aata hai
Mardy Qtqt (1 year ago)
Great review 👑
Vinit Patil (1 year ago)
*_*********_*_ OFFER: Zendfone 4 Selfie - Flat 2018 Rs Off ____http://bit.ly/2FlTGvW__ ********************
bunty sharma (1 year ago)
Are keys backlit?
Mohammed Ashiq (1 year ago)
very nice review
putrinah nawawi (1 year ago)
Asus zenfone 4 selfie yg warna green kok susah banget di cari ya? Apa emang ga ada di Indonesia?
Abhishek (1 year ago)
I love this video aur bhai log Main Bhi Is par unboxing video Banai hai aap zaroor Dekhe Yeh link https://youtu.be/3ErQbyf6ktU
Bhavik Nagevadiya (1 year ago)
What about Headphone's sound quality in this phone ????
Adith K (1 year ago)
Does it have led notification light
Tage NobiN (1 year ago)
Yeh offline stores mein available hai ki nahi?
ashok kumar (1 year ago)
Nice phone ASUS ZenFone selfie 4
SIVA R (1 year ago)
Nice bro keep it up ...
Suraj Dowarah (1 year ago)
Seriously asus is far better than others Mobile brand
kryzzarae albay (1 year ago)
There's no earphone included?
dr.prashant jadhav (1 year ago)
Good review.......zenfone 4 selfie 4gb ram with 64 GB rom ki rear camera low light quality kaisi hai
winston shervin (1 year ago)
awesome its looking so grand
Allana Figueiredo (1 year ago)
Ele é muito grande?
TEC COC (1 year ago)
Give us the portrait mode review
Jitendra Gudi (1 year ago)
+TEC COC U mean bokeh effect??
Rugby Girl (1 year ago)
Is it a good phone ?
Manikanda Prabu (1 year ago)
sir how about front flash light
mohammed aziz (1 year ago)
Selfie 📷 test missed
Lileshwar Sahu (1 year ago)
Good night
GT World (1 year ago)
Body metal or plastic
ALAYIN HAMEED (1 year ago)
ഗെയിo കളിക്കുബോൾ നന്നായി ഹീറ്റ് ആകുന്നുണ്ട് വലിയ ഗെയിo കളിക്കുമ്പോൾ 20 MB ക്കു മുകളിൽ heet problem game play
appanna dandupati (1 year ago)
How it's battery working
appanna dandupati (1 year ago)
How it's camera working
Ana Caroline (1 year ago)
What color is It? thanks
Ana caroline white, gold,rose gold
Black Parade (1 year ago)
Terrible selfie camera
GOPENDRA MUDULI (1 year ago)
Best review
Plz help me ap batao.... 10000/- rs ke under kau sa best mobile lena chahiye... Lenovo k6 power, zenfone 4 selfie, redmi note 4, micromax infinity, samsung galaxy on7 pro exetra Which one? Ans jarur dena
Priya Rane (1 year ago)
Redmi y1
Asus zenfone 4selfie... Honor 6 sabhi offer mil raha hai .. 9999/- Lenovo k6 power bahut hi kam pe mil raha hai good news
Rohan De sarkar (1 year ago)
K6 power has good camera, Dolby Atmos ,it is beast in sounds..it never lags ... using for 6 months found no issue.It is now available on Flipkart for 7290 . You can go for it.....
Note 4 ka camera n sound quality not 2 good n service center nei hai yahi problm bas.
SB The Pikachu (1 year ago)
Redmi Note 4 is the best option.
Prataprao Shinde (1 year ago)
very nice editing bro
Didn't expected from Asus. In terms of design. It is looking like a copy of design which is already copied form Iphone.
BobFantom (1 year ago)
Aynul Ahmmed (1 year ago)
jitendra mahala (1 year ago)
Bhai tu gunga hai kya... music sunake humko chutiya banata hai
Palash Chhaperwal (1 year ago)
This is the first time I disliked a video on Youtube and gave it thumbs down. You cannot call this a review.
rakesh debbarma (1 year ago)
Is volte working
CHILKA SAIGOPAL (1 year ago)
1 no.
Daniel Cruz (1 year ago)
Best Review EVER!!!! Thank you! 💙
kalpe ator (1 year ago)
Siva Naidu (1 year ago)
hi brother, does it support voLTE ??, jio calls will go directly or required 4g voice app to do calls ??,please give me reply anybody,if yes how to enable that directly call option to do calls directly through jio sim.???
Dr. Ajay Tripathi (1 year ago)
good work
Bikram Phukan (1 year ago)
Ye model Zenfone 4 selfie dual hai ki only Zenfone 4 selfie hai?
Harsh Deep Kashyap (1 year ago)
What about its front flash at night...?
Mukesh Rathod (1 year ago)
Matheus Yan (1 year ago)
Megapixel: 16Mp Front Camera: 20Mp
Firoz Aktar (7 months ago)
Mouse connecting feature is available only in this mobile or every otg supported mobile
Subodh Kumar (9 months ago)
Matheus Yan
Aman Saxena (1 year ago)
Sorry dear this is 13 13 mp camera version not selfie pro
Arijit Biswas (1 year ago)
Nice work 👌☺ bro
chirag vadaria (1 year ago)
Which is the best mobile Redmi note 4 Moto e4 plus Lenovo k8 plus Asus ZenFone 4 selfie
GreekGamer4U (1 year ago)
look their cpu's They have snapdragons XXX the highest number is the one you should get
front flash ka test toh kiya hi nahi
shashank gaur (1 year ago)
muh mein jubaan nhi Hai kya😯
cyber world Guru (1 year ago)
sir 8000rupes koi acha phone
Ramesh Bakotra (1 year ago)
+cyber world Guru redmi 4a 32GB...Redmi 4 16GB
Ramesh Bakotra (1 year ago)
+cyber world Guru.... Redmi 4A 32GB and Redmi 4 16GB
Santosh Chaturvedi (1 year ago)
Bhai muh se aawaj nikal le thodi😀
sai peredla NAIDU (1 year ago)
Which is the best mobile bro Asus zenphon 4 selfie LQ q6 Honor lite Nokia 6
SB The Pikachu (1 year ago)
Asus Zenfone 3 is better than all of them at the current pricing of 11-13k.
dhp 7888 (1 year ago)
very good work
Mudassir Hussain (1 year ago)
Video banaya ha ya time pass kia h 😆
Ramesh Bakotra (1 year ago)
+Mudassir Hussain Bhai aapka time bigde to mat dekho.....thanks for watching
Piyush Sorathiya (1 year ago)
superb video ramesh bhai, keep it up, u r doing fine
Ramesh Bakotra (1 year ago)
+Piyush Sorathiya thanks for watching
Swati Hegde (1 year ago)
First like view and comment....love your videos❤ Lucky and happy to be the first viewer
Md Hedaytullah (9 months ago)
Swati Hegde (1 year ago)
Kuch giveaway kardo isi khusi me😂
Ramesh Bakotra (1 year ago)
+Swati Hegde thanks for watching

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