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OnePlus 6T vs Pixel 3 XL: Which Would You Choose?

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#Google #OnePlus6T #Pixel3XL Read the full comparison: http://andauth.co/oneplus6tpixel3xl | The OnePlus 6T is an awesome phone at a great price, but the Google Pixel 3 XL offers a lot more bang for a lot more buck. Which would you choose? Pixel 3 XL review: http://andauth.co/Pixel3XL OnePlus 6T review: http://andauth.co/OnePlus6T Download the Android Authority App: https://andauth.co/aa-app Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://andauth.co/subscribe ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - https://www.androidauthority.com - https://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - https://twitter.com/androidauth/ - https://instagram.com/androidauthority/ - https://snapchat.com/add/androidauth - https://google.com/+androidauthority Follow the Team: Joe Hindy: https://twitter.com/ThatJoeHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://twitter.com/LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://twitter.com/jaycebroda Gary Sims: https://twitter.com/garysims Kris Carlon: https://twitter.com/kriscarlon Adam Sinicki: https://twitter.com/thebioneer David Imel: https://twitter.com/durvidimel Bailey Stein: https://twitter.com/baileystein1
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Text Comments (830)
Evan Klein (37 minutes ago)
TheCambra (51 minutes ago)
Dude in the beginning says the wireless charging doesn't bother him if he didn't have it. And then at the end of the video he chooses the pixel XL and says because it has wireless charging 😂😂😂
Darmawan. A (11 hours ago)
Paul Cotton (17 hours ago)
6t. Google is out of touch with making phones. All they care about is how it takes pictures. That’s it.
Rayan (1 day ago)
Trogeten (1 day ago)
IP certification would make the price go up..carl pei said that🤦🏻‍♂️
Toney M. (1 day ago)
No water resistance is a deal breaker for me.
Ashik Adnan (1 day ago)
KXF FXK (1 day ago)
6T without question.
The Pixel phones are over priced and often are released with unacceptable flaws.. Last year it was the screen & random reboots.. This year it's the recording audio.. For the cost of this phone consumers shouldn't have to put up with that.. Where as OnePlus cost way less and delivers.. To me, it's not even a question.. Google should stop making phones and stick to software.. & this year the Pixel is unbelievablely ugly lol
Santhosh Kumar Reddy (2 days ago)
Definitely one plus 6t. !!
Asim Asim (2 days ago)
One plus 6t is the best
Rajesh Waran (2 days ago)
I prefer pixel 3 xl better camera , for software update no problem, wireless charging...
Drake Dodson (3 days ago)
Got the Pixel 3 XL on pre-order and have been using it for almost two months now, absolutely love it. Had a few bugs at the beginning that seem to have worked themselves out, which is great. The notch isn't pretty, but I've gotten used to it so I don't really notice it most of the time anyway. The battery life has actually gotten better over time, so it seems that Google has kept its promise of using AI to learn how I use my phone and optimize my battery life (easily getting 4 hours SOT, and on days when I'm not really playing any games or on it a lot I can get up to 6 hours or more). The camera has been outstanding and allows me to get great pics in almost every situation, so no complaints there. All in all, I love it. The 6T looks great too, but some of the added bonuses that I get with the Pixel 3 XL are what swayed me to that decision.
ahbahpuh (3 days ago)
I am an iPhone XS Max user and just got 1+6t (this is a gift). And I must say I quite like it: ★ really responsive faster for the absolute majority of my tasks, albeit not as smooth. ★ nice screen. I didn't see much difference between XS Max and 1+6t in this department. ★ gestures. They are not as polished as on iOS, still much better than these stupid on-screen buttons. ★ it looks nice Pixel 3 is about as responsive, screen is about as good (I know it is a bit better, but they are all much better than good enough), but it doesn't have gestures and it is ugly. So, sorry Pixel, you have no room.
Chad Caldwell (3 days ago)
2-3 seconds is annoying? Such a millennial.
Kieran Taylor (3 days ago)
The reason I bought the OnePlus 6t over the pixel XL was its price and design. Is it worth spending a extra £200-300 for a camera that's a bit better and wireless charging?
vamshi reddy (3 days ago)
Watching this on my one plus 6
Alfredo Lozano (3 days ago)
The notch on the Pixel 3 is disgusting
Jiadong Li (3 days ago)
Good wallpaper!
Arnie Jonassen (3 days ago)
I would take the 6T just off looks alone. The fact that I can buy two 6T's for the price of one Pixel XL is enough to realize that the Pixel XL is severely overpriced. I also like having some features baked into Android and not a totally barebones experience. OxygenOS makes me never care about flashing a custom ROM.
mohammed salah (3 days ago)
i used to have oneplus 6 but theres a big problem on it that the dust came inside the back camera lens i dont know how and why i read alot that this problem is a common problem in this phone so i dont know to but the 6t or the s9+ , i like oneplus because of the software but i dont know what to chose
Haunted (3 days ago)
6T, it’s not even close
Raghav Bali (4 days ago)
Gcam port for the op6/6T makes it stand neck to neck with the pixel 3/3XL Now that the main attraction of the pixel is not unique to it anymore , why would anyone wanna spend like 400-500$ more for the pixel! Heck save money, and op6T is as fast as pixel, as stock as pixel and right after pixel in pushing updates! And even cares for their older phones going upto OnePlus 3! Gonna receive Android pie on that! Also op6T thunder purple is a bomb shell! OP ALL THE WAY!
Sree Nanda Kishore R (4 days ago)
Alexandru Lepadatu (4 days ago)
The pixel3xl just “a little bit” more expensive you say? It’s almost duoble the cost for the same amount of storage (and double ram)...still the pixel3xl outperforms the op6t on all the things you said so in the end it’s just a matter of how much you want to spend and what you want from a phone
Sudielmae Lee (4 days ago)
Love OnePlus phones, but I am not happy with the in-screen fingerprint scanner. Thinking about the Pixel 3XL!
Isaac Kesse (4 days ago)
Please can you recommend a best phone for me to use
Rhett Yu (4 days ago)
Have both Pixel 3 and OnePlus 6T.........Pixel 3 just feel so much better in hand and much better typing experiences.......
Jerald Vincent Zumel (4 days ago)
And here I am, watching this video in my 5T. Besides the processor, what's the significant upgrade between the 5T and 6T/Pixel 3? I guess none. Not to mention, I dont have to deal with any kind of notch.
AM AL (4 days ago)
NOYAL JOSE (4 days ago)
Wallpaper https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=walldrobe.coffecode.com
shivin gupta (4 days ago)
Don't understand why reviewers ignore addressing the chin. Makes a massive difference on the phone design and screen.
Advice Donkey (4 days ago)
Huawei Mate 10 pro, just compared some pictures with pixel 3xl and hardly any difference
LegoStudios (4 days ago)
While the OnePlus 6t is a great phone especially for the price, the Pixel 3 is just better for me especially because price isnt a factor for me.
Solomon's Tech (4 days ago)
6t for certain. 4 gigs of ram on the pixel isn't enough. Many have complained that their pixel 2xl became laggy after awhile. Same could happen to the pixel 3xl while people that have the OnePlus 3T are still happy with the performance. Let that sink in
6T is the per value choice. The pixel is a better phone but the price makes the 6T more palatable.
Luis Rodriguez (4 days ago)
OnePlus for sure, now you can even get the pixel camera port on the OP 6T so XD
Hideout Gaming (5 days ago)
I wish I had the OnePlus 6T still don’t have enough money.
Cookie Rager (5 days ago)
I love Oneplus, but I bought a Pixel 3 regular instead. I still think Oneplus phones are still massive for me. I love the Pixel 3
Ok camera on pixel 3 is better in many situations, but for the price, sound quality, software and build quality, 6t wins!!!!
Brian Hochhalter (5 days ago)
Are you serious? There is not a "little" price increase between the two. It is especially huge when you consider what both phones offer. I'm not interested in either one, but certainly wouldn't take the Pixel 3 for even half price.
MP Lovecraft (5 days ago)
I don't that that many photos, so the choice is a given...
W B (5 days ago)
One plus 6t out of the two. But the mate 20 pro is the only option for movie right now barring iPhone.
Solomon's Tech (4 days ago)
W B It has crappy speakers
Op 6t for half the bucks
POW 1 (5 days ago)
Sold my note 9 for the mate 20 Pro. Few weeks after mate 20 Pro got green screen returned it back. Now rocking pixel 3 XL and loving every second of it. Am getting used to the knotch
A (5 days ago)
I got the galaxy s9 for $370 during Black friday and it has almost all of the features that I want. The only thing is I wish it had slimmer top/bottom bezels.
Hubert SAMUT (5 days ago)
"When it comes to design...the are even" Come on, don't you see the the huge notch on Pixel 3XL?
SHAFAYI POINT (5 days ago)
Dear Android Authority team I am just IN along One Plus 6T I hope my choice is not a bad idea And be sure to follow for more info along tech analysis..... @Syedmhdlatif420
Nishant Manchanda (5 days ago)
I have OnePlus 6 and Pixel 3 (Not the XL)... I have used many android phones but these 2 are the best ones. I usually look for software & security updates and only these 2 companies can promise that. If budget is not a problem then any day go for the pixel 3.
Aswindas Mohandas (5 days ago)
obviously team pixel 3
Mehdi Bassou (5 days ago)
Definitely the OnePlus 6T
Darek Nowak (5 days ago)
Try to open flashlight with Pixel without touching power button and searching for flashlight button. On 6T you just do the O, V, or other gesture (you can change it in settings) with your finger on locked screen. That's it. I love this small enhancements.
nidhan shreyas (5 days ago)
Wat ever u say the OnePlus should not removed the headphone jack it is very important which both these phones doesn't have it so OnePlus 6 is better than this two phones 👍👍👍
Conza (5 days ago)
The notch is the worst I know if on the Pixel 3, and the camera isn't that much better. Never used wireless charging or constantly live in the desert/outback or the sea/a river, so One plus 6T for me
Gary Pierantoni (5 days ago)
Bought the oneplus 6T after i broke my oneplus 6 :)
omar alkateeb (5 days ago)
Tabla Covers (5 days ago)
You can download the google cam on the Oneplus 6t and that makes it even more worth it
Imtiaz Taibi (5 days ago)
3xl for me
habrudabru (5 days ago)
Pixel 3Xl this pixel 3Xl that, blind camera test no body cares how good it's dynamic range is people prefer brighter and colourful photo, $350 is a "little" price difference! and even though Google design newest Android but one plus has better OS, I mean seriously one plus offers customisation which are actually needed. Okay how can you say both in terms of design are good, one has bezel that 2016 phones had and ugliest notch in history of phones.🤦
Punit G (5 days ago)
N u missed dual speakers in pixel. I would love to go with pixel if money is not a concern.
LuNix87 (5 days ago)
Note 9 :))))
William Gauke (5 days ago)
Seeing as you cannot get 6t in Australia I had to go for pixel three. Also don't bring up those Gray imports. They have no warranty in aus
Daniel Chieng (5 days ago)
Where to get the phone wallpaper?
Gustavo Polanco (5 days ago)
I have a OnePlus 6T, 8gb 256gb version. I touch the pixel 3 XL for a few minutes and fell in love with the phone. It is better than the oneplus 6t in every way if you dont mind the notch and the price (which i do). Typing is what i do the most on my oneplus 6t and its a nightmare due to its horrible vibration motor. Pixel 3 xl in the other hand, it's perfect.
Noel Fletcher (5 days ago)
basically if you have money, get the pixel 3 if you don't, get the oneplus
Forgedcookies (5 days ago)
One Plus 6. keep that OS, fingerprint sensor, & headphone jack. Same great specs.
Gonzo Bro (5 days ago)
Been an iphone user all my life, but I'm really thinking of making the switch #googlepixel3 ? mmm
Zafriq Tuah (5 days ago)
your body
badgernikes (5 days ago)
One plus all the way. Pixel is garbage
John Griffin (5 days ago)
I totally agree!Tired of all these 1p6t fanboys!Go USA buy American!
Terminator Fighter (5 days ago)
What's about smoothnes?
gomitogomez1 (6 days ago)
Stupid question considering budget average user.
Google has a terrible customer service
Zack Brock (6 days ago)
I went with the note 9, hated it so I returned it and bought a OnePlus 6T used it for about a week returned it and got the pixel 3XL could not have been happier with my decision
Sway (6 days ago)
If only the oneplus 6t had a camera like the pixel, that would clearly make it better no doubt than the pixel.
Congo (6 days ago)
pixel 3 xl anyday just for the camera
Yvon Gobeil (6 days ago)
My One plus 6t works very well. Very good deal.
Agney Anil (6 days ago)
Actually display is far better in pixel
Massimo Galiero (6 days ago)
One plus 6 t
OUAZIZI REDA (6 days ago)
hahahaha you said nothing new mate the ip and the ws are both usless the only thing pixel 3 have over op6 is the camera and the camera only for 400$ plus ? no thnx
Happy Mask (6 days ago)
From where can I get this wallpaper? It looks like it's from "backdrops", but I have the app with premium and didn't find it
ShawnDigsTech (6 days ago)
Not even close, One Plus 6T all the way. The Pixel 3XL is a joke. There is no way anyone could get used to that notch and the 4GB of RAM plus topping out at 128GB of storage, come on. I’m so tired of hearing about the Pixel camera, who is walking around taking pics all day, legit photographers are using DSLR cameras. And “stock” Android is as boring as iOS.
Solomon's Tech (4 days ago)
ShawnDigsTech I Couldn't agree more
Brian G.P (5 days ago)
ShawnDigsTech I’m an XS Max owner, but if I were to hop on Android, this would be the exact same reason why I’d pick the 6T as well.
Thomas DeAngelo (6 days ago)
I like how he says pixel 3 xl and it's A LITTLE more expensive. It's over 300 dollar difference. Unless wireless charging matters to you I'd go with OnePlus 6t. It's officially supported my TMobile instead of pixels on Verizon. The notch is nearly invisible and the bottom chin has gotten even smaller than last year's model. We lose the phone jack but be honest. If you have 1 pair of headphones you always use. Throw the dongle on there and forget about it. Bigger battery. Camera is way above the competition and can hold it's own against an s9+ and other flagships.
Oneplus 6T
Gio M (6 days ago)
4.25 that infinity glove back there.. just wow
Anas Alalwe (6 days ago)
bhuvneshwar upadhyaye (6 days ago)
filemon jalu (6 days ago)
Chan Kignor (6 days ago)
Pixel, I may accept your ugly notch but why you just have 4g ram😂
Nguyen Luan (6 days ago)
The problem is OP has been paying for reviewers to talk good about the 6T and their fans could not bear to hear a bad thing about it. Lets be honest, it's a budget phone for "budget" people. It's not a phone for everyone since people have different taste. That's one thing OP fans don't understand. You can't force a person who loves eating ice cream to start eating pizza. Yeah the 6T is good if you don't have the money but still want the flagship specs at a lower price. But one thing you don't consider. Who is Oneplus without Google?? They do not have their own OS like Apple. They need Google in order to survive. So that piece of crap you guys think is a king needs a source for its power otherwise its a useless phone. As long as Oneplus use android as a operating system for their phone then there is nothing to impress me as well as make me change my mind about the phone. It's a cheap phone for cheap people and cheap people love to stick their nose into other people' business.
>“Yes it’s a little bit more expensive” It’s almost 2 times the price, mate. And the camera isn’t that important, nor that good in social media, as MKBHD proved with his blind test. The screen, however, IS much more important, and the OP6T has a MUCH better screen because of the notch and chin being so small. You need to check your priorities. I can 100% guarantee you don’t use the camera that much in your life, and if it IS that important to you, paying 550 for the OP6T, you can use the extra 300-400 bucks on a real camera.
Cool Guy (6 days ago)
I choose OnePixel 6t XL...
Chandan Kumar (6 days ago)
Definitely OnePlus 6 T , I have OnePlus 6 and with ported Google camera app It's camera quality has became almost equal to pixel 3 . So I don't consider other factors that much important to spend almost double price.
Avinash Jaiswara (6 days ago)
Team Oneplus 6T
Atif Khan (6 days ago)
pixel is future proof smartphone.... Which is not found in 1+6t
Soham Joag (6 days ago)
Buy oneplus 6t and flash pixel experience rom with pixel camera. Problem solved
Jose Contreras (6 days ago)
Good review but you totally skipped out on the video performance. OP6T OIS, 4k UHD @ 60 FPS with superior audio quality really puts the Pixel to shame. Which I don't understand how Google can have such a great camera for still imaging processing but screw the pooch when it comes to video recording? When it comes to bang for the buck in every feature category, you just can't justify spending $400 more just for wireless charging, an IP68 certification and still frame camera app. By the way, the GCam Pixel camera APK works great and even improves some of the images on the OP6T making the differences between them that much tighter. Thanks.
Marco Marciano (6 days ago)
op6t: more RAM, not so good in RAM management pixel 3 xl: less RAM, messed up in RAM management i prefer the first for future proofing while current phones even iPhones upped their RAM game
sri harsha (6 days ago)
Rather own a OnePlus 6t and install the Google camera and buy a ring to your girlfriend with the money saved ;)

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