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ZERO to MILLIONS | The Ultimate Guide for NEW and BROKE Players of GTA Online | Get RICH Fast

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All the guides I've created in the past have required you to already have a great deal of money in GTA Online, but what if you can't afford CEO offices, Bunkers, Doomsday Facilities, etc? This video will teach how to go from absolutely broke to making millions in just five easy stages. While this guide is aimed at players new to the game, if you're somewhat experienced already, but just aren't happy with your progress so far, you'll probably learn some useful information that will set you in the right direction to becoming rich and powerful. Reddit Post: https://goo.gl/Fwupd3 1:53 Stage 1: Broke 7:33 Stage 2: Homeowner 12:01 Stage 3: CEO 14:21 Stage 4: Vehicle Merchant 18:12 Stage 5: Doomsday Prepper Join my GTA Crew https://goo.gl/fKf000 Cheap Shark Cards https://goo.gl/PTZhJ4 Music by Argofox https://goo.gl/eD3LLS
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S/\M (20 hours ago)
i have a tip for people with a insurgent pick up: "store them in your mobile operation center not the workshop but just the storage and when you want it back just go to your interaction menu and click on mobile operation center and select request personal vehicle
Mixed Code (1 day ago)
I feel your pain on resetting
killer captain (1 day ago)
The thumbnail be like level 1 crook to level 100 boss
blue skull 552 (1 day ago)
I need a high level crew to help me do the prison break heist. My gamer tag on Xbox is SpilledCoffee59
Doge (1 day ago)
Im startin gta online in 12 days
crazywolf (1 day ago)
Nice Voice bro. You should sing
Mare the king (1 day ago)
the legendary (2 days ago)
Idk why im here i have 289 million
Iclown TV (2 days ago)
Dude, I bought the doomsday facility before CEO stage
Anas Tarafder (2 days ago)
If you did the criminal mastermind for the normal heists and got 10 mill then you can buy both at once as well as the buzzard attack chopper to call in anytime for free and it makes the doomsday heists 10000x easier for all the preps and setups.
Ellis (2 days ago)
Imagine if like once a month gta did like a lottery draw where you could win a billion dollars how cool would that be
shrimp box (1 day ago)
Ellis that would be cool
Lgic 301 (2 days ago)
Ok guys we are gonna be gettin millions today. So step on, sneak into moms purse. Your gonna want to find a wallet, look into it for a card labeled debut card. Get the number and put it into your console. Then buy money and send me the number on it immediately.
JJ102 Mac (3 days ago)
This helped tranferring to ps4
Polnaref Firestucker (3 days ago)
i just got 250m from there don't know how but it worked :0 *TREVORGLITCH .SITE*
Hi-Top (2 days ago)
That Bassgod it’s fake that’s why it got verification. He probably a bot getting people to go to the site 😂😂😂
That Bassgod (2 days ago)
Polnaref Firestucker it got that human verification shit don’t it
Brian Westmoreland (4 days ago)
Im just starting with the online executive pack..i need money
Marko Simecek (4 days ago)
Thank you for this I’m going to try it and try to be rich😎😜🤣😂😅
L O N L E Y G H O U L (4 days ago)
Ty STARTING on pc too❤❤
CGSx- Temp (4 days ago)
if you know how to start one of those vip missions, can you tell me because i need money
irish r (5 days ago)
I need people for work and in trade I'll help you I am a ceo, have a bike gang and a gun running business ti interested in on Xbox with my Gt being DrivenChain8992
BLAZE Beast (5 days ago)
Anyone on Xbox one and down to help me get stacked lol? Im a newbie (Im a competitive fortnite player)
Saheem Stewart (5 days ago)
This video was Very informational I really appreciate it I'm actually in the middle I'm almost to stage III I have enough money to go to stage III so I'm just gonna level up now with my office I'm gonna work on this plan and get back to you thanks
Sean Fitzpatrick (5 days ago)
I remember first starting I would do dispatch missions over and over making 200k a day until I was at vehicle merchant.
Or Step 1: become modder Step 2: money drop yourself all day in privite lobby Done
Rade (4 days ago)
Or be a stupid ps3/xb360 player and think u can do that on ps4/xb1
nmaecdude (6 days ago)
i just got 140m from there don't know how but it worked :0 *TREVORGLITCH. SITE*
Luiz Meza (4 days ago)
This is fake yall just use it to make money of people and scam them
Tristan Korolchuk (6 days ago)
Thxs for the help
Jed Landman (6 days ago)
G Tey A
Paul Sult (6 days ago)
Just buy a mod menu for 10 bucks?
Rachel Rewi (6 days ago)
I did all the heist challenges
Harley Bowers (7 days ago)
First of all do not listen to most of what this guys say first of all always sell top range by doing 10 standard 10 mid range and also do the mc buisinesses because you make money without doing work and also buy the bunker and upgrade all of them and always buy supplies and get the nightclub and also do the cargo crates
Jinx 1234 (7 days ago)
U should have more subs
You should rename this to rich to broke in gta5 guide
Ians-World (7 days ago)
My friend is a vip and we grind the missions get cargo and then cash it in for like 100,000 or 200,000 depending on how much you grind it
The Great Gamer (8 days ago)
I already had all steps except step 4
Danny24 (8 days ago)
It’s KJ (8 days ago)
dyssttdheyh (8 days ago)
Where is the bunker?
Jerom Default (8 days ago)
I love how he doesn’t even make a new account
Absolute Dakota (8 days ago)
Do a motor cycle club invite one of your friends club challenges and start the motorbike wheelie one in 5 mins you get 25k and the looser gets 4K you could take it on turns to win 😄have a good day
GGPolice Boy (9 days ago)
I don't have friends .
Roblox Gaming (7 days ago)
Go to the other were he does a solo edition
camolambo X (10 days ago)
What if I have a 1 million cash starter pack?
Nirz51 (4 days ago)
YouTube man Swagroy21 I don’t glitch either, I bought the 205k high apartment on my first day and there was the 50% which still is going btw on the motorcycle club and every upgrade of club (coke weed etc) so I set that up for only 700K and already got over a mil from that I also bought the staff upgrade and a kuruma which I’m using for vip missions meanwhile it makes coke for me to sell, try to invest your money on businesses trust me it will make everything easier, try to go for the Mc and the bunkers since you can pretty much do them solo so you don’t have to relay on people and have to wait days to do a shipment (like the hungers since you must have people with you to do it so they can protect you etc) but usually those two are pretty easy to do solos also don’t worry about buying supplies it’s better for you than playing 5 steal missions each standing on 15k when you can do the hostile takeout at about 4 minutes and get around the 17k
YouTube man Swagroy21 (4 days ago)
Nirz51 oof damn well what i did was not all that bad because i still did not l do a business,glitch none of that im going on with nothing rn except the basic jobs and heist
Nirz51 (5 days ago)
YouTube man Swagroy21 1 mil for a month and a half is bad, I started 5 days ago got my Mc club set up today bought some upgrades and already making about 500k a day from coke only
YouTube man Swagroy21 (5 days ago)
dyssttdheyh or just do the basic jobs and grab cars off the street that are not bad i did it for a month And a half now im almost to 1 mill 😂😂
Your Nameo (6 days ago)
+Oh yeah yeah 2435 oof
Samuel Mena (10 days ago)
I met a modder and now I am rich that is the second opinion
RaccoonVs (11 days ago)
GTA YouTubers aren’t supposed to be helpful! What the shite?!
GeegPlayZ (11 days ago)
“I’m back and I’m here to stay” *two videos later and hasn’t uploaded in a year*
Earnest Moran (11 days ago)
I've made 250m by using this im on ps4 btw but it's for pc and xbox too *TREVORZONE .SITE*
Hausparty _ (10 days ago)
+btv It does lmao keep grinding
btv (10 days ago)
But it don't work
Jackson Handcock (10 days ago)
Earnest Moran how long did it take u to get that much?
Allymuir60 (11 days ago)
I just started gta 5 because I’m a young age
Christopher Brown (12 days ago)
Thx I now have 2 mil in my bank but one of my friends did doomsday act two with me over and over again, so I didn’t need a vehicle warehouse.
MF Gaming (12 days ago)
I also recently just got gta 5 on my pc and I have to start over when I have 4 years worth of progress on my ps4, so I just ended up only playing gta on my pc for roleplay, and on my ps4 for gta online.
Leopard Fergusoon (12 days ago)
I've made 180m by using this im on ps4 btw but it's for pc and xbox too *TREVORZONE .SITE*
Look_it's_wesley (12 days ago)
This kinda hit me emotionally, I remember back in day doing this 5 to 7 hours a day for up to 5 times a week. I had a lot downtime. But now I'm level 240 on xbox one and level 450+ on 360. So I've built up form nothing a little bit. The very best to make money is to just grind.
Rayrac # (12 days ago)
Best Video to learn more
PrIdE (13 days ago)
luckly i have criminal enterprise starter pack so i got everything on this list to VIP and to club house to everything in the pack and im already at 20 mil from the VIP missions
J4CK T1C4L (13 days ago)
I lost 10000 for accidentally destroying my friends car and he gave me 9000 :(
SuperSteve (1 day ago)
Good friend
Marco Felix (7 days ago)
*OOOFFF* (great depression victim) 19 a time - 19 forgot date
Isaac_14XD Channel (13 days ago)
I'm gonna be rich
Edde (14 days ago)
How do u register as a vip or do u not have to do anything better
Edde (10 days ago)
Bag Lynkx thanks
7az (10 days ago)
You need to have at least $50000 in ur bank too to become a VIP
Bruce (13 days ago)
You go to the interactions menu where, you know, your style, inventory and ammo are, go to SecuroSrv and register as a VIP. Don't worry about naming an organization or anything.
Beasty58 (14 days ago)
You can also sell expensive cars you don’t use any more
Beasty58 (14 days ago)
Bro your not going to rich you already are I only have 200.000 dollars and you have 3.000.000 dollars
RaG3 Ac3 (14 days ago)
Buy a shark card
Bob Bobby (14 days ago)
“I’m here to stay”
CGZ Galaxy (14 days ago)
Well I started a week ago...
Coles Bohon (14 days ago)
Mod menus on cost a couple bucks guys.
The_UR_CLAPPED_M8_Show (14 days ago)
Coles Bohon unless you’re on Console or till you get banned
Im That Spicy Legend (14 days ago)
Why am I getting a ad with this guy at Amazon with the dumbest hairline?!
spacecat (14 days ago)
Im That Spicy Legend i don't know
Diet Potato388 (14 days ago)
Im level 150 and only have 400k
Lasse 12356 (14 days ago)
Diet Potato388 same
Rachel Forrer (14 days ago)
I cant even get $2,000
Dopie (14 days ago)
Hey guys I found a new way of getting money it’s called a money glitch
Akazmi GAMER 2.0 (14 days ago)
Can you please do a new video 2019 like this
SO FLUFFY (11 days ago)
Akazmi GAMER 2.0 it’s the same thing tbh, nothing changed much
Gary vlogs (15 days ago)
I did criminal mastermind. Its legit. It took weeks for me and my friends
ToXc Rain (15 days ago)
I just want a fucking lambo 😂
Alvin Lee (15 days ago)
Most people just pay a hacker $3 to hack them billions
MrScotty 006 (15 days ago)
Thanks so much
Stupid Bread (15 days ago)
Oh i lvl 10
Stupid Bread (15 days ago)
I raced I won 90k I used to have 1k :D
Stupid Bread (15 days ago)
xxxtentacion , (15 days ago)
Who realised he said gta4 lol
F1RE Esports (15 days ago)
I Need someone to play setup and heist with must have Mic. I Am level 103 coming back to game after decent break. PS4 :)))) HAVE A GOOD FKING DAY PEOPLE!
F1RE Esports (10 days ago)
MrKillerrellik2008 Sure what is your gamer tag?
MrKillerrellik2008 (10 days ago)
F1RE Esports I’m on PS4 level 151
F1RE Esports (14 days ago)
F1RE Esports (14 days ago)
Malik0320x Sure add me Or i add you? Name GamerTag on ps4?
Malik0320x (15 days ago)
I'm on PS4 and I'm lvl 35 if you wanna do heist
Jirka Šraier (15 days ago)
Interesting introduction, cool editing :)
Iamreallytwiggy TV (15 days ago)
Trying to become a millionaire in real life currently but gta will always be fun too lol.
Keek's Boosts (15 days ago)
I watched 5mins and then i was sleeping. I recommend this tutorial.
adrian williams (16 days ago)
Very good guide for legit gamers
Nuno Pereira (16 days ago)
I just started today, am I late??
Kyle Xtaybyte (16 days ago)
just get the criminal enterprise starter pack and you will start with $1 million and get more than 7 free cars and get Maze Bank West for free
MiroPVP (16 days ago)
I spent like a Day doing the act 3but next Time I did it in under a hour
Joshua Taylor (16 days ago)
I am new to Gta 5 online on xbox one x, An this is a big helping hand for a new player online, Thanks 4 the tips, Also is there any mods or cheats for Xbox one x yet or do you have to jail break your console to do so!
Hayden Carr (17 days ago)
Does all in order count for doomsday
Sacha Mehrzad (17 days ago)
Btw people in a kuruma are easy to kill. Just shoot the windows with your auto-aim.
AtTe S (17 days ago)
Im gonna statt gta for first time so this helps alot! Im on ps4
Farmer Fella (16 days ago)
I started 2 weeks ago as well on ps4 and I recommend doing contact missions to get to 50K and then Grind out VIP missions
Crystal GamerHD (17 days ago)
Guess what! Mc club costs less than office and missions give you around 20k AND no cooldown time
Kkubaowo (17 days ago)
level 35 and up to the facility part with no shark cards
Kkubaowo (16 days ago)
play normally do 2x$ mission and do any heist you can +Farmer Fella
Farmer Fella (16 days ago)
Jewish Hulk Hogan (17 days ago)
Who got pc?
lil jongen (18 days ago)
Nice man really nice job 👏
TheRealStewieGriffin (18 days ago)
Dude made this vid and dipped
David C. (18 days ago)
my brother used that Chaos magick app and wished for money and he make good money this week. He spent everything on skins and things like that for his games
Cam x Cam (18 days ago)
For "Headhunter," three enemy targets show up on the map & you have to go kill them. It's as simple as that... *FOUR ENEMY TARGETS FAR AWAY FROM EACH OTHER SHOW UP ON THE MAP*
Mau _Gaming1527 (19 days ago)
Does this video help you? Is it good? Just wondering what you guys think I’m not a bot or associated with the channel just a normal person but I want to know what you guys think
Bread Slice (19 days ago)
Well I tried it out and now I'm a ceo and I have $900,000
Bread Slice (19 days ago)
Also the elegy RH8is no longer free
axl renfro (19 days ago)
The GameStop special gta online edition gives you everything you need for free it’s only 10 extra dollars
Ara Torosyan (19 days ago)
lol buzzard is free now, good times
treny gamer (19 days ago)
Tyler Barrett (19 days ago)
Gonna make you pump like that
yofaav._ tay (20 days ago)
Wow . Thanks sm :) *Subscribed
GoldenDoodle Gaming (20 days ago)
The kurama is good but there is a spot where you can shoot through it in the front window
Lil Hypebeast (20 days ago)
Does the 800000 dollar house count as a high end apartment

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