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How I Made Thousands of Dollars at 12 YEARS OLD!

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Hey guys! So today's video is how about how I made thousands of dollars at just 12 years old! Making money as a teenager is hard, but it is not impossible. With hard work, I was able to make thousands of dollars FAST. I hope you guys enjoy this video and maybe draw some inspiration from it:) XOXO, Ella Support and subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/c/ellaelbells?sub_confirmation=1 ❤ MACBOOK PRO GIVEAWAY: https://youtu.be/2NCvgvK2Dmw ❤ Room Tour: https://youtu.be/FW4Q8U5lP8c My YouTube Tips: http://bit.ly/1LsDIeQ How I edit my Instagram pics: http://bit.ly/1KMAPv4 ❤ FAQ: How old are you? 16 What camera do you use? Canon EOS 70D What Lenses do you use? 30mm 1.4 Is that your real voice? Yes What editor? Final cut pro ❤ STALK ME:) Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/ella_elbells Twitter- https://twitter.com/ella_elbells Snapchat- @ellaelbells YouNow- www.younow.com/ellaelbells Depop- @ella_elbells Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me. This video is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. ---- Hi I'm Ella Elbells and I am a 16-year old girl who loves anything DIY, lifestyle, beauty and fashion-related! I post videos on food, style, advice and so much more! I also love filming routine videos and tags so you guys can get to know me. You can expect to see seasonal videos too like Back to School, Halloween, Summer and Holiday videos! Business inquiries: email [email protected] and include "Ella Elbells" in the subject
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Text Comments (2016)
Aiman ahmed (6 hours ago)
omfg she looks so different in 2017!
asia butler (2 days ago)
I was trying to make a etsy account but it said for social security number which I was told to never give out.
(STUDENT)Dalton Smith (3 days ago)
I want a Mack book pro please I’m super broke
Julia Mazzotti (11 days ago)
I only have 69 cents, only enough for chicken nuggets.😂
Dihanthecomputerexpert (11 days ago)
you look like the virus named aliesha from dormers wells high school
Da boys are gameing (20 days ago)
Bull shite
MrRepe (20 days ago)
Toma idiota
Willowbee The Fox (25 days ago)
When you are 17 but you are still not allowed to go places... 😭
Itsjustmatvey (26 days ago)
Why does this video reminds my of musica.ly
TrashForKpop (29 days ago)
I need money cuz I nEED TO BUY BTS AND EXO ALBUMS AND MERCH!!!!!!!!!
Juli Vlogs (1 month ago)
Do you get bills or like what??...
Danica Brown (1 month ago)
This helped a lot! Thanks!
Purrrfect Slime (1 month ago)
me: stares intensely at her shirt me: I NEED THAT SHIRT NOW
Shany Dooson (1 month ago)
Lol if i have a dollar my mom’ll take it for “fees for raising you” lol im not ok
Zoe Augsburger (1 month ago)
OK spill the beans
Daily Dodo (1 month ago)
Are u a porn star ??
Cara Mcallister (1 month ago)
Well not much help I’m not Making my own business lol
Marilyn Elman (1 month ago)
Ella Elbells is my lodi
PizzaInNintendo Gamer (1 month ago)
Ear Rape
Morgan Ontiveros (1 month ago)
I like the "WTF Where's the food" shirt
DJ Carver (1 month ago)
When your saving up $500 to spoil a hamster that you want to get in a quick amount of time.
#bookslover #fanofbook (1 month ago)
Man, If she is 12 I am 20! She looks like 20 with the makeup and the hair and.. I don't know, her face, she is like an teen adult!
rocketube hd (1 month ago)
What camera do you use?
Meredith Owens (1 month ago)
That's a load of shit
Wrestlemania Punjab (1 month ago)
Ure soo beautiful
Danielle Hernandez (2 months ago)
You have really inspired me💓
Sameera Ghafoor (2 months ago)
frik ur a fucking genius i could do this oml tysm
Sameera Ghafoor (2 months ago)
EvanPlayz (2 months ago)
Nizamudin Ramnarain (2 months ago)
My name is Ella
Sofia Sofia (2 months ago)
Big help!
Ohyeah Mr krabs 2 (2 months ago)
Click bait
Hailey Schaeffer (2 months ago)
is it even legal to have a business at 12 yrs old?
Ways to earn money as a teen/kid 1: sell candy 2: look for money outside or inside your house (if you have a dirty room you might be able to find something like a couple of cents keep them even pennies) 3:sell school items 4: sell old stuff you don't use 5: sell your toys you don't use or play with 6: start a business 7:sell clothes 8: sell slime 9:sell squishiest 10 (last one) : sell drawing paintings or paint rocks give them away or sell them. (Also if you don't have money to buy candy if you have tajin or if not buy some put some sugar in it then add water and boom homemade Lucas candy it doesn't rlly taste like Lucas but it's still BOMB really though.) hope I helped you all enjoy! Reply back if you did these steps and got some money! :)
Ruqaiyah Jameel (2 months ago)
Oh good grief sorry not tryna be a hater but u r awfully annoying. No offence. I feel kinda bad for saying that but like omg. 😐😐🤯😳😨😅😘
Lmao fuck off
Derpyfacegaming (2 months ago)
I just need £30
ROBLOX Cookie (3 months ago)
I need to make 1000 dollars for a appartment I have 5 xD
Mostly.Meghan (3 months ago)
where did you get your white shirts from ?
Kane Pannell (3 months ago)
Hi, I loved your video and I want to start a business. I 10 years old and I'm homeschooled, so I can just stay home. If you could put up a video about how you created your esty account.
LAZEX_YT (3 months ago)
There 1000 same YouTube channel of basic white girl that get spoiled by there parents
I'm 12 this is how I found you
That's not how l became rich. I decided one day enough is enough, and said to myself " l'm going to the public library and read books written by millionaires on how they become rich and how l can do it too...Because lm sick of working and dont wanna work everyday until l'm 60 " , so l started reading personal finance books. Best books that helped me the most out of all of the books l read were " Rich dad, poor dad " by Robert Kiyosaki, " millionaire next door " by Stanley/danko and " The barefoot investor " by Scott Page. And then putting what l read into action! So with passion, determination and putting it into action, within the first 6 years l went from having $4,000 in savings to $54,000 in savings, then $100,000 in savings another 6 years later and it continued on that way until l became rich!
Awesome Zilla (3 months ago)
screw you
DjMorrison YT (3 months ago)
i cant tell if its glare or makeup but ut face SHINY AF
Creepy Edits (3 months ago)
"How I made Thousands of Dollars at 12 YEARS OLD!" - ummm.. my dad gave me it..
Boba Tea (3 months ago)
2018 Anyone???
kaitlyn geisler (3 months ago)
girl you are gorgeous
Fernanda's World (3 months ago)
People today don't know what to post and always end up posting a totally dumb thing hehe
Nashae Fye (3 months ago)
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G.rooney 204 (3 months ago)
thumbnail:How I Made Thousands of Dollars at 12 YEARS OLD! me: "cuz you a petty ass white bitch."
Just Eni (3 months ago)
You were prostituting
Rachel Beauty (3 months ago)
I tried doing this but my mom yelled at me so I had to stop💕😭
light.skinned Mia (3 months ago)
I need 2 make money fast asap to for helping me find ideas
Ash X Weavee (4 months ago)
This might work for me because I have ironing things and shirts and tie dye supplies
puppylover 07 (4 months ago)
Thanks now I will try it
Jordyn Croft (4 months ago)
how did you have 20,000 followers at 12 YEARS OLD
Kyaunie Ware (4 months ago)
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Katy Illenye (4 months ago)
if she's an actual youtube why can't she look at the camera she keeps darting her eyes around and it's annoying
Omg it's you again! Again I remember watching one of ur videos!
DunsenGames (4 months ago)
b4 watching ima take a wild guess and say u ate 100s of niggas dicks
failed abortion (4 months ago)
follow me on insta:mushy_doh
Comedy Dänceing (4 months ago)
Your just trying to get attention
Squiggly Banana (4 months ago)
Damn she hot
Buso Bello (4 months ago)
Hi check ,me out subscribe to my channel
Jazmine Preston (4 months ago)
What website did you use to sell your stuff
Briana Orris (4 months ago)
Very impressive especially at 12 years old. I give you props!
Kenya Jenkins (4 months ago)
1vegemite1 (4 months ago)
How do you earn the money if you don't have a credit card?!??!
Fordd Micheal (4 months ago)
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Jatinder Singh (4 months ago)
plz give me ur MacBook plz I need it I am from India so I love ur channel and I am very excited that u give me plz accept my request and give me that ok love u
daisy corpuz (4 months ago)
It's funny how this talented girl was making thousands of dollars at the age of 12 while I am 12 right now and I still ask my mom to tie my balloons 😂
LIFE AS KIRA (4 months ago)
Help me out and subscribe to my channel plz
it was your idea (4 months ago)
2:27 them hand movements tho😂
Gracey Siller (4 months ago)
I have a Chanel is called Gracey siller so please follo me.❤️
ItsAri’Elle (4 months ago)
im starting a chlothing line
Batzi (4 months ago)
So I searched up how to make good content as a 12 year old on Youtuber I need these tips mannnnn
Christina Atalla (4 months ago)
how did you get 20,000 folowers if you didnt even have a youtube account the tiime
Eligijus Puzonas (4 months ago)
i sell my slime to my friend
adekemi favour (4 months ago)
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Leann Brown (5 months ago)
are you single my name is isaac brown
Emma Barden (5 months ago)
This is bragging that you have lots of money
Isabel Zapata (5 months ago)
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Ella Reed (5 months ago)
Hi my name is Ella to and ur vids are great
Somebody's account (5 months ago)
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Destiny Taylor (5 months ago)
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rin kagamine (5 months ago)
can you help me?
Dat boi is a doll
sam jwara (5 months ago)
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I only have 7 followers! Someone help, my channel is abour horse riding
Lilian John (5 months ago)
0:03 omg what a lie
MysticDerpCat 22 (5 months ago)
How tf did u have 20000 followers at 12?!
Sammie Howard (5 months ago)
Wut I do to make some money is make my lunch while my parents are at work then put it in my backpack. Then the next morning ask my mom for lunch mony, and just keep the money for myself 😁
Anna Szurek (5 months ago)
omg this is the summer between 6th and 7th grade for me and I'm trying to raise money so I hope this will help meh lol but idk if I will be rlly doing it that much
Gigi Skiles (5 months ago)
Wow ur so pretty
CatIvory_ L (5 months ago)
How did I miss this storeee????
Lucy Foreman (5 months ago)
If you'd like to earn $10 on the Ibotta app you can use the code: sgiayrf :) I absolutely love Ibotta and couponing! I've saved over $200... Every bit helps.
Tashia Birkholtz (5 months ago)
New subscriber
bad assbiitch (5 months ago)
Step one: be born into a rich family
baby g (5 months ago)
What the hell ur 16? I thought ur 25 :0

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