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Fallout 76 Base Building - Building Trade Outpost (Fallout 76 Beta Base Building VOD)

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Fallout 76 Base Building, This is a VOD from my recent fallout 76 beta base building stream on fallout 76 beta XBOX One where we built a trade outpost, a shorter version of this will be edited what can be done in the Base building of fallout 76. this can be classed as a Fallout 76 guide or Fallout 76 tutorial for fallout 76 beginners to see how the fallout 76 base building works. as yet we cant do many advanced bases due to there not being alot open to us however we will keep testing throughout the fallout 76 beta to see where we can get up to and try to make a fallout 76 trao base of some kind. You can expect the following Fallout 76 content from my channel Fallout 76 base building Fallout 76 guide Fallout 76 tips and tricks Fallout 76 best locations for loot Fallout 76 game play Fallout 76 live streams fallout 76 beta times Fallout twitter - https://twitter.com/Fallout Bethesda website - https://bethesda.net Fallout 76 is the first time you’ll be able to explore the Wasteland with other players and as such, some systems have been adapted to suit this exciting new adventure. If you’re excited for Fallout 76, chances are you’ve spent quite a bit of time in Fallout 4, exploring the Commonwealth, establishing your settlements and just trying to survive in a harsh, post-nuclear world. You’ll still have all those options when you hop into Fallout 76, but you may notice a few things are a little different. Fallout 76 is the first time you’ll be able to explore the Wasteland with other players, and as such, some systems have been adapted to suit this exciting new adventure Become a member - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6-4zdcWPn4OkA2RdFXHikw/join Looking for a Server host, hit my link for great deals at NITRADO NITRADO - https://nitra.do/Twisited follow me on twitter @Twisited1 Follow us on Mixer - https://mixer.com/Twisited follow me on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/twisited Discord link https://discord.gg/sq8DkwE Download Tubebuddy to help with your channel ans use code https://www.tubebuddy.com/Twist Multistreaming with https://restream.io/ #fallout76 #fallout76beta #fallout Join the Discord for all the recent updates - https://discord.gg/sq8DkwE Wanna stream - Use streamlabs - https://streamlabs.com/slobs/d/2709273 All donations will be used to better the streams and video content https://streamlabs.com/twisited Commands !discord !newclip !server !twitch !twitter if you sponsor to this channel you get access to the Discord Sponsor chat room which i will be active in and each month i will be doing a sponsor only game play on a server with all sponsors 🎮Gaming Setup🎮 ►CPU: Intel Core I7-6700K ►GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080TI ►Motherboard: Z170 Pro Gaming ►Ram: 16 GB Hyper X ►PSU: 850 Watt Thermaltake Smart M ►Headset: Audio Technica M50 ►Keyboard: Logitech 413 Carbon ►Microphone: Rode NT1 ►Mouse: Logitech 502G ►Mouse Pad: Razer Tartarus V2
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Jack lad (14 days ago)
It's funny I spent ages looking for a nice plot to build and I found it, it's in the same place you built yours (i'm on PS4) it's a nice plot.
Twisited (14 days ago)
best views and great resources around u there
Erza Scarlett (14 days ago)
Played the fallout 76 beta and i made a base, when i stopped playing and took a break i relogged and my base was gone, how do i get it back?
Stuart Harrington (14 days ago)
You need to Blueprint it.
Nick Scott (18 days ago)
First of all I like the way you've concentrated on Bases for the stream, as you say it's different to all the other streamers. Just curious as to why you fast travelled to the Overseer's camp from yours when making a workbench would enable you to do it without wasting time/caps?
Twisited (17 days ago)
tbh it was for times sake more than anything as we only had limited time and i used my gears so i needed more lol but ideally next stream were on PC so were going to do all that as we have the basics all sorted now
aaron lamont (18 days ago)
games look way better now.the map looks awesome and just the all round look of the world looks great!!i can not wait for this to come out on pc
Andrew Chester (18 days ago)
Hey man great vids as always, so glad you build bases really helps me get into the game without spoilers of quests! so thankyou! but what is that like generator thing? i think you said it harvests things? it was attacked early on by mole rats, sorry if you said my audio is so very quite :/
Nick Scott (17 days ago)
btw your Ore Extractor didn't work because your generator only produced 5 power and it needed 10 :)
Andrew Chester (18 days ago)
+Twisited thanks man, youre a legend
Twisited (18 days ago)
look out for tonight clip ill have that covered for you in full :)
aaron lamont (18 days ago)
sound is very low i had to turn all up to max and still struggled to hear.and am on pc with headphones.just so you know it must be something your end.your follow notafications is very loud compared to your voice.great video tho.viva la eccosse hehehe
Twisited (18 days ago)
yea working on it think its my interface thats the issue :(
ERD Epoch (18 days ago)
Oh man... missed this stream the guy asking how to get wood.
Pete Gromov (18 days ago)
Watch pics of hot bikini babes? No, that was "woody"...
Trump train (18 days ago)
In your next video say fallout 76
ERD Epoch (18 days ago)
Open a hotdog stand.
why u not eating and drinking? water is gone and your food is very low. its red lol
Twisited (17 days ago)
thanks buddie, normally i would be on the ball with it all but i was stuck for time with the beta only being 2hrs i had to rush it a bit :)
XoRandomGuyoX (17 days ago)
+Twisited The food tells you before you eat it how much it restores on the hunger bar, and cooking food generally improves that value. Spamming something simple like Mutt Chops and putting them on the radial wheel makes for some quick eating on the go. That was an old standby technique for Survival Mode in Fallout 4.
+Twisited very true. cant wait to get home from my business trip to play this game on ps4. :)
Twisited (18 days ago)
yea limited time to get the build done with the 2hr beta lol

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