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State of Decay 2 Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 15: BLACK MARKET TRADER - CRAZY WEAPONS!

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Welcome to my State of Decay 2 Gameplay Walkthrough video! BINGE WATCH THE PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi0S8hZejysHhtWsUNK_ByZHjCHCyr971 JOIN MY COMMUNITY! https://discord.gg/royal 🐤 Twitter: https://twitter.com/PartiallyRoyal 📸 Instagram: http://instagram.com/partroyal 🔴 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/partiallyroyal/ Other Series: 🔹 Conan Exiles: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi0S8hZejysEpwLANHrFWdq_QCbVV2Yp2 🔹 Eco Global Survival: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi0S8hZejysGnTmkTYQgkuLsf8NUpcVnq 🔹 Sea of Thieves: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi0S8hZejysGX2DuJ03mr6WYWywM_6Qwf 🔹 Ark Aberration PVE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi0S8hZejysFdTJlBAzTc1T5iXoqycBN7 🔹 Ark Abberration PVP: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi0S8hZejysFTsm3Ek7QEP_f46CdHeXNm 🔹 7 Days to Die Alpha 16: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi0S8hZejysGiLkq6HURiEgbKHPlNq9fJ
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Text Comments (251)
Ricky Williams (2 days ago)
The more plague hearts u eliminate the stronger the other ones get
0ptimus1984 (11 days ago)
29:03 kill traders & loot all their stuff :D
BAIZEFAMILY001 (20 days ago)
Lol, out of ammo... So much prep and no ammo
babYtakai (2 months ago)
why make half hearted decisions. if u know u cant do it because there is a Giant zombie, then go to other heart plagues
Landon Silver (3 months ago)
Matthew Marinelli (4 months ago)
Awwww man.... it worked when Deadpool forgot his ammo😥
M P (5 months ago)
You did not take any ammo for the shotgun u digital dummy ^^
ukscf (5 months ago)
Did you seriously pass up a 150 capacity ak? Wow what a shitty player, fucking noob.
ET Silverman (5 months ago)
[12:30] Anyone else here old enough ta remember where Fletcher's line is from?
Raider 66 (5 months ago)
This man said a thirty round drum mag..... those better be some 50 BMG
Ernesto Carreon (5 months ago)
Upgrade the repair van with the upgrade kit it will look sick
Tony Barrie (5 months ago)
Last episode you made extra shotgun ammo, even though you had 50...then you don't even bring any with you...in either episode.
Yeah Boiii (5 months ago)
I would assume that the military base and police station will have the 50 cal and 762 ammo. I don't have the game yet. Nice series! Can't wait for multiplayer if they ever decide to fix the peer to peer crap and go with dedicated servers.
HappieHippys (5 months ago)
You should befriend the black market dealers so you get discounts
Jorah the Thrice-Exiled (5 months ago)
Cant u make the different types of ammo in ur machine shop?
Brad Lovell (5 months ago)
love that terminator reference.
L O (5 months ago)
U need to upgrade that van u found as it turn into a metal van fully armoured and has up to 8 slots in the boot Like so Gerald can see
Mobile plays (5 months ago)
Is his next video private to anyone else?
zombie boss 1738 (5 months ago)
The Dewitt van is amazing when upgraded but to upgrade you need an auto shop
Stumpy (5 months ago)
When I run over the bloaters I don’t get out of the vehicle until the gas is gone. You don’t take damage inside if I’m correct it doesn’t register damage.
Austin Sa (5 months ago)
The thing you were thinking of whenever you were thinking of the all for one saying was what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine.Also the ak had 150 bullets in it
Jason Smith (5 months ago)
30 round drum mag xD
John not Riddle (5 months ago)
shit hit the fan at 8;21
Tanner soli (5 months ago)
If you want to kill the plague hearts super fast build a bunch of fuel bombs and throw them all at once and it will take tick damage, and all the zeds will die when it is killed. Happy hunting 😁
TheBKRadGamer (5 months ago)
No it game over if one of the two people u chiose in the being
Operation Squadron (5 months ago)
Be like the walking dead and get outpost all over the map. Then we will ALL BE ROYALE!
Operation Squadron (5 months ago)
Like Negan
britogears (5 months ago)
All For One and One For All 2 quirk from My Hero Academy
BIG ZANDR (5 months ago)
Where is the Conan exiles
lil Avery (5 months ago)
ayeee you should have looked in the back of that hardware van it has like 3 toolkits
pussy whacker (5 months ago)
Bro ur so unlucky last time I looted a gun crate I found a .303 carbine sniper and a AR 15
David Page (5 months ago)
3 shots from a 50 cal rifle will kill a heart just to let u know
TheAwsomeAsianGamer (5 months ago)
when he took the van he forgot to take the stuff in the jeep
Alex Liebenberg (5 months ago)
Use the bolts to repair your weapons.
Shane Stripling (5 months ago)
Finding this was so complicated
Oliversubset4397 (5 months ago)
Why doesnt the xbox game membership work
Cabbage Man (5 months ago)
there are no night day plauge hearts.Plauge hearts gets harder to defeat every time you destroy one so the nex heart gets harder for every next plauge heart you need to bring explosives C4 molotovs GUNS do a little of damage and melee weapons. and bring a decoy boombox taht s a good idea and a survivor with you who can protect you from plauge zombies.
bounty king (5 months ago)
U should kill him and take all of it lol
Jake Merritt (5 months ago)
That stupid truck/van i found in my opinion to be the best! Even better upgraded
Taylor Beard (5 months ago)
Partial, its pronounced: In-kar-nah-see-on Love the vids. Keep em coming.
my favevorites Antolin (5 months ago)
BTW next episode clear all infestations I'm concerned
my favevorites Antolin (5 months ago)
Did you know that you could dodge with C because I noticed you aren't using it. You are only using it at your attacks
Joel Edgerton (5 months ago)
Just came across you and already loving your vids
angrygamer (5 months ago)
can you please play multiplayer
Dead Draxic (5 months ago)
Lowkey been watching since ep1 of ark :)) . Man the hype waiting for the broodmother
banjoUk88 (5 months ago)
This is not raft........
josh o (5 months ago)
Royal I'm upset this game not on ps4. Like if u want it to be
Pratyush Naik (5 months ago)
What happend to conan. 🤔🤔🤔
occido UL (5 months ago)
When you don't understand the plague heart became harder eventho the game has told you that every plague heart you kill will make the others stronger.
Evan Jones (5 months ago)
Listen out for the Terminator easter egg
luka shonia (5 months ago)
where is conan ? fuck raft
Nico Coyoca (5 months ago)
Keep the van beacause if u upgraded it it will look like amored Van it looks so dope! Btw i think u left some stuff in ur jeep...
PolaCaKe890 (5 months ago)
Some factions actually do get fed up with plague hearts and they proc missions where their whole group helps you take one out. Ive done 2 hearts like that. Or on side missions where they follow you, just attack a plague heart with them following you. Its an extra person.
Cody Johnson (5 months ago)
check police stations for good weapons
PolaCaKe890 (5 months ago)
The most exhilarating episode. Lmao @ the pipe bomb
take a guess (5 months ago)
The jumpstarters did want to join u
Tom Moutsios (5 months ago)
MrSimmix (5 months ago)
Remember to go get that military truck, then put the medium upgrade kit on that truck! It's gonna be lit!
fir firikos (5 months ago)
Man you should do live streams
Watch-Dogs (5 months ago)
Instant dislike because he bought the pistol instead of the other ones
Jacob Tank (5 months ago)
My heart sank after all that Fletcher was still alive. Love the vids tho royal keep up the good work.
Mr. BlueLemon (5 months ago)
I think you left some loot on the jeep
Ananto Hassan (5 months ago)
the repair van has a large amount of storage space,so you might wanna keep it
Buthidaebomb (5 months ago)
The handy van u just got is sick when upgraded just sayin,best in game
TheGamer2022 (5 months ago)
That B50 cannon can 3 shot blood hearts every time so i say take that gun because you will most likely never see it again
Dylan Rodgers (5 months ago)
You should put bug repellants in the garden to prevent ants from getting in your food
Alexander Garcia (5 months ago)
It's pronounced En-car-na-tion please upvote so Royal sees LOL
Daniel Cerrillo (5 months ago)
12:26 termanator reference
gin haru (5 months ago)
low on gas. low on food. "this wont end well" tell us something we dont know lol
Artuurs Z. (5 months ago)
help other people you selfish fuck
TNT Playz (5 months ago)
Partially royal there are free supply drops u can call in every so often and u can also call for good cars that get delivered to u its in the radio commands
Jonathan Kanyavong (5 months ago)
Use arty strike for big boy
Cody Woodvine (5 months ago)
12:35 Terminator reference
Christos Akonakos (5 months ago)
you take out Encarnación out one time and shes akready a hero.... you should probably keep her around because if the main currency in the game is influence (which it is) shes like a bit coin miner thing but mines influence XD Keep up the great work by the way and have an lovley day!
ryon j (5 months ago)
Military trucks are soooo cool when upgraded
Prolonged gamer (5 months ago)
You should upgrade the plow truck
Maulana Winata (5 months ago)
Oh and yeah Royal you should help more people, and help groups you trust, because sometimes they'll ask if you need anything and you can pick whatever (ammo, medicine, fuel, material, food) and they'll give you like 2 rucksack, especially if there's a group trying to get your help getting rid if infestation, I once get a truck (6 slots) loads of rucksacks only doing one of these.
Jerald Mason (5 months ago)
You wouldn't have as many problems with the plague heart if you used a lure like the boombox. It works wonders keeping the away while you're dealing with the heart. Also the plague hearts spawn more zombies as you start to take them out...meaning the last few of them you take out in your town will be the hardest.
HiIm Obu (5 months ago)
TRANGER1994 (5 months ago)
“Me, myself, and I”, thats the saying
Maulana Winata (5 months ago)
Royal I have a tips for you if u want to make killing plague hearts easy. You have to bring atleast 2 boombox or 3 placed fireworks. You can place the boombox or fireworks after clearing the area and then just keep punching the heart and when you heard the heart is dying and there's blood gas you turn on the radio and you could kill some of the zombies why not, after that you just be ready by placing another radio and keep punching, once the heart starting to deploy gas again just start the radio or fireworks again wait couple secs then continue punching, once the heart destroyed all plague zombies dead. If you are using radio I recommend bringing atleast 2 but it'll be great if u bring 3. Fireworks not fire crackers atleast bring 3 because it's shorter, and if youre using fireworks you'll have to manually run around and place them everytime the firework runs out. You don't even need guns if you do this right and you could kill more than 1 plague hearts in a run. But I'm suggesting using a really good survivor with good endurance. Good luck
jaxk 21 (5 months ago)
there is a survey point near you're house royal
KawaiiBoy (5 months ago)
one for all and all for one.
unknown ??? (5 months ago)
Love the video title but don't forget the shotguns shells
Lilhartz 13 (5 months ago)
Buy the AK
ken 3 (5 months ago)
you suck
QuantumConcious's Corner (5 months ago)
Actually i have helped a few groups now that after afew backpacks of stuff they offfer radio assistance for plague hearts
QuantumConcious's Corner (5 months ago)
I often Wondered this Royal, if a black market would even exist in an apocalyptic situation. General/Governmental law and order is near non-existent, No need to go underground to sell stuff restricted my laws
get BeANed (5 months ago)
Don't wanna be a dick for posting this many comments but does the fuel just get sucked back into the container when you stop pouring 😐
get BeANed (5 months ago)
get BeANed (5 months ago)
Repair van is the best vehicle for storage and only put the heavy vehicle upgrade on it
javier aguilar (5 months ago)
Grenade launcher would have been useful for the hearts
TheGamer2022 (5 months ago)
javier aguilar b50 better
SlackGalaxy7 (5 months ago)
Also there is only one outpost that is equal or better, personal preference, to the strip mall and that is in the largest map, forgot what it was called, it would be upwards if you were to research more territories.
vClamp Senseii (5 months ago)
soo is the conan series finished or 😂..
Joe W. (5 months ago)
Fletcher with a terminator reference
Lance Payne (5 months ago)
Can you recruit the trader?
SlackGalaxy7 (5 months ago)
You can shoot them, a full ak mag and about 3 molotovs will kill all of them, including the last one, they rank up in toughness each time you kill one
Tyler Koontz (5 months ago)
Hi also a good vehicle to upgrade is the road racer it is fast and durable.
Owen Peterson (5 months ago)
Anyone get the terminator reference
Rusty Keske (5 months ago)
And not telling you what to do or anything but using flamed explosives makes it die faster but make sure you're a fair distance away from it
Rusty Keske (5 months ago)
Please actually try it

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