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How to Attract LOTS of Settlers - Fallout 4 Settlements

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Here is the best charisma outfit that also offers the best protection: Sharp Heavy Synth Chest Piece: +1 Sharp Heavy Synth Left Leg: +1 Sharp Heavy Synth Left Arm: +1 Sharp Heavy Synth Right Leg: +1 Sharp Heavy Synth Right Arm: +1 Trilby or Newsboy Cap: +1 (Accepts Ballistic Weave) Green Shirt & Combat Boots: +1 (Accepts Ballistic Weave. Also comes with +1 Endurance) Black-rim or Fashionable Glasses: +1 This outfit, equipped with Mark V ballistic weave, gives your character the following total bonuses: Charisma: +8 Endurance: +1 Intelligence: +5 Energy Resistance: 230 Ballistic Resistance: 217 Consumables brings your Charisma up even further: Beer (any type): +1 Grape Mentats: +5 X-cell: +2 For a total possible bonus of +8. X-cell is extremely rare, so don;t work it into your charisma build. Instead, reply on beer and Grape Mentats. You can craft the later at any chemistry station. If you want more ballistic resistance at the expense of energy resistance, go with heavy robot armor. You can use Summer Shorts in place of Green Shirt & Combat Boots. This will give you one extra point of Charisma. However, you cannot wear a chest armor piece over it. This removes your charisma bonus from the Sharp Chest, which makes it equal (in terms of charisma) to using the Green Shirt & Combat Boots. However, Summer Shorts do not accept ballistic weave. That along with the +1 Endurance bonus from the Green Shirt & Combat Boots makes the later item "best in slot" for a high Charisma build that also offers high end-game defense stats. Find a complete list of charisma boosting armor here: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Charisma My Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/scotchandsmokerings - Mods Used: http://oxhorn.it/mods-used - My Fantasy Novel: http://www.cloranhastings.com/
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Text Comments (835)
jesus (7 days ago)
the legend of the oxhorn lives on
Doom Archvile (15 days ago)
They don't pass Christmas check? 🤔
What the house/settlement your at at the start of the video?
Csámpás (24 days ago)
Where is this settlemant.?
Chris (1 month ago)
But WHEN do you put on charisma gear??? Before you build the transmitter???
neonknight04 (1 month ago)
Question bro, if you store that amount of legendary armor or weapons in your settlement, does it increase the capacity of construction bar?
Dragon 0986 (1 month ago)
U wreck those raiders
Mark Basnight (1 month ago)
00:23 Who are you imprisoning in your sky suite?!
Mark Basnight (1 month ago)
Geez - I want to know about that clubhouse you built! Where is it?! What's it resting on?! HOW?
TEN4 Game Zone (1 month ago)
Good vid
Tim Crisp (1 month ago)
Also u can where power armor over that sharp armor and paint all pieces a certain color to boost charisma
Tim Crisp (1 month ago)
So your saying it wrong it is it's your frendly neibourhood Spiderman
Danny Crow (1 month ago)
I’ve gotten up to 20 charisma
Flizzmaster (1 month ago)
Nothing happens in the video, he just show a lot boring items 🤷🏻‍♂️ Clickbait at its finest
MR HORIZON FTW (1 month ago)
Whats the point in charisma
The Black Baron (1 month ago)
I'VE set up a settlement with a giant concrete wall in sanctuary. With neon letters it says :"Blackjack and hookers" below you can find a pool table and a medical/drug vendor. That settlement is booming.
cappy032 (1 month ago)
I would guess season pass content is needed to do some of this also as far as building and such?
Nathan martelli (1 month ago)
That glitch doesn't work anyone
Chrisfragger1 (1 month ago)
What's a GOOD way to level up past 85? I'm around 83 on my sniper build (Fudgemuppet) and I am hitting a ceiling, I am getting to the point where I simply run around and grind mobs for EXP...
Daniel Ortuno (1 month ago)
How can he have so good armor🤤
Devin Mays (1 month ago)
1:59 Got to love those sharp reft legs
Kevin_fuller (1 month ago)
X cell also adds 2 charisma for a long time
Michael price (2 months ago)
My charismas at 9 its not that high.... You are litterally one level up to max charisma
Mr Chuffy (2 months ago)
if theres a bug that lets you send as many as you like after automatron, then why bother with all the charisma gear?
Matthew Godwin (2 months ago)
Can tell me how build limit is calculated on survivor cause red rocket is max out at 8 people
Blitz Here (2 months ago)
Is it possible to play, as you do with this character, but with a power armor build on survival mode?
Blitz Here (2 months ago)
Oxhorn, I would bet money that you could do a great Tom Hanks impersonation.
DeLuca Adventures (2 months ago)
Which settlement we're you at for this video?
Rens Visser (2 months ago)
Bathrobe gives you two charisma. Now I imagine Oxhorn running arround in his bathrobe... Looks charismatic gurl
mca mac (2 months ago)
Is there any in game advantage to having so many settlers? I have about 10 in each active settlement and find that's more than I know what to do with.
Moistilicious (2 months ago)
You: haves 70 settlers and a NPC comes by and just walks to you and said "some day i'll visit diamond city, the biggest settlement in the commonwealth." - Also You: **Screams Internally**
Jason Jay Felisan (3 months ago)
I wonder what happened to jamaica plains.
Fabian Bernd Krause (3 months ago)
So much settlers :D I prefer 40 in Hills and 3 others and the rest 26 :D
Aaron Greenwald (3 months ago)
Reginald’s suit from the trinity tower mission gives you 3 charisma
Nemisis 007 (3 months ago)
There you go this how you get HIGH setters In your settlement
Timeshark (3 months ago)
I have my charisma at 10, that is where I want it. I see no point in having more than 20-21 settlers at every settlement. At 20 I have plenty of people to work all the shops and the resources, with enough left over to man artillery or other defenses.
Timeshark (3 months ago)
_"Only 9, not even that high"_ ... 1 less than max isn't that high? Really?
stew the gamer (3 months ago)
Who here put 100 people in Jamaica plains after this just for laughs XD
Grant Beach (3 months ago)
This could’ve been summed up in 30 seconds.
Cole Burghard (3 months ago)
So say you have an outfit with high charisma and you get more settlers, what happens if you then remove the outfit? Do you lose settlers over time?
Josh Silva (3 months ago)
I’m surprised you didn’t have vault 88 full of people
Just Tony (3 months ago)
Haha I looked up how to do this and found your video should have just gone to subscriptions to your channel cuz I’m already subscribed
Just Tony (3 months ago)
Should have known you made this video if it’s fallout I need help with should have just searched on your channel 🤦‍♂️😂thank you oxhorn
scotty jennings (3 months ago)
Does this stack with power armor charisma bonuses.
Mr. Wednesday (4 months ago)
Where is the video on this house?
Sub-Zero (4 months ago)
Major facts oxhorn has the voice of a child he is fat and has micropenis
Aaron Doughty (4 months ago)
So do i just wait for them to show up?
Adventure Steve (4 months ago)
I believe Bethesda made it that way because the vault 88 overseer sometimes says “a vault has been known to hold up to 1000 people. Sounds crowded” so I think that they anticipated people filling up their vaults this way.
Natalie Hall (4 months ago)
Love you're videos you sound like tom hanksx
TheUniversalBean (4 months ago)
This was an amazing help, thanks so much man. Keep up the good work!
Joe _ (4 months ago)
That is a kickass house you have there! Where is that at? Diggin the view/vantage point.
Dennis Gabriel (4 months ago)
couldnt you use unyielding to get charisma higher than sharp.
NsG_Dark (4 months ago)
Question, I have all of the DLC and I love the Robot DLC (Automatron). I have 28 settlers in my Sanctuary Settlement, only 14 of these settlers are humans and the rest are companions and Robots. Does the amount of settlers (28) matter in order for the settlement to receive more people? Should I move all of my companions and Robots to a different settlement in orer to gain more "human" settlers?
Beat The Great (4 months ago)
Will Bunker Hill hate you if you side with the Institute?
NightOdin (4 months ago)
i hate having too much settler. blocking all the way.
Nigel Lobo (4 months ago)
Hi Ox, have followed you since your roflmao days, quick question. The location you shot this video, where is it?
Mind Blown (4 months ago)
Where did you build your base?
Darth Dainese (4 months ago)
You obviously didn’t do the cheat with the special book, I have a save with all my stats at 9, so if I start a new game, I load that save
Twistedgreg12 (4 months ago)
I made a suit for charisma it consists of Reginald's suit militia hat fashionable glasses and grape mentats 3+1+1 and this suit is what I use when I barter
Liam Odahl (5 months ago)
If I were to take a drink every time dear Oxhorn said "settle," I'd be dead from alcohol poisoning.
Schproemftell (5 months ago)
for people that might want to cheat their charisma you open the console ingame and put in : player.setav charisma X (X = statlevel you wish can even be higher than 10)
Landsquid Birdhunter (5 months ago)
There is a mod about you in Fallout 4 called „Oxhorn Settler“
Michael Joyce (5 months ago)
Where is he on the map
Gailen Roberto (5 months ago)
sharp reft leg
smith rick (5 months ago)
Which settlement is he in
Ryan (5 months ago)
Thank you :)
I like videos about helping settlements
Atrixxz (5 months ago)
''Reginald's Suit" gives you 3 CHR (I dont know who Reginal'd is XD)
ITS A DIO (5 months ago)
Whats the building you made?
Myles (5 months ago)
what happens when the drugs wear off or if you take off the clothes?
Jarid Gaming (5 months ago)
If on PC do this in the console player.setav charisma 35
Chad Hadley (5 months ago)
How do u get so much ammo? I just started playing fallout 4
Alex Arends (5 months ago)
Lol Reft Leg, Its a typo and Im not blaming him for it but Its just funny to me because I love typo's
Mr.handy unit #265 (5 months ago)
Thnx oxhorn now Woodward tower will have more “tourists” than ever before
Takkiol (5 months ago)
Reginald’s suit from the trinity tower quest gives 3 charisma
Tyrell Raven Trancosa (5 months ago)
Isn't it creepy how much this grown man plays fallout 4 ? and has knowledge about almost everything..
kxll str34k (6 months ago)
Reginalds suit gives you 3 charisma
Erik Nilsson (6 months ago)
What settlement are you at in this video?
Squid Tulloch (6 months ago)
Sharp reft leg😂😂
Daniel Kover (6 months ago)
Hi Oxhorn, love your videos! (First started watching you back in the days of your WoW Machinima vids. ROFLMAO is still my favorite!) Do you happen to have any, or do you ever do any videos on your building builds (like how you built the building you're in in this video) maybe with number of floors, walls, etc? Keep up the good work, especially on the lore! ☺
DavidSixSixFive (6 months ago)
Damn, dude. How tall is that tower?
I Art Laughing (6 months ago)
Yes, but what are the moral implications of overcrowding?
Mathew Godfrey (6 months ago)
I look at my settlement from the map. When in away, it says I have 26 settlers, but when I return, it's 14. I have enough beds. So they shouldn't be leaving.
Scott Nootz (6 months ago)
Reginalds suit gives you 3 charisma
drug fiend (6 months ago)
I see you are at level 121! modding the official core game with all the official dlcs, alters the game rendering your level 121 worthless. MODDING IS OFFICIALLY CHEATING hands down! on the record you are the BEST fallout story teller of all times i gotta give you that!
Supersourdog yt (6 months ago)
You could add mods that make the game harder like the zombie ones, and mods that keep balance like modern fire arms which makes opponents easier to kill, but also make you easier to kill.
Reuben Smith (6 months ago)
How does all your armour have over 100 dmg res?
Jv Aguilar (6 months ago)
If you’re cheater AF just type in the console player.placeatme 20593 thats the console command for the settler no need to type the two zero or why not type set your player’s charisma to 1-1000 just type in player.setav charisma [number 1-100] thank me later cheaters 😂😂😉😉
Luka Hays (6 months ago)
I gotta say my two major issues with the settlement system are the fact that building isn’t done from an overhead view and the fact that there really is no legitimate tutorial for it besides the absolute basics.
DireWolf Pup (6 months ago)
1:00 yeah 9 is so low on charisma its not like thats one below the max without special apparel or drugs
OG Chicago (6 months ago)
Only 9? 10 is literally mac if you don't have any outside things like armor affecting it
Jessica Dun (6 months ago)
I have only on settler at sanctuary thanks for the video
Gilbert Aarchuletta (6 months ago)
Every time I try to click on to them nothing happens I’m guessing it only works on PC
Cairney Martin (6 months ago)
Which settlement are you at??
F.A. Kefacebook (7 months ago)
I'm dressed just for the armor count, couldn't care less about charisma, and my settlements take about 21 settlers each. But settlers are complaining, obnoxious, ungrateful little shits, so who cares? If they don't want to live in my settlements, that provide them with everything they could possibly need, then let them die in the wasteland.
CapitalistManifesto (7 months ago)
The dapper gent +2 Reginald’s uniform +3 Fashionable glasses +1
Trevon Davis (7 months ago)
Your really cool oxhorn im still in my teen years but i really hope i become as great a gamer as you i really enjoy your videos i hope your around for a really long time
Michael Boissonnault (7 months ago)
Well i have alot of food and other resources and i only have 21 ppl there and it said its full. I have 52 beds and alot of room to fill y cant i get anymore ppl is that just a limit
Ian Jarrad (7 months ago)
where is this settlement built ..it seems very high
stirthepot 88 (7 months ago)
I try and keep a settlement just for people farming. When it gets high enough I'll head over with my charisma gear, pop a grape mental and shuffle my heard to various settlements while my population cap is increased. All of my supply lines are ran with bots I've made. I save the people for in-settlement work.
Sue Condon (7 months ago)
Okhorn, is it true troughs attract Brahmin all by themselves? Fandom wiki said they do, I don't believe it. I believe you need settlement beacons. What do you think?
Loernzo Crosby (7 months ago)
Realy the Sharp Reft leg gives +1 charisma...... HAHAHA REFT. 2:03

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