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Game Changers - Logitech MX Master & MX Master 2S Mouse Review (Best Mouse for Productivity)

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Here is a review on the best mouse I have found to date for productivity. My favorite mouse by far. The Logitech MX Master Mouse. Great mouse for productivity packed with a ton of cool features. Very customizable and well made. Also really comfortable!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Full Disclosure: Some of the links I use are affiliate links. This means I may get a small commission at no charge to you. I appreciate you supporting my channel so that I can make better videos for you guys! ;-) Products in this video: Logitech MX Master Mouse - http://amzn.to/2imnXnK Logitech MX Master 2S (newer version) - http://amzn.to/2imni5P Camera gear: Main Camera - http://amzn.to/2q6Ua5h Big Camera - - http://amzn.to/2pNREjJ B Roll Camera - http://amzn.to/2sAYhnx Tripod - http://amzn.to/2p1NofE Wide Lense - http://am Zoom Lense - http://amzn.to/2pNNgB6 Audio Recorder Zoom h5 - http://amzn.to/2v9YyCa Mic - http://amzn.to/2l15LiW
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Text Comments (78)
Mike P (9 days ago)
Lower DPI on original MX Master made it unusable for me on dual 4K monitor setup. 2S DPI is a welcome productivity upgrade with much less tiresome mouse travel.
ILYA Nov (1 month ago)
and what about games? its ok to play with Mx master shooters on rpg or something like that?
Dariusz Borys (1 month ago)
Great video! Thanks for helpful review!
Peter Melisik (1 month ago)
got it last week from amazon for 44pounds.. feels perfect in hand if you have bigger hands and it has nice weight to it too
Jusa Master (1 month ago)
Your beard is bigger than my future
Matthew Sobke (1 month ago)
Moved to this from Perfomance MX. Liked the softer, more grippy rubber of the MX, but that's also the main reason I replaced it since the rubber under my thumb wore out and went away. The S2 fits my gorilla paws better, the main buttons have a really nice tactile feel and solid click. the right side is indented nicely for your ring-finger for nice solid placement in your hand, even if the plastic is less grippy than the MX. HATE the main scroll wheel. It's just feels gimmicky to me. When in 'auto' mode the centrifugal clutch in it sounds like a 15-year-old learning to drive a manual transmission. It literally has a little electric motor which engages it... just more to break IMO. IMEDIATELY disabled that feature in the software after about ten minutes using it. When in click mode, the individual clicks are really strong and notchy, not smooth. With the click mode off the freewheel spins like silk- which is bad if you don't want the wheel to spin forever like when zooming in games. The needs just a pinch of resistance to it- 750 rpm and a ten minute spin is just not necessary in a mouse. Do I like it? yes. Was it worth $80? Yes. But I would have preferred a simple adjustable resistance feature on the mouse wheel rather than the complicated and notchy design they went with.
Beta Zoid (2 months ago)
Just what I needed to help me decide. Fantastic heartfelt review dude!! Many thanks ;)
Arta Satari (3 months ago)
Hi jeremySiers I know you have 25k subs but you really deserve 1 mill subs
Arta Satari (3 months ago)
Thanks Jeremy
Mus (3 months ago)
Honest review. Appreciate it man.
Morten Olsen (4 months ago)
Hey dude, nice review, not a sub but thinking about it, seems like a nice quality content you produce. I have the old MX Master, I have loved it since the first day I got it, actually I came from the Magic Mouse as well and my hand as you say were getting more and more handicapped each day I used that darn thing, I cannot for the life of me figure out why Apple can't make a decent ergonomic mouse? But hey Logitech got our backs. The problem I have now is, the scroll button is broken, it can only scroll without the click mechanism now, and I can't seem to fix it on my own, so im in the market for a new one, and im thinking about the MX 2, because I can see there is only a difference of about 8 dollars in the store I want to buy it. And I know its going to be the MX, because you can't get a better bluetooth mouse than that. But it still is a lot of money when the only thing that doesn't work is that scroll mechanism... So im torn! What do I do?
hue toob (5 months ago)
Good review without all the gimmicky joking around. Thanks
Ardi Ang (5 months ago)
one question here. If the user is graphic designer, an artist for Digital Imaging, and also making vector and working on path tools, is it still recommended??
Ardi Ang (5 months ago)
the light grey is the selling point for me hahahaha
Rafael Freitas (6 months ago)
Wallpapers? (Neat review BTW, man)
Shadowcruise99 (7 months ago)
The front and back buttons on the MX Master & MX Master 2S are not ergonomically correct. The Performance MX is better, but still not quite right. The MX Revolution, which is no longer available was a much better design in terms of button placement.
Thunder Killa (7 months ago)
immediatelly disliked because of your opening "joke"
Boomer112 (8 months ago)
04:23 Is it possible to somehow take off that button with the logitech logo on it? I wanna modify mine when i've bought it because i don't like their new logo. It looks like it can just pop off but i'm not sure because obviously i don't have it yet.
Rainbow Sam (8 months ago)
Still waiting on the comparison ...
Areeb Mohiuddin (8 months ago)
thank you for the information it was very, i mean very usefull!!!!!!!!!
JeremySiers (8 months ago)
Awesome! Glad it was helpful!!
James Lucop (9 months ago)
Very good review - this helped me to make up my mind. I went with the original one (£49.99) on Amazon.co.uk right now! :)
James Lucop (9 months ago)
Cheers! - plus I just got it through my business, so £41 before tax! Wooop! very happy. Just downloaded 'MS Mouse without Borders' - which apparently does a similar thing to flow. :)
JeremySiers (9 months ago)
Thanks!!! Glad it was helpful! 49.99 is a smoking deal!
Chris (9 months ago)
Great analysis. So much better than the droning lists of features most videos offer.
Chris (9 months ago)
While you're here: The Proteus Spectrum is way better in almost every way than the MX Master S2 as long as you don't need Flow or wireless. Bought the S2 for 70 bucks on Friday aaaaaand.... well i have the mice side by side n there's just no competition.
JeremySiers (9 months ago)
Thanks Chris!! Glad you liked it!
DinendalHelyanwe (9 months ago)
agreed the best mouse ever. Also there is promoction on german amazon and it costs only 50 EUR :)
DinendalHelyanwe (9 months ago)
Here is the link to the deal if anyone want's it. https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0761YL588?language=pl_PL&tag=pepperpl09-21 20 eur less for the great mouse!
JeremySiers (9 months ago)
Thanks a sweet deal for this mouse! I love mine!
15 Seconds (9 months ago)
Epic beard and party in the back, dude. You're rocking the whole 'intelligent caveman' persona.
JeremySiers (9 months ago)
lol, not sure about the intelligent part! 😂
ArcanumEX (10 months ago)
Can the Logitech Flow work cross-platform. For example if I have a file on a Mac that I want to get on to a Windows machine, would I be able to transfer the file from the Mac to the Windows PC?
ArcanumEX (9 months ago)
I actually went ahead and purchased it and it is cross-platform. You can copy stuff from Windows and paste them over in Mac and vice versa. However I think this may be some sort of a bug, if the computers fall asleep, flow stops working and it appears that the software needs to be restarted on MacOS or the mouse switched ON or OFF... not sure yet I'll need to do some investigating. Don't know why I told you all of this, maybe it could help out someone somewhere that's trying to figure out what's happening. :D
JeremySiers (9 months ago)
I have never tested this myself as I have all mac stuff. But Logitech states in their specs that it does. 👍🏻
Emil Olbinado (10 months ago)
JeremySiers (10 months ago)
Sanjae Spencer (10 months ago)
love the review and support the newer youtubers. new sub for sure.
JeremySiers (10 months ago)
That intro though xD <3
JeremySiers (10 months ago)
Thanks! 😁👍🏻
OrganicFarmer (10 months ago)
I was wondering if the USB cable is connected will there be benefits of having a wired mouse because for financial work, reliability is key even though wireless probably works well 99% of the time, the 1% could be a problem for my application.
JeremySiers (10 months ago)
I like the wireless just because of the clean look and keeping wires off my desk but if you prefer the wired for the accuracy for what you do, I’d say stick with that. This is a great mouse either way! 👍🏻
somewhereoutthere (10 months ago)
The Under Armour guy.
JeremySiers (10 months ago)
Man I’m telling ya! I should get a sponsorship or something 😂. Love their stuff, it’s comfy and holds up great.
redbycarter (11 months ago)
I got the new one for $65
JeremySiers (11 months ago)
+REDbyCarter sweet! Yeah I’ve heard the prices are down a little on them. Also heard there were some good cyber Monday deals. 👍🏻
Alfie Besin (11 months ago)
Interesting! Where did you buy it mate?
Brian Eaves (11 months ago)
Great review!! Keep up the good work!
JeremySiers (11 months ago)
+Brian Eaves thanks Brian! 👍🏻
Rabh G (11 months ago)
Brilliant job Jeremy. Unbiased, comprehensive, honest and most importantly honest! Would love to see more specially smartphones and other accessories etc. Really liked it.
JeremySiers (11 months ago)
+Rabh G Thanks, appreciate the feedback! Always looking for new vid ideas. Glad your liking the content! 👍🏻
Joep Oonk (1 year ago)
2.5 times more dpi is not a little more..
Aam Mma (1 year ago)
Great Review!!!!
JeremySiers (1 year ago)
+Aam Mma Thanks!
Theodor Kourtoglou (1 year ago)
Very nice and helpful review! The only thing you didn't mention is that this mouse is only for right-handed users. I own one and I am very impressed with the quality and functionality. Recomended!
JeremySiers (1 year ago)
+Theodor Kourtoglou Thanks brother!! Glad it was helpful!! 👍🏻
Sam Leslie (1 year ago)
Hey, I just found your channel and was seriously BLOWN away by the quality of your work. I can tell you put a ton of work into your productions and I wanted to drop a word of encouragement. Keep up the absolutely fantastic work man!
JeremySiers (1 year ago)
Thanks Sam!!! Appreciate the kind words and encouragement brother! 😁
ACM (1 year ago)
Very nice review!
JeremySiers (1 year ago)
+ACM Thanks 👍🏻
Sena Correa (1 year ago)
I know it’s pretty expensive, but why don’t you use Final Cut Pro since it’s really optimized for macs. It could really help in the long run. Anyways amazing videos just subscribed😁
JeremySiers (1 year ago)
+Sena Correa totally agree. I have Final Cut Pro. Used it for years, still do occasionally. I use premier mostly these days because of the integration with the whole adobe suite of tools. I use photoshop, after effects, and Lightroom pretty heavily and they all work together great. You can do things that it would be difficult to do with final cut. I do like final cut though. And it does run more effectively on a mac. 😉👍🏻
Pragyan Bezbaruah (1 year ago)
This video helped in the comparison. I was very much inclined towards the Magic Mouse but then I saw this one. I will get this mouse ASAP
Pragyan Bezbaruah (1 year ago)
One quick question. What is the device you use between your microphone and your Mac?
Pragyan Bezbaruah (1 year ago)
JeremySiers Great. Even I am into basic editing and although I love the touchpad on my mac, I do feel the need of a mouse now and then. Definately will go for this one.
JeremySiers (1 year ago)
+Pragyan Bezbaruah awesome!! Glad it helped!! I liked the Magic Mouse ok. I love this one though. Waaaay more comfortable for long use and great functionality.
Huey Bui (1 year ago)
Great review...thank you. Have you used the Logitech Performance MX? If so, how would you compare the two? I'm currently using the Performance MX...but still miss my old Logitech MX Revolution. Sadly, they discontinued it...shame. Been looking and waiting for something that's close to the Revolution and wondering if this Master might be it? Again...great video...excellent production quality...and I love the low background music. It adds to the video without being distracting and provides a nice transition whenever there isn't a voice over.
JeremySiers (1 year ago)
Thanks, glad you liked it and also thanks for the feedback!! As for the other mouse, wish I could be of more help but this is the only logitech mouse I have used. I do feel like you would probably like this one only because I really do think it is a great mouse. But as for a comparison against the MX revolution, I unfortunately couldn't say.
young guru (1 year ago)
Logitech Anywhere 2S does not have the flow option? REPLY
Josh TechGamer (1 year ago)
great review man nice setup looking clean man nice mouse.
JeremySiers (1 year ago)
+Josh TechGamer Thanks Josh! 👍🏻😁
rawbills (1 year ago)
My "magic mouse" seems to lose connectivity every so often. Have you seen anything like that with this?
JeremySiers (1 year ago)
+rawbills hey brother!!! Yeah my Magic Mouse did that occasionally also. I thought maybe it was interference with the Bluetooth mac keyboard, but who knows. Haven't had any issues with this mouse. Don't know if the mouse works better or if it's that I don't have a wireless keyboard anymore. But no issues! 👍🏻
keep up the good work nice video super cool. fantastic!!!!!
JeremySiers (1 year ago)
+exploring with Logan and Jonze abandoned houses thanks!! 👍🏻
Kimberley Brennan (1 year ago)
As yer channel and views grows, YouTube will contact u about sponsorships, because honestly these [email protected]&$?as, should be paying u for this. The whole they'll never pay for the cow if u give the milk away for free, or however that thing goes, applies here. Which is actually asinine, because what if they want her for steak, or leather, wait, on second thought, fuck that saying, it's stupid,, free milk!? I want a nice t-bone, sum burgers, ... Jesus, ok FOCUS! *slaps self* It just bugs me that Logitech gets free pub out of it. ... but that cow and free milk thing IS stupid 🙂
JeremySiers (1 year ago)
+Kimberley Brennan lol, I agree totally, I should be getting paid!! 😂 Maybe one day I'll get some cheese for it, for now it's just for fun. But now you have made me hungry for a nice ribeye!! I love a good steak! Now I'm distracted! 😂😂

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